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brass PE adapter fittings : Brass joints are one of the most popular and widely used joints. These types of joints can be divided into two types of ordinary and high pressure types because of the type of fluid in the tubes and the amount of fluid pressure in the lines and the thickness of the tubes. Brass fittings themselves are divided into 3 categories: gas brass fittings, water brass fittings and brass fittings. The inner diameter of all types of brass and polyethylene fittings are common polyethylene tanks with household use of 1/2, 3.4 and 1 inch. Used in industrial, agricultural and fisheries applications, larger diameters.


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brass fittings for black poly pipe : The materials used to make the rice products are of the highest quality and are used in the production of modern technologies. Spending on such a product that is directly related to human health is undoubtedly valuable. The price of brass fittings can vary slightly depending on the type of use and size used. What are the benefits of brass fittings?

  • The brass alloy used in this type of fitting has a great advantage over other metals.
  • Fittings made of this type of alloy have a very high melting temperature
  • After using their inner joints, they wear out after a while, which is significantly lower than other metals in brass joints.
  • Rice is more resistant to heat and cold than other metals
  • These types of connections do not discolor after prolonged use
  • Because of its exterior beauty, it has been widely regarded in buildings

Water Brass Knee: This piece is a threaded connection that has an angle of 90 degrees. When using this thread you should also be careful about the type of thread because the threads in the joints are different due to the standards and the difference includes the size, angle And series of teeth are fitted to any standard. This piece is very suitable for aquatic systems because of its high oxidation properties and high resistance. This piece is used for places where pipelines should be rotated 90 degrees.

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brass insert fittings : Water Brass Tri-way: This joint is like a brass knee of a standard thread type and its thread type is due to different standards in two different ways that should be considered when operating. This segment is useful when branching pipelines in different directions.

Brass water bush: The bush is a product that has a cylindrical shape and can connect two tubes together. This connection is produced in different designs such as screw bushings or weld bushings. The brass bushes are of a simple type, threaded through the two ends. This connection can be considered as a type of inter-gear connection that can connect the connections outside the gear.

Water Brass Conversion: Brass conversion is a cylindrical piece that is used to connect pipelines. This piece can be attributed to the Bushmen family because of their similarity. By standard, the conversions are threaded.

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brass well pipe fittings : Types of Brass Fittings: Brass fittings are among the most commonly used fittings in industry and buildings. These types of joints are widely manufactured and offered because of their many benefits as well as the variety of applications. Brass fittings have many types depending on the use, their structure and their dimensions. For example, these fittings are divided into water brass fittings, gas brass fittings and compressed air brass fittings, as used.

In terms of structure, these joints are specified in terms of fluid passing through the piping system, pipe type, pipe thickness. Brass joints, for example, are generally used in both conventional and high pressure brass joints in the industry.

Water Brass Gear: The gaskets are designed and manufactured in various types. This piece is by the standards one thread or two threads. Brass shredders are used in lines that have high fluid flow in the pipe because of their high strength and high quality. Because brass coolers are highly resistant to pressures, they are widely used in embedded and underground piping. Water brass hose: This component, which is capable of connecting to water, gas and air flow paths, helps prevent unwanted flow of these fluids.

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pe pipe fittings : Polyethylene pipelines in different projects require polyethylene connections which will vary depending on the type of project. Polyethylene pipes are used in sewage, water supply, fire extinguishing systems, caverning cables and gas. Electro fusion joints are used for gas projects and screw joints for water projects up to 10 atmospheric pressure. The rest of the projects use standard PE welding joints. It should be noted that the domestic sewage system does not comply with the above rules. Polyethylene fittings have the following characteristics:

  • Very good resistance of polyethylene joints to fracture and cracking due to external pressures
  • High resistance to pressure and impact
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Corrosion and wear resistant
  • Excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes
  • Rust resistant
  • Smooth and smooth interior and exterior wall, no fouling and very low pressure drop due to internal surface friction
  • High flexibility, very low installation cost, fast running speed and no need for heavy machinery when running polyethylene pipelines

The fruit pots are made of fresh fruit. ﺍ Polyethylene tube-free hinges, one-way hinges, depending on the type of hinges, can vary with different types. There are different types and styles of connections available. Each has its own advantages and limitations for any situation that the user may encounter.

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7 8 barb fitting : The PE interface is used to connect the PE pipes to each other. The two ends of the connector are pipe-aligned and are twisted into a polyethylene tube. Because screw joints are not designed for the use of hot water and fluids, the normal temperature (used to avoid damaging the joints) is to be used to convey the fluid. Uses and Uses of High Pressure Screw Fittings

  • Urban and rural water supply networks
  • Pressure irrigation systems (drip and sprinkler) in agriculture
  • Non-western water supply networks and green areas of parks and municipalities
  • Chemical, Acidic and Alkaline Transfer Facilities
  • Water supply and industrial wastewater
  • Covering and covering of telecommunication and power cables

Before installing any screw connection, thoroughly straighten the end of the polyethylene pipe (not slanting line) and then clean it. Then install the connecting parts on the pipe in order. Make sure all the connecting parts are securely fastened before tightening the nut. Use a wrench to close the PE wrench to avoid damage and corrosion. You can also use standard Teflon tape to ensure sealing connection.

