Brass Flange Fittings Manufacturers in Iran

Iran is one of the best manufacturers of flange fittings in the world.there are so many great companies that are manufacturing brass flange fittings in Iran. and thankfully there is a very competitive situation in this area. due to an extensive demand of flang fittings,this area has become a great opportunity to invest is believed that making brass flanلe fittings and exporting them can be unbelievably profitable.

Brass Flange Fittings Manufacturers in Iran

What is the pupose of flange fittings?

What is the pupose of flange fittings? but what are flang fittings?what do they do?what are they made of?how expensive are they?what are cast iron flanged fittings?are they available in online shopes?there can be lots of questions about flange can find an answer to all these questions on the internet.Flanges are a type of coupling of pipes, valves and devices to each other. Flanges are disk-shaped, often coupled using two bolts, easily open and are suitable for low and high pressures.

Flanges are fittings that connect transmission pipelines (with any type of fluid), and also connect valves to welded pipes. Flanges are often made of polyethylene, steel, iron or cast iron alloys. The flanges are subdivided into different classes depending on the type of material, depending on the pressure they endure.

Are there plastic flange fittings on the market?

you may be wondering what is the difference between plastic flange fittings and brass flange fittings?another question is are plastic flange available on the markets?what are their functions?what is known about flange fitting breast pumps?how many flange types are there?Specifications of flanges

According to the standard, the flange specifications including the following must be engraved on the flange.

Flange manufacturer brand

  • Nominal size of pipe (outer diameter of pipe where flange is welded).
  • Tolerable pressure value (flange class)
  • Shape of the flange surface (the most important part forming a flange).
  • Holes (sometimes also referred to as wall thickness).
  • Flange Ingredients (This number indicates the raw material used to make the flange according to ASTM standard).
  • Number or code related to heat treatment on the flange

Flange specifications

Flange Class

Pressure rating according to 16, 16SISI B: According to this standard steel and alloy flanges are classified into 150-300-400-600-900-1500-2500 grades. These numbers are the maximum pressure in terms of PSI that the flanges can withstand at the maximum allowable temperature.

ISO Classification of Pressure: This standard shows the bearing pressure of steel flanges and its alloys with PN, in which the nominal pressure is denoted in BAR.

Flanges are usually made of forged. Only in a few cases are sheets made. In the ASME 5,16B standard, only blind flanges and conversion flanges can be made of weldable quality sheets.

Durable types of flange fittings for sale

Durable types of flange fittings for sale

  • when it comes to buying flang one ofe the most crucial factors can be durability.but what is the difference between durable flange fittings and the ordinary ones?how can we distinguish them from each other?how can the be classified?Types of flanges
  • Flipper with simple sliding surface

In these flanges, the surface of the two flanges used should be smooth when coupling. Its main use is when we use two flanges for the system, or water connections made by casting. Usually cast iron or steel flanges that are used at low pressures are of this type. According to flange standards, when flanged surface flanges are attached to carbon steel flanges by metal molds, the flanged surface flanges must be removed.

  • Male and female flanges

This flange must be made in pairs. The surface of one of the flanges has a protrusion and the other has a protrusion. Depending on the position used, the indentation and protrusion surface is designed with specific ratios, typically 3.16 inches deep and the material surface has 1.4 inches protrusion. The use of male and female flanges can be traced to the channel and flange cover in the heat exchanger shell.

  • Welding neck flanges

The weld neck tube flanges are connected to the neck by welding. This enables the transfer of stress from the weld neck flange to the pipe and also reduces the high stress concentration at the base of the weld neck flange. Welding pipe flanges are often used for high pressure applications. The inner diameter of a welding neck tube flange is machined. The pipe’s inner diameter is machined to match the inner diameter of the pipe

  • Blind flange

At the blind flange is a fully closed round plate used at the end of the piping and pressure paths. This type of flange and its screws bear more pressure than other flanges, which apply the most pressure to the middle of the bulletproof flange.

  • Laptops Fluid

Laptops are often used for stub end connections. The tube is usually welded to the end of the stub, and the flange of the juvenile tube can rotate freely around the end of the stub. The advantage is that there will be no worry about adjusting the screw holes. Laptops flanges are often used for applications that require frequent arm closures.

  • threaded flanges

Threaded flanges are similar to slip flanges, except that the inside of the flange has a conical thread. Threaded flanges are attached to the outer threaded tubes. The advantage of these flanges is that they can be attached without welding. Threaded flanges are often used for small diameters and low pressures.

How to choose best and high quality flange fittings?

it has always been a concern for customers to buy the best and most durable flange fittings.but how can they?how can they buy flange fittings with high quality?The flanges are functionally divided into the following categories:

  • Simple Level (FLAT FACE)

In this type of surface one flange which must be opposite the surface of the other flange is flat. Typically cast iron or steel flanges that are used at low pressures are of this type.

Pumps are used for connecting valves and cast iron fittings and non-steel flanges. It is also used for low pressure lines such as (Cooling water-CWR-CWS) where leakage is not important. Joints are also used to seal the joints with an outer diameter equal to the outer diameter of the flange. This also makes it impossible for the two parts to be joined, resulting in reduced fracture potential.

