Electrofusion fitting for sale on the market

Do you have any clue what an electrofusion fitting is? In this context, we have provided information on electrofusion fittings for water and other liquids so it will be really useful for you to follow the text and its tips. 

Electrofusion fitting for sale on the market

What is the purpose of an electrofusion fitting?

What is the purpose of an electrofusion fitting? Electrophogenic connections are types of connections that can be used in gas pipelines and water supply lines. In polypropylene electrophoresis fusion connections, heating polyethylene is used in comparison with butt fusion welding methods and an electric current is used to generate heat. 

This method is the only type of connection approved by the IGS standard for gas transmission lines due to its very high safety. Using this method, various polyethylene fittings such as pipe-pipe, pipe-knee, pipe-bushing (for example, in changing the diameter of the pipeline) and… can be created. Therefore, there is no limit to the polyethylene lip-to-lip welding method for connecting pipes of similar sizes. 

Experience has also shown that it is possible to connect polyethylene pipes with different types of polyethylene in this method. In addition to its safety, another advantage of this method is the high speed and cleanliness of the connection. But on the other hand, its limitation can be attributed to the high cost and maximum pipe diameter. 

Electrofusion fittings are proven and used as the best-most suitable and most reliable stable connector in polyethylene pipes, so that all our urban gas lines in sizes below 250 mm and working pressure below 240 pounds per square inch (PSI), which is usually All gas pipelines used in cities include such connections. This method is used in piping systems for gas distribution, water and sewage transmission of industrial plants. 

Purchasing an electrofusion fitting at best price

Purchasing an electrofusion fitting at best price The wholesale purchase price of cheap electrofusion fittings in the market is based on factors like various measures and material but the most important of them is product quality. It is possible to sell all kinds of these goods in different ways; We can name face-to-face and online sales. Of course, the export of this product to other countries is the same. 

It is one of the most valuable sources of income in Iran, which has an impact on the growth and development of the domestic economy. One of the importing countries of this Iranian product is Iraq, which is located in the neighborhood of our country. 

 The purchase of cheap Iranian connections by these countries will bring lots of benefits to Iran. The goods are exported to Iraq through the Mehran border. The bulk purchase of cheap electrofusion fittings price list in the country is done at a very fair price. The price rate of these products is within the economic power of the society.