Irrigation connectors wholesale prices

Polyethylene polyethylene is composed of carbon and hydrogen atoms and has a very strong molecular bond that, while dry, also has high flexibility. This high-density material, known by the acronym HDPE in the market, can be used in the production of irrigation connectors. The polyethylene materials used to make this pipe are different from other types of materials used in the production of other polyethylene products.

Irrigation connectors wholesale prices

Irrigation connectors Quality Grades

Irrigation connectors Quality Grades

Polyethylene pipes can be used in various industries for various purposes. The most important uses of this product are given below.

Sewage polyethylene pipe

The material of construction of sewage polyethylene pipes is polymer material. These pipes have many applications and can be used to collect industrial wastewater and waste. Other applications include surface water collection, drainage pipes, municipal and inter-municipal wastewater. These pipes are very acceptable in size, weight and thickness. They can withstand various pressures up to 6 bar and can be produced for more loads.

Gas polyethylene pipe

One of the first applications of gas polyethylene pipes is the transfer of natural gases, especially in the petrochemical industry. The use of this pipe is very old, which can be a reason for the quality and importance of this pipe. In Western countries, irrigation pipe fittings ،about 90% of pipes are used for the distribution and transmission of gas in industry through plastic pipes, most of which are made of polyethylene. The most important advantages of this model are easy installation, high fire resistance, corrosion and rust.

Polyethylene cable pipe

Cable polyethylene pipe is one of the best options for insulating and covering electrical cables, optical fibers and so on. These pipes can be used to protect cables from rain, impact, lightning and electric shock. In some cases, gardeners and farmers even use these pipes for drip irrigation and water transfer. In addition, in some cases, cable models are used for wiring in urban and intercity areas.

Bulk prices of irrigation connectors in 2020

Bulk prices of irrigation connectors in 2020

Simple and practical drip irrigation connections, all of which are easily assembled and installed at high speed without any special tools. Drip irrigation pipes and fittings are so simple that even with very little expertise, you can run the plumbing with airrigation supplies little practice. It is enough to spend a little taste and a small investment that will soon be compensated Avoid excessive use of water and have a lush garden and a field or trees full of produce.

Irrigation connections of diameters are mainly 16 mm in size, including the knee, three ways, the interface, the initial connection of the 16 mm pipe, the primary washer, the interface type to type, and so on. Drip irrigation fittings and polyethylene fittings are very simple, inexpensive, lightweight and affordable. If drip irrigation is widely used among farmers, it will be a great help to save water.

A drip irrigation system has unique agronomic, agrotechnical and economic benefits due to the efficient use of water and directing force. The drip system consumes only half the water required for sprinkler or surface irrigation. In drip irrigation, water is distributed from a low-pressure pipe network as a predetermined pattern. The device for water entering the soil is called a “dripper”. The drippers reduce the pressure in the pipe network through a narrow nozzle or longitudinal flow path and reduce the discharge to about 4 or 8 liters per hour.

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One of the new agricultural practices is drip irrigation, which uses drip irrigation fittings and  has many applications in the agricultural sector.Drip irrigation is one of the more modern methods used for irrigation of crops .drip irrigation connectors have become very popular today.

Find & Buy Cheap Irrigation Connectors for Resale

What are the famous brands of irrigation pipes and fittings?

What are the famous brands of irrigation pipes and fittings? One of the most important reasons farmers are turning to drip irrigation these days.This is because drip irrigation can prevent a large amount of water waste.And it makes us suffer from water scarcity during this time and time.Save water and prevent excessive waste of water.This is because the drip irrigation system requires less water than other systems.And sometimes half of the water that was previously used to irrigate crops is needed in drip irrigation.

Benefits of Qatar Irrigation:

• Use of salt water

• Applicable to rocky soils

• Facilitate planting and maintenance of the crop

• Saving Water

Ask famous brands of irrigation pipes from reputable centers of these products.Poly pipe irrigation fittings are widely used in agriculture today.

How to buy drip irrigation connectors at factory price?

Drip irrigation is carried out using very professional and unique connections intended for this purpose.These fittings must be made of the finest  materials.And help you make the most of this facility while irrigating, irrigate your crops and try to take care of them as much as possible.You can obtain drip irrigation connections from the Internet site. Iran is one of the countries with specific geographical conditions and this requires efficient use of water resources.Because if water resources are not optimally implemented, we will undoubtedly face critical problems.

