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Polyethylene male connector is used to connect polyethylene pipes to threaded connections and accessories such as bushings, valves, etc. One end of the male connector is the interface and the other end is threaded. Before installing any screw connection, thoroughly clean the end of the polyethylene pipe and install the joints on the pipe, respectively. Before tightening the nut ensure that all parts are properly seated and use a wrench to close the joint no more than half a meter in length. You can also use standard Teflon tape to ensure sealing connection. In this article we talk about 1 inch PE male adapter.


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PE pipe is a product in polyethylene pipe factories throughout the country, including polyethylene pipe production factories in Isfahan, the primary and main material of this pipe is that the polyethylene is heated in the heat, and with the special single-wall polyethylene pipe and They produce double polyethylene pipes in different sizes. Polyethylene pipes are used in conveying water in agriculture and drip irrigation, gas transmission and drinking water transfer, and are used due to size variations in many other places. You can buy polyethylene pipe with various brands that are produced across the country, including Iran Province, in a major way from any of the agencies in any city of Iran. With the advancement of technology, new methods have replaced the purchase methods, which buy from online stores is one of these methods. These stores, which offer a variety of polyethylene pipes, sell all products at the factory price. Many companies in the cities of Iran are producing different types of single wall pipe and double polyethylene pipe. These pipes have a variety of benefits that include:

  • Low weight
  • Long lifespan
  • Can be looping in large area and less fitting requirements
  • Fast Run
  • High flexibility
  • The inner surface of the pipe and non-fouling
  • High resistance to physical destructive factors such as cold and extreme heat, decay, cracking, wear, rust, pressure and impact

Polyethylene pipes produced throughout Iran because they are produced in one or several standard, usually have the same quality and also the Isfahan PE pipe, polyethylene pipe of Yazd, polyethylene pipe of Tehran, etc. Very close prices together. You can find polyethylene pipe gas in markets. 

What size does 1 inch pe male adapter come in?

Usually, a size of 16 mm polyethylene pipe is used in a drip irrigation system. Also, this tube is suitable for greenhouse products and connections such as emitters can be easily attached to it. Winding and welding joints are one of the methods of connecting this type of pipe with other pipes and fittings. As previously stated, the 16th HDPE pipe has a long durability in irrigation systems and will impose a lower cost to farmers. The smallest size of polyethylene pipes is 16 mm. In pipe manufacturing industry, the polyethylene pipe size is 20 mm with a single walled tube, which is used in a variety of irrigation systems. Polyethylene pipe Size of 20 bars is also produced at least 6 times to a maximum of 40 times, depending on the water pressure in the pipe must be selected. If you ask how to seal poly pipe fittings, read on.

Polyethylene pipes of 25 mm in the 100 and 150 yards production and for use in orchards and low-volume fluids are produced and supplied in working pressure of 10 and 16 times. These pipes are mainly connected to each other by PE interfaces and have high strength and water. Polyethylene pipes of 50 mm can be produced and supplied at work pressures between 5 and 32 times. These pipes have low discharge so that in orchards and agriculture can use this pipe, the majority of these pipes can be used in agriculture and Water. One of the most corresponds sizes of polyethylene pipe size is 63 mm, which is used in most of the projects, the PE pipes of 63 mm can be produced and supplied in working pressures of 5 to 32 times. Polyethylene pipes 63 mm in branches of 6 meters and the Cleafons 100 and 150 m, were used.

What is 1 inch pe male adapter used for?

Polyethylene male (HDPE) and hard poly polyethylene pipes are widely used in agriculture, irrigation, water supply and gas coating and conveying. The following applications include:

  • Use in urban and rural water networks
  • Use in rural and urban sewage networks
  • Use in gas networks
  • Use in networks and drainage systems
  • Industrial fluids and waste handling systems
  • Pressurized irrigation systems (drip and rainy)
  • As the coverage of telecommunication cables, electrical cables and optical fiber

Special features of polyethylene pipes have led to the use of water and gas pipes. Polyethylene pipes are used in water transmission pipes, sewage, and gas for distribution of transmission lines under pressure. Polyethylene pipes In addition to their scientific names are brand names that are supplied in the brand stock market. HDPE is a kind of polyethylene pipe which is used in gas transmission pipes network, due to its high tensile strength and high resistance to moisture, the best option for gas pipes. LDPE is another type of polyethylene pipe used in agricultural irrigation, note that the filter complexes of production of these pipes are very effective in their quality. You can find hdpe pipe sizes and dimensions in markets. 

How deep can you bury 1 inch pe male adapter?

This type of installation is applicable with maximum coverage of 50 feet with or without traffic load, rail or overhead. To put in this category where live (animated) loads are present, the polyethylene pipe coating must be at least equal to diameter or 18 inches, whichever is greater than that. The amount of pressure that is inserted into the polyethylene pipe is calculated by the pressure Charter method. To calculate the bending, the modified Iowa formula is used. Fractures and distortion are among the functional constraints. The “design range” of the standard AWWA is also placed in the standard installation section. Installation with shallow coverage and under-load vehicles. This category refers to pipes that are buried at a minimum of 18 inches in depth and less than pipe diameter. You can find jm eagle hdpe fittings in websites.

