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2 inch male adapter : Polyethylene fittings are divided into three general types of welding, twisting and pressing. Polyethylene screw fittings are used in small projects with small pipelines. Although welded joints are much lower and cost effective, they are not affordable in small projects, transport or hire of PE welding and skilled labor. Therefore, such projects use polyethylene screw joints. Also, it is not possible to use these joints in large sizes because of how they are attached to the PE pipe. It is the duty of the splitter to hold the pipe and prevent it from moving in the PE wrench.


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1 1/2 poly pipe fittings : Polyethylene flanged connection A polyethylene flanged connection is a type of screw that is used for connecting polyethylene pipes to flanged cast iron valves or any type of flanged fittings. Polyethylene pipe fittings are used for flanged cast iron valves or any type of flanged fittings. Flanged fittings are used to connect polyethylene pipes to other fittings, and to other fittings, and to connect all types of fittings and pipes to valves.

Flanged joints ha vedisc-shaped endings that attach to the above by bolts. These joints are used for a variety of high and low pressures and are resistant to corrosion, wear and tear. These fittings are easily fitted with polyethylene raw materials and are easily opened and re-fitted for repair. These connections are used in different sizes for different applications such as sewage, urban and rural water transport, agriculture and irrigation, fisheries.

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pe pipe fittings : When you want to use polyethylene pipes under construction, these pipes and pipes should also use polyethylene fittings to ensure maximum security. Polyethylene fittings are introduced in a variety of applications such as electro fusion and welding and coiling, and their application varies in different infrastructures and applications, depending on the project. Screw fittings are used to deliver water to a specific pressure of about 10 atmospheres. Polyethylene fittings have the following characteristics

  • The joints are very secure and resistant to cracking, pressure and fracture
  • They have high resistance to impact and external and internal pressure.
  • Acid and bases exhibit substantial resistance
  • They are also resistant to abrasion
  • Earthquake vibrations do not adversely affect the pipes
  • It has no nutritional value and insidious animals do not infiltrate it.
  • It does not require high costs to install and does not require much manpower.

Polyethylene pipes are used as the best pipes. Of course, to properly connect you need to have connections of their own to their own standards, which is certainly the type of project that is most important in choosing the type of connection and standard that you should consult with the relevant experts.

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integrifuse transition fitting : Polyethylene fittings have wide dimensions and are manufactured and supplied in various ranges. Three-way polyethylene fittings are another type of polyethylene fittings. Polyethylene fittings are manufactured in different types of screws, electro fusion and welding depending on the project. Each has a working pressure and a separate connection to each other. For example, a polyethylene screw head is threaded by two screws at the beginning and end of the screw and a middle washer and up to ten atmospheric resistance pressures. Equal to the pressure of the current flowing through this type of PE connection. Air in polyethylene pipes is usually not higher than seventy degrees Celsius because it does not allow for higher temperatures to be used for polyethylene properties. There are several types of polyethylene wells: As mentioned above, polyethylene wells are manufactured in a number of ways, including:

  • Screw or threaded polyethylene head
  • Polyethylene Electrofusion Head
  • Welding polyethylene head

Polyethylene head sizes: Polyethylene head types are manufactured in conventional or convertible head types in the above mentioned types in different sizes.Polyethylene wells are manufactured in two equal or convertible ways. Equal polyethylene wells have three equal dimensions, all three sides being uniform in size and considered to be one of the most commonly used such connections. Well-fitted PE connections can be used optimally in cases such as water supply, gas, sewage and in general to divert or divert the fluid in the above cases.

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hdpe pipe transitions : Polyethylene pipes have different types and types that are used for different projects. Polyethylene pipes can be considered as high pressure pipes at operating pressures of 1 to 2 atmospheres. Of course, the word high pressure is an obscure word in PE pipes. High pressure polyethylene pipes are generally referred to as high thickness pipes, which is obsolete with the advancement of science and innovation in the field of PE materials. High pressure polyethylene pipes are single wall polyethylene pipes. High pressure polyethylene pipe and its applications:

  • Water supply systems
  • Urban and rural drinking water transmission
  • Agricultural Water Supply
  • Urban and industrial wastewater transmission is used.

What is a high-pressure polyethylene tube made of? High pressure polyethylene pipe is made of polymer and polyethylene material with commercial grade PE63, PE80 and PE100. It should be noted that except grades PE100, other grades are lower. Also, the production of these grades is not of good quality and is not economically viable due to the lack of applied sensitivities.

Note: One of the important issues when buying high pressure polyethylene pipe is to pay attention to the grade. Grid in high pressure polyethylene pipe is very sensitive. Therefore, we need to know enough when buying to comply with this standard.

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hdpe npt hdpe to brass : Flanges are connectors used to connect pipes to one another, to connect valves to pipes or fittings, and to tools such as one-way valves, flowmeters, discharge gauges, pumps, etc. The flanges are disc-shaped pieces that connect the two pieces together by means of bolts and are easily opened and closed and are suitable for low and high pressures.

The sealing between the two flanges is accomplished by the gasket inserted between them. Flanges are made of steel and its alloys, or of cast iron, steel, etc. .. Other materials. The uneven flange connection is designed and manufactured through the calculations and assessments made in water supply projects following the reviews of the company’s experienced experts.

