Electrofusion fittings major suppliers

A polyethylene pipe that is thin in the form of a plastic strip and is used for drip irrigation. We will supply the needs of the western lines of the country and units like Lorestan. Stretched and branded cooling and electrofusion fittings are used to connect via wires. Types of polyethylene fittings and Tehran Pipe Company supplier of various types of polyethylene fittings, including welding. West Industrial Double Cargo and Commercial Industry Supplier of all kinds of high quality double-walled wastewater Cargoite polyethylene

Electrofusion fittings major suppliers

Various Electrofusion fittings types for gas

Various Electrofusion fittings types for gas

Electrophogenic Electrophogenic connections are types of connections that can be used in gas transmission pipelines and water supply lines. In electrofusion fittings, the copolymer electrophilic polyethylene heating is compared to butt fusion welding methods, and electricity is used to generate heat. This. Using this method, various polyethylene fittings such as pipe-pipe, pipe-knee, pipe-bushing (for example, in changing the diameter of the pipeline) and… can be created. Therefore, there is no limit to the polyethylene lip-to-lip welding method for connecting pipes of similar sizes. Experience has also shown that it is possible to connect polyethylene pipes with different types of polyethylene in this method.

Electrophogenic connections

The polyethylene electrophogenic connections provided by Pars Paul include a variety of couplers, 90- and 45-degree elbows, equal and unequal intersections, converters, caps and saddles. . . And are produced in different sizes.

Due to its high reliability, the electrofusion method is commonly used in gas distribution electrofusion fittings for water polyethylene pipe networks and is economical for pipes with a diameter of 20 to 110 mm. Totypes of pipe fittings connect, they first scrape the end of the pipe and then insert it into the coupling of the electrophogenic connection, which has thermal resistance coils and connect the power supply. The coil coil heats up and melts the plastic around it. Due to the heat, the coupling shrinks and a proper weld is made with the pipe. 

Electrofusion welding is different from butt fusion welding. The main difference is in the method of heating the joint. In the thermal melting welding method, thermal tools are used to heat the surface of the pipe and polyethylene fittings, but Lee is used in electrofusion welding. Heat is generated internally through electricity. In polyethylene pipes, the strength of the weld created by electrophogenic method is more than the melting of the head. Electrofusion coupling is one of the common connections to connect two polyethylene pipes to each other.

Supplying electrofusion fittings at large amount

Supplying electrofusion fittings at large amount In addition to its safety, another advantage of this method is the high speed and cleanliness of the connection. But on the other hand, the limitation of this method is the high cost and maximum diameter of the pipe that can be connected to this method.The current required for welding should be adjusted on the welding machine according to the size of the radius electrofusion fittings connection. Welding is done automatically.

Connection points should not be moved for at least 10 minutes after welding. The surface of the pipe must be carefully inspected before welding so that there are no scratches, as scratches will cause leaks at the joint. The important point to consider in this connection method is that for welding, a device must be used whose current is proportional to the electrical coils of the connections.

Electrofusion fittings Price Fluctuation in 2020

Polyethylene electro-fusion fittings are  The way it works and how it is done is that they use electricity for this purpose. Using the electric current, the heaters and internal electrofusion fittings elements of the connections are heated, and thus the polyethylene electrofusion connections are made. 

Electrofusion fittings Price Fluctuation in 2020

Purchase guide for electrofusion fittings

Purchase guide for electrofusion fittings

Using polyethylene electrofusion fittings, it is possible to connect different types of HDPE and MDPE pipes and other plastic pipes that have electric heating elements. If necessary, a clip can be used for this purpose. And then a voltage of about 40 watts is used depending on the type of connection. 

The use of this type of connection is abundant in gas supply and water supply lines. electrofusion fittings for water Because their reliability is high, they  Even these types of connections have IGS certification. Since the use of this method causes us not to suffer from other limitations of the connection and welding methods, it is more applicable in this field. 

What are the benefits of polyethylene electrofusion joints? The use of polyethylene electro-fusion fittings is highly safe and repairs and existing barriers are eliminated  Using this method, connections can be made in less time and faster. This type of connection and welding has a high chemical resistance. Another advantage is its flexibility and lightness. It will be safe from corrosion and rust. It is very easy to install and the probability of error and error is zero. Prevents water and gas loss in water supply and gas supply networks.After boiling, a smooth surface is obtained. It can be easily cleaned. Contamination is prevented from entering the welding area. It also prevents damage and obstacles.

