Pipe union fitting price fluctuation

Types of pipes used in industry include steel, copper and polymer pipes. The connections of each of these pipes are different, which we will examine in the following. Galvanized pipe is actually a sealed (black) steel  pipe union fitting after construction, to protect against corrosive materials, its inner and outer walls are covered with zinc alloy. Galvanized pipes are marketed in 6-meter branches, their connection is usually ribbed, and welding should not be used to connect them. This pipe is used in hot and cold sanitary water system.

Pipe union fitting price fluctuation

What is the correct way to install a pipe union fitting?

What is the correct way to install a pipe union fitting?

We start the process by cutting the pipe union pvc , always cutting the polyethylene pipes should be completely smooth and without pleats and perpendicular to the axis of the pipe so that we can easily weld the two cut ends to each other without seams or so-called welding. To cut pipes in small diameters, you can use a hacksaw or saws with small teeth, but to cut pipes with a diameter of more than 100 mm, you must use a special tool that is a kind of pipe-cutting machine.

When cutting the pipe, it should be kept completely fixed and when cutting the single-walled polyethylene pipe, there should be no vibration. Due to the pleating press, the use of special glasses and industrial gloves is mandatory and all precautions should be taken by the project manager. And be observed.

Cleaning and tidying up the place of the pipe

After cutting, it is the turn of the cleaner to connect the two ends of the pipes and their connection point. Becomes.

Adjust the junction of polyethylene pipe

If the pipes are for intercity piping and below ground level, the piping site should be completely smooth and uniform, soft soil should be poured under the pipes so that after being buried under the soil under pressure, no damage will be done to the pipes.

In parts where polyethylene irrigation pipes are used for gardens and agricultural lands, the piping location should be perfectly smooth and clear so that the pipes are not accidentally trampled or broken, in this part the pipes should not be under or sideways To install walls on which heavy objects are likely to fall, the best way to install the type of polyethylene piping in gardens and agriculture is to move the pipes between trees or agricultural borders that have a well-defined path.

Price changes of pipe union fitting in 2020

Price changes of pipe union fitting in 2020 Connection in copper piping

In a soldering solder connection, the connection surfaces of the two parts must be thoroughly cleaned and the solder wire must be heated to the melting temperature so that the capillary distance between the two parts is filled at all connection types of pipe fittings.

In normal hair soldering, under normal conditions, the solder wire should be soft. Soft solder melting temperature should be less than 427. C. Solder wire should be made of tin-silver or tin-antimony alloy. The use of lead wire in plumbing is not permitted for drinking water distribution.

Introducing a variety of polymer pipes

Polymers are very large molecules that are made up of countless smaller molecules called monomers. Therefore, a polymer molecule has a large number of atoms attached to each other by covalent bonds. The molecular weight of polymers is very high. Until the 1970s, the use of polymer pipes in mechanical installation systems was completely unknown, and black, galvanized, or copper steel pipes were often used. However, metal corrosion from the inside and outside, in adverse conditions, and changes in water quality due to chemical reactions and clogging of metal pipes, led experts to pay more attention to polymers and to make pipes from polymers such as polyethylene. Use.

Pe pipe fittings Focal suppliers

Polyethylene pipe fittings Polyethylene fittings are equipment used change the angle of the fluid flow path,pe pipe fittings، to change the diameter of the pipeline, to change the flow rate of the flow, and to connect the pipes to each other. One of is their quick and easy connection.

Pe pipe fittings Focal suppliers

How do you install poly pipe fittings?

How do you install poly pipe fittings?

One of the most important advantages of polyethylene their easy connection. Fittings are used in cases such as changing the angle of the pipeline route, changing the diameter,poly tubing compression fittings، connecting the pipe parts, and so on. In various applications, polyethylene pipes include screw fittings, belts, gear joints, high pressure polyethylene fittings in the form of butt welds, sewage polyethylene welded joints, electrophogenic and handmade fittings.Polyethylene pipes are connected by various polyethylene fittings ( electrophogenic, welded and screw ) according.