  • Raised face flange

In this type, the flange surface, which is facing the other flange, is made more prominent than the overall surface. According to the standard, the amount of bumps in all sizes for grades 1 and 2 is 2.5 mm and for higher grades is 1.5 mm. The bumps may have a smooth finish or a serrated finish and these slots are either concentric or spiral whose construction is specified in the standard (mss-sp-1) (usually deep grooves). 1.5 mm and its distance is 2.5 mm)

  • Male & Female Flange (Male & Female)

Plates of this type exist in pairs, one with a protrusion (at a height of 1.5 mm) and the other with an indentation (at a depth of 1 mm).

  • Tongue & Groove Facing Plate Flange

This type also exists in pairs and is similar to the male and female flanges except that the inner diameter of the tongue and groove does not extend to the flange hole (flow path) and thus holds the gasket on its inner and outer diameters. It causes the gasket to remain protected from corrosion. The tongue and groove structure requires a minimum flat surface, and therefore under the pressure of screws will have the lowest load and maximum joint efficiency possible for flat layers. In this type of connector, the tab protrusion rate is 0.9mm and the groove depth is 0.8mm.

What are different types of flanges?

What are different types of flanges? but what about different types of flanges?what is known about flange pipe?Benefits of socket welding flangeThis tube does not require furnace welding preparation.There is no need to move the temporary position in time, as the principle of coordination guarantees proper coordination.The weld metal cannot penetrate the hole in the pipe.They can be used in place of string connections, so the risk of leakage is much smaller.Radiography does not apply to Philips welding, so proper welding and welding are important. Filter welding can be investigated by surface inspection, magnetic powder (MP) or liquid penetration inspection (PT). Due to the need for careful assembly and elimination of the assembly end of special processing joints, the construction cost is lower than the welding head.
Main Features of Socket Welding FlangeThe groove in the inner diameter allows convenient fit of pipe, allowing for smooth flow of fluid suitable for small sizes and high temperature pressure conditions.Similar to sliding flange, but pipe arrangements should be used for socket welding. The figure below shows the inner diameter of the socket welding flange. This flange happens to be the so-called insert flange. This is a two-piece flange that allows rotation of the outer flange, easy to twist the hole. SFF can provide these flanges and all-in-one standard welding sockets.
Surface flange

Industrial Pipe Flange Fittings for Export

of course exporting stuff like flang fittings can be extremely profitable for companies.Prices of iron flanges

This page contains the categories of iron flanges by type and brand. Click on any option to enter the price list of the iron flanges concerned.

Iron alloy is an alloy that is commonly referred to as an iron flange and in fact iron flanges have an iron element base and their alloy is steel and is known in the market as iron or steel flanges. .

Welding flanges provide easy access to cleaning, inspection and repairs and are connected to the pipe using welding. The flange connection is created by screwing two flanges together and a gasket to seal between flanges. Throat weld flange, SLIP ON flange, soft weld flange, blind flange are common types of weld flanges.

Welding Neck Flange

The welded flange holds high pressure and force and is useful when the system is under alternating forces and strengthens the flange connection to the pipe.

Slip on welding flange

This type of flange has no throat and is used for low pressure lines and has low resistance to vibration and vibration of the system.

Socket Weld Flange

Silent valve flange is used for high pressure lines. In this type of flange, the tube head is of a flat type, which is inserted into the flange socket and welded around it.

Blind Flange

Used to temporarily block the route.

Surface or face welding flange (FACING):

Various types of FACING flanges (FACING) are manufactured by manufacturers that have different grooves and tabs that should be used in pairs. However, only a few of them are widely used.






Welding Flange Brands at Pipal Site:

1- Soldering welding flange: Piping of goods by importing Soldering welding flange with ASTM A105 standard alloy forging process provides price list and technical specifications.

2- Iranian Welding Flanges: Iranian welding flanges are manufactured and manufactured by casting method and are available in various types and full sizes at piping sites.

3. Mashhad Welding Flanges: Mashhad brand is one of the most famous brands in the manufacture of flanges which produces welding and gear flanges by both forging and casting methods.

Indications for welding ferrous flanges

Iron flanges are used to connect the installation items and pipes such as:

– Connect the pump to the pipes

– Connect the pipe to the seismic

– Connection of flanged iron and steel flanged valves to the pipe

– Connect between two pipes that need to be opened in multiple periods.

Custom Pipe Flange Fittings At Wholesale price range

Custom Pipe Flange Fittings At Wholesale price range if you are about to buy flang fittings,you are probably worried about the want to find cheap flange fittings,so does every one.but how can you know about range of prices in wholsales?

Flange is one of the most used and important components in the oil industry, gas and petrochemical.

Flanges connect pipes, valves, and devices to one another. Flanges attach the valves to the welded pipes.

The flanges are disk-shaped, which are often coupled together by screws and bolts.

They are easily sealed and are also suitable for low and high pressures.

The flanges are made of polyethylene, steel, steel, iron and cast iron alloys.

Specifications of flanges

The specifications of the flanges according to the standard on which it is engraved include the following wall.

Tube size

Flange manufacturer brand


Flang surface shape

High pressure tolerance by flange

Depending on the heat treatment on the flange

Material of Viametal flange made according to ASTM standard

What is a flange connection?

– One of the types of pre-accepted clamp connections is the flange clamp connection. In this post we will get more familiar with this connection. The flange is the end plate of the welded beam that is perforated and its height is greater than the height of the beam. In this connection two pieces are connected by flange  In this type of connection, the wings and beams are first welded together by a sheet and then bonded to the column wings by screwing the sheet.

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