What is a Sprinkler or Impact Sprinkler?

Impact sprinkler is one of the most sensitive parts of the irrigation system, which is responsible for the uniform distribution of water in the field so that no water is spread or wasted on the field land. Impact springs are also known as field sprinklers.

Disadvantages of sprinkler irrigation:

1- High initial cost and energy cost to create water pressure in pipes compared to surface irrigation

2- In order to irrigate the sprinkler, it is necessary to have water of suitable quality.

3- If the land is not square or rectangular, irrigation will be difficult.

4- In windy areas, water losses are very high and irrigation uniformity is much lower.

5- In sprinkler irrigation, the risk of fungal diseases increases due to high humidity.

Advantages of sprinkler irrigation (impact):

1- More efficiency and higher efficiency than water

2- Optimal use of the area under cultivation

3- Increase the product

4- Reducing the density of plant pests and weeds in the field

5- Easy spreading of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the field

6- Easy irrigation in lands with steep slopes and heights that were built and designed for different conditions


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