For example, for gas supply projects, electrofusion connections are used, and for water supply projects, screw connections up to a pressure of 10 atmospheres are used. For the rest of the projects, polyethylene welding joints are used according to the German DIN16963 standard.

Features of polyethylene pipe fittings:

  •     Corrosion resistance
  •     Resistance to fatigue
  •     Hope for 50 years of life
  •     No leakage connections
  •     Installation without trench
  •     No need for cathodic coating and protection
  •     Sedimentation
  •     low weight
  •     Eco-friendly

Buy pe pipe fittings from main supplier

Buy pe pipe fittings from main supplier

Buy Plica pipes and fittings

Upvc pipe is actually the same as Polica pipe (the first manufacturer of this type of pipe is Polica) and in Iran it is also known by the same name and the public chose the name Polica for gray UPVC pipes and the name Plica has remained on this basis.

PVC and UPVC pipes are currently the most widely used types of pipes in buildings and construction projects, and the most common use of upvc pipes is in wastewater transmission. With the development of polymer industry and production processes,pe pipe sizes، today all kinds of upvc pipes are produced and the installation and execution speed of these products is very high and easy and is done without creating noise and noise pollution.

PVC pipe systems (polyvinyl chloride) meet the required types of services. Product standards for Plica pipe systems have been developed by the CEN / TC155 standard committee. These requirements are described in a set of European product standards for each application along with their specific features, for example:

  •     Drinking water transfer: sanitary requirements
  •     Gas transmission: the highest safety requirements

Plica pipes are able to meet the specific needs of each type of application. They do this for a long time and with reliability and safety. The key to success is to maintain a high level of quality and consistency.

  •     PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
  •     PE-RT (polyethylene RT)
  •     PEX (cross-linked polyethylene)

To buy suitable and good pipe fittings, you should consider some items that can be made of PVC pipe, a hollow pipe or cylinder made of plastic. This section is usually, but not necessarily, a circle, used primarily to transport materials that can flow – liquids and gases (liquefied gases), slurries, powders, and small solids.Before buying a PVC pipe, it is better to be fully acquainted with its applications. Plica pipes are used to transport drinking water, sewage, chemicals, heating and cooling liquids, foodstuffs, ultra-pure liquids, slurries, gases, compressed air, irrigation, vacuum systems and so on.

T pipe fitting Market size

To this end, a study aimed at investigating the behavior of T joints reinforced with FRP t pipe fitting has been performed under compressive axial load to evaluate the efficiency of these materials in improving these joints.

T pipe fitting Market size

How to join t pipe fitting together?

How to join t pipe fitting together?

There are several types of plastic plumbing used in residential plumbing, but PVC has become the industry standard for drain pipes and valve lines. PVC pipes are very popular because they are very easy to cut and move and because they are much cheaper than other options. In older homes, the main drain pipes and vents were often made of cast iron, an expensive material that was very difficult to work with. For this reason, upgrades to old pipe discharge systems are almost always made of PVC pipe.

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride, a synthetic plastic that has excellent stability and stress tolerance. It is also approved for draining pipes for water supply pipes and is therefore often found in outdoor irrigation systems. However, it does not tolerate high temperatures and therefore is not used for indoor water supply systems.

The process of putting PVC together makes the older materials used in pipe fittings easier. Pipes can be cut with an ordinary saw, and a variety of comfortable unions, tripods and other accessories are available for assembling the system.

T-pipe connection is one of the most up-to-date and common connections, which has the advantage over other connections having a high resistance of the connection against the pressures. T-pipe is used for branches that have high sensitivity and the pressure on the connection is high, and also in branches that have high pipe size and high sensitivity project. The reason for the high resistance and strength of the T-pipe connection can be considered in the fitting method and its fixation completely on the pipe and the welding steps above this type of connection. Has been. The assembly operation of this connection is done in two steps. The first stage is assembled inside the connection production workshop and the final stage is performed on the main pipe at the project site.

