BSP PE Fittings in Different Sizes for Sale

BSP pe fittings are the most popular joints used in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This joint has parallel grooves and uses an integrated sealing ring to prevent leakage.  BSP polypropylene fittings are longer than male and use copper gaskets for sealing. These joints do not require sealing tape. In the following we talked about the types of bsp pipe fittings for sale in domestic and foreign markets.BSP PE Fittings in Different Sizes for Sale

Manufacturers of BSP pipe fittings in the Europe

Manufacturers of BSP pipe fittings in the Europe The bsp pipe manufacturing industry has been in Germany for over 50 years. Although the first bsp pipes made in Germany were for the water supply sector, the specific post-war conditions of the society and the absence of a coherent trade union led to the emergence of other younger polymer pipes in the water supply market. In this battle, bsp pipes not only lost much of their market share, they lost much of their inherent identity. The need for a trade union to protect and support the industry and to protect the consumer’s rights of the industry and to re-establish the market’s rightful place in the market was urgently needed.

Making the first bsp connections in Italy: bsp connections were first made by MOLECOR in northern Italy.Translation Service of bsp Pipe & Fittings Association: Since one of the tasks of technology companies is to identify market needs and meet such demands, Molecor performs this task by producing high-quality products with high compression ratios. Following this action, it was able to list specimens of connections with a diameter of DN 800 mm and a pressure of 25 bar.

The first production of bsp pipe fittings in 2013 coincided with the launch of the K Expo, which included items such as: 45- and 90-degree knees, converters or couplers, and coupler-mounted connectors. In 2013 the prototype of this type of fittings was approved and developed during 2014 on an industrial scale. But since the beginning of 2015, MOLECOR has been able to make products available to consumers, including the knee, convertible and three-way, today because there is no manufacturer in Europe that has bps fittings in its product catalog, which bps or ductile iron material is used to make plumbing fittings. But despite the high potential of this product and the market demand, a good future can be predicted.

 As one of the oldest manufacturers of polyethylene and polypropylene pipes and fittings, British Poly Connect Co. has been operating since the early 1950s with the aim of producing various types of thermoplastic products. Over the years, with the help of world-class experts and knowledge, it has produced more than 156 types of pipes and joints in various sizes and pressures.
Pipes and fittings bps are widely used in pressure irrigation, water transfer, drainage and sewage disposal projects, which have been highly welcomed by facility industry experts.

Products of this brand are evaluated and evaluated in accordance with ISO 9001-2001 in all manufacturing processes. These products are available in two categories: irrigation and agricultural systems and construction sewage systems. PolyRan also achieved numerous certifications and standards for high quality polyethylene products.

With more than three decades of experience in Europe, the company is one of the hub for the electrofusion fittings manufacturer europe, including well-known brands in the field of bsp pipes and fittings. The first group of pipe types includes simple, bsp pvc threaded pipe fittings, threaded fittings, wells and electric pipe joints, the second group types of electrical joints, adhesive sewer joints, adhesive pressure joints, and sewer fit joints and handles The third are tools such as toolboxes, threaded caps, pipe wrenches, and so on.

By holding training courses, the company strives to increase its capabilities and make the change that fits the needs of the pipe and fittings industry.The quality and standardity of Golpayegan Polymer products on the one hand, the laboratory equipped and close cooperation with the Standard Organization on the other hand made it recognized in 2001 for being the first company to develop and standardize European standards in the field of bsp pipe and fittings. Be. It is also the first company to export its bsp products to Europe.

Which European countries have high imports of pipe fittings?

The EU has extended tariffs on polyethylene pipe and pipe fittings from Russia, South Korea and Malaysia for another five years to support block manufacturers such as Vallourec Fittings, Erne Fittings and Virgilio Cena & Figli for another five years. While allowing similar tasks against Turkey expires. Production rate is 8.83% for Russian manufacturers. 44% for all Korean producers except TK Corp which is 32.4% and 75% for all Malaysian manufacturers except Anggerik Laksana which is subject to a tariff of 59.2% and threaded fittings industries which has a rate of 49.9%.

In this investigation, dumping has not been disclosed to any of the exporting producers in Turkey during the investigation period, and the likelihood of recurrence of dumping has not been determined in the absence of the necessary measures to eliminate it. Therefore, investigations on Turkey must be terminated and actions on Turkey also canceled.

