Black Irrigation Pipe Fittings Today's Price List

it is crucial to know about the newest price of irrigation pipe fitting if you are about to buy them. irrigation pipe fittings are simple and practical, all of which can be easily assembled and installed without any special high-speed tools. irrigation pipes and fittings are so simple that even with very little expertise with some training you can run a piping just to give it a little taste and a small investment that will soon be offset. Prevent excessive use of water

Black Irrigation Pipe Fittings Today's Price List

Irrigation Pipes & Fittings at Low Price

Irrigation Pipes & Fittings at Low Price you may be looking for irrigation pipe fitting at  the cheapest price. thanks to internet you are not gonna be having a hard time handeling that.there are a bunch of online stores which give you possibility to find out about the newest prices in markets.for example you can easily learn about 13mm irrigation pipe fittings on the internet.The price of PE and its calculation is a little more complicated than the price of PE. Because of the variety in type and variety in the model, PEs have different prices. In the price of fittings, all the factors that influence the price of PE and especially the raw material of PE have been suggested, so we suggest you read the list price of PE day.

Role of connections

In polyethylene pipelines, PE connections play an important role, and most of the drawbacks of PE pipelines are in the same connection sites. Affect.

Why are some PEs cheap?

Keep in mind that buying cheap and especially very cheap as a good purchase will not be of good quality and that in polyethylene products and PE connections, the price of PE should not be lower than that of PE. All standards specifically state that new and recycled raw materials should be used.

PE connections

Below we explain separately the PE connections and how to determine the connection prices:

Prices of polyethylene injection joints

The lowest price is the price of injectable joints between PEs and these joints are mostly used for normal applications and low operating pressures. Injection joints are often manufactured with ordinary and less suitable polyethylene materials (Iranian materials and recyclables) and their production process is such that there is a possibility of a problem in their tissue.

The price of such fittings is also available in the price list and their vendors produce them in a pre-determined way and have depots in their warehouses, making them easier to procure and offer a more stable price.

Price of custom fittings and miter

The price of custom fittings is directly related to the price of PE. Miter fittings are manufactured in Pars Ethylene Kish factory of the same type of PE pipe and with the same raw materials as the pipe. Can be. Due to the above description, custom PE prices cannot be listed and applicants will send a list of their required fittings to the sales unit and receive prices after the calculation along with the delivery time.

Pipes and Fittings for Irrigation Systems

but what is the role of fittings and pipes for irrigation irrigation pipes and fittings are very important when it comes to farming.In order to optimize water use in agriculture, different irrigation methods should be used to provide both the water needed for the plant and reduce the amount of water loss in each sector.

Nowadays, with the advent of technology, traditional methods have gradually been abandoned and new methods of irrigation have been replaced.

One of the methods used today for optimum use of water in agriculture is the use of polyethylene irrigation pipes that are available in different sizes and sizes.

A Guide to Irrigation Pipe Fittings

A Guide to Irrigation Pipe Fittings it is really simple and practical to use irrigation pipe and fitting.nowadays the traditional way of farming is left behind and new method are used instead of those traditional methods.agricultural irrigation pipe fittings have been changing rapidly and there are different way of irrigating. here we are discuss some of them:

  • Irrigation under pressure

In a pressure irrigation system, water is delivered to the surface via high pressure pipelines and network connections. In this way, the water loss is very low as the water is in a closed environment all the way.

In high pressure irrigation different pipes are used with different materials.

Polyethylene pipes

Asbestos Pipe

Plika tube

Aluminum pipe

Galvanized pipes

Among the types of pipes used for pressure irrigation, polyethylene pipes are the most used.

 Pipes used in drip irrigation

  • Drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation is a method in which low-pressure water is pumped to the plant through a device called a dripper. Drip irrigation is also called low volume irrigation.

The drip irrigation system consumes less water than other irrigation methods. It uses a lot of equipment. One of the main equipment used in the drip irrigation system that is used to save water is polyethylene pipes which are used in various dimensions.

The best polyethylene pipe used for drip irrigation is a 16 to 40 mm polyethylene pipe.

However, many factors influence the type and size of polyethylene pipes used in drip irrigation.

The type of land, the area of ​​irrigation, the temperature and the humidity of the environment are factors that influence the size of the PE pipe.

Pipes used in drip irrigation can be made of pvc or asbestos. But these pipes are rarely used.

Irrigation Fittings and Adaptors at wholesale price

the prices of irrigation fittings can be fifferent in every country.irrigation pipe suppliers make sure that they are providing required material in order to solve the problems of irrigation fittings.

and it might be helpul to learn about thewholesale can learn about them on the internet.

Discounted prices for bulk buyers of irrigation pipes

Discounted prices for bulk buyers of irrigation pipes for those who want to buy irrigation pipes in bulk ther are gonna be great fiscounts.they might get more discount than what they could ever imagined.for example if you buy 1 inch irrigation pipe fittings in bulk you will get a great discount.

Irrigation Pipe Fittings Manufacturers in Iran

iran as one of most important manufacturers in the world has been trying to come up with new designs of irrigation pipe fittings and Drip irrigation connections

Polyethylene drip irrigation fittings are one of the most widely used fittings in high pressure irrigation in the agricultural industry and are used for sealing and pipe safety, water flow regulation, pipe size change and flow direction change. Drip irrigation fittings include a variety of fasteners, knees, transformers, tees and hoses and are manufactured and used in a variety of sizes and in different thicknesses for a variety of pipe sizes.