Method of fabrication and assembly of T-tube:

As mentioned above, the initial assembly of the T-pipe connection is done inside the workshop. First, the pipe is cut to the desired length and size with high accuracy, then it is divided into two parts in the longitudinal direction. It should be noted that all pipe cutting operations are performed with an air cutting machine. After cutting the pipe,t pipe fitting pvc، all the cut edges of this piece of split te are carefully angled and prepared for welding operations. The two separate parts of the tube are called the top and bottom of the connection pad

Domestic demand for t pipe fitting in 2020

Domestic demand for t pipe fitting in 2020

After the successive increases and the game with the supply of PVC, the association made many actions and correspondences with the managers of the relevant institutions.

According to this report, in the last letter of the association addressed to Molakhah, the director of chemical and non-metallic industries of the Consumer Protection Organization, in order to prevent further weakening and closure of standard production units and unemployment of a large part of the labor force, to agree to Increase the price of these commodities based on the relevant impact factors,t pipe exhaust، or rapid management of the stock market and returns…

Coupling pipe fitting different types

Coupling is a device used to connect two shafts to transfer power. Usually, the couplings do not allow the shafts to separate during operation, although torque limiting coupling pipe fitting can slip or separate when the torque exceeds a certain level.

Coupling pipe fitting different types

What is a coupling pipe fitting?

What is a coupling pipe fitting?

The initial incentives for building a coupling should be sought in the wheels. In fact, if it weren’t for the wheel, the need to make such a piece would have been delayed for centuries.

Rotating machines are usually either actuators, such as electric motors, gas turbines, steam turbines, and internal combustion engines, and يا or moving ones such as compressors, pumps, blowers, ventilators, mixers, and power transmission from the actuator to the moving parts. Clutches, belts, gears, chains, etc. are used, each of which is used according to the type of machine in its specific conditions.

 Coupling pipe plastic one of the mechanical power transmission systems that transfer torque from the drive shaft to the drive.

Couplings are divided into two main categories based on their structure and components: rigid and flexible couplings:

The rigid couplings are designed to withstand the unevenness of the shafts. But flexible couplings can tolerate somewhat uneven axes and allow the shafts to move forward and backward in a axial or radial direction. The type of couplings is selected according to their application in the desired device. They also need to be properly adjusted to ensure their useful life and effective power transmission. Otherwise, the bearings or shaft of the car may wear out and be damaged.

In order to transfer power from the drive to the drive by the couplings, both the drive and drive shafts must be aligned with an acceptable tolerance. Therefore, before connecting the two shafts by coupling, their alignment should be examined. When, for whatever reason, the coupling of a moving and moving machine is not in the same direction, the so-called heterogeneous or incoherent.

Misalignment usually occurs for a variety of reasons, such as shifting the fundus of the machine, accidental collision of the machine with other parts, thermal expansion, loosening of the retaining nuts, expansion, and contraction of the machine and holders, and rusting of the wires, reducing machine efficiency. Rapid destruction of machine parts, increased energy losses, increased vibrations, heating of bearings, and many unforeseen breakdowns occur.

Buy various coupling pipe fitting on the market

Buy various coupling pipe fitting on the market Hard couplings:
This type of coupling is used to connect two axes in exactly the same direction in the equipment in which the exact axial alignment of the two axes is necessary and accessible. It should be noted that any axial asymmetry in this type of coupling causes rapid failures. The effect of high stress follows.

Hard couplings are used for axes, which are not inconsistent. Since these couplings cannot compensate for any deviations or discrepancies between the axes connected by them (rigid couplings), the axles must have a good lateral and angular balance.

