Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings & Couplings for Sale

Stainless steel pipe fittings have a high volume for sale in the market. 2 pipe coupling stainless steel typically contain 10 to 30 percent chromium. Chromium, in combination with low carbon content, provides significant resistance to corrosion and heat. Elements such as nickel, molybdenum, titanium, aluminum, niobium, copper, nitrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus or selenium may be added to increase corrosion resistance in specific environments. These elements give special properties to the alloys.

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings & Couplings for Sale

2″ Galvanized Pipe Coupling to Buy

2Galvanized joints are used to 2 steel pipe coupling to one another for different purposes, the galvanized joints have a white appearance which indicates that these joints are galvanized. Get to know galvanized joints better.

Galvanized joints are used for the following purposes:

1. Knee or galvanized chuck can be used to redirect the flow of fluid. The difference between the knee and the galvanized oblique is in the way they are bound and threaded, such that the galvanized knee is threaded through the two ends of the thread and is called a coil, but the galvanized oblique is not necessary. And on the one hand it is a spiral and on the other is a spiral.

2. To divert the galvanized pipe path, a galvanized three-way should be used. The galvanized tees are all 90 degrees (the angle between the inlet and outlet ducts is 90 degrees). The galvanized tees are produced in two equal tees and a convertible tee:

Equalized Galvanized Tee: In this type of tie, all three input, output and split sizes are equal and equal.

Galvanized Conversion Tee: In this type of tee, the inlet and outlet portion sizes are larger than the branch size.

3. To change the size of the galvanized pipes, conversion should be used. Galvanized transforms feed on one side of the gear and the other on the outside of the gear and thread.

4. For ease of opening and closing of brass valves and other gear items, galvanized nut should be used. With the ability to change the length of the valve nut allows easy opening and closing of the valves, sealing the nut is crucial as the brand must come from a reputable market.

5. Galvanized bushings should be used to connect two galvanized pipes. The galvanized pipes are spiral in both the front and bottom, which cannot be connected by two galvanized pipes and therefore can be used for two galvanized pipes. Galvanized bushings should be used in two ways: in gear.

6. Galvanized kernels should be used to connect the two parts in the screw. The use of galvanized brains is exactly the opposite of the galvanized bushing performance.

7. Galvanized cap should be used to blind and block fluid flow.

Galvanized fittings with different brands are available for purchase in the market where dear visitors can view the four main brands of galvanized fittings on the Pipal website and these four brands are:

Brazilian Hub Galvanized Fittings:

Brazilian Hub Brand Galvanized Joints (TUPY) Made in Brazil, it is manufactured in two models of standard galvanized joints and high pressure gear joints that are available in the Iranian market, which is standardized in the Iranian market. BSP.

George Fischer Galvanized Fittings:

George Fischer galvanized fittings are similar in quality to Brazilian hub fittings but are sold at a much lower percentage. One of the disadvantages of George Fischer galvanized fittings is the failure to complete the product basket.

Mac Galvanized Fittings:

Mac Galvanized Fittings is a Chinese brand with acceptable quality.

Chinese galvanized fittings:

See infographic of galvanized Brazilian joints here.

Galvanized Sealing Joints:

To better seal the galvanized and non-leaky joints, items such as Teflon tape, Teflon fluid, hemp and plumbing paste should be used. One of the main reasons for the lack of sealing and leakage of galvanized joints is the vibration and vibration of the joints through rotary items such as pumps and chillers and so on. Galvanization has largely prevented the use of industrial vibration rubber seals in Iran to help this matter.

Galvanized Fittings Standard:

Generally galvanized fittings are manufactured in both NPT gear and BSP gear, and it is interesting to know that Chinese galvanized fittings comply with the BSP standard, and when connecting to brass valves with NPT gear, there is no problem in saying later No more twisting than 3 to 4 steps of gear. Of course, all of this is experimental and has no scientific backing.

What is the use of galvanized joints?

Galvanized fittings can be used to transport drinking water to buildings and floors, and these fittings can be used to connect the riser system to other parts of the floor.

Steel Pipe Coupling Types and Specifications

One of the methods of connecting steel pipe coupling types is the use of gear joints with joints. There are two types of black steel pipe fittings and galvanized in the market.

Gear specifications are ISO compliant, ie external gear is parallel. Gear joints are made up to 6 inches (150 mm) in length. Here you are provided with a variety of connections commonly used in plumbing work. We know.


Ordinary bushing: Ordinary bushing is used to connect two diameters of the same diameter to one another. Ordinary bushing indicates a cast iron and steel.

Conversion bushing: For low diameter and two non-sized pipes, the conversion bushing is used.

Spiral Spiral: Spiral spiral is a type of bushing that has a head that is ribbed inside and out and one of the uses where it is necessary to add a small length (about a few centimeters) of pipe.

Three ways

There are three ways to get a split. All three have internal gear rails. Three rails are manufactured and marketed in different types.

90 Degree Triangle (straight three): These are used to obtain a 90 degree branching of the main line.

Three-way corner

These three ways are used where all three branches are perpendicular to each other, such as the corner of the building

Three-way conversion

These three ways are available in different sizes and modes of the site and market.

  • A. Three conventional conversion paths, which are used to obtain smaller size bifurcations.
  • B. Three ways of converting with a larger umbilicus, used to divide the water into two equal branches in two opposite directions.

45 Degree Trenches This type of trench is often used in sewage systems and is mostly made up of 2 inch pipe coupler in diameter.

Four ways

Four-way fittings are used where it is necessary to cut the two main pipes in two opposite directions.