Drip irrigation is one of the best methods of water use for agriculture that has been widely used in recent years due to droughts. Drip irrigation is a method that distributes water in a network and to Easily supply water to the ground or under the soil. If you are a farmer, you know well that irrigation of different agricultural lands requires high costs and that these costs must be reduced. Use alternative and effective methods.

Drop or local irrigation systems are one of the ways that reduce water use by up to 50%, which can be very important to a gardener, and of course, to conserving water resources.

An important feature of drip irrigation systems is its automaticity, and you can easily adjust the irrigation operation by adjusting it.Of course, apart from all the costs associated with regular irrigation for the farmer, optimizing the use of every resource on the ground is a divine undertaking. Drip irrigation requires a variety of equipment to allow for low-pressure irrigation.

  • Central Control Unit
  • Pumping system
  • Water purification equipment
  • Fertilizer tank and chemical injection
  • Pipe network
  • Drippers

Each of these parts has its own set of equipment, which will eventually lead to each step.

But in addition to the equipment mentioned, you have to provide adequate water to the system so that the emitters and other parts of the system do not have problems, because one of the problems for these systems is caused by the water quality. Is.Polyethylene drip irrigation fittings are one of the most widely used fittings in high pressure irrigation in the agricultural industry and are used for sealing and pipe safety, water flow regulation, pipe size change and flow direction change. Drip irrigation fittings include a variety of fasteners, knees, transformers, tees and hoses and are manufactured and used in a variety of sizes and in different thicknesses for a variety of pipe sizes.

Drip irrigation refers to all the ways in which the water is drained in a low volume of about 1 to 2 liters per hour and slowly discharged near the plant. For this reason, this method of irrigation is known as low volume irrigation. Drip irrigation is the slow flow of water over the surface or under the soil in the form of separate, continuous droplets, a thin stream or fine spray through droplets located along the water line. Drip irrigation has many methods and concepts such as drip irrigation, in-bed irrigation, fountain irrigation and spray irrigation.drip irrigation tubing are of different sizes.

In drip irrigation, water is distributed in a pipe system in the field, and the mechanical device or device from which water is sent out to the plant is called the outlet or dripper. The outflow of water from the emitter can be in the form of a drop, a bubble or a continuous small stream. Even the player can be a very small sprayer.

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Fittings, Stakes & Connectors on Sale Drip irrigation is required for polyethylene pipe products, irrigation pipes, irrigation strips and ad hoses.The water source is the central control station (including pumping station and filtration station) where the pumping station itself includes the pump and its accessories and the filtration station uses either a cyclone or a sand filter (depending on the type of water source used, one of these two types of filters). Are cyclone or hydrocyclone filters for water wells, and sand filters for water storage pools), fertilizer tanks, mesh or disk filters (disk filters absorb smaller particles than mesh filters), main pipes, water pipes, pipes Side or side pipes (laterals), emitters and fittings requiredbranded irrigation fittings are relatively more expensive.

Central Control Unit: It consists of devices that pump the pumped water after treatment and increase the fertilizer (if necessary) with precise control of the flow rate and pressure regulation into the main pipe of the irrigation network.

  • pump
  • Relaxation Pool (if required)
  • Hydrocyclone
  • Sand filter
  • Fertilizer tank
  • Grid filter or disk filter

Drip or topical irrigation refers to a variety of methods of pressurized irrigation, in which water is spread directly over a small area near individual plants by dropper or sprayers stationed along a water distribution line. In each fruit or vineyard there is one or more sprinklers for each tree.

For row crops and crops, a water dispenser is located close enough to the plant to provide the capillary force of soil water to the root range of each plant.

It is not common to use emitters for crops that are spread all over the farm due to the difficulty in humidifying the whole farm and the low price of these crops.

In fact, in a drip irrigation system, water is pumped to the ground near the root zone of the plant to soak a small area and depth of soil surface. The system was originally designed for a situation like fruit gardens where trees are too far apart. After drip irrigation proved to be a success for fruit trees, it was also applied to row crops.Get 12 inch drip irrigation fittings from these product centers.

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Polyethylene droplets are one of the most widely used joints in high pressure irrigation. These types of joints are available in a variety of packages, knees, converters, tees and hoses and are used to regulate water flow and sealing and pipe safety, pipe resizing and flow direction. These joints have been mass-produced in a variety of different sizes and thicknesses for different pipe sizes. These joints are available in different types with different load classes such as Class 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 and a half atmospheres and are also high pressure connections. These joints have become resistant to ultraviolet and solar radiation because they have been exposed to the sun for a long time and may affect their quality and longevity. These pipes have high chemical resistance to rot, rust, corrosive materials, chemical fertilizers and their mechanical resistance to pressure and impact is high. These types of fittings are easy to install and their price is proportional to the quality offered and very convenient.