Hard couplings are less commonly used than flexible ones. Hard coupling is not able to compensate for the misalignment of the axes, so it is useful in cases where the axles have a lateral balance and a precise angle.types of pipe fittings The presence of any misalignment between the axes causes high stresses and increases the load-bearing loads.
Hard couplings are commonly used in places with vertical actuators. Strict couplings not only transfer rotational motion from the actuator (usually an electric motor) to the rotating member of the system but also any axial motion (up and down) that occurs between two parts of a system’s equipment, also by coupling. The rigid ones are transferred between them. Due to the rigidity of the rigid couplings, the equipment used by these types of couplings to transfer motion must be perfectly aligned and have a precise axial alignment, and no deviations in this regard are acceptable.

Pipe and pipe fitting for sale

Polymer pipes and fittings are more flexible than other pipes and therefore less prone to breakage. Tubes pipe and pipe fittings for sale are less stressful to sell because they are flexible if buried in the ground.Polymer pipes require less connections due to their flexibility and can be easily implemented on sloping and uneven surfaces and take up less space.

Pipe and pipe fitting for sale

What is considered a pipe fitting?

What is considered a pipe fitting? One of the inseparable parts of plumbing systems is the methods used to connect the parts. What is considered a pipe fitting? is a suitable engineering design, type and efficiency of the technique used to connect the parts and devices as well as the durability of the connections.

  The integration and compatibility of the techniques used to connect polyethylene pipes allows the designer to take advantage of the functional benefits of polyethylene over a wide range of applications.

Types of pipe fittings The likelihood of future corrosion and breakage may increase. The material of the connections is different from the material of the pipes and different materials are used to produce them. The main point is that due to the sensitivity of the joints in which the fittings are installed, the fittings are usually selected one to several degrees better than the pipe fittings themselves.

Purchasing pipe and pipe fitting at best price

Purchasing pipe and pipe fitting at best price Pipes and fittings are very important because they have many applications in various industries.when Buying purchasing pipe and pipe fitting at best price. You should pay attention to a series of tips and tricks.

 These tips will help you make the best choice for your projects. Buying pipes and fittings is not easy and you may encounter conditions that are unfamiliar to you at the time of purchase.

In facilities, industries, buildings, all construction and reconstruction projects, etc., are very important. Pipes and fittings are the main parts of a building and project in the expansion and longevity of a work and its facilities. Lack of good quality can cause a lot of damage.

With a little research and selection of the highest quality product, you can choose the best type of pipes and fittings for your facility, and this is very effective in making your facility more durable.PVC pipe fittings are compression fittings used for drinking water, cold water, irrigation, golf courses, and for use in mineral water transport and packaging and hot springs.

The PVC pipe has a ball end and must be connected to sliding connections at both ends. PVC connections are welded to the PVC pipe using PVC cement. PVC cement is adhesive-like, but actually melts the plastic, creating a weld between the PVC pipe and a suitable material.

Pipe fittings exporting countries

The tube is a tube-like piece or hollow cylinder that usually (and not necessarily) has a round section and is used to move products from one place to another. They are portable products that can flow. This includes liquids,pipe fittings gases, slurries, powders and small amounts of solids.

Pipe fittings exporting countries

What are pipe fittings used for?

What are pipe fittings used for?

Polypropylene pipes and fittings

Polypropylene pipes and fittings are widely available in the industry. Their features include light weight, abrasion and welding resistance, good thermal and electrical insulation, as well as chemical resistance.

The presence of methyl group in the structure of polypropylene has changed its properties compared to polyethylene and is a better heat insulator. Polypropylene itself is divided into three types: isotactic, syndiotactic and atactic, which have different structures.

Polypropylene pipes are available in two colors, green and white. White PP_R  pipe fittings assignment are made of random polypropylene type 3 copolymer and look like plastic, they can withstand 10 times the pressure at 185 degrees Fahrenheit and 20 times the pressure at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead, green pipes are used in thermal installations, food industry, solar heating systems, shipbuilding industries, etc.

Its connection properties are the same as its homogeneous pipe. And is used in the applications mentioned for polyethylene fittings.