Drip irrigation refers to all the ways in which the water is drained in a low volume of about 1 to 2 liters per hour and slowly discharged near the plant. For this reason, this method of irrigation is known as low volume irrigation. Drip irrigation is the slow flow of water over the surface or under the soil in the form of separate, continuous droplets, a thin stream or fine spray through droplets located along the water line. Drip irrigation has many methods and concepts such as drip irrigation, in-bed irrigation, fountain irrigation and spray irrigation.

In drip irrigation, water is distributed in a pipe system in the field, and the mechanical device or device from which water is sent out to the plant is called the outlet or dripper. The outflow of water from the emitter can be in the form of a drop, a bubble or a continuous small stream. Even the player can be a very small sprayer.

Equipment and parts for drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is required for polyethylene pipe products, irrigation pipes, irrigation strips and ad hoses.

The water source is the central control station (including pumping station and filtration station) where the pumping station itself includes the pump and its accessories and the filtration station uses either a cyclone or a sand filter (depending on the type of water source used, one of these two types of filters). Are cyclone or hydrocyclone filters for water wells, and sand filters for water storage pools), fertilizer tanks, mesh or disk filters (disk filters absorb smaller particles than mesh filters), main pipes, water pipes, pipes Side or side pipes (laterals), emitters and fittings required

Central Control Unit: It consists of devices that pump the pumped water after treatment and increase the fertilizer (if necessary) with precise control of the flow rate and pressure regulation into the main irrigation pipe.


Relaxation Pool (if required)


Sand filter

Fertilizer tank

Grid filter or disk filter

Drip irrigation connections

Application of Drip Irrigation in Agriculture

Drip or topical irrigation refers to a variety of methods of pressurized irrigation, in which water is delivered directly to a small area near single plants by dropper or sprinklerers stationed along a water distribution line. In each fruit or vineyard there is one or more sprinklers for each tree.

For row crops (such as cauliflower, lettuce, pepper, cotton) and crops (alfalfa, legumes), the water dispenser is located close enough to the plant to provide the capillary force of soil water to the root range of each plant.

It is not common to use emitters for crops that are spread all over the farm due to the difficulty in humidifying the whole farm and the low price of these crops.

In fact, in a drip irrigation system, water is pumped to the ground near the root zone of the plant to soak a small area and depth of soil surface. The system was originally designed for a situation like fruit gardens where trees are too far apart. After drip irrigation proved to be a success for fruit trees, it was also applied to row crops.some expert attribute a great acheivement to iran.iran now is one of the best suppliers of 6 inch irrigation pipe fittings in the world.

Biggest importers of irrigation pipe fittings

Biggest importers of irrigation pipe fittings according to the statistics.third world countries are the bigest importers of irrigation pipe fittings in the world.irrigation suppliers are trying to recognize the true needs of those countries and sell their products to them.Water transfer pipe in agriculture is referred to as pipes used to irrigate the land and to pump water into the ground. These pipes are one of the most used tools for people working in agriculture. Are you also buying a water pipe for your farmland? Do you want to know the price and the factors that affect it? Are you looking for sales centers for agricultural water pipes to buy this product? First of all, it is best to give a brief and brief explanation in answer to your questions, one of the best water transfer pipes in agriculture is polyethylene pipes which have various advantages in that we intend to provide you with sales centers. Here are some tips on how to buy agricultural polyethylene pipes and how to purchase this product, so if you are interested in learning more and more about it, we suggest you to continue.

Prices of agricultural water pipes | Special sales by sales centers

Production of agricultural water transfer pipe

Production of agricultural water pipe As described above, one of the best water pipe in agriculture is PE. As you read this, the question may arise in your mind what the process of producing PE is and how it is formed and what are the benefits of using PE in agriculture. The answer to these questions is that the process of producing PE in factories is by the extrusion method.

Polyethylene pipe has many advantages which is why its production is very important. Benefits of this pipe include saving costs, increasing productivity, controlling the amount of water entering the ground, preventing soil loss and growing grass.

If you are interested in buying this tube because of its benefits and benefits, read on to find out more about its sales outlets.

Export of high quality agricultural water transfer pipe in Iran

Exporting high quality agricultural water pipe in Iran is one of the most important goals of the factories that produce agricultural water pipe and export it to other countries and make more money through it. For this reason, various manufacturers of agricultural water pipelines have made this product high quality and in accordance with the standards, so that it can reach many customers in addition to inside the country and abroad, and in this regard, numerous successes. They have been able to earn and export large quantities of this product abroad each year.

Market for the sale and sale of PE drip irrigation

Market for Drip Pipe Sales and Sales Due to the different applications of PE pipe the market for this product is good. Water applications in agriculture and gardening are among the various uses of PE. In addition to transporting water, these pipes can also transport fertilizers and other chemicals. If you are going to buy polyethylene pipe for drip irrigation and you are looking for the price of this product you should know that the price of these pipes depends on various factors such as internal and external, pipe size, exchange rate etc. You can find out from reputable sales centers and reliable sites about the price of agricultural water pipes at any time you wish to purchase them.

It should be noted that if you do not have the money to buy these pipes, you can buy a second-hand agricultural pipe at a more affordable price from its sales centers.

Polyethylene pipe is a kind of industrial pipe made from polyethylene raw materials and manufactured in PE pipe. Polyethylene raw materials include polyethylene polymer granules that are produced in the crude oil refinery under the polymerization process.

Sale of agricultural pipe and irrigation in Tehran

Sales of agricultural pipes and irrigation and also  various types of agricultural pipes are located in different cities and one of the best selling centers is located in Tehran. One of the most important factors in buying from different sales centers is the awareness of the price of agricultural water pipes in these centers. For this price you can go to different dealers of this product in Tehran and after complete and comprehensive information in this field choose the best brand and manufacturer and buy from reputable sales centers.