latest price list of pipe joiner in Iran

There are several pipe fittings that each have their own unique function. The materials used in plumbing have changed over the years, so we have made sure that we provide a complete range for old and new installations. You’ll find pipe fittings from leading brands like JG Speedfit, Plumbsure and fluidmaster that cover a wide range of fittings. read more about the pipe joiner, pipe joiner uses, pipe joiner suppliers, pipe joiner buyers, pipe joiner exporter, pipe joiner seller, pipe joiner and pipe joinerat bulk.

latest price list of pipe joiner in Iran

Where To Find Cheapest pipe joiner?

 Where To Find Cheapest pipe joiner? Using PJ414 Multipurpose Pipe Fittings for PVC with diameter 14 in diameter can be used with primary, lever and chain method to join medium and large gasket pipes and fittings. Reed Manufacturing Box Company, Lever and Chain Approach for Joining Pipe and Middle Gasket Pipe Fittings, PJ414 Multipurpose Pipe Attachment can be made of PVC to diameter 14, cast iron, cast iron, clay tile, cast iron pipe, concrete Kurdish. The Quarter Inch Quarter Coil Chain Tubing and Sewer is calibrated to 1600 pounds, using two 12-foot length chains plus an expandable handle designed to accommodate a wide range of applications.

The method of connection in PE and PE depends on the pipeline application, requirements and project conditions:

1- Electro Fusion Welding Joints

Electrofusion joints are commonly used in gas distribution networks. Electro fusion fittings are in accordance with the standard recommendations of National Iranian Gas Company and German DIN.

2 – Button Fusion Welding

Butt welding joints are used in water and wastewater systems and their distribution network, fire extinguishing at various pressures. This type of welding is the best method of bonding in PE pipe and joints if done correctly. In welding joints, the quality and efficiency of the welding depends on the skill and ability of the welder, the suitability and efficiency of the welding machine and related equipment, and the compliance with welding principles and rules.

3- Screw fittings

Polyethylene screw joints are used in water and sewage lines at pressures below 4 times. The screw joints are easily and quickly opened and closed and do not damage the PE pipe and joints and are also very resistant to chemicals.

Where To Buy pipe joiner In Bulk?

Ensure that seals and couplers are clean to ensure proper sealing. In the absence of proper care, the shape of the pipe carogit will cause the trench material to be pulled into the coupler. For each connection, two washers are required for the end of the two tubes that are inserted into the coupler. The gaskets should be lubricated with a suitable lubricant before being placed on the tube.

It is important to ensure full lubrication of both coupler washers. Care must be taken to ensure that the ends of both tubes are fully inserted into the coupler. If the gasket is damaged, it is usually due to the lack of proper lubrication of the gasket and the coupler. If the washer is not properly lubricated during installation, it may be removed.

Coupling with thermal coupler

Coupling with thermal coupler for double wall PE pipe used in irrigation, sanitation, sewage and drainage, building, mining, canalization and cable protection underground.

These couplers are made of high quality networked polyolefin materials. Hot melt viscous coating provides 2% sealing. This method is practically feasible and economically feasible to connect large diameter pipes.

In summary, the advantages and features of this coupler are as follows:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • High impact resistance
  • Suitable for dry and wet basement conditions
  • Surface joint with pipe
  • Possibility of more adaptation under non-equilibrium conditions due to elastomeric properties
  • The possibility of using a coupler size for a pipe of different size range due to its high shrinkage ratio
  • Heat resistance, UV radiation, vibration, rock particles and adverse industrial conditions
  • Available during required functions
  • Couplings and gaskets (silent and spigot)

When using the VASPICOT silent system, both Ooring and Silent should be lubricated with a non-oil lubricant. The male and female parts must be cleaned before lubrication to ensure complete sealing. Some of the benefits of this method include:

  • Weather-independent installation
  • Fast and easy installation with high efficiency
  • Time saving (no need for welding and cooling time and no wasted time)
  • No training required
  • Process without the need for special equipment
  • Ability to apply pressure immediately after installation
  • Easy purchase and purchase without the need for extra parts

The Best pipe joiner Suppliers In Iran

 The Best pipe joiner Suppliers In Iran Metal fittings are used to connect between metal pipes and other piping items such as weld flanges, cast iron valves, brass valves, rubber seals, accordion seals and more. Metal joints are divided into several general categories according to the type of edges arranged for joints and alloys:

1- Manisan Fittings: These types of metal fittings are welded together with mannose and seam tubes, as well as their alloys according to ASTM A234 WPB and its dimensions according to ASME B16.9. The process of making them does not use any weld seams. Mannose fittings are suitable for high temperature and high pressure systems. Mannose fittings are available in a variety of thicknesses, including grade 40, SGP and STD mannose fittings on the product pip site.