5-layer pipes and fittings

5-layer pipes or PEX AL PEX are actually a new generation of pipes made of metal and polymer, these pipes are actually composed of a layer of aluminum, two-layer polymer and two-layer adhesive, and because of the metal and The polymer used in its structure is stronger and more durable than other pipes.

Exporting high quality pipe fittings abroad

Exporting high quality pipe fittings abroad Pipes and fittings are used as a basic principle in various industrial and structural projects as they are related to construction and various industries. Therefore, the variety of these products is increasing day by day due to their special importance.

Export of high quality pipe fittings to abroad Polyethylene pipe and fittings


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a type of thermoplastic pipe (thermoplastic: polymers that can often be placed in the melting / freezing cycle). Polyethylene is obtained through the polymerization of ethylene gas.


Flexibility, high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance and high level of impermeability are the features of this type of pipes.

Polyethylene pipes are used worldwide for water and wastewater distribution, and gas, known as high pressure lines.

Another feature of this type of pipe compared to other pipe fittings pvc is that the ability to connect in them is much easier.

Polyethylene pipes are divided into several categories:

Water supply, gas supply, double wall, spiral pipe, multilayer

Polyethylene fittings in cases such as changing the direction of the pipeline, changing the diameter, connecting pipe parts and…. It has applications.

The characteristics of these connections are the same as their homogeneous pipes, in addition to having excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes, as well as high flexibility, execution speed and no need for heavy machinery during execution.

Angled pipe fittings wholesale products

Today, the use of angled pipe fittings has become very common. For this reason, factories are trying to produce products with higher quality and more reasonable prices in order to be more profitable in addition to customer satisfaction. Join us to learn more about this pvc pipe fittings and its types.Angled pipe fittings wholesale products

What are angled pipe fittings?

What are angled pipe fittings? Connections for drinking water, sewage or gas lines can be delivered by different coatings and layers. Fittings and accessories made of unbreakable cast iron and their connection can be used in the working pressure frame. This applies to water and gas pipelines as well as sewage.

In special cases such as installation on foundations and installation with lower soil cover height or higher internal pressure loads, it is necessary to apply special internal and external protections and special sizes in production and installation.

A fitting or adapter is used in pipe systems to connect straight sections of pipe or tube, adapt to different sizes or shapes, and for other purposes such as regulating (or measuring) fluid flow.[1] These fittings are used in plumbing to manipulate the conveyance of water, gas, or liquid waste in domestic or commercial environments, within a system of pipes or tubes.

Fittings (especially uncommon types) require money, time, materials and tools to install, and are an important part of piping and plumbing systems.Valves are technically fittings, but are usually discussed separately

Bulk shopping of angled pipe fittings

Bulk shopping of angled pipe fittings There are angled structural pipe fittings in different types across the country, including Tehran. Due to its large population, Tehran is in increasing demand.

In wholesale sales, due to the reduction of intermediaries or even their elimination, the cost paid by the customer is reduced.

This center offers all kinds of this product in the best quality and the lowest price available to the customer.

Exporting all kinds of angled pipe fittings is done with different prices and types in special packages.

In the Iranian export market, the goal is to provide customers with a better price and quality without intermediaries, direct and wholesale sales in this center have improved prices and increased customer satisfaction.

Purchasing from the factory door also reduces the cost of payment by the customer due to the elimination of intermediaries

Customers and manufacturers of this product can register their orders for purchase and sale in coordination with the purchasing expert of this center.

To buy this product and contact the relevant experts and consultants, as well as get acquainted with its various prices, you can visit the reputable online sites and centers.

100mm pipe fittings wholesale price

The price of upvc pipes and fittings in the market is announced by various centers and companies. For this reason, access to them is important and all kinds of goods can be used with the highest quality.we in this article talk about topics like 100mm pipe fittings , plastic pipe fittings , 100mm pipe reducer . 

100mm pipe fittings wholesale price

How to install 100mm pipe fittings?