Price changes of electrofusion fittings in 2020

Price changes of electrofusion fittings in 2020

What should we consider when connecting polyethylene electrofusion? Note that during electro-fusion polyethylene connections, heat the heat evenly over the welding surface. Carefully monitor and monitor the pressure and temperature of electrofusion fittings price list the melted area. When welding, be careful not to damage the coupling coil. Perform the necessary protection before, after and during the connection operation electrofusion fittings for water. Consider a good time for electrophoresis.  Remove any contamination and contamination before welding. Check the connection piece first to make sure it is clean and free of contamination on the surface. Clean the part of the pipe that has been shaved with materials such as ISO propane. When cutting the pipe, make sure to cut it vertically on its axis and clean and electrofusion fittings price list clean the two ends of the pipe that have been cut and will have roughness with a sandpaper. 

Always consider the necessary controls for welding time and voltageTo increase the traction of the polyethylene electro-fusion joints, hold the part firmly inside the clamp.

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Electrophogenic is a method of connecting medium-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and other plastic pipes using special fittings that have built-in thermal elements and are used to weld fittings. electrofusion fittings installation should only be performed by personnel who are trained and qualified to weld electrophoresis.

Electrofusion fittings For Sale

Large diameter of electrofusion fittings

Large diameter of electrofusion fittings

Storage and maintenance: The fittings are packaged in a plastic cover holder and must remain packaged until use. This plastic cover can be used during installation to prevent contamination. Connections should be stored in a warehouse where the temperature should not exceed 50. C. Never expose the connections to direct sunlight. Electrophogenic alloys may contain a carbon black additive to protect against the effects of ultraviolet light, however improper storage can adversely affect the performance of the connections.

Before starting the installation process, always make sure that the connection is not physically damaged during maintenance. If it is necessary to evaluate the connections, it is recommended to perform a destructive test on the sample, which makes it possible to determine any surface damage.

The use of appropriate and specific tools is essential for the success of electrofusion tools welding. It is always advisable to check all welding equipment before starting welding. Make sure all equipment that needs to be calibrated is calibrated.

Equipment may vary somewhat depending on the product being welded or the diameter to be welded, but should include the following:

  • Pipe preparation
  • Pipe measuring devices (tape, meter, etc.)
  •  Pipe cutting equipment
  • Pencil or pen to mark
  • Scratching tool
  • Cleaners, make sure the wipes are soaked in alcohol (not dry).
  • Special wrenches
  • Pipe holder


Purchasing high-quality electrofusion fittings

Purchasing high-quality electrofusion fittings

Pipe preparation is the basis of the electrophogenic process. Regardless of the connector manufacturer, the connections will not be fully functional if the preparation is not done properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pipe preparation includes a few simple and important steps, which are described below:

Pipe cutting

The end of the tube should be cut smoothly and evenly. Smooth pipe cutting is very important. Failure to cut the pipe properly may cause the thermal wire to remain uncovered. This can lead to short circuits, overheating, uncontrolled melting and even sudden combustion. You must remove any bumps or unevenness at the end of the pipe. Different pipe cutting tools Pipe rotary cutter Marking and scratching

In order to achieve proper welding, the oxidized surface of the pipe must first be separated. Mechanical peeling tools are strongly preferred because they prepare the surface of the pipe continuously. Manual scratching is less recommended due to the continuous removal of the layer tape, and on the other hand, it is a time-consuming and tedious process to fully prepare the end of the pipe, especially in larger diameter pipes. Clean the outer end of the tube with a tissue to remove any dirt that could damage the tool used.

Re-round the tube

electrofusion machine are designed to work on round pipes. Polyethylene pipes made of flexible materials are prone to dust for various reasons. These reasons may include the following:


Construction conditions will affect the roundness of the pipe. The pipe manufacturer is required to control this parameter, but must be approved by the pipeline on site.

Twist the pipe

An intricate tube that stays in the same position for a long time becomes oval due to the bending forces applied to it.


Best Place to Buy Electrofusion Fittings at Low Price

The best place to buy electrofusion fittings at low prices are trusted dealers and markets, and electro fusion fittings are one of the types of fittings that can be used in gas pipelines and water lines.  the heating method is compared in electro-fusion fittingsto butt fusion welding methods and uses electricity to generate heat and is accessible to the audience.You can even get enough features and information from websites to make the best connections.

