Plumbing connectors wholesale suppliers

Tehran Plica Pipe Factory, Pipe and Fittings Distribution Center, offers its products with high variety in terms of material and size. Plica pipes are one of the best and best-selling building fittings in Tehran and other cities. One of the most important parts related to the construction of any residential or commercial unit is its plumbing. Undoubtedly, this specialized work is done according to the plumbing connectors and type of building.

Plumbing connectors wholesale suppliers

Various dimensions of plumbing connectors

Various dimensions of plumbing connectors Plica pipes are sold in Tehran in various varieties in terms of type and size. Due to the prosperity of construction in Tehran and also the massification of housing, the sale of these connections has been done in different and different amounts and is one of the raw materials for plumbing buildings. Therefore, part of the needs of housing builders and builders This equipment is sold through wholesale centers for bulk purchases and significant quantities. Therefore, part of the major buyers of Plica pipes is the materials stores.

However, part of the sale of Plica pipes and fittings is dedicated to housing and construction manufacturers in Tehran and other cities. The sale of this product through the establishment of sales agencies in different areas of Tehran is done for direct supply. These agencies will introduce the latest plumbing fittings types of the company to the clients and the supply of various types of Plica pipes will be done directly by these centers.

But in general, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a pipe. Pipes and fittings must be made in such a way that they do not react with acidic or gypsum materials. Building fittings should not be altered along with chemicals. To change it, the pipe must withstand weight and pressure and have high durability.

Bulk supplying of plumbing connectors in 2020

Bulk supplying of plumbing connectors in 2020 Plica is the name of a brand that produces PVC pipes, and in the market, some people use the same name to buy it. These manufacturers are one of the leading leaders in the production and manufacture of pipes and fittings in the country. Be. The products of this brand are among the highest quality samples of similar products that have many years of manufacturing experience. One of the industries that are directly related to this equipment is the water and sewage industry, in which the production management of the Plica pipe has been able to meet the needs of this part of the industry.

These construction parts have very high resistance and their strength makes use Extensive of these pipes are in the construction pipe fittings chart. The price of a regular Plica pipe and a cheap export Plica pipe are in bulk, and the world price is the rate at which the pipe is exchanged and traded. In addition to this region, other countries such as Iraq, Central Asian countries, Turkmenistan, Qatar, and Oman are among the other countries where pipe exports are carried out. Among the mentioned countries, the largest amount of exports to the neighboring country, Iraq, has been made.