2 – Black jointed joints: Like mannose joints, this type of metal joints is welded and differs from mannose joints in their manufacturing process. These joints are made by molding and seam welding on their bodies, which have a lower pressure and temperature tolerance than mannose joints.

3- Galvanized Gear Fittings: This type of fittings is threaded and fitted with galvanized pipes, the surface of these fittings is galvanized and suitable for areas with high humidity and the possibility of corrosion and corrosion. Is high. Galvanized fittings with Brazilian Hub brands, Mc China and George Fischer are available on Pipel’s site.

4- High Pressure Joints: These types of metal joints have two types of gears and silencer. Its gear type has a much higher pressure and temperature than galvanized gear joints. The alloys for these metal fittings are in accordance with ASTM A105 and their ASME B16.11 dimensions.

Why Exporting pipe joiner From Iran Is Much More?

 Why Exporting pipe joiner From Iran Is Much More? Exports of pipes and fittings as one of the most demanding steel products on the one hand, and on the other hand the fluctuations in the dollar and the currency, the momentum rules of the customs and … has created its own problems that require specialized and specialized experts in this field. . Our site provides you with the expertise and knowledge of all of our export experts and challenges, and ensures that you are on the easy and safe path. Below we examine in detail the export of pipes to all neighboring countries including Iraq, Turkey and Georgia. You can also read export processes, export bans, steel exporting factories, business services, and other information needed to export steel sections on the Business Services and Export Articles section of the City of Iron.

Export of pipes to Turkey

Due to the political and geographical situation and conditions of Turkey and by passing important historical events, Turkey is also importing many goods from other countries besides exporting. Their main imported products have been fuel, chemicals and in recent years steel products including rebar, pipe, ingot and iron ore. Most of Turkey’s imports from Russia account for 12.8%, while Iran accounts for 4% of Turkey’s imports. At present, Iran exports 45 digits of the required goods to Turkey. Hence, Turkey has become the sixth export market of Iran.

Exports to Turkey are possible by land, air and sea, but 90% of Iran’s exports to Turkey are via land and merchant border. For more information about Bazargan Border and other Turkish Export Borders, please visit our Export Borders page.

One of the important and important factors in exporting polyethylene pipe to Turkey is the legal requirements of Turkey which has been introduced in the form of mandatory standard certification and pipe quality analysis. Therefore, the rail exported to Turkey should be selected and purchased with full knowledge of the Turkish market and in accordance with their legal requirements. This will be easily possible with the help of well-known experts in the Iron City complex.

Export of pipes to Iraq

Iraq, after its recent political turmoil and its recent 10-year turmoil, was in dire need of rebuilding the country, which provided a very good opportunity for steelmaking units, especially for its neighboring country, Iran, to build. . Since Iraq itself does not have significant steel production, they have to import steel products. The exporting countries to Iraq are Turkey, Iran, China and South America, respectively. Iran ranks second in the supply chain with a 17% share of Iraqi imports. In the field of construction, after cement, ironware, especially pipes and fittings, is the most important product exported to Iraq.

In recent years, Iran’s exports to Iraq have increased due to more favorable prices and ultimately lower costs in Iranian steel production, Iraqi tariff cuts from zero to 5% and tax exemptions in Iraqi free zones, with Iraq’s largest volume of imports. Has dedicated itself. Iraq’s free trade zones include Basra, Ninawa, Anbar and Sulaimaniyah.

The quality and standard of the polycarbonate pipe exported to Iraq differs from other countries and often has a lower quality level than other countries. Exports to Iraq are also possible by land, air and sea, but in general most exports are from land borders, including Mehran and Bashmaq. For details of Iraqi borders and how to export polyethylene pipes to Iraq, see the Export Articles and Iraq Borders page.

The only thing important in exporting galvanized pipes to Iraq is the customs clearance and quality of steel products that the City of Iron Company ensures to be with you to provide you with a safe and prosperous business path.

Export of pipes and fittings to Georgia

One of Iran’s target markets for export will undoubtedly be the Georgian market. After Georgia’s EU integration law was adopted, Georgia became a suitable platform for exporting goods. This way, various countries, including Iran, export their goods through Georgia to other European and American countries. Exports through the country also gained popularity with the elimination of customs duties on Georgian-made goods. In this way, European and American businessmen will no longer be afraid of US economic sanctions in dealing with Iran.