Best Place to Buy Electrofusion Fittings at Low Price

High quality electrofusion fittings for export

High quality electrofusion fittings for export High quality electrofusion fittings for export are done by reputable manufacturing companies and due to the welcoming of applicants and buyers in the surrounding countries it has led to the export of mdpe electrofusion machine to other countries. Dear buyers can buy and buy this product directly from foreign markets at a reasonable price and quality. Electrofusion saddle types are widely used in foreign countries and have been welcomed by many buyers.

That these connections can be purchased and benefited with top quality and affordable price. Prestigious fittings manufacturing companies export its types in most parts of the country. Offering the highest quality and first class goods at an exceptional and significant price in reliable and reputable foreign markets and providing dear and dear customers and audiences. Different types of electrofusion fittings are of interest to foreign applicants. To this end, this product is exported by quality and good manufacturing companies so that the audience can make good use and benefit. Exports of these joints are made by manufacturing companies and make it profitable for both sides of the trade to send this product with the positive features it has in large volumes to dear buyers.

Wholesale center of pipes and fittings in Iran

Wholesale center of pipes and fittings in Iran are in operation and wholesale of these first class fittings offers a variety of branch saddles. This unique product is well known and has attracted a large audience. Excellent in terms of quality and quantity, it is widely distributed and distributed throughout the country at an extremely reasonable price and in a direct and major manner.The general and major purchase of electrofusion fittings uk has a direct effect on lowering the price of this product. That is the focus of everybody, and you can shop and order online in any city you have trouble-free and you have the product ready to ship at any time you want.

The major ordering of fittings in the domestic market is possible in various ways and forms. Dear compatriots, can buy and buy this first class product at an amazing price.All kinds of electrofusion fittings have a lot of fans and demanders because they are very convenient and affordable for different locations and are of the highest quality and highest quality. These fittings have varied in form, and have long been a target audience, with customers ordering and buying in bulk and in cash. They have a very good price and you can easily get wholesale.Types of electrofusion fittings include:

  • coupler
  • saddle
  • transform
  • unequal three way
  • knee

Exports of electrofusion fittings to Iraq

Exports of electrofusion fittings to Iraq The best electrofusion fittings have been to the countries of the region and beyond to the mid-term goals of reputable companies and from the very beginning have been producing high quality products with the highest standards. These fittings, in keeping with the reliable pipe and fittings industry, have exported the most modern and production machinery from the country and have updated their machinery at any particular time. Exports have been and are still very difficult, competitors in the global category of products require world-class quality, exporting connections is much more difficult than other products, in one of the main oil and gas derivatives centers in the Middle East, called producers There are, and it is difficult to export electrofusion fittings to the countries of these hard-working competitors with the leadership of managing and producing quality products.The benefits of electrofusion joints include:

  • High safety and removal of barriers and repairs
  • Ease, speed of operation and save time
  • High chemical resistance
  • High flexibility and lightness
  • Immunity
  • Pressure and impact resistance
  • Ease of installation that avoids potential anchor error
  • Eliminate wastage of gas and water in gas and water supply networks
  • smooth welding surfaces
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Prevent contamination by welding
  • Preventing Obstacles and Losses

Trade of various pipes and fittings on global market

Trade of various pipes and fittings on the global market is very booming, and the highest quality fittings at the point of sale are available to customers with quality and shocking price. That you buyers and applicants can enjoy your experience and benefit from these important pipes and fittings. Widely provided by top manufacturers throughout the country with quality assurance and ready to serve our customers.Due to the request of dear customers regarding this product in the market and the place of sale of this product has caused. To offer top brands of this product with top quality and profit margins to their dear affiliates and for these top brands product quality preference emphasizes price and competition in distribution and sales through reliable markets and reputable sales and marketing This competition makes manufacturers and product brands strive to improve the quality of their product. This healthy competition will benefit our esteemed customers and buyers, and electrofusion fittings near me have been created to make it easy to buy.

Trade and sales of various models of electrofusion fittings are very booming in the country. This product is very effective for different streets and places and is very popular among buyers. With unique capacities of unique quality and price in the face-to-face, non-existent markets with the least time and cost distribution to make good use and benefit. The official dealers and sales and marketing of these pipes and fittings are highly reputable. That deliver your goods virtually without the hassle of saving time and money, and your loved ones can buy directly and experience a great deal and buyers can meet their needs. Formation and purchase the most excellent goods. The latest and the latest electrofusion fittings are on the big market. Dear compatriots, they can safely and safely make their purchases through reputable websites because there is no intermediary involved in your purchase and you can experience the best purchase and electrofusion fittings price list will be provided to you.

