Exporters of PE Irrigation Pipes & Fittings

Exports of PE irrigation Pipes to the region and beyond have been the goals of the companies producing this product.Poly irrigation fittings are widely used in agriculture.Exporters of PE irrigation Pipes & Fittings sell these products in various types.

Exporters of PE Irrigation Pipes & Fittings

Irrigation & Garden Watering System Supplies

Irrigation & Garden Watering System Supplies One of the most important components of plant growth in a garden is the irrigation system. Choosing the right irrigation system is important for plant growth and health, especially in gardens where the gardener controls moisture. For this reason, the irrigation system for the garden should be such that it is controlled and maintained by the gardener so that the plants receive relatively proportional water.

Consider the size of the garden when choosing an irrigation system and purchasing garden drip irrigation equipment. The drip irrigation system is the most efficient way to irrigate a garden. The rate of water transfer and injection in drip irrigation systems depends on the type of plants to be irrigated in this way. In addition to the major accessories for garden drip irrigation equipment, there are other accessories that can include filters, pressure regulators, special pipes and a series of hoses that can drip water to plants and crops.

The use of quality drip irrigation equipment significantly reduces water loss, which reduces irrigation costs. There are many ways today that you can rely on to irrigate agriculture, greenhouses and orchards, and you just have to get the help of experts in this field. Water available through rivers, lakes, and groundwater needs to be planned. Maximum water can be utilized with the help of greenhouse drip irrigation equipment. Seeds and seeds lying in the soil require sufficient air, not paying attention to sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment will reduce the oxygen content of the plants.Poly pipe fittings are used in many agricultural industries.

If you see the seeds germinate soon, it is because too much water in the garden affects the amount of soil aeration. Neglecting the greenhouse drip irrigation equipment does not allow the roots to provide the necessary anchor for plant growth. This will damage the products and reduce their quantity and quality. In addition, your per capita consumption will require excessive amounts of water.

A complete buying guide of irrigation system supplies

New irrigation techniques is  one of the new methods for plant irrigation .The irrigation equipment used for this type of irrigation should be good because it will have to be used for many years, plus the irrigation system equipment is relatively expensive.The other two pieces of irrigation equipment are sprinklers and auxiliary pipes, which can be as useful and sensitive as the equipment described in the previous section.

The equipment that is being dealt with in this case seems to be even more sensitive, because if these devices do not work well, the work of the previous devices will be virtually destroyed and this could cause financial damage.

On the one hand, second-class equipment is not suitable, and on the other hand, water may be wasted, which would mean that the entire population of Iran and even the world would lose.

You might be wondering why this small issue can affect the people of the world? We should say that not all farmers use good second-hand equipment, so the wasted water can be very large and can be an important issue given that the world is facing a crisis of dehydration.

You probably already know about the sensitivity of these devices, so let’s start by introducing these devices. The most important irrigation system equipment can be:

  • Pumping and supply system
  • Main Pipelines
  • Side Pipes
  • Sprinklers

The following are the side pipes and sprinklers used in the equipment of the sprinkler system. The pipes have two types of main and secondary pipes.The main tubes were described in the previous section, which we will briefly mention.The main pipes are pipes that direct water from the source to the farmland. These pipes are fixed and buried underground, so the pipes must be of a non-sedimentary type and subject to pressure from the surface. Having them enter the basement is durable.These pipes, in addition to being resistant to the pressure of the soil on which they are mounted, must also withstand the stress that agricultural machinery also imparts to them.The main pipes only bring water to the beginning of the field, but the secondary pipes distribute the water to the field.These devices can easily handle in-field water supply and water displacement.

The sub-pipes collect water from the main and semi-main pipes and branch out into the field.These pipes are called irrigation wings, which are much lighter than the main and semi-core pipes and can be transported during irrigation.The number of pipes in the irrigation can vary depending on what kind of sprinkler they want to use.Because these pipes have a specific function in each of the irrigation methods, in some cases they can only irrigate with a single pipe.

Systems such as pivot centers, linear and wheeled pipes can use only one sub-pipe to supply the entire farm.These methods can be determined by the crop, the land in question, and the climate in which the plant is to grow.These pipes are fixed and buried underground, so the pipes should be of a non-sedimentary type and resistant to the pressure applied to them underground.These pipes, in addition to being resistant to the pressure of the soil on which they are mounted, must also withstand the stress that agricultural machinery also imparts to them.Buy poly hose fittings and pope irrigation fittings from reputable centers for these products.

The main pipes only bring water to the beginning of the field, but the secondary pipes distribute the water to the field.These devices can easily handle in-field water supply and water displacement.The sub-pipes collect water from the main and semi-main pipes and branch out into the field.

How many types of irrigation fittings are there?

How many types of irrigation fittings are there? Drip irrigation is one of the advanced methods of pressurized irrigation systems in which water is pumped into the complex or system by pressure generated by the pump or height difference and droplets are planted at the foot of the plant. Or infiltrated fruit trees and with minimal water consumption can supply the plant with a water requirement that is close to 90%.

