What are cast iron fittings?

Cast iron fittings are products made from cast iron or ductile iron alloys and are used to connect pipes in the water and wastewater industries and other sectors.

Cast iron joints are very strong and durable and will last longer if special materials are used to cover it. In this article, we will introduce the types of cast iron joints, the type of material, and their application. Stay with us.

Cast iron joints are divided into two categories:

1- Cast iron flange fittings

2- Sewage cast iron connections

Cast iron fittings with flanges

All cast iron flanged fittings are produced in one piece and they have flanges on both sides, three sides in three ways, and four sides in four ways. These fittings are connected to pipes and other fittings by bolts.

Sewage cast iron fittings

Sewer fittings have a bowl-shaped head and are slightly larger than the body size. The cast iron pipe and other fittings are placed inside the bowl head and are connected to each other by lead and Knauf. These pipes and fittings are produced in sizes from 2 inches to 8 inches.


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