The Price List of various electrofusion fittings in today’s market

The Price List of various electrofusion fittings in today's market The Price List of various electrofusion fittings in today is provided to customers with complete details and details on online shopping sites to easily view prices and compare with other markets and order the best and highest quality goods to order The price of these fittings depends on a variety of factors, and if you buy your loved ones in general and in bulk and in cash from manufacturers directly and without any dealer, in addition to very good quality of You will get great discounts.

The best electrofusion fittings price list in online systems is a highly optimized and cost-effective presence. Because the brokers and dealers in these markets have been eliminated and shortened, the seller and the buyer are connected and they can make a good deal. This is in the interest of both parties to the deal and they can buy the goods at the cheapest price possible.This product is used for buildings especially in different locations and it is durable. All sorts of fittings are extraordinary and special in quality and are so essential that everyone is eager to see these types of fittings, and the price of these fittings varies, but at the cheapest price directly dear to the manufacturers. Offered and sold. These fittings have their own positive features and characteristics, and you have to pay attention to their quality and type in order to buy the most special goods and get the hdpe electrofusion fittings catalogue.

The wholesale price of various electrofusion fittings at the manufacturing plant varies depending on different factors.There are also other parameters such as quality, brand, type of packaging sale, warranty on the price of this product. The list was changed due to changes in the price of the dollar and the global stock market and is not constant. These prices may change monthly, weekly and even daily. You can find out about the price list for this product by contacting reputable collections contact the relevant experts and get the latest price list for connections. This list helps you compare the quality degrees of this pay the product and make it according to your income and expenses.

Electrofusion Fittings & Equipment for Sale

Electrofusion fittings & equipment for sale is delivered through trusted collections If you are a buyer of these connections and have made a serious decision to purchase this tool, it is best to order, purchase, and purchase equipment from online retailers.This is because these centers do not have the hassle and hassle of shopping in person and thus bring more benefits and benefits to buyers. As online stores do not incur costs such as the cost of renting a store, the cost of service bills, the intermediary cost, they also result in shoppers getting cheaper equipment and cheaper prices. In addition, online purchasing and ordering of the types of connections can be done faster and in less time and most importantly benefit from fast and immediate delivery of orders. Of course, all of these are the prerequisites for operating one of the most prestigious online retailers.Note that during the fusion of polyethylene fittings, heat is evenly distributed on the weld surface.

Carefully monitor and monitor the temperature and pressure of the melted area.When welding be careful not to damage the coupler coil. Perform the necessary protection before and after and during the operation. Consider the appropriate time for electroporation.Before welding, remove any dirt and contamination. First, check that the connecting piece is clean and that the contamination is not left on the surface.When cutting the pipe, make sure that it is perpendicular to the axis and that the two ends of the pipe are cut and that it will have roughness and that it is smooth and clean. Always keep in mind the necessary controls for boiling time and voltage to increase the visibility of the polyethylene fusion joints, keep that part inside the clamp tightly and sold through trusted centers.

Polyethylene electrofusion fittings at low price

Polyethylene electrofusion fittings at low price Polyethylene electrofusion fittings at low price are distributed through reputable markets of high quality and are one of the most trusted and reliable suppliers in the market of the most versatile models of this equipment. Which offers the highest quality product with special quality and favorable price for dear and honored buyers. This model of connections is used in places. Used even in places such as parks and gardens, cheap fittings are a good choice for these locations and are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs, and buyers can customize them to suit their needs. Choose and supply their preferred option through a reputable supplier of this product.

Electrofusion Fittings & Equipment are a variety of fittings and products; it’s versatile and stylish, and each buyer tailor-made the model around the country. The models of this product are very market-friendly and eager for any purchase buy it. The bulk sale of this product comes from reputable manufacturers in the country and as a seller or buyer of the latest Electrofusion Fittings & Equipment you can get these types of goods at a reasonable price.Buy more than the market, just keep in touch with sales experts. The buyer of this product can go to wholesale centers in his province and at a low cost and income, to produce this product. The highest quality of equipment is widely sold in the country because of its great use.

Using polyethylene fusion fittings, HDPE and MDPE pipes and other plastic pipes with electrical heating elements can be connected. To do this, we first need to clean the polyethylene pipes and then place them inside the electrolysis joints. Clamps can also be used if needed. And then a voltage of about 40 watts is applied depending on the type of connection. In gas and water lines, this type of connection is widely used. Because of their high reliability, they can be used safely in gas distribution networks. Even these types of connections have IGS approval. Since this method allows us to avoid the limitations of other methods of soldering and welding, it is more widely used and sold.