Compression pipe fittings domestic production

Hydraulic pipe fittings Oil pipes, oil pipes, pipes, hydraulic components and connecting components are removable, easy separation, reliable sealing, strong fittings Compression  pipe fittings, small size, flow capacity, pressure drop, technology Well and so on.

Compression pipe fittings domestic production

What is a compression fitting in plumbing?

What is a compression fitting in plumbing? The main structure of the welded connection to hydraulic pipes consists of a pair of valves, pipe fittings, o-ring and nut compression pipe fittings and connection to steel pipes in the system. When the nut is tightened, the O-ring is compressed to the end of the connection, sealed by the effect. Pipe connection has the advantages of simple structure and strong compressive strength. The disadvantage of compressed pipes is that welding is more difficult and is suitable for connecting thick steel pipes with high pressure.

The main structure of the angular hydraulic cross-linking consists of compression coupling, guide sleeves and nuts. Under the pressure of the guide sleeve, it is sealed by expanding the end of the tube. Connecting the pipe in the structure is simple, suitable for copper, compressed thin pipe, nylon pipe and common plastic pipe.

 sleeves and nuts, and the pipe is sealed with a long elastic sleeve.  High pressure, compressed, anti-wear pipe fittings, suitable for seamless high cold and cold steel pipe fittings.

This joint is mainly made of a common jacket, tube and nut compression fittings, which is suitable for connecting hoses.

Quickly replaces hydraulic pipe fittings, which include valve fittings, slip sleeves, compressed pipe fittings, valves, steel balls and so on. Pull the ball to the end of the ball until the connection is connected and the one-way valve is uniform to connect to the oil circuit. Need to break, compact sleeve sliding sleeve fittings, out-of-body connection, open oil compression fittings, in the rear seat spring seat seat on the seat, so that the two closed tubes of the oil pipe, sliding sleeve slide under the spring adjustment operation. Compression fittings These pipe fittings are suitable for hose fittings that must be disconnected regularly.

Domestic demand for compression pipe fittings

Domestic demand for compression pipe fittings Compression fittings are typically designed and manufactured for seamless fittings in processing equipment and industrial plumbing systems such as chemical, petroleum, petrochemical processing, shipbuilding, marine, metallurgy, nuclear power generation, heavy industry, etc., status Very high temperature work, high pressure and very harsh anti-corrosion conditions.

Pipe These connectors are suitable for 4.3-inch pipes  plumbing compression fittings instructions.These connectors are suitable for gas transmission.They are black and made of steel.

The maximum working temperature is 350 degrees Fahrenheit and the maximum working pressure is 300 psi.

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