Drip line fittings Global production

Drip irrigation has many benefits, including water conservation and proper water supply to plants. The main and most important part to do this is drip irrigation, which is very useful, drip irrigation tape, which is responsible for watering trees or plants. But the problem is that most of the strip pipes used for drip line fittings irrigation are imported from abroad at high prices, which means that many farmers do not go for drip irrigation.

Drip line fittings Global production

How to install drip line fittings?

How to install drip line fittings? Strip pipes made for drip irrigation have different models, each of which is related to the type of work. Tapeworms are mostly (1000) meters long. Tapeworms are divided into three sections in terms of thickness, 1-year-old, 2-year-old, and 3-year-old, each varying in thickness. For example, 3-year-old pipes that are thicker and more durable than the rest are used for irrigation below the soil surface and have a permanent aspect.

Or, for example, one-year-old pipes are more suitable for plants such as wheat. Of course, it should be noted that the drip strip pipe is not only related to the plant or soil of an area, and to choose the strip pipe, the climate of an area should also be considered so that this widely used product can save water consumption. The use of drip irrigation tape in agricultural sectors is very high. Drip irrigation systems have only existed in the last few decades. These pipes include plastic pipes that have an electrical outlet at regular intervals.

Water is distributed directly in the root areas of plants by droplets in underground or underground pipelines. To ensure continuous water supply for each dripper, different types of drips are used, such as round drips, in flat operators drip irrigation tubing sizes drip tapes. Irrigation with plastic pipes makes it more efficient and economical due to the targeted use of fertilizer. Other benefits, especially in arid climates, include preventing salinization.

Producing drip line fittings at global level

Producing drip line fittings at global level The production of strip pipes for drip irrigation in Iran is low and most of them are imported from abroad, which is not good at all because these products are imported at high prices and many people refuse to buy and use them because of its price. However, Iranian producers have been able to meet the domestic needs of the country by producing quality tapes for irrigation and, most importantly, at a more reasonable price than foreign ones, and by selling irrigation pipes with high quality and low prices to farmers and ranchers.

The country should help to cultivate and harvest better crops, and now they should take over the sales center of the irrigation strip and offer the Iranian quality tapes. But this problem has also been drip irrigation parts with the help of Iranian manufacturers. Iranian manufacturers have solved the problem of drip irrigation pipe shortage by producing good quality tapes and good prices compared to foreign ones.