Metal rims

In polyethylene pipelines, whenever polyethylene flanges are used, the use of metal and steel rims

is mandatory. Steel rims that have holes in the body (depending on the flange pressure), these types of rims in different thicknesses and hot-dip galvanized coatings and Cold is used depending on the project environment, whether it is in a humidor humid environment or in a dry environment. How to connect the flanges with bolts and nuts.

Flanges are sometimes made of steel, which is determined by the operating environment and installation location of the flange, and of course, the use of steel flanges is not common.

Metal rims are produced by casting method according to ASTM international standards and are subjected to various types of laboratories in reputable laboratories.

Metal rims are produced based on the dimensions specified in the standard and in the specifications table, the weight of the metal rim is not mentioned and the only criterion for controlling the connections is its dimensions. The weight of polyethylene fittings is not like a pipe that is specified in the standards and the weight of each part may be slightly different from each other compared to the production conditions of the fittings.

 Flanges and steel rims are highly used in the polyethylene industry. These metal rims are used to connect the flange to the polyethylene pipe. These rims come in different thicknesses depending on the working pressure of the transmission lines.

Between 5 and 30 mm are produced in sizes of 40 mm to 2000 mm.

Polyethylene rims are defined according to the type of working pressure that single-walled polyethylene pipes have, taking into account its thickness, and be sure to specify the thickness and type of plating or the simplicity of your rim items.

Polyethylene pipes are usually welded in the form of butt welding or connection by ring and flange or in the form of screw connections. Other methods such as electrofusion connection are also common in terms of the high costs of installation and installation. It is less popular except in the field of gas pipes, which must be connected to each other by electrofusion.


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