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🌟Adjustable drapers have two advantages:

🌟Adjustable drapers have two advantages:♦️The first advantage is that if you have low water pressure, you can control the amount of output at the beginning and end of your garden by adjusting the drippers so that you have regular irrigation.♦️ The second advantage is their cost-effectiveness. Adjustable drapers are usually less expensive than the adjusters

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⚜️ Uses of polyethylene screw fittings:

⚜️ Uses of polyethylene screw fittings:Polyethylene screw fittings for pipe fittings up to 10 atmospheres and in accordance with valid international standards are produced and marketed.♦️This type of fittings is used to connect polyethylene pipes, close the ends of pipes with screw caps, resize polyethylene pipes, seal, connect pumps to pipes in multi-storey buildings, special

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