Agricultural irrigation pipe fittings for sale

In Tehran, there is an area called Shadabad, which is the largest center for buying and selling all kinds of pipes. In this area, agricultural polyethylene pipes in various dimensions and diameters are also offered. You can visit this area and buy what you need. In this market, agricultural polyethylene agricultural irrigation pipe fittings are sold from 5 miles to 50 mm. It depends on you what kind of pipe you buy.

Agricultural irrigation pipe fittings for sale

Different qualities of agricultural irrigation pipe fittings

Different qualities of agricultural irrigation pipe fittings Sales of agricultural polyethylene pipes are in the form of rings and coils up to 125 mm in size and in the form of 6 and 12-meter branches in sizes higher than 125. Most of the polyethylene pipe sales sites have designed and set up computing software so that the buyer can see the price of polyethylene pipe according to its special features in case of production, and with a high-speed review, choose the seller and the type of product.

And the order in person or in absentia. Polyethylene pipe trade has a simple formula that, if the standard principles are observed by the manufacturer and the Pipes and Fittings for Irrigation Systems, will bring significant benefits to both categories. High-quality ethylene pipe for long-term use and The optimal farmer will be produced and distributed. And its quality depends on the type of materials used.

To determine the price of polyethylene pipe, several points are considered, the most important of which is to pay attention to the interior with the foreignness of these products. It is important to note, of course, that due to the fact that some raw materials for polyethylene pipes are imported, the changes also affect the price of domestic products. The quality of the materials used, the cost of unloading and unloading, the price of clearance and customs are adjusted.

Purchasing agricultural irrigation pipe fittings

Purchasing agricultural irrigation pipe fittings Today, agricultural pipes are made of polyethylene. This type of polymer has high efficiency in this industry and various advantages that can be mentioned:

  1. They do not damage the plant.   
  2. They are reasonably priced.   
  3. They prevent water loss.   
  4. They are resistant to moisture and fertilizers.   
  5. They are flexible.

Companies that produce this type of pipe in the agricultural industry produce it in various dimensions and sizes. In order to get the price list of agricultural polyethylene pipe, you have to go to the manufacturing plants or shops in the city. The price list of the types of polyethylene pipes with the best quality. The types of polyethylene pipes with the best quality have different farm irrigation supplies. For example, the price list of polyethylene drip irrigation pipes is different from the price of 4-inch polyethylene pipes. The polyethylene pipe factory offers these pipes at various prices; As the pipes have different dimensions. On the other hand, you can get the price of grade 2 polyethylene pipe from different stores. But prices:

  1. The price of polyethylene pipe is 75: 11300 Tomans   
  2. The price of polyethylene pipe is 63: 7800 Tomans 
  3. And the price list of 16 mm polyethylene pipe from 5000 and above
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