According to Russia, the Commission concluded that based on information available during the investigation period, dumping from Russia continued. In addition, given Russia’s abundant spare capacity, export prices to third countries, the extent of TPF price drop to the Union during the review period is examined, along with the Union market attractiveness for Russian TPF producers, which is important. The Commission has also concluded that significant amounts of TPF from Russia may have been thrown at price levels if the measures necessary to enter the Union market were extended. Therefore, the Commission also concluded that there was evidence of recurrence of dumping.

According to Malaysia and South Korea, given the significant capacities available in those countries, the limited growth potential in their domestic markets and the attractiveness of the Union market for TPF producers in these countries, they concluded that imports from these countries were products. Significant increases will be made when the anti-dumping measures are renewed in the Union. In addition, the Commission found that these imports were probably at launch prices. The Commission therefore concluded that the expiry of the TPF measures would likely lead to recurrence of dumping with respect to Korea and Malaysia.

EU expired spending on pipe and polyethylene pipe supplies from Turkey depends on the Turkish exporter at 16.7%.

The EU decision is the result of an investigation launched in January 2018 on the re-use of anti-dumping duties against four countries. A five-year renewal of taxes against Russia, Korea and Malaysia begins on Thursday.

Why some Asian countries have cheap BSP fittings?

Why some Asian countries have cheap BSP fittings?Cheap Price of Pipes and Fittings bsp Compared to Raw Material (Imported and Domestic) Grade Material and Purity of Material for Production of Polyethylene Tube, Material Purity is the amount of material used to produce polyethylene pipe with waste materials and factories. Asians do not use any waste materials in their production of polyethylene pipes and are committed to excellent quality and excellent polyethylene pipe production, which is the only reason why these products are cheap compared to European countries.

If you are looking for price list of polyethylene products in Asia we suggest you read the following:

  • The price list for polyethylene pipe and fittings products in Asia is different for each country. In Iran, for example, you can get a daily list of the prices of these products by submitting a request to the sales department of some companies. These days, due to the current situation and the imbalance in the price of raw materials, the prices of polyethylene pipes and other polymer products made of polyethylene materials are very volatile. It is recommended that you ensure the validity of the price list when requesting it and consider the financial forecasts required for your projects so that you do not have to go any further down the road to successfully complete your development projects.
  • It is recommended to get full price list for all types of polyethylene bsp pipes and fittings and see if you are unfamiliar with polyethylene bsp pipes. Experts in the sales department will offer you the most appropriate bsp PE and offer you the price.
  • The price list bsp of PE should contain the criteria for you to obtain all clear information about the type of PE; this should include the type of pipe, size and working pressure tolerance, the type of raw material, the raw material for which Petrochemicals, Standard Pipe Manufacturing Numbers, Possible Accessories such as Rings and Flanges, Type and Model of Production Line Machinery, Manufacturer’s Name and Brand, Pipe Production Date, Place and Time of Delivery of PE Pipes Listed in Price List and Pre-Factor.

Top 10 Asian Pipe and Fitting Manufacturers

China uses latest Lundell Basel technology to improve the quality of its heavy duty polyethylene production:

Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Industries Co., China’s state-of-the-art Polyethylene Pipe Manufacturers’ Public Relations reports state-of-the-art Liedel Basel’s new polyethylene pipes and 60mm pipe fittings technology for a new high-capacity polyethylene pipe (HDPE) production facility Elected 200,000 tons a year. The unit is set to be operated at the company’s petrochemical complex in Shaseong province, Hazeh.

“We chose Hostalen ACP technology because of its exceptional capability to produce high-performance hdpe stub flange products and long-term commitment to Lundell Basel,” said Shandong Yohuang Vice President Shandong Yohuang.

“The demand for heavy duty polyethylene pipes is growing, and our multi-quality technology can effectively meet that demand,” says Dan Coombs, Lundell Basel’s executive vice president of global production, refining, projects and technology. .

Noting that Lundell Basel is one of the most prestigious and long-established licensed providers of state-of-the-art petrochemical technology licenses, he said: “We are very committed to working with Shandong Yuhuang to develop its polyethylene production capacity.” We are pleased.

