Sprinkler pipe fittings Wholesale Price

 sprinkler pipe fittings are widely used in pressurized irrigation and the agricultural industry. These connections can be used to seal and secure pipes, regulate water flow, resize pipes and change the direction of water flow. Its drip irrigation connections include a variety of clamps, elbows, transformers, tripods and hose heads.

Sprinkler pipe fittings Wholesale Price

Reason for popularity of sprinkler pipe fittings

Reason for popularity of sprinkler pipe fittings

As the water is distributed as it rains, the water supply is well maintained. Although sprinkler irrigation systems are suitable for most soils, they are not recommended for sandy soils with high penetration rates. When using sprinkler irrigation systems, it is necessary to use precise programs to prevent water runoff due to the amount of water penetration.

That is why the use of this issue should be considered. If the soil is shallow and not well penetrated, the use of sprinkler irrigation equipment is not recommended.

The most important advantages of sprinkler irrigation systems

1- Elimination of waste in cultivable areas

2- Suitable for all types of soil except heavy clay

3- Suitable for sandy soil

4- Suitable for plants whose population is high in unit area.

5- High practical efficiency

6- Improving water consumption

Sprinkler irrigation systems transfer water from above to plants. In some greenhouse and garden structures, this equipment is installed overhead. Overhead installation has the advantage that plumbing will be protected from mechanical damage to vehicles or people. In addition, water lines can be buried under the soil during installation.

One of the most important benefits of irrigation from above is that with low investment and low maintenance costs, most plant areas can be irrigated.

Most of these devices have a uniform distribution pattern, which can be used with several water nozzles for a different distribution of water. However, keep in mind that these devices distribute water unevenly. It is best not to use this product for some products that pose a greater risk of diseases such as fungi and pests. Sprinkler Pipe Fittings and Couplings are a type of nozzle that sprays water in a mist-like powder.

Bulk prices of sprinkler pipe fittings in 2020

Bulk prices of sprinkler pipe fittings in 2020

Reputable companies such as agricultural services with many years in the field of importing irrigation products such as sprinklers with different brands in Turkey, including Pillar with orange color, have been able to sell the most sales in the country at reasonable prices for shopkeepers.

 sprinklers have always been of interest to farmers in several different periods, and every year when we encounter common droughts in Iran, the use of irrigation systems has always been recommended by all experts, but some sprinklers are due to costs. At a very high level, people are having a hard time preparing, and in the meantime, reputable companies have been able to be very popular with the public by importing a variety of polymer sprinklers from different brands. Sprinkler system parts can be purchased online