The most important export products to Georgia include construction materials, especially export pipes. Georgia also has a specific standard and quality for rebar imports. Iran’s export and trade relations with Georgia are via land, air and sea borders. The major trade exchange with Georgia is via the Merchant’s land border. For more information on how to trade and export to Georgia, as well as Georgia’s export borders, see the Georgian Borders Page and Export Articles.

Since the Georgian market is not only export but also has good opportunities to import goods for export, the Georgian market is different from other markets. Therefore, for a successful business in Georgia, you will need specialized consulting and understanding of the market opportunities in Georgia and the market in Iran. Iron City Collection, a trusted and experienced consultant, will accompany you on a continuing basis.

Why Selling pipe joiner Is Beneficial?

 Why Selling pipe joiner Is Beneficial? Pipe prices are always fluctuating and many factors such as currency prices, load shortages, etc. affect the price of pipes, so target site should be constantly updated to control the price of pipes and fittings. 

Pipe connection methods:

 Most of the methods used to connect the pipes can be divided into three main categories, the two methods are welding and the other is winding. These are:


BUTT WELD connection:

In this method, also known as “welding” method, two tubes are positioned in a straight line and are welded to each other at a suitable distance and then connected by continuous welding. This is known as Edge Preparation. As mentioned above, during the welding of pipes and fittings, the two pipes are first aligned, followed by temporary welding of two pipes in a coaxial state, known as FITUP. After the main welding, the temporary welds are removed from the pipe. The following figure shows an example of FITUP. The methods of welding and the number of welding layers, termed “passive”, are described in specific documents, depending on the type of metal and its working conditions.

pipe joiner Price In Different Seasons

 pipe joiner Price In Different Seasons In general, pipes are responsible for transporting or maintaining a variety of fluids, whether liquids or gases of varying densities. Depending on their application, pipes can be made of various materials such as steel, plastic, copper, cast iron, cement, PVC, etc. Below we will give a brief description of them:

Steel pipes

Steel pipes are actually pipes made of steel and are widely used in various industries, especially for joints. Steel pipes and used in building installations are mainly divided into three groups of galvanized pipes, black pipes and mannose pipes. All steel pipes are highly resistant to high pressures and are easy to operate because of the length of the branches (6 meters) but are quickly corroded because they have no outer covering.

Galvanized pipes

Galvanized pipes, one of the most important types of steel pipes, are silver in color and are mainly used for hot and cold water piping used in buildings. If hot and cold water-coated galvanized pipes are used above the false ceiling or any other free space such as ducts passing through building pipes and away from moisture with a layer of primer tape around the pipe or even black primer color, they will have a very long life span. they will be. Naturally, to prevent the decay of galvanized pipes that are installed and executed beneath the tiles of the buildings, within the canals of the floor, etc., the use of primer paint with even two layers of primer tape can guarantee length. The service life and durability of galvanized pipes are corrosion resistant. Obviously, proper insulation around all consumed hot water pipes will significantly reduce the heat loss of the hot water pipe.

How Much Profits Can pipe joiner Trades Make?

How Much Profits Can pipe joiner Trades Make? The prices of all pipes and fittings provided on our site are up-to-date and discounts are considered by consumers at these prices. As these prices also include a guarantee of the best price on the site. As all products on the site are offered with original warranty, if you purchase any of the types of pipes and fittings provided on the site, certainly all related discounts The special sale of each brand includes respectable buyers.

Main Suppliers of Pipe joiner on the market

The pipe joiner can be purchased from stores that supply construction or industrial supplies. The adhesive is generally a material used to attach plastic, wood, paper, ceramics, and metal. Nowadays, special adhesives are used to bond polymeric and PVC pipes. PVC glue lasts and can be used for a long time. A kind of plastic welding can be made between 8 and 24 hours at the surface of the pipe joint. Because the importance of high-quality joints in pipes is extremely high, PVC and U-PVC high-pressure pipes are sealed and bonded with these special adhesives. You can buy these types of adhesives either in person or through online ordering from industrial product distributors.

Main Suppliers of Pipe joiner on the market

How do you join a poly pipe?

How do you join a poly pipe?

PVC pipe is one of the most practical types of plastic pipe. PVC pipe systems are widely used in the industry. Lightweight, welding and abrasion resistance make this pipe durable. PVC pipes are also good thermal and electrical insulation. But how do you join a poly pipe? You need a special adhesive to join a poly pipe. Due to the widespread use of PVC pipes in various industries, especially agriculture, PVC pipes, and fittings should be bonded to each other with high strength and high welding strength.

PVC pipes can also break down and leak over time and environmental factors, in which case the use of adhesives is essential. In the past, bitumen or sap was used as an adhesive, but with the advent of technology, industrial adhesives were made.