According to the report, the Hostalen ACP process is applied to the production of high-performance, high-quality polyethylene resins and high-quality polyethylene fittings, and products manufactured with its benefits such as high stiffness / hardness, impact resistance, resistance to abrasion. Equipped with stress cracking resistance and optimum processing in film production, blown molding and pipe production.

The growing demand for pipes in the irrigation and construction industry is a major driver for the development of pvc pipes in the Indian market.

Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Translation Service: India’s polyethylene pipe market was valued at $ 31.59 million in India in 2016, with compound annual growth expected to reach 10.2% to $ 6.224 million in 2023.

Polyvinyl chloride is the third largest PVC resin after polyethylene and polypropylene. This polymer is more economical than other materials due to its chemical resistance, durability, low cost, recyclability, and more. It can therefore replace wood, concrete, and clay in various applications.

Polyethylene pipes and fittings are manufactured by extrusion in various dimensions as solid walls or cell nuclei. These tubes are corrosion-resistant, cost-effective and flame-resistant, easy to install and transport, and long lasting.

The growing demand for pipes in the irrigation and construction industry is a major driver for the development of polyethylene pipes in the Indian market.

In addition, increasing government focus on rural water management supports demand for polyethylene pipes in India. However, the availability of alternatives such as HDPE and ABS is hampering the growth of the polyethylene pipe market in India.

Myths about the toxicity of polyethylene pipes also limit market growth. Increased awareness of clean water supply in rural areas and increased investment in developing countries are expected to create opportunities for market growth.

Polyethylene pipes and fittings can be used for drainage of sewage, water networks, irrigation lines, canals and various industrial installations. In terms of use, drainage and sewage are the most profitable sectors followed by irrigation, irrigation and other applications. There is significant demand for polyethylene pipes in various industries, and infrastructure development in emerging economies has led to EPA market growth. , REACH and other regulatory bodies have set guidelines for the use of PE in various industries to control and safeguard the interests of consumers. East India is the largest area for growing demand for PE products due to the abundance of tea.


CPVC pipes during the forecast period are due to their superior properties such as resistance to corrosive liquids at temperatures above 210 degrees Fahrenheit and low thermal conductivity of the dominant segment in demand. These pipes have the same application as PVC pipes except that they are used at higher temperatures. The CPVC pipe joints can be used in chassis, thread and flange.

How to Buy BSP pipe fittings at factory price?

How to Buy BSP pipe fittings at factory price?Purchasing polyethylene fittings and bsp pipes can be different depending on the type of fittings it produces. But regardless of the type of connections available in the market. The factory should not be merely for the production of products but should provide the environment for cheap wholesale sales.

Threaded Caps for BSP Fittings for Sale

Thread Protection Caps are made using a strong, quality HDPE Plastic which is capable of resisting damage and preventing external threads from becoming broken, frayed or damaged. Each of these Plastic Threaded Caps come with an ergonomic easy gripping head which allows for fast, efficient screwing on and off from the application. Our Thread Covering Caps are most commonly used to cover and protect threads whilst in transit, although they can also be used for masking purposes to cover and protect a thread whilst coating etc. 

We manufacture these Plastic Thread Protection Caps in 3 different thread styles and sizes, these being Metric, BSP & UNF. We are also able to produce these caps in a range of highly visible colours or custom sizing variants to ensure we have the best possible product for you and your application. 

Top Sellers and Providers of BSP Pe Fittings in Middle-East

Top Sellers and Providers of BSP Pe Fittings in Middle-EastPolyethylene pipe fittings are one of the products used in polyethylene piping and its use is widespread today. The best fittings used in all types of PE pipes are now available online and at a very reasonable price. The production of PE connections is done in famous companies all over the country and the best quality products are available to the consumers. Today, the use of polyethylene fittings is widespread. And it has become one of the essentials in various industries.

Polyethylene pipe fittings dealer is a supplier of this product in Tehran market. This city, which is the capital and one of the most industrialized cities in the country, consumes a great deal in the field of polyethylene and related fittings, so buyers can buy the best products at the best price through a reseller. This product is marketed throughout the country with the best quality and is available at a very reasonable price. It is essential to use a variety of PE pipes and fittings for regular piping.