PE & PVC Pipe Fittings at Factory Price

 One of the most important advantages of polyethylene pipes compared to other types of pipes is its easy connectivity. The fittings are used in such cases as changing the angle of the pipeline route, changing the diameter, connecting the pipe fittings. The PE lines are connected by different PE fittings depending on their needs in different projects and applications. Dear customers and requesters contact us for a daily price list of pe pipe fittings.

PE & PVC Pipe Fittings at Factory Price

All About Plastic Pipe Fittings and their different types

All About Plastic Pipe Fittings and their different types PVC pipes can be connected in three ways as described in the following sections. The Contractor shall perform pipe fittings in different parts of the design according to the type of pipe and connection concerned specified in the design specifications. If the Contractor finds any objection or problem due to the limitations mentioned above, the Contractor shall notify the Consulting Engineer in writing and obtain the assignment. The above triple connection methods are as follows:

A – Connections using solvent adhesive.
B – Single tube end connections of a single bowl using a special rubber seal.
C – Mechanical flanges or flexible connections.

Type (b) and (c) fittings are flexible fittings that are fitted with two tubes by rubber. In this type of connection, the cross-section of the rubber ring is designed to fit the two pistols easily, but it is difficult to pull them apart and in most cases, especially large diameters, remove without the use of a trigger. Special joints and manpower are not possible. As possible removal of a piece of pipe is required, type (c) joints should be considered. Flexible type joints (c) without intermediate filling for the modes where the desired removable joint is required Is, should be used.

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What are the bestselling PE pipe fittings?

poly pipe fittings refer to equipment used in pipelines and installations in various industries to change the angle of the flow path, change the diameter of the pipeline, change the flow rate, and connect the pipes to each other.

One of the common reasons for using polyethylene products is their quick and easy connectivity. These types of equipment are an integral part of pipelines and, in a way, the durability of pipe networks depends on the strength of the PE connections. Polyethylene has been introduced to the market and its practical benefits have become increasingly apparent to consumers, and the popularity of polyethylene pipes and fittings has been increasing day by day to the extent that nowadays more than 90% of these pipes are used in over 90% of piping networks. Urban and rural, industries are used.

hdpe water pipes have the following characteristics:

  • Very good resistance of polyethylene joints to fracture and cracking due to external pressures
  • High resistance to pressure and impact
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Corrosion and wear resistant
  • Excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes
  • Resistant to rust
  • Smooth and smooth interior and exterior wall, no fouling and very low pressure drop due to internal friction
  • High flexibility, extremely low installation cost, fast running speed and no need for heavy machinery when running polyethylene pipelines

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Why plastic pipes and fittings are getting more popular?

Why plastic pipes and fittings are getting more popular? One of the most common methods of PVC pipe connection is the connection of tubes with a simple end and a bowl with a seal in place. In this type of connection, by pushing two tubes into each other, the said tire is pressed and creates a sealing connection. This method of connection is a quick way to connect PVC pipes. A special seal is located inside the bowl. The dimensions of these tires and the shape of the bowls vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Seals tires must be manufactured by specified manufacturers and for specified purposes. When installing the tires, the tire and the rubber seating area must be thoroughly cleaned before installation to ensure a secure connection. The tires used should be of the most durable type.
Pipe manufacturers usually make the required seal rubber from natural rubber or a mixture of synthetic rubber and natural rubber, according to valid standards. It is important to adhere to reputable standards in the choice of tires and the supplier of these tires must make the necessary precautions. If the pipe is used for the transportation of chemicals or corrosive materials, it is necessary to fabricate a synthetic rubber ring with suitable custom materials (refer to the standards in Sections 2-5).
The lubricants used must also be manufactured by reputable manufacturers. If the proper lubricant is not available, a mixture of 70% water and 30% soap can be used as a lubricant. These materials must be approved by the pipe manufacturer.
If the pipe is used with these connections on the ground, measures must be taken to ensure that the tubes are fixed and that they cannot be moved when in use and that the pressure inside the pipe is in place.If the pipe is fitted underground with this type of connection, the compressive forces at the end of the hinges and at the ends of the knees and joints shall be avoided by constructing retaining blocks in accordance with the usual methods of pressure water pipes. They prevent action.

Making the connection: To make the connection in the above way, a small bun with the appropriate hand tools should be made at the simple end of the pipe and, after impregnating the end of the pipe with the lubricant, secure the necessary connection. If the material is not purchased directly from the pipe manufacturer, it must be assured that these materials will not have an adverse effect on the rubber material. If the pipe is used for drinking water use, it must be ensured that it is non-toxic and will not alter the taste of the water. To avoid contaminating any waste or dirt in the above location. Simple pipe hinges should be driven to the point where the pipe is marked by the manufacturer into the next tube bowl to ensure that the pipe is sealed. .