How to install 100mm pipe fittings? Today, many companies producing industrial products will move towards high-quality and modern products, and the best ones will be marketed with the necessary standards. These manufacturers pay close attention to the needs of the market and always offer good and first-class products to the market.

Pipe is one of the products that many specialized companies today are producing and supplying. These companies have always considered the use of up-to-date knowledge as an important issue and will have a good activity based on it. For this reason, in recent years, significant amounts of different types of pipes with more specialized raw materials have been produced and marketed. In many construction projects, the use of pipes and fittings can be seen today. Because these products can help a lot in the transmission of water supply and electricity lines. These products can be considered as the yard veins of a building that are produced and marketed in a specialized way today.

Due to this issue, all kinds of pipes and fittings with the necessary standards must be produced and put on the market. In this case, you can make the best use of them and make a safer investment.

Bulk price of 100mm pipe fittings in 2020

Bulk price of 100mm pipe fittings in 2020 The best way to buy all kinds of upvc pipes and fittings is to go to specialized and professional collections. In these companies, you can see the products that are produced in good conditions and have excellent quality.Shopping malls that offer the cheapest types of upvc pipes today will provide good access for their customers. In this case, people who pay attention to these centers will more easily meet their needs and announce their orders.

Companies can be seen active in Iran that will deliver all kinds of first-class upvc pipes to their customers. In this case, it is easier to buy wholesale and retail of these products, and the people who choose them will pay more attention to the existing advantages. 

Access to these centers is well provided through websites and Internet centers. That’s why applicants across the country are contacting them and buying the best products. Therefore, people who offer these products professionally will pay attention to the needs of their customers.

You can also contact us to buy and sell this product

Ductile pipe fittings Affordable Prices

Polymer pipes and fittings are more flexible than other pipes and therefore less likely to break. Due to their flexibility, these pipes can withstand lower compressive stresses if buried in the soil. However, the pressure on these types of pipes should not exceed the allowable limit. ductile pipe fittings, more flexibility of these pipes and fittings gives more safety and reliability to the piping system.

Ductile pipe fittings Affordable Prices

What are ductile pipe fittings used for?

What are ductile pipe fittings used for? The story of polymer pipes and fittings is the story of success. The basis of this success has been due to man’s desire for a better life. Polymers show more scientific curiosity than any other material. The design of polymer pipes and fittings with the appropriate technical specifications for proper performance is an endless effort and this progress is always ongoing. almost versatile and have a good place in the plumbing and plumbing industry. These pipes are made using advanced chemical structures and, along with metal, cement and wood, play an important role in the construction of buildings and residential houses.

The main factors in the success of polymer pipes and fittings can be traced to their flexibility, low price, and longevity. The most important types of five-layer polyethylene pipes, single-layer pipes and fittings, welded polyethylene, screw polyethylene, push-fit, and Ductile pipe fittings plastic. Polyethylene pipes are mainly used in water supply and sewerage of buildings, water transmission lines, agriculture, transfer of chemical liquids, and Push-Fit and Plica pipes are used in water supply and domestic sewage transmission networks.

Rational prices of ductile pipe fittings

Rational prices of ductile pipe fittings Many studies and experiences are examples of this. Cement pipes usually have a lifespan of 15 years, while polymer pipes have a lifespan of 50 to 100 years. Polymer pipes and fittings cost less than metal ones and also have a lower maintenance cost. Recyclability is another positive feature. It has polymer pipes and fittings and thus has less negative effects on the environment. Lower pressure drop in plumbing systems, energy storage, easy installation are other advantages of these pipes and fittings, which makes it widely used in water supply and municipal and construction sewage facilities.

Polymer pipes and fittings due to proper sealing of maintenance costs. They have less. These pipes are highly resistant to corrosion. If Ductile pipe fittings supplier cement pipes are corroded by exposure to saline solutions for 3 years. lighter than other pipes and are easy to install.  Some polymer pipes and fittings, such as PVC pipes, withstand less tensile stresses and also break when hit.