In this installation category, the same equations used in the standard installation, there is only one added equation that expresses the burden of the load of vehicles with pipe resistance against bending and power of soil. Deep-mounting. The installation is performed deeper than 50 feet. For the prophilic pipes placed in the trenches with a depth of less than 50 feet, soil pressure calculations are necessary. Given that the installation of deep soil pressure is calculated based on the armed equipment, the effects of buoyancy in shallow coatings. This category refers to items that do not have enough coverage to prevent floaters or hydrostatic decay. Hydrostatic distortion is very important due to its application in design. You can buy hdpe pipe specifications from markets. 

1 inch pe male adapter price

Polyethylene pipe can be purchased from different city-level stores. These stores can never have a variety of polyethylene pipes ready to sell to the customer, and on the other hand always have limitations on the sale of their products. These stores may also declare prices that have many differences at factory prices. Of course, the main pricing is announced by the factories that the original manufacturers are announcing, and this product may reach vendors with many intermediaries. Price determination depends on the following:

  • Quality of raw materials
  • Product Quality Degree
  • Size
  • Pipe wall thickness
  • Manufacturer Brand

By considering these cases, a single wall polyethylene pipe is priced. Polyethylene pipe is one of the most valuable pipes for us Iranians. It is important that the past of the transfer of water in Iran is ongoing, and nowadays the same trend is continued today with better and newer practices.  The price of PE pipe in the market varies one inch. This depends on a variety of issues that we will be paying below. In our country, pipe types are produced including metal and cast iron and concrete. However, the polyethylene pipe has been able to replace these pipes in the past few years, due to its properties. You can find threaded hdpe pipe in markets.

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PE pipe is a highly functional pipes which can be found in different spaces. This pipe, which is used to transmit different fluids and of quality, is also considered, is available by different manufacturers and in a variety of reputable domestic brands in the market. Given that the types of polyethylene pipes produced are different quality degrees, it can be stated that the price of polyethylene pipe of one and a half inch or the price of polyethylene 50 mm is different in each of the manufacturing grades. The company manufactures polyethylene pipes for years, which are trying to produce these products and provide premium products to the market. These products are competitive with the world’s top products. In addition, it should be said that the polyethylene pipe is available in a variety of sales centers, each of which has different applications. But some types of polyethylene pipes provided in this sale center include:

  • Polyethylene Irrigation Pipe
  • Non-standard polyethylene pipe
  • HDPE pipe
  • Sewage polyethylene Pipe
  • Polyethylene gas Pipe

Polyethylene pipes are offered in numerous samples in the market and demand that some of these products have a higher sales rate. For example, a variety of polyethylene irrigation pipes are noted. That are used in water transmission and drip irrigation.

1 inch pe male adapter wholesale

Since the polyethylene pipe is a highly functional pipe, then it should be very careful when buying it and buying a product tailored to the need. Things to consider when buying ceramic tiles on behalf of buyers in order to finally make the purchase more efficient income are:

  • It should be chosen to buy products that do not look like a line of scratches and cracking or fracture.
  • The best ingredients are used in its production.
  • The pipe size should be suitable with pump and discharge.

It should be noted that the active sales advisors of this website will guide buyers to choose a safe product. In order to receive the price of polyethylene pipe one and a half inch and purchase it as well as purchase other products please contact us. Many companies in the country produce a variety of polyethylene pipes in recent years due to the advancement of agricultural industries and related industries and by increasing the amount of consumption of this product in Iran, the need for a sales reference is felt. This website is for the convenience of customers to purchase a variety of this product launched by visiting our site in addition to recognizing the best producer throughout Iran, you can buy a variety of polyethylene pipes.

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Water transfer and its use for agriculture and other items from distant past have fallen into a problem and done with simple methods. Today, with the advancement of technology and industry, a variety of polyethylene pipes, which are used in conveying various fluids and fluids, are manufactured in an industrial and with advanced devices. One of these pipes, which is used today is not limited to polyethylene pipe. Following the use of polyethylene pipe a variety of fittings are also required by customers. In order to purchase this type of pipe and fittings, which is very important due to its function, we should be careful to buy the products from reputable centers. The price of polyethylene pipes of 1.2 inches or the price of polyethylene pipes of 20 mm will be priced according to build quality.  The price of a variety of polyethylene pipes based on the quality and materials used in its production has different prices.

Affordable 1 inch pe male adapter Prices

For each purchase the product quality and reasonable price is very important. This website is ready to sell polyethylene pipes with the best quality and affordable prices, and buyers of this product can purchase a variety of these pipes according to their needs.  Please visit our site to find out how to buy the best products. Many centers are responsible for the distribution and sale of polyethylene pipes in Iran. HDPE pipe, polyethylene sewage pipe, polyethylene pipe and gas supply.They are among the goods used in the industry. These commodities are provided in this major distribution center of the country. Dear buyers, you can contact our site for different types and brands of polyethylene pipe and the day price inquiry of this product.

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The price of a variety of polyethylene pipes depends on its quality and thickness. As you know, the polyethylene pipe is sold in PE63 and PE80 and PE100 grading. Polyethylene pipe due to different sizes that have a variety of prices. This product can be purchased from various city stores as well as factories. Another way to get the price of internet websites. On the other hand buy polyethylene pipe If it is major, the cost of the product is greatly reduced, because with the direct purchase of the factory by eliminating the intermediary can be purchased at a very low price of this product. This site offers customers a variety of polyethylene pipes from the factory door. The distribution and sale agents of polyethylene pipes are different companies in various cities in the work of high quality polyethylene pipes. These agencies enter a variety of PE pipe to market. One of these agencies is this website.