1.5 inch pe pipe fittings | Sizes & Price List of Wholesale

1.5 inch pe pipe fittings : One of the most important advantages of polyethylene pipes compared to other types of pipes is its easy connectivity. Fittings are used in such cases as changing the angle of the pipeline route, changing the diameter, connecting the pipe parts. In various applications, polyethylene pipes include screw fittings, belts, gear fittings, high pressure polyethylene fittings for butt welding, polyethylene sewage welding fittings, electro fusion and handheld fittings.

Polyethylene pipelines are connected by different polyethylene connections (electro fusion, welding and twisting) according to their needs in different projects and applications. For example, gas projects use electro fusion connections, and water supply projects use screw connections to atmospheric pressure. The rest of the projects use standard PE welding joints.

1.5 inch pe pipe fittings | Sizes & Price List of Wholesale

High Density pe pipe fittings supplier

High Density  pe pipe fittings supplier  1 inch poly pipe fittings : Polyethylene gear joints are used in pipelines and metal piping including steel and galvanized. These joints, which are easily used as types of metal and galvanized joints, do not have any adverse effects on drinking water and due to surface smoothness the least drop effect. Pressure as well as algae growth are put on the water. Very comfortable to use – Cheap and lightweight products are the hallmarks of this type of fitting. Its body is one of the toughest and toughest commercial man-made polymers. Polyethylene fittings have the following characteristics:

  • Very good resistance of polyethylene joints to fracture and cracking due to external pressures
  • High resistance to pressure and impact
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Corrosion and wear resistant
  • Excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes
  • Rust resistant
  • Smooth and smooth interior and exterior wall, no fouling and very low pressure drop due to internal surface friction
  • High flexibility, very low installation cost, fast running speed and no need for heavy machinery when running polyethylene pipelines

Another polyethylene fitting is a polyethylene belt or polyethylene braiding belt or a polyethylene interface, consisting of two metallic or polyethylene semicircular pieces embedded in a tube with two or more bolts embedded in the holes. On both sides of it, they are tied together.

pe pipe fittings Wholesale

pe pipe fittings Wholesalepolyethylene pipe fittings : Polyethylene screw or polyethylene thread or polyethylene mechanical thread for polyethylene pipes, usually consist of five parts as follows: housing, casing, spacer, bushing, and ering. Since the outer diameter of the polyethylene pipes with a certain tolerance must be suitable for the diameter of the inner threads, and since in the hard polyethylene pipes, the wall thickness of the pipes of different factories is not necessarily the same, so it is intended for connection. Pipes Use Screw Connection This type of connection must be manufactured by the pipe manufacturer to allow for connection. Features of PE connections:

  • Resistance to chemicals and rust, fracture and cracking due to pressure or impact, corrosion and abrasion, earthquake vibrations
  • Smooth and smooth exterior and interior wall (low pressure drop due to internal surface friction)
  • No sedimentation
  • High flexibility
  • Low cost and high speed installation and execution
  • No need for heavy machinery at runtime

Polyethylene screw joints are used in piping systems to directly connect pipes or parts of pipes to suit different sizes (turns), knees, tripods or for other purposes such as adjusting or measuring fluid flow. They are produced in various forms, male and female. These screws are made of hard polyethylene and can operate at high pressures up to 10 atmospheres. Depending on the type of connection, they are sometimes manufactured as flanges. Application of Screws (Mechanical): Screws are used for all soft polyethylene pipes with an external diameter of 20 to 125 mm. This type of connection is widely used in agricultural and water distribution networks.

What size does 1.5 inch pe pipe fittings come in?

What size does 1.5 inch pe pipe fittings come in?polyethylene pipe fittings catalogue : Screw fittings are resistant to all chemicals due to the use of standard raw materials and can be strengthened by the use of suggested rubber parts. Install the pipe respectively. Before tightening the nut make sure all the parts are secured and use a wrench that is no more than 46 cm in length to secure the sealing joint. You can use a standard Teflon strap to secure the joint. The PE interface is used to connect the PE pipes to each other. The two ends of the connector are pipe-aligned and are twisted into a polyethylene tube. In general, all screw connections include the following components:

  • Body
  • Defiant
  • Split Rings
  • Bushing
  • Oring
  • Working temperature of PE interface

Because screw joints are not designed for the use of hot water and fluids, the normal fluid temperature must be used to transfer the desired temperature in order not to damage the joints. However, screw joints are usually useful and effective at temperatures below zero degrees. Before installing any screw connection, thoroughly straighten the end of the polyethylene pipe (not slanting line) and then clean it. Install the connecting parts on the pipe respectively. Make sure all the connecting parts are securely fastened before tightening the nut. Use a wrench to close the PE wrench.

What is 2 inch pe pipe fittingss used for?

What is 2 inch  pe pipe fittingss used for?hdpe fusion fittings : Polyethylene fusion fittings are used in gas pipelines and water supply lines, which are commonly used in gas distribution networks due to their high reliability, and are therefore approved by the IGS. Using this method, different polyethylene fittings such as pipe – pipe, pipe – knee, pipe – bublin can be used. Electro-fusion joints are manufactured from high quality petrochemical polyethylene materials without the use of fillers and are compressed sixteen times. This type of fittings is made of PE 100 and standard. Electrofusion joints are of different sizes from 20 to 25.

These fittings are available in different sizes and sizes according to customer’s request. Electrofusion joints are proven to be the most suitable, reliable and durable fastener in polyethylene pipes so that all our domestic gas pipelines are at sizes below 250 mm and at operating pressures below 240 pounds per square inch (PSI), which are usually All gas pipelines used in cities include such connections. This method is used in piping systems for the distribution of gas, water and sewage to industrial plants.

