Building Valve

Building valves are metal devices that are used to open and close the flow of liquids and gases.

Valves are generally classified into two categories: domestic and industrial valves.

Today’s modern valves are not only a great tool for easier use of water, but also, they can be used to optimize water use and try to solve the problem of water shortage in the world.

Sanitary valves generally have two main parts: inner shell and outer cover.

Manufacturers often use brass or dry lead alloy for the interior.

Of course, today many producers no longer use dry lead for health reasons and use more brass alloy.

If lead is used, if the milk plating is not done well, it will dissolve in front of the water over time and will cause dangerous contaminants for people.

By knowing the types of construction valves, you can choose a better option when renovating or when the valves need to be replaced for reasons such as decay.

Valves are generally classified into two categories: washer and washer valves.

Ball valves, disc valves, and cartridges are known as waterless valves and pressure valves are known as washer valves.


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