Adhesives are a group of polymeric materials that are produced by enhanced chemical reaction or condensed polymerization. The adhesive is suitable for PVC pipes and fittings with high moisture content.

In addition to being resistant to ignition, chemicals, and corrosives, it also has high adhesion strength. In principle, the adhesive cracking potential should be very low. In the meantime, the factory produced different adhesives for PVC pipes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them will be mentioned below.

  • Plica adhesive
  • Fiberglass adhesive
  • Epoxy adhesive
  • Polyimide adhesive

Two important things to consider when using and maintaining PVC pipe adhesives. First, it should not be diluted by any other solvent by any means because the strength of the adhesive is dramatically reduced.

Second, if the adhesive is kept in a free environment it may be best to avoid using PVC pipe adhesive since nothing called adhesion will be found in its properties. The reason is simple, the solvent that must penetrate the tube evaporates and the gelatinous residue is unable to pass through the PVC molecules and cannot bond.

How do you glue pipe together?

As you know today, pipes have different types. From metal pipes to plastic pipes, PVC pipes, polyethylene pipes, etc., need to be bonded together for use. Pipes can be connected in various ways. How do you glue the pipe together? The use of adhesive is one of the most widely used of these methods. The glue pipe together is done by the specialists. Today, PVC pipes are very popular because of their high strength and strength against chemicals. The adhesive is used to connect these pipes.

PVC adhesive is one of the strong adhesives with very high adhesion and fusion strength, which is used for adhesion of sewage pipe parts, plastic parts, and other sewage connections. This adhesive is a combination of stabilizers, thickeners and plastic polymers that are dissolved in a mixture of solvents.

These adhesives are PVC hard and waterproof and moisture resistant. PVC glue is available in all kinds of Target and conventional PVC. Target glue has greater elasticity and strength and also acts as fast as possible.

These adhesives help to better install PVC pipes and prevent leakage and damage to pipes. Adhesives used for bonding PVC pipes must be resistant to high temperatures chemicals and corrosives and have a very low self-cracking potential.

This is why high quality and standard PVC adhesives are manufactured that have high adhesion strength as well as expressed properties. One of the most important features of most quality PVC adhesives is the following.

The percentage of PVC resin should be minimal and at room temperature about 90 centigrade viscosity. As the last component, it can be noted that the impact strength should reach at least 3 MPa after two hours. Other qualitative characteristics of PVC adhesives can be described as follows.

  1. Corrosion resistance
  2. Resistance to chemical agents
  3. Modulus of elasticity and high flexibility
  4. Tensile strength and low weight
  5. Low roughness
  6. Flame resistance
  7. And of course, offering the best price.

How do you screw pipes together?

How do you screw pipes together?

The role of pipes and fittings in the construction industry is very important today. The pipes are divided into several categories in terms of connections, sex, and application. Types of pipes used in industry include steel, copper and polymer pipes. The fittings of each of these pipes are different, which we will examine in the following. Pipes and how to connect them are more about PVC pipes.

But how do you screw the pipes together? And basically what glue will stick to PVC? One of the most common methods of high-pressure PVC pipe fittings is the use of special PVC adhesive. Two important factors in choosing the appropriate PVC solvent adhesive are.

  1. Duration of adhesive drying
  2. The bond strength (cold welding) created

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the second most popular thermo-plastic after polyolefins and has been widely used in the industry for many years. More than 50% of PVC produced in the world is generally used in construction due to its low cost and easy connection.

The methods of connecting pipes and PVC fittings can be divided into the adhesive and wrap fittings, which is the more common type of adhesive. PVC solvent adhesive is a mixture of plastic polymers, thickeners, and stabilizers that are dissolved in a mixture of solvents.

Often this adhesive is a viscous and uniform liquid. These adhesives are not used for joints of soft PVC or polyethylene or polypropylene. These adhesives are used for construction purposes as well as for types of joints for profiles and sewage pipes and for irrigation and agricultural applications.

How do you glue a large diameter PVC pipe?

PVC pipes are generally divided into two categories: low pressure, semi-strong and high pressure. The diameters of each of these types of tubes differ. But the question that may arise here is, How do you glue a large diameter PVC pipe? There are different ways to connect different parts of PVC pipes. There are two main ways to connect. There are different ways to connect different parts of PVC pipes. There are two main ways to connect.

  1. Method One: Adhesive bonding
  2. The second method: flange connection

In the first method, a special PVC adhesive that is maintained at a temperature between 4 and 47 ° C is used. This adhesive should be pure and uniform and should not be bulleted, dense, heterogeneous, rigid or frozen. For this type of connection, we first cut the pipe perpendicular to its cross-section, and trim the resulting material with the appropriate material or smooth mesh.

