Black Pipes & Fittings for Garden Irrigation Systems

The black tube is  a long, hollow cylindrical tube with two open ends and its cross-sectional area can be circular, square, or rectangular. The black tube with the galvanized tube is a type of steel tube that unlike the galvanized type, is not covered by a layer of zinc metal but has a layer of iron oxide on its surface which gives it a black appearance. In the industry, the steel pipe is divided into two types of seamless , and in terms of other criteria, there are types of black pipe that we will explain here. Gear fittings are manufactured and marketed to a variety of standards. These fittings used in plumbing circuits are of the Khovarov steel hammer type and are available in both black and galvanized form. In the following, we will explain more about the use of these pipes in the garden irrigation fittings system.

Black Pipes & Fittings for Garden Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation Fittings, Adaptors and Connectors

Drip Irrigation Fittings, Adaptors and Connectors

Polyethylene drip irrigation fittings:

Fittings used for drip irrigation in agriculture are available and offered in a variety of different types including PE.

PE is one of the high quality irrigation fittings connectorns through which the water is passed through the main and secondary pipes and then drips out of the small holes embedded in it.

Polyethylene fittings for drip irrigation are produced in different sizes and ranges of discharges.

Polyethylene fittings are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical pressures and stresses, saving and managing optimum water consumption.

Polyethylene fittings are easy to install and are affordable.

Polyethylene hunter is one of the most commonly used poly pipe irrigation fittings, also known as spray water spray.

Advantages of polyethylene hunter are easy installation, close proximity to the surface, adjustable spray angle, varying spray angle from 40 to 360 degrees, UV resistance, color fastness. Sun rays, high mechanical and chemical resistance, corrosion-resistant, corrosion-resistant and wear, ability to achieve different radii and discharges, tolerance to different loads, adjustable spraying arc and longevity are noted.

Polyethylene hunter is very suitable for irrigation of small farms and gardens, large agricultural lands, very large gardens, urban green spaces and sports lawns.

high quality polyethylene hunter is supplied by reputable high performance warranty centers.

Polyethylene hose head is one of the most commonly used drip irrigation fittings and is connected to a variety of drip irrigation pipes and bridging strips from the main pipeline by another connection called polyethylene belt.

The hose heads are threaded connections and have high mechanical strength.

These joints have high mechanical and chemical resistance and are resistant to sunlight, mechanical stresses and corrosive materials and caries.

In rain or drip irrigation systems, water in polyethylene pipes may contain solutes or mud. The presence of these sediments may cause blockage of the PE pipe, PE connections and eventually drip and sprinkler. Removing these sediments will save you a lot of energy and cost.

Therefore, it is used to prevent disk and grid filters at the beginning of the water supply lines.

Disk and grid filters can prevent particles larger than 130 microns.

Of course, other types of filters also filter 50, 20 and 5 microns, which in turn reduce the DB pressure of water.

Polyethylene disc fittings, also known as micron filters, are among the main members of the filtration system and are essential components of the drip irrigation system.

These irrigation joints prevent the passage of suspended materials with a diameter of 20 to 200 microns. In agriculture, at the fertilization stage, there are suspended particles taken from these filters.

The fine particles in the water are also obtained by these drip irrigation fittings connectors and make the irrigation process faster and easier.

These joints are made of high-pressure polyethylene and chemicals.

Polyethylene connections are resistant to high temperatures and extremely low temperatures and have high impact strength.

These connections are designed and manufactured at various loads up to 10 atm.

In pressurized irrigation and in environmental stresses and in the treatment of acidic materials and polyethylene filters are the best type of connections.

These fittings improve irrigation water and disk fittings can also prevent algae and sludge from entering the irrigation water.

Polyethylene knee is a type of 12 inch drip irrigation fittings and a variety of applications in drip irrigation and redirects, resizes, tight coupling and complete sealing.

The 12-inch polyethylene knee has a high mechanical and chemical resistance and is designed in various sizes to fit a variety of connections.

In the production of 12 polyethylene elbows, the most premium polymer materials are used and they have high color fastness and high sun resistance.

