BSP PE Connection for Sale in Bulk in Iran

Hub galvanized fittings come in two types, NPT and BSP models that differ in standard yarn (in some sizes the yarns are the same in inches, but in different sizes of gear angles) is available and you can get a variety of connections, including a bsp PE connection.

BSP PE Connection for Sale in Bulk in Iran

What are the bsp pe connections?

What are the bsp pe connections?Polyethylene pipelines in different projects require polyethylene fittings which will vary depending on the type of project. The bsp pipe sizes can be manufactured as per customer’s orders and is also used in sewage, chemical, acidic, petroleum and water treatment applications and is very economical compared to metric poly pipe fittings joints.

Pressure systems in the process industry use various connections depending on the geographical area, the size of the pressure system and the surrounding environment. In addition to the differences in connections across industries, this difference can be seen in the geographical area used. For example, many pressure vessel systems use BSPP connections. Many oil and gas industry equipment uses NPT fittings. While none of these fittings are superior to the other, they each have their own uses.These fittings are also used in threaded plastic pipe.

bsp fittings:

philmac bsp fittings are similar to NPT. The difference is that the angle from the root to the crown (if cut) of the grooves is 55 degrees, while in the NPT connection this angle is 60 degrees. For this reason, the male and female joints of the BSP and NPT joints are bonded but will not seal. These types of fittings are very common in China and Japan but are rarely used in North America unless the equipment used is imported into North America. Sealing tape is required to seal this connection.

BSP Connection Port:

This port is commonly used in Europe and the UK and is divided into the following two types.

1. British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP): This port is also known as BSPP or G and is parallel to the following figure and the angle between the two protrusions is 55 °.

The most common sizes used by this port in the industry include:

G 1/8

G 1/4

G 3/8

G 1/2

G 3/4

2. (BSPT) British Standard Tapered Pipe: This port is also known as BSPT or R and is conical (Tapered) and the angle between the two protrusions is 55 °.

The most commonly used sizes of poly pipe compression fittings in the industry include:

R 1/8

R 1/4

R 3/8

R 1/2

R 3/4


• At the G and R connection ports, both the male and female threads are rounded.

• At port G, male and female are both parallel or cylindrical. • At port R, male is always tapered, but pistol (Tapered). Female) can be both parallel (also known as Rp) and conical (Tapered), which is not commonly used and is also known as Rc.

Applications of bsp pe connectors in piping systems

Polyethylene pipelines in different projects require polyethylene fittings which will vary depending on the type of project. Polyethylene pipes are used in sewage, water supply, fire extinguishing systems, caverning cables and gas.

Electro fusion fittings are used for gas projects and screw fittings for water projects up to 10 atmospheric pressure.

The rest of the project uses polyethylene welding joints according to DIN16963 German standard. It should be noted that the home sewage system does not comply with the above rules, which can be found in the methods of connecting specialized articles sections.


Polyethylene fittings have the following characteristics:

  • Very good resistance of polyethylene joints to fracture and cracking due to external pressures
  • High resistance to pressure and impact
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Corrosion and wear resistant
  • Excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes
  • Resistant to rust
  • Smooth and smooth interior and exterior wall, no fouling and very low pressure drop due to internal friction
  • High flexibility, extremely low installation cost, fast running speed and no need for heavy machinery when running polyethylene pipelines 

Technical Information and Application of Polyethylene Coil Fittings:

  1. Uses and Uses of High Pressure Screw Fittings.
  2. Urban and rural water supply networks.
  3. Pressure irrigation systems (drip and rainwater) in agriculture.
  4. Non-western water supply networks and green areas of parks and municipalities.
  5. Chemical, Acidic and Alkaline Transfer Facilities.
  6. Water supply and industrial wastewater.
  7. Covering and covering of telecommunication and power cables.
  8. Advantages and Features of High Pressure Screw Fittings.
  9. High pressure resistant up to 3bar.
  10. Resistant to impact and pressure and physical stress.
  11. Resistant to chemical, acidic and alkaline environments and solvents (varies depending on chemicals).
  12. Resistance to temperature changes from -0 to +1 degrees Celsius.
  13. High resistance to polyethylene connections against infra red and ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  14. Completely hygienic and standard for drinking water transport (drinking water standard).
  15. Fast, easy, and low cost installation of PE connections.
  16. No corrosion of PE connections and rust.
  17. Longer life than PE.

