Electrofusion welding Market size in 2020

 electrofusion welding welding machine Electrofusion is a type of pipe welding machine that heats the heat electrode with an electric wire. The heat energy melts the plastic tube, then cools it and creates a joint.

Electrofusion welding Market size in 2020

What is electric fusion welding?

What is electric fusion welding? Electrofusion polyethylene welding machine is a type of resistance emulsion welding that is used to connect pipes. The connections with the false metal coils are placed around the two ends of the pipes and the current passes through the coil. The resistive heat of the coils melts a small amount of pipe and fittings, and after solidification, a joint is formed. And creates a connection after solidification) .. Due to the adaptation of the electrofusion welding process in creating strong connections, it is usually used for the construction and repair of gas lines.

Two examples of connections that may be used in electrophoresis welding with a polyethylene welding machine: couplings and shock absorbers (saddles). These connections include two separate areas of the coils, creating two distinct fusion areas in the weld. The inside diameter of the coupling is usually slightly larger than the outer diameter of the pipes. This is to increase the ease of assembly in this area and to prevent minor discrepancies in the diameter of the pipe. Proper placement of the pipes in the coupling is essential to create a strong connection. Improper placement of the coupler causes the coils to move and lead to the extrusion of molten polymer material from the joint, reducing the strength of the wire.

Most power supplies are polyethylene electrofusion welding machines of constant voltage machines electrofusion welding heating time

Global demand for electrofusion welding

Global demand for electrofusion welding The electrofusion polyethylene welding machine is characterized by 4 separate steps that occur during the welding process:

1. Incubation period

2. Joint formation and consolidation

3. Plateau area

4. Cooling period

During the incubation period, heat enters because the current passes through the coil. Although there is no common force at this point, the polymer expands and the gap fills. During joint formation and solidification, melting begins. The increase in strength is primarily due to the limitation of the increase of molten material by cold regions in the surrounding joints. The plateau region represents the consolidation of common power. However, the heat during this stage still increases over time. The cooling period occurs when the cast polymer material forms the joint.

 electrofusion welding standards is a method of connecting medium-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene and other plastic pipes using special fittings that have built-in thermal elements and are used to weld fittings. Installation of electrophoresis should only be performed by personnel who are trained and qualified to weld electrophoresis.

The following is a general description of the methods and tools used in electrophoresis welding. All of the following technical information, methods and techniques are presented as general information and should not be cited for specific applications.