This knee is resistant to environmental stresses, is exposed to unprotected chemicals and is also resistant to corrosion and clogging.

These knees are available in 45 and 90 degrees, and can withstand various types of pressure.

One of the most important applications of the 12-PE knee is to prevent the pipes from falling during irrigation and makes drip irrigation easy.

Cheap Irrigation Pipes & Fittings on Sale

Factories that manufacture cheap irrigation fittings comply with all standards in the industry. According to these documents, the best polyethylene pipe for agricultural irrigation is 1mm in size. These pipes are low in price and are easily shipped to the installation because of their light weight.

Many agricultural soils may be alkaline or acidic or have high salinity levels; therefore, the use of polyethylene pipe for installation in irrigation systems can greatly reduce the potential damage to irrigation lines. Prevent.

In some cases, the surface of the PE pipe is used for irrigation, and especially for very hot climates, these pipes show good resistance to harmful sunlight and high temperatures; In harsh environmental conditions, the PE can maintain its stability.

Irrigation polyethylene pipes are manufactured to world standards. These pipes are designed to operate at different nominal pressures from 1 to 2 times the standard diameter of 1 to 2 mm. Pipes used for installation in water supply and drainage systems are manufactured to DIN 8074.

Although PE100 pipes are the best quality pipes, PE80 is used for the production of PE irrigation applications; they are more flexible than PE100 and have a lower density. On the other hand, these pipes perform better than other PE models. The low cost of these pipes is a huge advantage.

Polyethylene pipes are available in different types in the market and each one has different sizes and dimensions. Depending on the size of the land intended for irrigation and the volume of water to pass through the pipe, one of these types should be selected.

Polyethylene pipes are made from high quality PE80 and PE100 materials. These two grades of PE are the best raw materials for pipe and fittings production in the world. Other types of PE pipes are used for irrigation, agricultural drainage, and agricultural sewage and runoff transport.

Calculating the price of polyethylene fittings is a bit more complicated than the price of polyethylene pipes. Polyethylene fittings have different prices because of their variety and variety. It should be noted that all the factors that influence the price of PE pipe, and in particular the PE raw material, are also important in the PE list price, so we recommend reading the PE pipe price list.

Polyethylene fittings play an important role in PE pipelines and most of the drawbacks and failures are in PE pipelines. Therefore, be careful and careful in the preparation of PE connections that the quality of the connections can affect the overall performance of the line.

Selling polyethylene fittings is more complex than selling polyethylene pipes, because of the great variety of items and the high variety of PE fittings as well as the different types of PE fittings. Selling of PE connections should be done according to the type of project, main PE pipe, pipe working pressure, for example for project for gas supply and PE pipe it is suggested to use electro fusion joints and for PE irrigation and agricultural pipeline.

They use injectable fittings and the PE manufacturer must have complete technical and engineering expertise to sell the fittings without any return. In addition to the above on old PE80 grade pipelines manufactured with PE100 grade, it is better not to use PE100 grade material and vice versa (although contractors may argue that costs control projects). And the ideal case for polyethylene fittings is that the pipe and fittings are the same and the fittings are made of pipe itself to be a seamless pipe and fittings.

Selling polyethylene fittings based on a pre-prepared list is a far-fetched thing to do, which is a daunting task given the high variety of work items. For the sale of fittings If a list of prices for PE fittings is made, that price list is untrustworthy and is doubtful and, given the text above, little is known about market volatility and the price of raw materials and thus the variability of PE prices.

Soldering fittings should not be made solely on the basis of specifications or number required by the customer, and the list of required and required ethylene fittings should be carefully reviewed by the supplier to determine whether it is connected to the valve, welded to the pipe, whether this connection requires a washer. And so selling polyethylene fittings requires a certain amount of scientific expertise and expertise to be able to review all aspects of the listing and connection required at a single moment.

The sale of PE connections is just the beginning of a commitment that requires the seller and supplier to provide services during installation, commissioning and on time operation. Buy polyethylene fittings from reputable collections to find out your list of irrigation fittings and the reasons for each item in your project, not just selling fittings, but also providing you with free experience and expert advice if needed. And provide you with a supplement.