Application of PE connections

The application of polyethylene fittings extends to the application of polyethylene pipes. Polyethylene fittings are used in all applications of PE and all PE pipelines. The use of polyethylene fittings is more dependent on the type of line and type of project, eg flange fittings cannot be used in gas pipelines, and electrofusion fittings are not used in water transmission lines and are a waste of money.

The use of polyethylene fittings in polyethylene pipelines is unavoidable, and it is important to choose the model that works best for the line. Polyethylene fittings in PE pipes are very sensitive because most errors occur in the parts where the fittings are. Fittings If the project is not selected correctly or the project fittings are poorly prepared or the welds between the fittings and pipes do not comply with the standards and guidelines as a whole the project will face a catastrophic failure and costly repairs will be required.

Each fitting is suitable for the specific applications of plastic bsp pipe fittings, but again we emphasize quality fittings and use fittings made from the pipe itself at the project site or plant as far as possible. .

Are there different grades and kinds of PE connections?

Are there different grades and kinds of PE connections?Types of PE connections:

Polyethylene pipe fittings include all kinds of flanges, injections, thermal fusion, electro fusion, mechanical and so on. These joints are manufactured in various ways, such as injection molding or using thick polyethylene sheet by cutting and turning. Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages for producing PEs, such as injection molding because of the large size and variety of materials, different materials and pressures, not all of these sizes are available, but in the machining method based on what is on the fitting map, They are machined and will fit perfectly with the map.

Types of PE Pipe Fittings

There are different types and styles of connections available that the user can choose from. Each has its own advantages and limitations for any situation that the user may encounter. Contacting various manufacturers for guidance on appropriate applications and styles to join is recommended as described in this document.

Connection by fusion method

The most expensive method of connecting to a tube is H.D.PE. To make a fusion weld, the tube needs to be moved. When connecting to manholes, fusion welding is often difficult. Standard welding methods do not change, but special considerations should be made for wrench, pipe, fusion machine, and general conditions, which are handled by specific codes.

Welding of PE

The most suitable bonding method is the polyethylene welding bonding method, if the welding quality is very high, it will have an extremely high uniformity. In this way, connection generation is done at any angle that is effective to facilitate the execution of projects.

Flanged connection

PE flange adapters are used when connecting to metal or some other piping material, or if part of the pipe requires separation. The adapter flange and its shorter version, the “Stub End”, are designed to be one end as large as the PE pipe to connect to. The other end is made with a flange end that provides a structure that eliminates the need for tightening. In most industrial applications, flanges are used to connect holes to solid wall pipes. The flange provides strong, non-leaky connections and can handle the most frequently occurring contractions and expansions. Flanges are also a great way to connect variable materials in the piping process.

Electrofusion Couplings

 Offer a fast, corrosion-resistant joint when using high-efficiency polyethylene holes. Using a single wall pipe does not require pipe or manhole movement. This coupling method of thermal fusion coupling is somewhat different from conventional fusion coupling. The main difference between a conventional thermal fusion and an electroplating is the way in which heat is used.

In the conventional thermal fusion connection, a heating device is used to heat the pipe and surface joints. The electroporation pair is heated internally, or by a conductor in connection with the conductive polymer. Heat is applied to the conductive material in the joints as an electrical current. PE pipe in electro fusion process requires the use of electrofusion coupling.

Plasson Compression Male Threaded Adaptor for Sale

Plason compression joints have revolutionized the connection of PE pipes. They are designed to use applications such as irrigation, agriculture, landscape irrigation, telecommunications, and sewage. We have a wide range of Plasson connections here, complete with plumbing systems – all designed for long-term use.

Plus, mechanical connectors, such as connectors, adapters and end plugs, provide a secure and secure connection to water networks and are made of virgin polypropylene and offer excellent impact resistance and stress stress resistance. he does. Whether you are looking for Plasson thread male or female adapters, a spigot flange adapter or any other good adapter, you will surely find what you are looking for in Total Tipes.

Brass Water Purifier Connection at wholesale price

Brass Water Purifier Connection at wholesale price Established in the 1980s, the Water Store has become one of Australia’s largest independent importer / exporter / retailer and wholesaler of Australian water purifiers.

Every year we attend the largest water purification trade fairs and conferences in the world, and regret the latest technologies and products available around the world.

