Male & Female PE adapters with Different Sizes

Compression female adapter fittings used to attach the length of the metric HDPE pipe to the valve. Compression adapters with female transmission connectors used to attach the male end cap so that a pipeline can be installed in the future. With a size range from 20 mm to 110 mm, the compression adapter female fittings correspond to the standard pipe sizes and are usually SDR 11. read more about the 1/2 inch pe male adapter, black poly pipe coupler, brass poly pipe fittings, pe gas pipe fittings, pvc 45 degree elbow, poly gas pipe risers, plastic gas pipe tools and continental gas fittings.


Male & Female PE adapters with Different Sizes

Threaded male adapter with brass in it

Threaded male adapter with brass in it Compressor male adapters are suitable for pressures up to 16 bar at water and other similar liquids, but this varies with ambient temperature and temperature of the tube. Compression fittings The PE100 female adapters are made with precision molded parts and a rubber sealing ring for larger sizes. For larger sizes, the end of the thread is reinforced with a stainless steel ring.

Adaptive male adapters are suitable for outdoor use, resistant to numerous chemicals, and are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Compatible with PELD, PEHD, PE40, PE80, and PE100 pipes, male compression adapter joints may also be known as female compression adapters, female compression transfer joints, or female tube adapters. Up to 200mm is available in some compression fittings, so contact us.

Polyethylene Fittings and pipes to buy from suppliers

PE offers a complete suite of polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and PE connectors for various applications using the latest European technology and equipment.

Today, PE pipes and fittings are considered to be the best choice in different projects due to their relatively high quality and high reliability, easy loading, transportation and installation due to their relatively low weight. They also have high flexural strength, high impact resistance and pressure in low temperature environment. We are the highest quality HDPE pipe maker in the Middle East and Iran

Kish Particles & PE Pipe Fittings, Properties & Benefits:

low weight

Polyethylene pipes and fittings are lighter than other types of metal or concrete pipes that facilitate their transportation, loading or installation.

Impact resistant

High resistance to PE pipes eliminates the need to apply high pressure or to purchase anti-shock equipment. This property reduces the running and running costs of waste and facilitates performance. These are valid reasons for replacing PE pipes and fittings with concrete pipes.

Erosion resistant

Comparison between PE and other materials has shown that PE pipes and joints are highly corrosion resistant, making them suitable for fluid transfer with insoluble solids as a great choice for their use. , In addition to being protected from rodent damage due to rigidity. Surface

Resistant to chemicals

One of the benefits of considering PE pipes and PE joints is that they are not affected in acidic and chemical base environments.

You can find a complete list of non-emotional chemicals in PE pipes and PE fittings through pipe and fitting standards.

High flow rate

Since the inner wall of PE pipes and fittings is very smooth, so liquids can flow rapidly inside them. Pars Ethylene Kish offers products with 0.007 roughness efficiency.

Easy connection

Partylene Kish supplies PE pipes in both coil and branch form. Cost-saving PE coil pipes are available in various sizes such as the figure below.

PE pipe branches can be connected in different ways. Partylene Kish operates a wide range of fittings and fittings easily and incorporates a professional pipeline network.

Quality Control Lab

Our laboratory is an independent unit with modern measuring equipment and devices. Because we can continuously control all our inputs and outputs to acceptable standards to ensure the excellence of on-going products as a reliable reference.


Polyethylene pipes and fittings have wide applications such as gas transportation, drainage, sewage, potable water, fire extinguishing systems, cable shielding and pressure irrigation systems. Although there are other applications for them in other countries – air conditioners, oil or seawater – they are still not practiced in our country.

Production and packaging standards

Partylene Kish supplies gas and pipe fittings in accordance with European standards, while PE pipe and fittings for water, wastewater, drainage and fire fighting are in compliance with German standards. The 12 to 110 tubes are packed with coils. The 125 pipes are packed in both 12-mm windings and twigs and are available in 12-meter twigs for higher action.