Then, mark the outer wall of the pipe to the desired dimensions by the market. Then wipe the outer part of the pipe as well as the inside part of the joint with the clean cloth so that there is no oil or moisture contamination.

If there are fittings on any part of the outer or inner wall of the dust and additives, it will adversely affect the quality of the fittings. Pollution reduces the adhesion speed of PVC-specific adhesives and prevents optimal adhesion.

In the second method, a flange connection is used to attach the PVC pipes to each other or to the valves. The sealing operation is carried out on flange connections with rubber seal pressure mounted on the front flange. The flange connection to the pipe is done using a flanged UPS bushing and at the end of the PVC pipe with a special adhesive.

What is the strongest PVC glue?

What is the strongest PVC glue?

PVC glue is used for gluing PVC and plastic pipes. Available in different sizes in the market, these adhesives are commonly used to glue plastic parts, sealants, and waterproof parts. What is the strongest PVC glue? PVC glue is one of the most common ways to glue plastic pipes together. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the second most common thermo-plastic after polyolefins and has been widely used in industry for many years and has many applications.

More than 50% of PVC manufactured in the world are generally used in construction due to its cheapness and easy connection. Wiring connectors for pipes and PVC joints can be divided into adhesive and cover fit. However, it is best to know that the type of adhesive connection is more common.

In adhesive bonding, PVC adhesive plays the role of solvent and solubilizes the outer surface of the male and the inner surface of the pistil joint, and after a while, it results in the integration of two bonding surfaces and eventually cold welding between the two points.

After gluing, the two pieces are dissolved by PVC glue and a cold welding joint is inserted between them. You can go to stores that sell industrial or chemical products directly to buy the best type of PVC adhesive.

How long does PVC glue last?

PVC adhesive is a combination of plastic polymers, thickeners, and stabilizers that are dissolved in a mixture of solvents. In general, this glue is a viscous and uniform liquid. This industrial adhesive is used for bonding of soft PVC or polyethylene or polypropylene. These adhesives are used for construction purposes such as joints for profiles and sewage pipes and for irrigation and agricultural applications.

The type of adhesive bonding is the most common method in PVC pipes and fittings. But how long does PVC glue last? In adhesive bonding, adhesion drying time and bond strength are important factors in selecting the appropriate PVC solvent adhesive.

Pvc adhesive has many domestic and industrial applications. PVC glue is no exception. The advantages of these adhesives will be briefly mentioned below.

  • PVC glue is a component and you only need the glue itself and you do not need any other material to tighten it. Being partial improves the quality and speed of work.
  •  These adhesives are capable of quick-drying and do not require much time to dry.
  •  PVC adhesive is very resistant to different types of adhesive solvents due to the materials used in it and therefore it can be used in different locations and conditions.
  •  These adhesives are available in different models and sizes. So you can tailor them to your needs.

What glue will stick to PVC?

What glue will stick to PVC?

Adhesives, regardless of their gender and structure, have had a major and historic role in human civilization. For example, gum and bitumen in their time have driven the great wheel of different nations’ cultures, and then, with industrial advancements, the possibility of making vegetable adhesives has been made possible. Today, however, we are looking at a type of adhesive that improves the quality of piping and fluid transfer and can provide a standard and robust connection to the PVC pipe.

But what glue will stick to PVC? Like PVC pipes and their derivatives, PVC pipe adhesives are also polymeric in nature. Now depending on the sex and nature, the adhesive is either augmented or a compaction polymer. An adhesive is the result of multi-stranded polymeric strands forming a single set of covalent bonds. The adhesives in question have an intra-network structure.

But the polymeric paste of an adhesive requires several additives for standard performance. We do not go into a technical discussion, but those additives must make the adhesive resistant to the oxidizing nature and environmental damage of UV rays.

In addition, the adhesive should be pasty. Neither dense enough to be flexible nor smooth enough at the specified location. With these interpretations let us say that the adhesive should receive oxygen and radiation-proofing additive, in addition to an additive of mechanical properties.

PVC pipe adhesive is not the only adhesive used in a building or structure. Here we will only briefly name you the types of adhesives from a structural perspective to get acquainted with them.

  • Epoxy adhesives (wood, glass, concrete and plastic adhesive of this type)
  •  Phenolic adhesives (this type of adhesive is used to bond metals)
  •  Formaldehyde compression adhesives (this model is exclusively for wood)
  •  Acrylic adhesives (suitable for sealing)
  •  Polysulfide adhesives (act as super insulators)
  •  Silicone sealants (these adhesives are known in Iran as aquarium adhesives, so they work well in bathrooms and spaces)