Application of unequal flanged three-way connection can be used in pressure water supply systems, water distribution networks, installations, sewage systems as well as sprinkler and drip irrigation systems. The light weight of the mentioned joint compared to similar joints as well as the ease of installation by the contractors are among the factors that have increased the use of flanged joints by customers.

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It is a manufacturer of polyethylene fittings for the water, water, utilities, gas, firefighting and firefighting industry applications that products in four main areas of welding or bot fusion fittings, electro fusion fittings, flanged fittings and fittings. Specially designed and supplied.

Laptops Flange: Steel Laptops Flange is an industrial piece like a typical Slipton flange. The Steel Lap Jet Flange has no gasket. But with no gasket placement due to the ring floor holder or Kevlar (Staband), this flange will not come in contact with the fluid and thus extend the shelf life of the product and maintain its long-term quality. Be.

What are the different alloys of steel laptop jigsaws? As for the steel components of the laptop, the tool is made of polyethylene, steel, steel and alloys. Cast iron and other materials are also included. All types of these alloys are available in the market. As mentioned above, steel laptop lap flanges can be considered the cheapest and simplest types of flanges.

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What are the Uses of a Steel Laptop Jousting? The use of a steel laptop jumper is a way of connecting pipes, pumps, valves and various types of equipment to one another. As a result of these connections, a piping system is created. The following are the titular applications of Steel Laptops Flint:

  • Pipe fittings to various equipment (such as pumps, pressure vessels, compressors, etc.)
  • Make changes to the material of the pipes
  • Used in petrochemical industries
  • Fittings for valves and other pipe fittings that may need repair
  • Different applications in the chemical industry
  • Connection to instrumentation equipment
  • Use in cases that require separation

Advantages of Steel Laptops Flange: Due to the smooth and simple surface of the Steel Laptops Flange and its increasing use in the field of technical work and fitting of different equipment to each other, there are some advantages to this product. :

  • Easy access and ease of cleaning
  • Possibility of inspection or correction if necessary
  • Ability to connect using bolts or welding

How to connect steel jumper flanges: The joints of this flange are made using two flanges by means of a gasket between them. This method actually creates a seal between the two tools. The mechanism of the steel laptops flange is that it has no gaskets. But with no gasket in place due to the ring floor holder or the Kevlar (Stab End), this flange will not come in contact with the fluid. As a result, the flange will cost more than other similar specimens such as the neck.

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Polyethylene fittings in various types such as 45- and 90-degree knees, three-way and four-way, welding transformers and siphons, three-way and access valves, interfaces, and flanges in high-pressure, semi-strong types They are usually manufactured and supplied in different sizes. Polyethylene wastewater fittings are widely used in municipal, construction, industrial wastewater such as factory wastewater, and are often welded joints, especially butt weld or thermal joints.

These types of joints are suitable for connecting polyethylene pipes to each other, complete and secure sealing, changing the diameter and size of pipes, closing the end of pipes, pump connection to PE pipes. The Benefits of Polyethylene Wastewater Connections Polyethylene Wastewater Connectors have advantages over other types of connections

These advantages include high strength, easy and cheap installation, resistance to building and earthquake shocks, resistance to internal and external forces, resistance to acids and bases, resistance to corrosion and caries, resistance Cited against obsolescence. These joints are welded together by butt welding and as a result they are not sealed by gaskets or other tools, and the most reliable method of sealing these joints can be considered.

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These types of joints have a high mechanical strength under concrete and very heavy and heavy materials. This type of fitting is available in all sizes up to 2000 mm and can withstand various pressures up to 32 atmospheres and above. Price of polyethylene fittings This type of fitting is according to the quality mark and standard of the product, various quality assurance certification, national and international standards, material quality and material purity, pipe size and diameter, grade and load tolerable. Are priced.

Branded and branded products have the best quality and the best price. Features of lightweight, durable and inexpensive polyethylene sewage connections. The use of sewage polyethylene pipes for the domestic sewage system is nowadays common. Meanwhile, PolyRan has been able to supply much of the domestic demand by producing high quality polyethylene wastewater. These fittings are manufactured to different sizes to suit the needs of buyers who attach to the pipe and other fittings by butt welding.

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One of the most important features of polyethylene screw joints that distinguishes them from welding joints is their ability to be used several times. This means that these connections can be reassembled after installation in a project and reused elsewhere. Before installing the PE wrenches, you must thoroughly clean the end of the PE pipes and then install the fittings in order. Before tightening the nuts, make sure all parts are properly seated. Also, use a wrench to close the wrench to prevent damage to the body of the screws.

After many years of experience in the plastic industry, the company has been producing various types of polyethylene pipe fittings, using the most advanced and advanced machinery and equipment as well as the most experienced mold makers, specialists and experts in the field of screw fittings. Provide customers with the highest quality, widely used nationwide and by their esteemed water and wastewater companies.

This site is to facilitate and expedite the selection and purchase of products needed by dear compatriots and compatriots. This company provides many years of service to our dear compatriots in providing a variety of products in the field of construction, sewage and agriculture by providing more diversified products to facilitate and expedite the selection of needed goods to our dear customers. Safely and quietly select, compare and purchase the goods you need.