Raw materials

Kish Parthylenes pipes and fittings are manufactured under PE80, PE63 and PE100 grades as per customer’s requirement. It should be noted that the PE63 grade is no longer manufactured in Iran because, although cheaper than the higher grade, they are not economical after production and increase the cost of running the customer.

Wholesalers and dealers of pe male adapters

Wholesalers and dealers of pe male adapters The polyethylene male connector is used to attach the polyethylene pipes to the fittings and accessories such as bushings, valves and so on. One end of the male connector is the interface and the other end is threaded. In general, screw joints, such as polyethylene male joints, include the following components:

1-Body 2-Cylinder 2-Split Ring 2-Bushing 2-Ering

Polyethylene male connection

Raw material specifications

According to the manufacturer, it can be different, but the ingredients for polyethylene male bonding are usually as follows:

  • Body: Polypropylene copolymer (Grades)
  • Refrigeration: Polypropylene copolymer (Grades)
  • Split: Polystaline
  • Bushing: PE
  • Oring: Nitrite Rubber

Important points of installing polyethylene male connector

Before installing any screw connection, thoroughly clean the end of the polyethylene pipes in question and then install the connection parts on the pipe respectively. Before tightening the nut ensure that all parts are properly seated and use a wrench to close the joint no more than 5 cm in length. You can also use standard Teflon tape to ensure sealing connection.

Note that it is best to connect two products from one family to the other. For example, if you want to connect a brain to a polyethylene male, it would be better to make plastic than metal. In this case, the corrosion of the joint and its discharge is less.

Overall, the use of female bonding is preferable to polyethylene male bonding. Because it is possible to break the thread head male and it is not economical when fractured and because of its price, it is used in the connection of the PE material and if it is broken, it can be replaced with a small cost.

Plasson Compression Fittings at cheap price range

Three-way polyethylene male is used to get branching in polyethylene pipes. This three-way type connects to the PE pipe on both sides. But on the other hand, these three ways of removable male thread are designed to be used for attaching to the valve or any connection with the femoral head. The body is made of polyethylene resistant to sunlight, cold and chemicals. Also, the polyacetal and Ooring rubber splitters are of very high quality for optimum sealing – no water leakage – and high tensile strength. Other features of these joints are their easy opening and closing and use for future use.

Plason compression joints have revolutionized the connection of PE pipes. They are designed to be used for water, agriculture, landscape irrigation, telecommunications and sewage applications. We supply a wide range of Plasson fittings, here in complete plumbing systems – all designed to withstand long-term use.

Plus, mechanical connectors, such as connectors, adapters, and end plugs, provide a secure and reliable connection to water networks and are made of virgin polypropylene, ensuring excellent impact resistance and stress resistance. Give.

Is it possible to buy pe male adapter directly from producers?

Is it possible to buy pe male adapter directly from producers?Polyethylene male connector is a screw type used for connecting polyethylene pipes to valves and threaded female joints. Screw fittings are resistant to all chemicals due to the use of standard raw materials and their resistance can be increased by the use of the suggested rubber parts.

Important parts installation parts

Before installing the end of the tubes, clean them thoroughly, then install the connecting parts on the pipe in sequence.

Before tightening the nut make sure that all parts are secured and use a wrench that is no more than 5 cm in length to secure the sealing joint using a standard Teflon tape.

In addition to being resistant to chemicals, adverse environmental conditions and sun rays, polyethylene polypropylene fittings are also highly resistant and heat resistant, in the sense of engineering plastics, and are resistant to acids and acids. They have good resistance and are very resistant to abrasion and physical stress. The sealing ability of water supply connections is 6 to 10 atmospheric pressure depending on their size. The water fittings cover the range of 20 to 125 mm. In drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation, water with an outside diameter of 20 to 125 mm is conveyed and distributed. These connections are used in accordance with DIN8074.

