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PP fittings, or the so-called PP-R white pipes are made of type R-type polypropylene copolymer and look like conventional plastics. These nylon tube fittings can take 20 degrees Celsius with a pressure of twenty times and at a temperature of 80 º C in the 10-fold pressure of the manufacturers of polypropylene pipes can include building piping, heating and cooling buildings, food and chemical industries, solar heating systems,  Compressed air Lines, shipbuilding industries and oil industries, industrial wastewaters and acidic and alkaline conditions. In this article we talk about 3 inch PE pipe coupling.

How are pipes install in buildings?

Intubation using polyethylene pipes may result in the need for a shorter pipe than the existing pipe branch. In this case, cutting the part of the existing pipe to the desired length of pipe should be made. Pipe cutting should be done in such a way that the head of the cut pipe is complete and healthy and the pipe is not damaged. For cutting the pipe, large saws (woodworking saws) should not be used. Iron-on saws are permitted only for cutting polyethylene pipes up to 100 mm in diameter. For larger pipes, as appropriate, Use machines and tools for cutting plastic pipes. When cutting, the clamp should not be used to hold the pipe in place, as the clamping operation may cause the pipe to shrink and damage the clamp at the clamp location. With the polyethylene pipe tool, the manufacturer’s instructions and instructions on how to use these equipment and safety tips are complete. Apparatus should be used to cut at least the cut and the chip in place to cut the pipe. After cutting, it is necessary to use a proper completely cut the surface and cut all the cut and chip. Separated to be ready for butt boiling. You can search hdpe pipe specifications in websites.

Do we need special machines for installing pipes?

The Contractor shall, subject to all the foregoing, determine the pipes to be inserted into the Trench in the number of branches, as required and, as the case may be, with the approval and approval of the Consulting Engineer and, as appropriate, along with the Trench. Install, install polyethylene pipes. Welding joints for pipes and accessories shall be provided outside the trench. To accomplish this, the contractor must provide sufficient thickness, width, and length of lumber and be prepared in the workshop. These timbers shall be laid at a specified interval on the trench so that they are perpendicular to the tranche so that they are fully aligned. Then, the branches of the polyethylene pipes that are to be welded together should be freely mounted on these timbers, so that the axes of both tubes are at the junction at one end and beneath each pipe a sufficient number. You can find hdpe pipe fittings in markets.

Timber should be placed at intervals that prevent the pipe branch from bending due to its weight. The dimensions, number, and intervals of the lumber will depend on the diameter, length and weight of the tubing to be installed in the desired path. When transporting pipes and fixtures to the timber, care should be taken to ensure that no waste material is inside the pipe and no fixtures. As soon as each branch of the fixture and accessories are placed in place, the timber should be inspected immediately. Position and ensure that the inside of the pipe is clean and free of any foreign objects. The Contractor can, depending on the local conditions and facilities, divide the intubation operations into the desired path and divide the number of pipe branches and accessories it intends to connect to each piece, together with the dimensions, number and intervals. Determine the timber and act on the criterion after obtaining the approval of the consulting engineer. You can find hdpe pipe fittings price list in online stores.

What sizes does poly pipe come in?

What sizes does poly pipe come in?Pipes made of polyethylene have different types and are known in the market under different names. These pipes are made from 1mm in diameter up to 1 meter in diameter. Of course, the materials and methods of production are different. For example, the 2mm polyethylene pipe most commonly used for drip irrigation is made of soft polyethylene or LDPE extruder material, but polyethylene pipes above 5mm are made with hard polyethylene or HDPE materials. PE pipes can be used in the temperature range of -40 to 60 ° C depending on the operating pressure variation. The method of producing high-density polyethylene pipes, especially high-thickness carogite pipes such as 1 mm carrageite or monolayers. Above one meter more. It is produced by a spiral method. Polyethylene spiral tubes are made of HDPE material. In this method, a very high polyethylene sheet is coated like a spring and its seams are welded together by a pipe-forming machine. The most important advantages of polyethylene pipes are:

  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Easy and lightweight
  • long life
  • Low friction
  • It’s relatively cheap
  • Flexible
  • Resistant to the sun

What are the standard sizes of pipes for buildings?

Polyethylene pipes are measured in millimeters, but some people measure polyethylene pipes in inches. In International Standards Tables and INSO 14427 the sizes are all in millimeters and the specifications of PE pipes, The pipes are divided by size, weight and thickness, and the 110mm PE pipe is 10 times thicker than the 110mm PE pipe 16 times. The PE pipe sizes are from 16mm to 2500mm, Polyethylene up to 750 mm in size is economically justified and pipe larger than 750 mm in use Special and different rails that other pipes do not have the proper efficiency and productivity are used. You can find polypropylene pipe sizes in websites. The standard sizes of polyethylene pipes are different in size, as is the case with the 75mm single wall pipe, but the double wall pipe is not manufactured at this size and the standard tables and dimensions are different. Production of different sizes of polyethylene pipe requires the production line of PE pipe and machinery suitable for the same sizes. Up to 730 in size. In the production line, for the production of different pipe sizes, end-line devices must also be fitted so that the pipe produced is of standard and quality. You can find hdpe pipe connection in markets.