Cheap price to buy pe pipe fittings in bulk

Because PE connections are installed at various points in a piping network and knowing that operating conditions such as temperature and pressure are constantly changing along a pipeline, they must be strong enough to withstand any Changes or environmental stresses maintain their stability.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), commonly known as PVC, is a cost-effective material that is resistant to cracking, is not affected by acids and can be rigid. Because of its strength and flexibility, PVC is used for many applications. Depending on its width, it can be used to transport liquids and gases safely. Because of its composition, PVC is restricted to transport liquids at temperatures below 2 degrees Celsius, and therefore PVC is not suitable for hot water transport. Golf and Use Used in transporting and packaging mineral water and hot springs. High-pressure water applications may require type 2 PVC connections. Both 40 and 80 PVC are widely used worldwide and each have different advantages in different applications. Type 2 has thinner walls so are suitable for use with low water pressure. Type 1 has thicker walls and can withstand higher PSI. This makes this type of PVC ideal for use in industry and for use in chemicals.
PVC joints are commonly used in irrigation systems. They have end connections that are ideal for tight sealing. The teeth in these joints mean that no adhesive is needed, and they have an NSF certificate for use in potable water cases. The end of the ball is equivalent to one end of the ball and one end of the spin / slide ball is the end of the ball. The end of the hub is connected to the sliding end (socket). The PVC pipe has a hinged end and must be attached to the sliding joints at both ends. PVC joints are welded to the PVC pipe using PVC cement. PVC cement resembles adhesive, but actually melts the plastic, thereby creating a weld between the PVC pipe and a suitable material.

PVC joints are made by high pressure injection molding. In contrast to continuous extrusion, molding is a repetitive cyclic process, where a “shot” of material is delivered to one mold per cycle.PVC materials, either in powder form or in granular form, are fed into the barrel and reciprocating bolt from a hopper at the top of the injection unit, using surface gravity. The barrel is charged by a rotating screw with the required amount of plastic, and these plastic materials move to the front of the barrel as the screw moves. The screw position is set to a preset shot size. During this operation, the pressure and heat “plasticize” the material that is currently in the melting state and await injection into the mold. All of this happens during the previous shot cooling. After a predetermined time, the mold will open and the fittings that are completed in the mold will be removed from the mold. An operating piston is injected into the barrel. Then the plastic enters the mold to form the next shape. After the injection, the recharge begins as the mold fittings pass through the cooling cycle.

Demand and supply for PE pipe fittings in 2019

Demand and supply for PE pipe fittings in 2019 PE pipes These pipes are dark or black in color. The thickness and density of PE pipes is higher than that of PVC pipes. Polyethylene pipes are more resistant to fluid induced pressure. PE pipes are used in the municipal water distribution network due to high pressure tolerance.
Advantages of PE Pipes:

  • Galvanic corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to rot, abrasion and impact
  • Good flexibility
  • Shrinkage property
  • Light weight
  • Excellent resistance to earthquakes and landslides
  • Very tight, leak-free, yet flexible connection
  • High resistance to ultraviolet radiation
  • Very good hydraulic properties
  • Low maintenance cost

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Various joints are used to connect two polyethylene pipes to each other. Some of these include: All these connections can be used for polyethylene pipes. Butt joints, bushing thermal connection, electrical connection, rubber sealing connection, screw connection, extrusion and flange welding.
All polyethylene joints have a number of advantages in common, with high corrosion, pressure and impact strength. Their surface is smooth and polished, which prevents materials from being deposited inside, as well as the cost of installation and transportation.
Screw fittings: These joints are capable of withstanding 3 bar pressure and are made of pp (polypropylene). This model can be used several times and is therefore very economical and can be connected to it using three simple ways, three ways of the umbilical cord, knee, male connection, belt material connection, crossroads.
At first glance, the meaning that comes from the word connectors is a piece that connects several tools to one another, used when connecting a pipeline, changing the diameter, connecting pipe parts, and so on. . Plumbing is widely used in various industries and the use of connections of different genders is essential. In this article, more efforts have been made to investigate and explain the PE connections. These joints are available in different types of PE, PVC, UVC, PVC. Polymeric joints are also called nonmetallic joints. These joints are also used to carry acidic fluids in refineries and in irrigating green spaces.

Great Deals for major buyers of pipes and fittings

Great Deals for major buyers of pipes and fittings Polyethylene pipelines are interconnected in different projects by various polyethylene connections (electro fusion, welding and screwing). Welding polyethylene fittings include all kinds of three way, knee, conversion, flange and PP.STEIL ring at different pressures with the highest quality materials, PE100 in different dimensions. Dimensions and sizes of polyethylene welding joints can be manufactured according to customer’s orders and are also used in sewage, chemical, acidic, petroleum and water treatment applications and are very economical compared to cast iron and steel joints.
Polyethylene pipelines in different projects require polyethylene fittings which will vary depending on the type of project and selecting the appropriate fittings alone requires experience with knowledge. Catalogs, technical information and guidelines for the types of poly fittings Get ethylene as one of the products of our company. Due to the expanding use of electronic information and customer needs assessment, one of the most important future applications in engineering is the production and upgrading of electronic catalogs and instructions in various languages. If you need further information, please let us know Get it ready for you as quickly as possible.