Black Pipes and Fittings for Irrigation Systems

Black Pipes and Fittings for Irrigation Systems

Steel pipes are available in various sizes and qualities, also called iron pipes. White pipes, seamless pipes, black pipes, and white or galvanized pipes. White pipes are also used in hot and cold water piping and in wet places. Black pipes are used in central heating, irrigation and washing plumbing and utilities.

Black pipes are divided into two groups:

• Manisman

• Sealer

Mannisman pipes are produced by punching and seam rollers are rolled (welded), and the joint is welded during production. They are produced and marketed in six-meter branches. In soft steel pipes up to 12 inches in diameter, they are categorized by their nominal inner diameter. Internal and actual distances per nominal diameter vary for standard heavy and super heavy pipes depending on pipe weight. The outer diameter of all three types of pipes is usually the same. Tubes over 12 inches are grouped by actual diameter.

Can we use black pipes and fittings for drinking water?

Black steel pipes do not have galvanized coating. The name of the black tube is due to the dark surface coating of these types of pipes, which was created due to the oxidized iron. Black metal pipes are used in places that do not require galvanized pipes. Black pipes are not used for the transportation of drinking water due to health issues but can be used for the transportation of fluids such as gas and fluids other than drinking water.

Famous brands of irrigation fittings in Europe

Famous brands of irrigation fittings in Europe

Price of all accessories for irrigation equipment from famous brands such as Veresk can be purchased directly from the store center of sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment at very reasonable prices. Irrigation equipment that is divided into two categories is a drip irrigation and a second rainwater harvesting equipment, each with its own special equipment and, in some cases, shared equipment, in particular brands and brands, whether domestic or domestic. Foreigners like Veresk and have very good quality at great prices and can be purchased for all farmers or dear buyers.

PVC & PE pipe fittings at wholesale price range

• PVC pipe: Tensile strength, compressive strength, but more flexible than other plastic pipes, corrosion resistance is good, the price is the cheapest in all types of plastic pipes, but the brittle adhesive temperature, socket connection, flanges than synthetic threads

It is used for water supply, drainage, irrigation, gas supply, exhaust pipe, wire pipe, rainwater pipe, industrial disinfection pipe and so on.

• PE pipe: Light weight, good toughness and low temperature resistant, non-toxic, cheap price, high impact strength, but tensile strength, relatively low tensile strength, threaded flange pipe fittings for drinking water, sewage, gas pipelines, industrial Corrosion resistant pipe

These tubes are dark or black in color. The thickness and density of PE pipes is higher than PVC pipes. Polyethylene pipes are more resistant to fluid pressure. Coupling of PE PE pipes is performed by the method of bonding heat and welding head to head. PE pipes are used in the municipal water distribution network due to high pressure tolerance. Pipes and fittings

Advantages of PE PE Pipes:

• Galvanic corrosion resistance

• Resistance to rot, abrasion and impact

• Good flexibility

• Shrinkage property

• Light weight

• Excellent resistance to earthquakes and landslides

• Very tight, leak-free, yet flexible connection

• High resistance to ultraviolet rays of the sun

• Very good hydraulic properties

• Low maintenance cost

Wholesale PVC & PE pipe fittings are purchased in stores that sell valves.

Leading suppliers and distributors of irrigation fittings

Leading suppliers and distributors of irrigation fittings

The site is one of the major suppliers of dig irrigation fittings. You can obtain all kinds of drip irrigation fittings through this website. Drip irrigation is one of the new methods of irrigation which is very important to provide the necessary components and equipment for its implementation.

Many companies are involved in the production and supply of drip irrigation equipment. To access the products of these companies, there is a need for a chain called suppliers. Nowadays, with the expansion of internet and cyberspace, a large number of suppliers are also supplying parts of their customers through Internet websites. Drip irrigation fittings are one of the most widely used drip irrigation equipment. Therefore, this website is ready to provide services to your dear customers by launching drip irrigation fittings along with other equipment needed to run this system. You can order and purchase your irrigation equipment and fittings by contacting the consultants and specialists on this website.

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