What is HDPE pipe used for?

Applications of polyethylene can be used in electrical insulators of cables and electrical wires, household utensils (teflon), various consumable parts in the automotive industry, a variety of water and irrigation pipes, chemical materials and laboratory equipment. Polyethylene pipes and fittings due to their unique properties can be the best option for fluid transfer systems (e.g. water) in large and small industrial projects, power and water supply systems. Also, the use of polyethylene pipes in urban sewage systems, gas systems and major firefighting projects is very common. The reasons mentioned below are part of the factors that have caused the use of these polyethylene OLE and its connections to be more prevalent in the day:

  • Are resistant to a large number of chemicals and do not suffer corrosion.
  • If installation and proper operation and standard welding will not be leaking.
  • Due to the high flexibility, these pipes are resistant to land and earthquake movements. Also, polyethylene pipes can withstand flexural and tensile stresses easily. This feature reduces the cost of repairs, annual maintenance or reconstruction of fluid transmission lines.
  • The cost of trenches and the platform of grids implemented with polyethylene pipes and fittings is much lower than the same networks as metal or concrete pipes, and even in some irrigation and water projects there is no need for infrastructure.
  • Very long life
  • The standard of drinking water is suitable for urban and rural water consumption.
  • The lightweight polyethylene pipe and its fittings have led to the displacement and transport of them and simpler and less costly than metal and concrete pipes.

What is the best pipe for drinking water?

What is the best pipe for drinking water?Worldwide, water distribution systems use polyethylene pipes to transport large volumes of water between ponds, tanks, pumping stations, cities, and industrial areas because such a system can live for at least 100 years without any hassle and can provide clean water at a price. Down to all points of the network. Polyethylene pipes are black pipes used with blue lines (for irrigation), yellow lines for (gas supply) and brown lines (for wastewater). Polyethylene pipe is a pipe made of a kind of synthetic polymer of the same name, because of its unique chemical structure, many advantages over it. Among the advantages of polyethylene pipe made of polyethylene or P.E material can be high resistance to corrosive materials, pressure, impact, abrasion, temperature and having a good bending angle. Other features of this polymer tube are its high resistance to impact and pressure at very low temperatures. You can see methods of joining pipes in websites.

HDPE Pipes and Pipes Fitting For Sale In Iran

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How many pipe producers are there in Iran?

How many pipe producers are there in Iran?A good specification of polyethylene pipe can be pointed to high flexibility and resistant to all destructive factors. Polyethylene pipe for drainage networks, air conditioning lines, collection and transfer of surface water, water transmission lines in agriculture and industry… It is used but the gas pipe is only special for gas transmission. This pipe is available in the markets of cities across Iran, but it is the largest market to buy and sell it to a major internet website. This store offers all kinds of polyethylene pipes throughout the country. Some types of pipes with raw materials and with special methods are produced this will make it more resistant to other pipes. These types of pipes are called polyethylene pipes and are used in various fields, including gas transmission. The gas pipe is produced in sizes from 25 to 225 by a gas HDPE pipe factory. There are several ways to supply this product, which is an online form. This reseller sells the best products of polyethylene pipes throughout the country with special conditions. Stay tuned to buy this product and receive the price of polyethylene pipes.

HDPE Pipe Connections Mechanical Joining System

At first glance, the meaning that comes from the word connectors is a piece that connects several tools to one another, used when connecting a pipeline, changing the diameter, connecting pipe parts, and so on. . Plumbing is widely used in various industries and the use of fittings of different genders is essential. In this article, it is attempted to investigate and explain the PE connections. Polyethylene pipes are interconnected by different connections depending on their application, polyethylene pipes can be divided into the following groups:

  • Injection fittings
  • welded joints
  • Polymeric joints
  • Electrofusion joints
  • Coupling couplings

Cheapest pipe Fittings for homes in bulk

The price of a variety of polyethylene pipes depends on its quality and thickness. As you know, the polyethylene pipe is sold in PE63 and PE80 and PE100 grading. Polyethylene pipe due to different sizes that have a variety of prices. This product can be purchased from various city stores as well as factories. Another way to get the price of internet websites. You can contact our customers to receive the price of PE 40 pipes by managing this collection. On the other hand buy polyethylene pipe If it is major, the cost of the product is greatly reduced, because with the direct purchase of the factory by eliminating the intermediary can be purchased at a very low price of this product. This site offers customers a variety of polyethylene pipes from the factory door. To receive the price of polyethylene 40 mm and other polyethylene pipes, please contact the sales management of this online store.