The price of these types of fittings can vary depending on the brand and quality. These types of dispensers are available in both domestic and foreign types, and the high quality internal version has been manufactured in accordance with internationally defined standards.Drip irrigation is the easiest way to water any plant, such as trees and vines, and eliminates soil moisture deficiencies before the higher suction effects of the plant’s water use through evapotranspiration. A drip irrigation system is a unique agronomic, agrotechnical and economic benefit due to its efficient water supply and the driving force.supplier of drip irrigation pipe These products are sold in various types.

Water savings and costs: Drip irrigation reduces operating costs and this is a fundamental issue in this new approach. Drip systems require less water than other conventional irrigation systems. For example, in young tree gardens, drip irrigation uses only half of the water needed for sprinkler or surface irrigation. As the trees grow older, water savings with the drip system decrease. Still, it is important for many gardeners to have an effective drip system because of the scarcity and high cost of water. The cost of labor for irrigation can be reduced because the drip system is sufficient to regulate water distribution and to operate the system. These adjustments are made by automatic devices that do not require much labor.

Tips to pay attention while buying irrigation connectors

Tips to pay attention while buying irrigation connectors The most widely used polyethylene pipes in the world under pressure irrigation are the best and most resistant types of pipes. These pipes are either drip pipes or drip pipes that drain water at low pressure and flow through the plants. These pipes are manufactured in sheets of 400 to 500 meters and weigh from 10.5 to 21 kg. The tubes are about 16 mm in size and have a class of 4 atmospheres. These tubes have different branches and are manufactured to pe80 and pe100 standards.

Self drip polyethylene pipe cannot be used in sprinkler irrigation systems.These products are available in all black and with a blue strip along the pipe.The following are the types of drip systems.

Drip irrigation: Slow spreading of water on the soil in the form of single or continuous droplets, or narrow streams called drip irrigation holes. In most cases drip and tricycle (drip) irrigation are irrigation fittings are available at these product sales centers.

Underwater Irrigation: Slow spreading of water beneath the surface of emitters with discharge around the drip irrigation is called subsurface irrigation. This method differs from conventional groundwater irrigation where the root zone of the plant is controlled by water level control and should not be confused.

Spray Irrigation: Water sprayed by a small spray or mist on the soil is known as spray irrigation. In this method, air plays a key role in water distribution, while soil is the main factor in drip, fuselage and inlet methods.

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One of the research topics that is currently being studied is the use of water on agricultural land, because on the one hand we need more agricultural produce and on the other we need to use optimal water in the future with Do not face severe dehydration and drought. Because of the drought, the cost of living increases and makes life harder for people. Advances in technology, the use of modern irrigation systems and the sale of irrigation equipment have made it possible to optimally and efficiently utilize water resources and see greater productivity. Nowadays, new methods have been devised for irrigation of farms, gardens and greenhouses that significantly reduce water loss. The most common modern methods are drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. We need sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment to operate new irrigation systems.Irrigation & Garden Watering System Supplies on Sale have different types.

Modern irrigation systems and garden and greenhouse drip irrigation equipment help farmers, greenhouse owners and gardeners reduce their irrigation costs significantly and provide consumers with the highest quality products.

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Distributor of drip irrigation connectors with amazing offers One of the easiest ways to water any plant such as trees and vines is to use a drip irrigation system. The drip irrigation system has certain agronomic, agrotechnical and economic advantages due to the efficient use of water and labor. Drip irrigation reduces the cost of water consumption and the costs to be paid by the worker and is economically viable. Simply buy the best quality drip irrigation equipment for our farms, greenhouses or farmland. In drip irrigation, water is pumped through a low pressure pipe network into a predetermined base and discharged through the dripper. Emitters by a narrow nozzle or long flow path reduce the pressure in the pipe network and reduce discharge discharge by up to several liters per hour. After the emitter is removed by capillary forces and gravity flows in the soil profile. Drip irrigation has various methods and concepts such as drip irrigation, in-bed irrigation, fountain irrigation and spray irrigation. It is best to consult with experts in the field of drip irrigation equipment to buy the best equipment to introduce us to the best quality equipment.