Masoor’s nut

In plumbing circuits, the nut is used as a detachable connection. The most commonly used are:

  • A. In closed circuit circuits
  • B. Pipe connection to a stationary device such as: water heater, double wall hot water tank, etc.
  • C. Beside cut-off valves which are not flange, the nut of nut is composed of three parts male, female and intermediate.

Brass pipe coupling to buy in bulk

Brass pipe coupling to buy in bulk Today, the major selling of brass fittings in the world has been a chaos, so we look forward to talking with you today about it.

What are Brass Fittings?

Brass fittings are essential tools used in building plumbing.

As you know, they use metal pipes in building plumbing… because metal pipes have more strength and resistance than other pipes.

But it should be noted that manufacturers faced a significant problem in sealing the joints, so manufacturers realized that they had to change the material of the joints so they made connections with brass metal.

It can be argued that the metal of rice is better quality and durable than other metals.

These fittings have many different types, each of which has its own application.

What are the major ways to sell brass fittings?

There are two ways to buy or sell fittings:

Internet: In this way for selling brass fittings, you can sell these fittings through the creation of a dedicated site for the seller company or also with the virtual accounts created by the seller company. In this case you can apply from this site.

Or you can visit the vendor’s virtual accounts via the Internet to buy these connections. Or search for and order your connection on the internet at our site dedicated to selling these connections.

In-person: In this way you can buy the desired connections by referring to the resellers of these connections.

Threaded copper pipe coupling for sale

Copper pipe fittings are produced in both extruded and DIRECT TUBE methods. Copper tubes are manufactured with different alloys and dimensions. Due to the electrical conductivity and the extra thermal conductivity of copper, the copper tube application is also divided into two main groups, namely electric current transfer and heat transfer.

To supply goods from this collection after viewing the Copy List Price List for sale, contact the customer and request a purchase request, pre-invoice of the product (including product and technical specifications, price, payment and settlement terms, date of delivery and delivery, and …) issued by this collection and sent to the buyer.

After the pre-invoice is approved by the buyer and payment is made according to the specified conditions, loading, shipment and delivery of the desired products.

Important Tips to Buy:

• Price lists on the site are updated at the beginning of the day. Due to fluctuations in the market, it is advisable to contact our experts to ensure the final price.

• Contact experts if you do not see the desired product or need additional services such as cutting, drilling, galvanizing, bending.

• If you need an inspector or technical product documentation, be sure to advise the consultants before submitting a pre-invoice. You can also use the following consulting and engineering services before or during your purchase:

  • Advice on selecting suitable materials according to its industrial application
  • Advice on conforming the requested product with international and national standards

Is copper couplings and plumbings so expensive?

Is copper couplings and plumbings so expensive?These connections have different prices. The use of copper pipes for building water supply facilities as well as heating and cooling system pipes is common in the world. The use of these pipes has its own advantages and disadvantages. These pipes have a high level of corrosion resistance, but their only downside is the cost and high cost of the building.

Copper pipes are manufactured in two (Soft) and Hard (Rigid) specimens, depending on the design of the installation and the installation location. Soft tubes are easily bent around the barriers and are positioned without the need for knee joints. So soft pipes are the best choice for a cold water supply system.

These tubes are connected in several ways. The first method is soldering, which is welded together by a torch and welded joints and tubes and has been resistant for decades. The second method is pressing in such a way that a loop is pressed around the joints and tubes and tightens the joint.

Copper pipes are manufactured and manufactured to three US, Canadian, Australian and European standards, which differ only slightly in thickness.

There were, of course, concerns about the amount of lead in the soldering welds that could be harmful to the metabolism of the human body, but this concern was eliminated by setting the lead standard to less than 0.2% of the solder.

pipe coupler clamp in copper tubes also have the ability to bond to cathode protection, and thus the corrosion effects of these tubes will be much less. The cathodic protection inserts a small DC current into the plumbing system to prevent the corrosion of the DC current from being transmitted instead of loss of electron and corrosion.

This piping method has been commonplace since 2000, replacing steel and steel pipes. Today, in competition with coupling pipe pvc and five layers, it has created a good market in Europe and North America.

How to select pipe couplings?

Choosing the right pipe is very important during a construction project, as you will need to use water pipes as well as sewer pipes in different situations. Among the types of water pipes, the five-layer pipe is one of the most convenient and reliable choices you can make. It is used in addition to water supply in floor heating systems.

Here are some of the features of these great pipes:

Very low longitudinal expansion is one of the most important features of a water transfer pipe in the water supply system, and the five-layer pipe has this important property.

The surface inside the five-layer tube is soft and you will notice less pressure drop in these tubes.

Since these pipes are light weight, it is much easier to install a water supply or floor heating system with these pipes than other pipes.

As noted, the lack of oxygen penetration into these pipes (due to the presence of an aluminum middle layer) causes the water color to remain constant.

These pipes are highly resistant to chemicals.

Unlike some water pipes, the five-layer tube does not rust and does not build up inside the algae.

The five-layer tube is able to withstand temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is a good option for hot water pipes for homes.

2″ Stainless-Steel Coupling suppliers and dealers

2Stainless steel couplings dealers and suppliers are active throughout the country.

Stainless-steel or stainless steel couplings are among the equipment used in the acid and chemical industries, the food industry, the pharmaceutical and health industries as well as the water and wastewater industries. Stainless steel couplings with stainless steel and anti-acid materials are a good choice for installation in pipelines and connecting steel pipes.

Stainless- steel couplings are manufactured from 1.2-inch to 12-inch in size from 5 to 80 as well as pressure from 3000 to 6000.

Couplings are used to connect steel pipes to plumbing, which are manufactured in two types of short and long couplings.

Buyers can buy this product at a reasonable price through this site.