The drip irrigation system consists of three main parts:

  •  Central Adjustment Machine (Central Control System)
  •  Distribution and supply network (transmission pipes)
  • Emitters

Operation of the drip irrigation system can be successful if the operator can use the water with high efficiency and optimal irrigation efficiency and achieve a product of good quality and performance that will provide the necessary tips for operating the system, Observe. Although the design, implementation, and quality of the appliances are also essential to the success of the system, they are not enough. In other words, just having a well-equipped irrigation system is not a sufficient condition for achieving the desired result, but how it is managed and managed can have a great impact on the outcome.

Assuming that the design of the irrigation system takes into account the essentials of the design, the design will be precisely tailored to the climatic conditions, soil water restrictions, plant characteristics, available technical facilities in the area, operating knowledge and with respect to hydraulic issues. And good quality appliances have been used in the design, and the design meets the required standards.Irrigation sprinklers have different types.

At a time when drought is rampant and all farmers have gardens and farmland and organic crops are popular among the people. A predetermined algorithm should be used, such as pressure irrigation that utilizes equipment and components dedicated to seamlessly integrate the plants, plants and crops, so optimum use of these irrigation equipments. You have water and labor costs are reduced.

Most durable pipes and fittings for irrigation systems

High-pressure polyethylene pipe is used for high-pressure water conveyance, especially on rough surfaces and on steep slopes.

The pipe is manufactured in two types of coil and branch (6m and 12m branches according to customer’s order) at pressures of 10 atm and 16 atm of PE80 and PE100.Because this type of pipe is subject to direct pressure from the pump and is exposed to direct sunlight, it must be made of materials containing anti-UV compounds.There are many irrigation supplies.

This tube is black in color and has a blue band on the side of the tube indicating the type of tube used. The sales market is booming. Special applications of high pressure polyethylene pipes can include urban and rural wastewater, natural gas transmission, industrial wastewater transmission, under pressure irrigation such as drip and sprinkler irrigation, mobile irrigation systems, drainage networks. , Fluid systems are used. These pipes are manufactured in various sizes and thicknesses and can easily withstand pressure up to 32 atmospheres or even higher. Depending on the application of these pipes in different sizes and diameters of the interior and exterior are manufactured and marketed. These pipes have significant advantages and therefore are among the most popular pipes in various industries and are a great successor Suitable for all types of metal and non-metallic pipes. Light weight, portability and easy installation, high temperature tolerance up to 80 ° C, cold resistance up to 70 ° C, landslide and earthquake resistance, high mechanical resistance to internal and external pressures, Chemical resistance to corrosion and corrosive substances such as acids and bases, non-leakage and the ability to connect the pipes with secure and durable joints are long-lasting advantages of these pipes.

Plastic Irrigation Fittings on sale for traders

Plastic Irrigation Fittings on sale for traders The equipment of plastic irrigation systems is priced in a variety of ways such as: drip irrigation, pressure and sprinkler, and you can buy these equipment in Iranian and foreign brands wholesale and retail at the cheapest market rates through these websites. Make products.Produce irrigation fittings bunnings from the dealers of these products.

Nowadays, agricultural experts have come up with a new idea for irrigation systems, including pressure, drip and rain irrigation, as groundwater levels fall, labor costs and high costs of manpower transportation. For a uniform discharge, a series of irrigation equipment should be used to reach the root of the plant with the required amount of water at the specified time and hour to produce high yields and to reduce the costs of old irrigation. Hence the farmers and orchards for their uniform irrigation of irrigation pl Txiki use.

Who are the biggest producers of irrigation pipe fittings?

Polyethylene irrigation pipe is one of the best and most suitable pipe for irrigation where the water in these pipes with very low pressure and drops flowing along the plants. These pipes with coils between 400 and 500 square meters and It weighs 11 to 21 kg. The size of drip irrigation pipes is also varied and most of the drip irrigation pipe length is 16 mm. Polyethylene pipes have different types and prices are different.threaded poly pipe fittings are widely used in the agricultural industry.

Different companies in the country are responsible for the production of polyethylene drip irrigation pipes, which are supplied to the public after the production of pipes in these companies by different agencies throughout the country. One of the most important problems that people face when buying this drip irrigation pipe is not knowing the day price of the pipe and the best brand of its manufacturer, so we suggest that when buying the PE pipe sales centers first. Check the polyethylene drip irrigation and then purchase the desired polyethylene pipe from the center that offers quality and certified products and standards.

Demand for irrigation pe fittings on the market

Demand for irrigation pe fittings on the market If you want to buy irrigation pipes for your farms and gardens, it is best to select the pipe first and after researching and obtaining information from different brands of its manufacturer to buy the appropriate option. The best polyethylene agricultural irrigation pipes on the market are pipes that you can know how to produce and their ingredients and to ensure high quality materials. In addition to the items listed on the best standard polyethylene pipes, the date of manufacture and complete specifications of the pipe are also included which you need to pay attention to when purchasing the pipe. As you read through these questions, you may wonder what the cost per drip meter is and what factors will determine it. The answer to this question is that the price of irrigation per square meter is determined by factors such as the slope of the soil, the quality of the soil, and so you need to get this price when you are going to irrigate the land.Demand for irrigation pe fittings on the market is enormous.

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