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drip irrigation fittings Nowadays it is used in agricultural lands and it is easy to drip irrigation for easy working in agriculture and for easy irrigation in Baghdad. These droplets distribute water uniformly at their required level.  And some people put these pipes in the ground, and others use removable drip tubes.

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? What is drip irrigation system fitting

Pipe Fittings | Various types of pipe fittings at wholesale pricesDrip irrigation is a method in which low-pressure water is released from the stomach or through a device called a dripper into a drop at the foot of the plant.  Sometimes this type of irrigation is also called local irrigation.  A grid that distributes water throughout the field is sprayed on the ground with a low pressure dropper.  One of the characteristics of this method is the delivery of water to the plant with low pressure in the root development area, at the ground level (below the soil) to soak a small area and depth of soil surface. Drip irrigation refers to all the ways in which the water is drained in a low volume of about 2 to 3 liters per hour and slowly discharged near the plant.  For this reason, this method of irrigation is known as low volume irrigation. In this method, the water may spread like sprinklers from above or may be poured directly into the soil like surface emitters.  In some ways, water from the soil enters the plant’s root zone, such as subsurface emitters. In drip line irrigation , water is delivered to a field pipe system, and the mechanical device or device from which the water is sent out to the plant is called the outlet or dripper. The outflow of water from the emitter can be in the form of a drop, bubble or a small continuous stream.  Even the player can be a very small sprayer. The emitters are designed and built to reduce water pressure to about 1 to 2 kPa.  Drip irrigation is one of the methods of pressure irrigation where the water pressure is very low.

The advantages for drip irrigation systems

Pipe Fittings | Various types of pipe fittings at wholesale pricesDrip irrigation is vastly different from other systems discussed so far, as it only provides a very limited point or area of ​​the irrigation field.  Although in another system called micro irrigation, only a small portion of the land surface is irrigated, drip irrigation should not be confused with micro irrigation.  In irrigation, small fountains or other devices, such as microwaves, are placed near the soil surface to allow water to circulate in small spaces.  The principles of micro irrigation design and drip irrigation are somewhat similar, but what is discussed in this chapter is only drip irrigation. In a drip irrigation system near the root development zone, land is given to wet a small area of ​​soil surface.  The system was originally designed for situations such as fruit orchards where trees are long distances.  The figure (a drip irrigation system in a garden) shows a close-up image of a tree irrigated by a drip irrigation method.  After drip irrigation proved successful in fruit trees, it was also applied to row crops.Drip irrigation, like other irrigation methods, has its advantages and disadvantages.  The benefit of drip irrigation is that due to the balance between evapotranspiration and the amount of irrigation, water loss is prevented by surface runoff or deep infiltration, and because only a small range of irrigation soil prevents weeds from growing in weeds.  It works. Studies have shown that the production ratio per unit of water consumed in drip irrigation is higher than other methods.  There are many reasons for this.  One is that in a drip method such as continuous or frequent irrigation, soil moisture is always high and the plant is not exposed to water stress, two times due to the limited level of weed growth that is not usually in competition with the plant.  It should be noted, however, that not all studies show an increase in crop yield per unit of water, but some studies have shown that there is no difference between drip irrigation and other methods.  Another advantage of drip irrigation is that this method can be applied to lands that are not feasible for other methods, such as in the form of drip irrigation and drip irrigation and irrigated fruit trees.  This land is simply not feasible by other methods).

Cost effective irrigation systems for farms in Asia

Pipe Fittings | Various types of pipe fittings at wholesale prices

In general, modern irrigation is done in the form of pressurized irrigation and in two general forms of drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation.  Irrigation efficiency is up to 70% and drip irrigation up to 95%, ie up to 20% in the sprinkler system and up to 5% in the drip irrigation system, while irrigating the fields by surface irrigation, even at high costs.  Land leveling does not exceed 50% of irrigation efficiency, and in the traditional situation where most of our land is irrigated in the same way, it is even less than 35%.  This means that if we do not use the sprinkler and diameter irrigation methods, 65% of the farm water will be lost and the loss of water will exceed 75%, taking into account the wasted water in the transmission channels.  Therefore, under pressure irrigation systems, water losses can be prevented to achieve economic growth and then sustainable development in all areas.drop irrigation In this system, the water is pumped through the source into the grid, passing through the silicon (circular filtration) sand and its external materials.  In this method, water is transported from the source to the place of consumption with a pressure of more than one atmosphere.  The water is either discrete and continuous droplets or sprayed with low pressure through the dropper along the water line.  Drip irrigation is an effective method of delivering the water needed for the plant within the range of root development into the soil, making it possible to perform irrigation to the extent that the plant needs water.  Therefore, this method greatly reduces water loss by deep penetration, surface runoff and evaporation compared to traditional and rainwater methods.