How deep can you bury 2 inch pe pipe fittings?

How deep can you bury 2 inch  pe pipe fittings?hdpe pipe fittings catalog : High-pressure polyethylene welding joints are connected and used by Butt Fusion plastic welding machines for simple and fast installation, to utilize water and wastewater systems and various industrial, agricultural and urban applications. Features of Polyethylene Sewage Welding Joints:

  • The light weight of this type of welded fittings, which increases the strength of the building materials.
  • Easy installation as well as ease of installation This type of system is such that without the need for special and sophisticated tools can only be installed using a polyethylene welding machine.
  • Prefabrication of these joints is one of the most important properties of sewage polyethylene, which is the assembly and installation of pipes and fittings before installation.
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • They do not suffer any damage over time from climate change
  • Enduring sudden change in temperature
  • Earthquake resistant and landslides
  • Due to the smooth surface of the pipe and joints do not get deposited.

Polyethylene pipelines in different projects require polyethylene connections which will vary depending on the type of project. Wastewater fittings are polyethylene wastewater fittings that are manufactured and butt-welded to a variety of polyethylene pipes to transfer wastewater at gravity pressure and at nominal pressure of 5 times.

1.5 inch pe pipe fittings price

1.5 inch  pe pipe fittings pricebrass compression fittings for poly pipe : All brass fittings are made of premium grade alloys and standard alloys in the form of ingots and forging presses using CNC turning machines. Slow is a component that connects several tools to one another, used when connecting pipe angles, changing diameters, and connecting pipe components. Plumbing is widely used in various industries and the use of fittings of different genders is essential.

Polyethylene fittings are undoubtedly the most widely used products and supplies for irrigation and irrigation. If you want to set up a water supply system, you will need polyethylene connections. These fittings are designed for use in a variety of sizes and sizes. So that for each job, the connection is made. On the other hand, their manufacturer, polyethylene has many advantages over other materials in the market and these advantages have made polyethylene fittings very popular among users.

pe pipe fittings manufacturers

pe pipe fittings manufacturersThis industry group produces, supplies and markets a complete range of polyethylene pipes and fittings and equipment related to the water, gas, agricultural, sewage and construction industries with a wide range of applications. This company is one of the best quality manufacturers of PE, Fittings and Manhole in Iran and has been active in supplying polyethylene single pipe, carogit double pipe, fittings and polyethylene for large projects.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers of this type of pipe and fittings in Iran by producing polyethylene pipe and polyethylene fittings from 20mm to 1000mm. The company consumes polyethylene raw materials from the most reputable manufacturers of polyethylene materials. Currently, the company cooperates with most projects in the field of supplying polyethylene pipes for high pressure water supply networks, fire fighting systems and industrial wastewater systems.

pe pipe fittings wholesale

pe pipe fittings wholesalePolyethylene pipe is made from HDPE polyethylene raw material which is due to its combination with sooty black paint and a single wall with different grades. Polyethylene pipes are manufactured in sizes from 20mm to 700mm or higher with a working pressure of four to twenty five atmospheres. It is a short time since the production of PE pipe but during this short period the growth and development of this industry has been very high and its consumption has improved dramatically in many industries. And the high demand for polyethylene pipe has led to the growth of the polyethylene pipe manufacturing industry and many mining companies are active in this field.

Polyethylene pipes are available in sizes from 20mm to 90mm, wrapped in 100-meter sheets, making it easy to run the plumbing and speed the plumbing. Hundreds of up to seven hundred or more are produced in branches of six meters or twelve meters. Polyethylene pipes perform well in temperate climates, and if the same precautions are taken to install polyethylene pipes, they can continue to perform well for many years.

Tubing is a polyethylene pipe in that you actually insert a very flexible tube and these tubes are usually used for conveying water and even drinking water. As you know, the main components of the PE pipe is a polymer chain made of ethylene molecules made of carbon and hydrogen and proven to be the most widely used plastic in the world.

pe pipe fittings Price Wholesale

pe pipe fittings Price Wholesale What is the market price for PE pipe? The price of polyethylene pipe varies with the purity of the raw materials used. The main raw materials for PE pipes are pe40, pe63, pe80 and pe100 which determine the price of PE pipe. The price of polyethylene pipe and its purity is the amount of raw material and waste material required. Raw materials for making PE are waste produced from grinding of used PE pipes.

Most polyethylene pipes made from scrap materials such as granules or compounds have specific properties and applications in the industry. The price of polyethylene pipes on the market is not very different, as it is obvious to most manufacturers. So if you see a price somewhere that is significantly different from other prices, keep in mind that these pipes may be manufactured from scrap materials.

Affordable pe pipe fittings Prices

Affordable pe pipe fittings PricesThe price of PE pipes and fittings is determined by different methods, each having a different impact on the PE rate, and as a result, the prices of pipe types in the factories are different. Some people may be surprised at the difference between the price of PE and different brands. This difference can be due to different things. The impact of each of these cases is very different, and everyone has to make their own choices between different pipes and their differences.

One of the reasons that prices for polyethylene pipes and fittings change is the use of raw materials. Factors that use high-quality raw materials will certainly pay a higher price for this product. When some factories use waste materials to produce pipes, they can significantly reduce the price of PE.

Certainly, with the production of this type of pipe, one should not expect high quality of the pipe and therefore the choice of reputable centers will affect the price of PE pipe. Initially, it will not affect the price of PE pipe.Although some quality materials are used in pipe manufacturing, the purity of raw materials has a greater impact on the price of PE. The higher the purity of these materials, the closer the production will be to standards, and the price of polyethylene pipe will increase.

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