Therefore, we are pleased to provide our customers with the latest water purification products. Update our Wholesale Store List which offers a complete and easy to use wholesale list. We sincerely hope that our wide range of products enables you to provide different options to meet your customers’ needs.

One of the best water purifiers available on the market is brass water purifiers

Distributors of pe pipes and fittings in Iran

All plumbing fixtures and appliances are called water distribution and sewage disposal systems.

– Tubes

Pipes are usually marketed in six-meter branches. Conventional soft or steel pipes up to 12 inches in diameter are grouped by their nominal inner diameter. Internal and actual diameter varies depending on the nominal diameter for the standard heavy and super heavy pipe depending on the weight of the pipe. The outer diameter of all three types of pipes is usually the same. Tubes over 12 inches are grouped by actual diameter. Bronze and copper pipes are also classified as iron pipes by nominal diameter, and there are two extra heavy weights for each pipe diameter.

The auxiliaries of the pipes are connected at different lengths to obtain the desired length and at the same time to provide continuity connections and change the direction of the pipeline. Continuity and extension of the pipeline using bushing nuts and conversion To change the direction of the pipeline, they use the three-way, four-way and the knees. The cap is used to close the pipe openings in the cover to blind the openings of the joints and converters to convert the diameter of the openings of the pipe and joints.

Massagers’ nuts make connections that open easily. The beads of the rosewood are of three pieces: two of which are twisted into two ends of the tubes, and the third part is engaged with the thread of the first part, and slides on the second part, and connects the two pieces together. . The flow in the piping system is adjusted by the valve valves, which are classified by type of diameter and pressure.

Cerebral Pipe: A piece of pipe less than 30 cm long with two ends threaded. Pipes larger than 30 cm are considered to be pieces of pipe.

Three ways: The most important and most widely used connections are in pipe bends. Three ways, such as the knee, are made in a variety of sizes and types. It is used for 90-degree bends and is always branched with an angle. If all three outlets are of the same size, the type is determined by the diameter of the pipe, such as the one-second inch inch. If the diameter of the (umbilical) diameter is different from the diameter of the main tube, first write the size of the original diameter and then the branching. The diameter of all three outputs should be different, the size of all three outputs should be written, and the diameter of the main tube should be brought first.

Crossroads: These are the three roads that have another exit opposite the navel. The axes of this crossroad are perpendicular to each other. The intersections, like the three ways, are made in different sizes.

White Porphyry Folder: Used to close the end of a bushy tube or a joint with a thread. The covers are made of cast iron and brass. For small sizes, hexagonal or cerebral headgear is used and for large sizes hexagonal headgear is used. Masseur Nut: Different types. Frequent use of nuts on plumbing lines makes it easy to repair. When nails and a combined connection are made, one can enjoy all the benefits of a nail polish using a single rhinestone connection.

Bushen: Usually, a number of bushes are attached to each branch of the pipe. Bushes are made of cast iron or cast iron or rice. Buttons generally have straight threads, but they also customize the left-hand type. Another type of bushin, called the Topic or Trail Roping, differs from the conventional bushin and has a roping thread.

The bushing function is to convert the threaded (outer) end of the pipe into a larger size joint. The bush is a rotary-to-ball shape in a hollow cover with two apertures of different diameters and can be considered as a joint to reduce or increase the diameter.

Pipe hacks: Pipe hoods are used to close pipes or joints with threaded threads.

As you can see, we have a variety of fittings and pipes, and there are many vendors and distributors working to provide the pipe and fittings you need, but the quality is the key.

You can contact our experts for more information and questions.

List of various PE connections on the market

List of various PE connections on the market Price list (mm / inch) of high pressure,  and at atmospheric and load pressures in PE 63-PE 80- PE 100 grades in ABC grades in standard and non-standard types of cable (grade two) coils and Or its branches and twelve meters and operating pressure of four atmospheres, six atmospheres, eight atmospheres, ten atmospheres, twelve and a half atmospheres, sixteen atmospheres, twenty atmospheres, twenty-five atmospheres. Polyethylene in all types of water supply, polyethylene pipe prices, polyethylene gas pipe prices, agricultural polyethylene pipe prices, polyethylene sewage pipe prices, pipe prices High-grade polyethylene (A grade) pipe price (B) Cable pipe price and Cable pipe price for fiber optic sheath and power cable and telecommunication.

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