Drip irrigation system equipment

Pipe Fittings | Various types of pipe fittings at wholesale pricesPrinciples of reliable zero to one hundred drip irrigation require the use of equipment that has the approval of the Jihad Department of Water and Soil.  Low quality equipment will sooner or later get you into trouble.  Try to take the first step in this way, knowing that the poet says that the first clay is because the architect is tilting until Soraya goes to the tilting wall.  The first is an Irrigation System Designer Engineer, the second is an experienced presenter, and the third is the quality of three principles in the successful implementation of a drip irrigation scheme that provides a strong foundation for long-term operation.poly pipe irrigation fittings That lay beneath the soil or on the ground, and pits for other pipes that drip water or rain on the ground, and these pipes against pressure, sunlight, cold and  Heat resistant and will not break quickly because the materials used in their manufacture are very durable It has a lot of flexibility.

Where to find pipes for drip irrigation

These drip equipment can be found throughout pipe sales stores and can also be purchased online.Components of a drip irrigation system from the point where water is extracted from the well or from another site to the point of entry into the field is similar to other irrigation methods.  Ponds, canals, boats, pipes and other facilities independent of the irrigation system may also exist in this method.  The flow rate per hectare may be similar to that of the rainy season or may be lower depending on the irrigation efficiency and the area of ​​land that will not get wet.  Plant type and distance between plants are factors that determine the amount of flow in a drip system.  But in a drip method from the point where water is supposed to enter the field, other plants are used that do not require other irrigation methods.

Best pipe sizes and fittings for use in farms

Pipe Fittings | Various types of pipe fittings at wholesale prices

Polyethylene pipes and fittings have numerous benefits including strength against chemical gases, saving on running costs, long and durable life, production with new technology and high quality. Today, the Etselen Pipes and Fittings have found a good place in the field of water and gas transmission networks and so on. The use of PE is well visible in cases where the pipe diameter is less than 5 mm, as project bosses and engineers often find that PE pipes and fittings are the best choice compared to other pipes. Double Wall and Single Wall Pipes and Fittings.drip irrigation fittings catalogue can help to find the best size.drip irrigation  emitters farming and it reduce wasting of water.many factoris are making drip irrigation pipes and drip irrigation fittings.

Is it good to use polyethylene pipes in irrigation systems in farms?


These advantages are only part of the excellent features and benefits of PE and for each of these applications many advantages can be mentioned. Galvanic corrosion resistance Resistance to rot, abrasion and impact Proper flexibility The shrinkage property Light weight Excellent resistance to earthquakes and landslides Highly durable, leak-free, yet flexible connection High resistance to ultraviolet radiation from the sun Very good hydraulic properties Low maintenance cost.Resistance to rot, abrasion and impact This property, together with the preceding one, significantly increases the useful life of these pipes compared to pipes and others. One example is a project implemented in Oman in 1996 for the Shell group. The project was replaced by a 19-km long corrosion-damaged carbon-steel pipeline with PE 100 (Water / Crude) grade polyethylene pipes. In this project, considering the environmental conditions, the working life of polyethylene pipes is considered at least 15 years. No defects and leaks have been reported in these pipes since 1996, while the useful life of the steel pipes under the same conditions has been for a maximum of 2 years.it doesn’t have any leak so you will not see leaking in drip iline irrigation.

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Exports of pipes and fittings as one of the most demanding steel products on the one hand, and on the other hand the fluctuations in the dollar and the currency, the momentum rules of the customs and … has created its own problems that require specialized and specialized experts in this field.  .  Iron City offers you the promise of bringing your experienced experts with the right knowledge and expertise in all of its exporting challenges and guarantees you an easy and safe path forward.One of Iran’s target markets for export will undoubtedly be the Georgian market.  After Georgia’s EU integration law was adopted, Georgia became an appropriate platform for exporting goods.  In this way, various countries, including Iran, export their goods through Georgia to other European and American countries.  Exports through the country also gained popularity with the elimination of customs duties on Georgian-made goods.  In this way, European and American businessmen will no longer be afraid of US economic sanctions in dealing with Iran. The most important export products to Georgia include construction materials, especially export pipes.  Georgia also has a specific standard and quality for rebar imports.  Iran’s export and trade relations with Georgia are via land, air and sea borders.  The major trade exchange with Georgia is via the Merchant’s land border.  For more information on how to trade and export to Georgia, as well as Georgia’s export borders, see the Georgia Borders page and export articles.drip irrigation fittings connectors There are various types that can be made in a variety of sizes.

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Pipe Fittings | Various types of pipe fittings at wholesale prices

Drip irrigation is the easiest way to water any plant, such as trees and vines, and eliminates soil moisture deficiencies before evaporation of the higher suction effect by plant evapotranspiration.  Polyurethane irrigation fittings, including splinters, polyethylene pipes, gutters, interfaces and polyethylene fasteners are a great option.  A drip irrigation system is unique in its agronomic, agrotechnical and economic benefits due to its efficient use of water and the power it provides.  The drip system consumes only half the water needed for sprinkler or surface irrigation.  In drip irrigation, water is pumped from a low pressure pipe network to a predetermined pattern.  The water outlet to the soil is called a “dropper”.  Emitters through a narrow nozzle or long flow path reduce the pressure in the pipe network and reduce discharge discharge by up to about liters per hour.Polyurethane irrigation joints are usually manufactured to work up to 4 atmospheres in PE100 and PE100.  Various sizes of these products are manufactured and supplied according to international standards.