Types of polythene fittings

Regardless of the material used in the production of polyethylene polyurethane fittings, their type of connection is provided in two different forms of welding and screwing. Both types of joints have good sealing and are manufactured to international standards at different pressures and sizes, and are widely used in the water, wastewater and water supply industries. Longevity and good corrosion resistance are other advantages of polythene polyurethane fittings.

Wholesale center of male and female adapters

If there is anything unpleasant about the connectors, these are the terms “male and female” that are meant to identify the connectors. But in engineering, this difference between male and female connections can mean a major error in the mechanical design of equipment. For processing equipment, it can mean disaster.

The purpose of the fittings is arranged seamlessly. Otherwise, the end result is costly for factory managers and business owners. Understanding the difference between male and female connectors and more is what you need.

Male fasteners – not a term for gender bias

Although it would seem to be a design of bumpy connectors to be “male”, it is a humor, but this is a basic form of connector identification. The male connection may be connected to a cable, some hardware, or one or more wires. For example, a home contains many male connections.

A two-way electrical plug is an example. The male connector is designed to fit into another piece of equipment. Using an electrical plug as an example, if the electrical plug is not firmly plugged in, the end result is no connection to the electrical pulse in the socket.

The male connector is a type of connector with one end being a spiral and the other end a masseur nut. The side of the nut is attached to the polyethylene tube and the spiral side is connected to the metal flange rib, polyethylene belt, all kinds of polymer brass valves.

The variety of sizes (1/2 to 5 inches) and high resistance to impact, pressure and corrosive materials make the male connection one of the most widely used polyethylene connections.

Introducing the polyethylene male interface

  • Interfaces are essential fittings of any plumbing system and are used to connect pipes to each other, unblock and prevent pipe clogging, sealing pipes.
  • Polyethylene male interface is used in various systems such as irrigation and agricultural systems.
  • The polyethylene male connector is available in different sizes from 20 mm to 125 mm and higher and can withstand various pressures.
  • These joints include various components such as body, bushing, split, deflector, orring and are screwed to the pipes.
  • That’s why they are easy to repair and open and reinstall.
  • The polyethylene male interface has high mechanical and chemical properties and is resistant to decay.

Important points of installation of PE  female connection and other screw connections

Thoroughly clean the end of the polyethylene pipe before installing it, then install the connecting parts on the pipe respectively. Before tightening the nut ensure that all parts are properly seated and use a wrench to close the joint no more than 5 cm in length. You can also use standard Teflon tape to ensure sealing connection.

Note that it is best to connect two products from one family to the other. For example, if you want to connect a brain to a polyethylene material, it is better to be made of plastic than metal. In this case, the corrosion of the joint and its discharge is less.

Steel Compression Fittings with high discounts

Steel Compression Fittings with high discounts Our Superlok exclusive pipe fittings include a patented red ring slot measuring device that makes it impossible to tighten . When you have tightened the connection nut to the correct depth, the red slot ring opens and tells you that you have done it correctly and there will be no error left. These pipe fittings utilize safety and precision and allow you to carry out your projects with complete confidence.

  • Our products offer a complete line of precision tool valves, fittings and tubes, including:
  • Stainless Steel or Coil Pipe, Welded or Seamless – Winding, stainless steel and alloy tubes that we can customize to your custom length.
  • Spun valves, needles, balls or check valves, in carbon and brass – Enjoy smooth leakage and smooth torque with these precision valves in a range of materials, types and sizes.
  • Bending Pipes, Pipe Clamps, Pipe Angles, and Pipe Channels – We offer a wide range of sizes to meet the needs of any pipeline project.
  • Superlok Products – We supply Superlok products to fit any pipe condition including Superlok pipe fittings and compression fittings, Superlok i-Fitting pipe needles, ball or check valves, ultra-high purity valves and fittings, block needle valves and bleeders, High pressure connections, quick connections, manifolds and more. See below for a wide range of Superlok product options.