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Flanged connection or flanged connection is used to attach polyethylene pipes to valves and flanged joints in screw joints. It can withstand up to ten atmospheres. The body is made of UV-resistant polypropylene copolymer in sunlight and cold. Split-ring made of polystyrene and EPDM rubber in high quality for optimum sealing – water leakage, high tensile strength and drinking water piping. Other features of these joints include their easy opening and closing. This product is widely used in drip irrigation and irrigation fittings.

  •  Split :

Split material in polyethylene fittings is a polyacetal that is thermoplastic hard and resistant to chemicals and physical stresses. The split function is to prevent the polyethylene pipe from leaking out of the connection at high pressures.

  • Bushing :

The bushing is made of polyethylene and is embedded in polyethylene fittings between Split and Oring. The bushing, when coupled to a double pressure piece, is inserted into the bushing and seals the polyethylene screw joint.

  •  Oring:

The Oering is made of rubber and seals the screw joints on the PE pipe. Aurings must be flexible and pressure resistant.

  •  Fuselage and deflection:

The body is made of polypropylene fittings and is resistant to pressure, physical impact and chemical changes. Polypropylene is more resistant to sunlight than high-strength polyethylene.

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1 1 4 barbed fitting : The polyethylene male connector is used to attach the polyethylene pipes to the fittings and accessories such as bushings, valves, etc. One end of the male connector is the interface and the other end is threaded. Polyethylene bonding is used to attach polyethylene pipe to threaded joints (eg, brain, riser).

  • High pressure resistant up to 16bar
  • Resistant to impact, pressure and physical stress
  • Resistant to acidic, alkaline and solvent environments (varies depending on chemicals)
  • Resistance to temperature changes from -40 to +80 degrees Celsius
  • High resistance to polyethylene connections against infra red and ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • Fully hygienic and standard for drinking water transport (drinking water standard)
  • Fast, easy and low cost installation of PE connections
  • No corrosion of PE connections and rust
  • Longer life than PE

Note that it is best to connect two products from one family to the other. For example, if you want to connect a brain to a polyethylene material, it is better to be made of plastic than metal. In this case, the corrosion of the joint and its disinfection is less. In general, the use of female bonding is preferable to polyethylene male bonding. Because it is possible to break a thread head male and it is not economical when fractured and because of its price, it is used in conjunction with a polyethylene material and it can be replaced with a small cost if the brain is broken.

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nylon fittings hot water : In cold water curing and spreading molds to make the pipes greener, filling the pipes, more carefully selected and capped pipes. The states are divided into two types of (gear) and base. In cold water, hot water and hot water should be of a different type or type. Simply connecting the gears of any machine produces folds. One of the modes used is in the following three categories:

  • Knee Plumbing Fittings:

This tool is designed to cut 90 to 45 degrees. It includes a 90 degree knee-high knee bend and a 90 degree knee-to-knee 45 degree knee conversion. 90 Degree Knees: A device that is designed to measure 90 degrees in a corner. This device is locked in two. Knee 45 °: Like 90 degree knees for each corner, with a 45 degree deflection. In the case of a knife in cases where the knee and the knee rotate 90 degrees, the knee increases the angle of the knee with the knee to the knee. This element is missing in two.

90 Degree Knee: A knee known as a 90 degree knee knee, which is locked in and out of both sides of the knee. The latch must be in operation. The knee application is at 45 degrees Celsius; with the exception being 45 degrees. Knee-jerk: This knee is twisted in two and is made for my elbows.

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barb in plumbing : If you are involved in construction and plumbing projects, you have probably heard the term bushman many times. Bushen is another subsystem of connectors that has the task of connecting two pipes together. The bush is actually a cylindrical piece that is used as a loop between two pipes in the piping paths. This joint is both equal and convertible and has both ribs on both sides. Available in two types of metal (galvanized and brass) and plastic (PVC), the piece is widely used in the industry because of its operation.

What are the benefits of using bushan? The quick and easy use of this product has made it the perfect replacement for welding to connect pipes. Pipes that are welded together will be very difficult to replace and repair when welding is done in the event of breakdown or damage. It is therefore used as a convenient and practical option in construction equipment.

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1 plastic well pipe fittings : Plumbing Cap: A component that is used to restrict pipeline elections. The rails are worn out and I find the welding is generally welding work. This is not the case for plumbing fittings at the ends of the pipes or the visor valves. At the bottom of the folders should be:

  •  Contains soil and soil from working soil and materials.
  • The length of the locking shaft shall be adjustable to fit the end of the attachment.

pipe connectors : If you are involved in construction or industrial projects, you must have heard the word connections. The fittings, also called “FITTINGS” in English, are more related to the plumbing sector, which has different types and different applications and is adapted to different conditions. In fact, fittings are sometimes used as the interface between two pipes or to divert the pipe path and sometimes play the role of divider, change of direction, and pipe size reducer. Fittings such as pipes are made in different sizes and weights (Schedule).

One of the most important applications of joints in the field of plumbing is to connect the pipes to each other and to direct the flow of water, gas and fluid to the desired direction. This connection is also used in cases where the diameter or branching needs to be changed. However, because the plumbing in the building is subdued, it is important to use quality fittings that do not cause pipe leakage and leakage. Types of fittings in valves: Flanged and Butt Welded fittings are commonly used for pipelines with diameters above 2 inches. At smaller diameters, the valves are connected to the pipelines through threaded or socket weld connections.