Female elbow Wholesale Price in 2020

Steel and steel female elbow are very common pipe fittings used to change the direction of flow in a piping system. In addition to pipe fittings for connection, elbow pipe also refers to a processing method. This is to bend the straight pipe through the processing method to achieve the goal of changing the direction of the pipeline. The production process and the final product is called pipe bending

Female elbow Wholesale Price in 2020

What are standard sizes for female elbow

What are standard sizes for female elbow To ensure that the wall thickness of the bending part is less than the straight section of the pipe, the minimum bending radius of the pipe must be 3D (D is equivalent to the nominal diameter of this bend). The specific size depends on the operating conditions. This 12 inch male to female elbow that the time limit is exceeded by 3D, which can be 3D or 3.2 D, even 4D, 5D, 6D and 8D. In addition, a bend can be in any degree, sometimes there are also custom bends that are 22.5 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees, 135 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees and so on.

Bulk prices of female elbow on the market

Bulk prices of female elbow on the market Tube suffering is a type of pipe connection that is commonly used in pipe installation. The two pipes are connected by a similar or different nominal diameter to ensure that the steel pipe bends at a certain angle. The standard elbow has a short radial elbow (R = 1.0D) and a long radial elbow (R = 1.5D). The largest diameter of the seamless elbow can be up to 40 “(Φ1020) in general, between DN15 – DN1000. Large pipes are generally made using woven lip – welded elbow with specifications between DN500 and DN2500.

Both bends and elbows can be seamless. In general, small and medium sizes are seamless, but large sizes such as spiral welding are welded. They are similar in appearance. How many times are they interchangeable, but not the same. Is there a difference between bending pipes and steel elbows?

1. Different industrial specifications.

Pipe elbows have industrial standards and size limitations, materials, tests, bending radii and angles. Bending pipes are non-standard and generally custom-made fittings as required for plumbing. Special sizes require production and processing, some of which may be made in factory processing, so sometimes there is a problem of uneven thickness.

2. Different production process.

Seamless pipes using the production process such as hot pressure, cold pressure, hot press and other methods. Bending of the bending pipe is medium frequency, hot pressing and CNC bending. When elbows are used for pressure purposes, carbon steel and alloy steel pipes put pressure on the hot pressing process and stainless steel. Typical pipe bending technology is medium bending, which is made by a straight bending machine without maintenance treatment.

3. The radius of curvature is greater than the elbow.

The curvature has a radius of curvature of more than twice the diameter. The elbows usually have a radius of curvature between one and two times the diameter of the tube. The radius of the elbow is the specified value. For example, the longitudinal radius of 10 “elbow is 381 mm and the short radius is 254 mm. However, 10” bending of the pipe can be used as long as R≥3D as long as the pipe is long enough. For example, 3D10 “R is 762 mm. As long as the actual working conditions allow, 800mm 1000mm 1005mm is possible.

4. The bend is lower in price than the elbow.

Due to the different production methods, custom tube elbows are made and require disinfection treatment, so it brings a long order cycle. The bending of the pipe is made directly at the construction site, the transportation costs and time are less

5. The mechanical strength of the male threaded elbow is greater than the elbow per unit area.

Different radii and the production process of bending and bending have differences in power. In practical application, to prevent the liquid cleaning force in the bending section, a thick wall elbow can be selected, or a large radial elbow can be used to reduce the washing force.

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