Drip irrigation fittings connectors to export

By using drip irrigation connections, saving water and drip irrigation fittings connectors costs reduces operating costs, and this is essential in this new approach. Drip systems require less water than other conventional irrigation systems.

Drip irrigation fittings connectors to export

Drip irrigation fittings connectors Classification

Drip irrigation fittings connectors Classification

Advantages of Polyethylene Drip Irrigation Fittings:

  • Highly easy to work with
  • Very simple connection method
  • Resistant to chemicals and chemical fertilizers
  •  UV resistant
  •  Ease of opening and closing
  • Resistant to moisture and decay
  • Intentionally long
  •  Cheap and affordable
  • History of polyethylene pipes

Pressed plastic pipes have been used in various industries in Europe and then in the United States for about 70 years. Applications of polyethylene pipe include water transfer and chemical fluid transfer, cooling and heating fluids, various components used in the automotive industry, use as a protective coating and insulation of electrical and fiber optic cables, and various other uses. win.

With the use of HDPE pipes, easy and convenient plumbing can be used in industries such as mining, agriculture, industry, and plumbing. Pressure pipes are used for a variety of situations, such as on the ground, basement, float, submarine, burial, and so on.

In a general category, polyethylene materials can be divided into two parts, which are discussed below.

Black or self-adhesive polyethylene materials

Also, in the extrusion stage, the quality of the pipe will be reduced if one percent of the complete dispersion is not done. This will cause the polyethylene pipe to fail in the tests. As a result, these pipes cannot be used for sensitive and strategic purposes, and their service life is greatly reduced.

In polyethylene pipes used for gas supply networks, self-colored polyethylene raw materials are used, in which case the need to use masterbatch during production is eliminated.

Exporting high-quality drip irrigation fittings connectors

Exporting high-quality drip irrigation fittings connectors  Prior to 2014, these raw materials were imported from Boroujeh Company of the United Arab Emirates or Sabik Saudi Plant, but since 2015, Shazand Arak Petrochemical Plant has set up a production line for self-made polyethylene raw materials, and Iran drip irrigation parts does not need to import these materials. Was.Black polyethylene material is used as a raw material for the production of pressurized pipes. Pressure irrigation pipes are produced in black, but are naturally white. Additives are used to blacken the pipes. The use of masterbatch will reduce the quality of the product if it is not controlled and not added enough to the white polyethylene material.

Types of polyethylene pipe sizes

The sizes of polyethylene pipes are based on millimeters, but marketers and other people also use inches. In the standard INSO14427 table, all sizes of these pipes are based on millimeters and the tables are divided based on millimeters, thickness and weight.

These pipes can be produced from 16 mm to 3500 mm. It is economical and economically viable to produce single-walled polyethylene pipes up to 710 mm in size, and for production of double-walled Carrogit pipes up to 3500 size can be produced.