45 degree elbow for sale on the market

45 degree elbow is very useful in industry and is used in many cases and in all kinds of pipes. There are many centers throughout Iran that provide services in this field, so people can easily and without any worries get the product they need.

45 degree elbow for sale on the market

What is a 45 degree elbow?

What is a 45 degree elbow? An elbow is a type of connecting pipe that is commonly used to change the direction of a pipe. The shape of the tube’s elbow is 45 degrees obtuse angle and the elbow 90 degree right angle. It is not allowed to use a 45 degree double elbow welding to a 90 degree elbow elbow. Because the elbow area focuses stress on the pipeline, much of the tension in the expansion and cooling deformation is released in the elbow. 

But the benefits of using it are as follows:

  • Without the use of pipe ingots as raw materials, the manufacture of pipe equipment and cost can be saved, and carbon steel elbows with the desired large diameter and relatively thin wall thickness can be obtained.
  • Empty of flat board or expandable surface, it is then easy to cut, easy to ensure accuracy and easy to assemble and weld.
  • Due to the above two reasons, the production cycle can be shortened and the cost of production can be greatly reduced. Since no special equipment is required, it is especially suitable for large processing of carbon steel elbows.
  •  Carbon steel elbows are suitable for pipeline systems in oil, natural gas, chemical, hydroelectric, construction and industrial boilers.
  • Pipe steel is one of the leading 45 degree elbow tubes manufacturers and suppliers

But the features and 45 degree elbow dimensions can be mentioned as follows:

  • Thickness: SGP, Deviation, SCH40, SCH80, SCH160. XS XXS and so on.
  • Size: 1/2 “- 72”
  • Materials: carbon steel, steel alloy, stainless steel
  • Treatment surface: clear oil, black stainless oil or hot galvanized oil.

To explain the 45 degree elbow formula, we can also mention the following:

For standard standard elbows such as 45 and 90 degrees, the center of the elbow to the end is found in the standard plumbing diagram. But often, at the 45 or 90 degree elbow standard, the need to adjust the elbow angle is cut off.

The formula for calculating the distance between the center and the end of the elbow is as follows:

Elbow length (mm) = Yellowish brown (elbow knee / 2) X-ray radius (mm)

Buy 45 degree elbow at rational price

Buy 45 degree elbow at rational price the weak bonding line, fatigue deformation will cause cracking damage soon, which will be a big problem hidden in the burial pipeline. The knee is 45 degrees above the elbow tube. Elbow metleader has been exported to many countries and regions with large quantity and good quality.

The 45-degree tube is less expensive than many products, and there are many centers that offer services. In fact, we can easily and without any worries provide this product and meet our needs.

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