female pe coupling | MDPE & HDPE Pipe Couplings For Sale

female pe coupling : There are generally two ways to connect a polyethylene pipe; the first is welding and the second is mechanical fitting. Welding methods are methods in which two ends of the PE pipe are connected by a welding machine. In mechanical joints, coupling or pressure flanges and couplings are used to connect two polyethylene pipes.

Polyethylene Pipe Mechanical Connection: Mechanical sealing must be securely fastened to the polyethylene pipe; compressive coupling, screw coupling and flanges are the most important mechanical connections in the PE pipe.

female pe coupling | MDPE & HDPE Pipe Couplings For Sale

Why PE pipes are so popular?

Why PE pipes are so popular?pipe coupling types : The PE industry has attempted to complete the PE pipe systems as far as possible. In this regard, various joints have been developed that extend the overall application of polyethylene pipe systems. Polyethylene fittings may be molded, assembled, or heat formed by injection.

  • Injection Molding Joints (Screw & Welding)

Molded polyethylene fittings are manufactured by special injection molded polyethylene pipe in sizes with a nominal diameter of 5 inches or more. Common molded joints include three-way, 2-degree and 2-degree knee, reducers, interfaces, caps, flange and tab interfaces, bends and saddles, and three-way self-split brackets. Very large parts may exceed the usual capacity of injection molding equipment, so they are manufactured by assembly.

  • Handmade connections

Handmade polyethylene fittings of any pressure and size are manufactured by the fittings manufacturers. Handmade joints are made by attaching parts of polyethylene pipes, turning parts or molded joints to each other to produce the desired shape. The different parts can be connected by butt or socket (male and female) heat welding techniques, electro fusion, hot air welding, or extrusion welding. Since the bond strength created by hot air welding and extrusion welding is significantly lower than other methods of thermal welding, it is advisable not to use these two methods for joints that will be under high pressure.

  • Electrofusion joints

Electrofusion joints and couplings are made by the same method of molding butt or socket joints (male and female), or factory-made stainless steel tubes. A wide range of joints and other joints are available. There are also fittings for flexible polyethylene pipes with the size of iron pipes. Electrofusion couplings contain a helical thermal element. The electrical connection provides the heat needed to melt the top of the two tubes and the coupling interior located on the ends of the polyethylene pipe. These couplings provide tighter connections than the body of both tubes.

What are the advantages of using plastic pipes?

What are the advantages of using plastic pipes?steel pipe coupling : Types of Steel Fittings: Steel fittings are manufactured in various grade grades with varying degrees of standard by industry practitioners in different countries. Types of these joints include steel bushings and converters, knees and fasteners, gear head, three-way, cap, nut, and half bushings. Each of these steel joints has different functions in different industries depending on the type of building. For example, stainless steel bushings are used as a loop between two pipes and are available in a variety of screws and welds. Steel gear heads are also a type of gas connection used for welding to thread threads.

The type of fittings used to block the flow of passages are steel caps or fittings. Stainless steel fasteners or clamps are also available in different sizes and are used for light and heavy industries. Steel fittings have good mechanical and chemical resistance and their antioxidant properties are widely used in the oil, gas, and food industries, water and sewage and agriculture, oil tankers and ships.

The use of these connections in the food industry will make food more safe for easier disinfection of pipes. Their resistance to acid and play corrosion, chemical corrosion and their corrosion have made artisans more welcoming to these connections. They are also used more beautifully in buildings and are less likely to be stained or blurred.

  • Price of steel fittings

Steel fittings are priced differently depending on the type of connection, its function and application, the brand and country of manufacture, quality, grade and grade. Connection pricing is done by experts, and brand and quality bonds that have a product ID and are sold with a warranty are more reliable.

Why iron pipes are not using now?

Why iron pipes are not using now?coupler pipe joint : Installation of double wall polyethylene pipes is very important, and considering the excellent quality of pipes, if the pipes are not installed properly and according to standard, the pipe will not work properly and it will become difficult over time. The carogite coupler is an intermediate piece that connects the two ends of the carogite tube and seals it with a central gasket.

 These interfaces are used in different sizes. Caryogite tubes generally have couplings and gaskets, and couplings do not need to be coupled if piping lines are installed, but when the tubes are cut or the male tubes need to be connected to each other, the middle coupler is connected to connect the two tubes. The couplers establish the connection between the double wall and the single wall.

Consumers refer to the coupler with interface names, manners, couplings, double-wall connectors or other similar names. Sealed connection between two pipes or two joints and withstand internal and external pressure is based on pipe characteristics and coupler design.

Is it easy to connect pipes with couplings?

Is it easy to connect pipes with couplings?coupling pipe pvc  : PVC joints are commonly used in irrigation systems. They have end connections that are ideal for a tight seal. The teeth in these joints mean that no glue is required, and they have an NSF certificate for use in drinking water cases. PVC joints may have conical joints or slip joints / end joints. The end of the ball is equivalent to one end of the ball, and one end of the spin / slide ball is the end of the ball. The end of the hub is connected to the sliding end (socket). The PVC pipe has a hinged end and must be attached to the sliding joints at both ends. PVC joints are welded to the PVC pipe using PVC cement. PVC cement resembles adhesive, but actually melts the plastic, thereby creating a weld between the PVC pipe and a suitable material.

Couplings are parts for connecting two pipes. In the past, PVC pipes were connected by heating and creating a pistil head. And there was a lot of flawed connection, which makes the pipe leaky and fragile, but with the use of couplings this problem has been fixed. The couplings themselves are of two types : 

  •  Simple Couplings

These couplings do not have internal components and their main problem is the unevenness of the coupling surface of the couplings.

  •  Brake Couplings:

This model of couplings has an internal coupling between them, which plays the role of a brake and determines the size at which the pipe is allowed to connect, as it is in the middle of the coupling between the two tubes that they intend to connect. You are about to enter the couplings to the same extent, which minimizes the possibility of manual error and leakage.

Chinese best PE coupling suppliers with cheap price

Chinese best PE coupling suppliers with cheap price pipe coupler scaffolding : Couplers: Coupler fittings have a variety of types that are selected and applied according to the structural conditions. These couplings must be manufactured and delivered according to existing standards and regulations and available to customers in a variety of ways. A series of couplers called Coupler is used to fasten the scaffolding rods. The types are: Right angle coupler : 

  • The vertical coupler is used to connect two rods perpendicular to each other, but it is also used to connect the Transam Ledger.
  • Coupler: Putlog is used to connect the Ledger to the Transom, and generally refers to any bar that has a head restrained in the building and a free end.
  • Coupler Austin
  • The rotary coupler is used to close two parallel tubes.

This device is used to connect two rods close to each other. If the scaffolding does not have sufficient balance and strength after bracing, it should be used with a bracing laminate that restricts the scaffolding. It can be connected to a standard Ledger or mounted across the Transom. The important thing about using the device is that it must be checked before closing to ensure it is free from any damage or rust and that the bolts should not be weeded.

These joints should be cleaned regularly and covered with a preservative. Acetylene couplers should be placed in a scaffold so as not to weaken the scaffold. Scaffolding joints require periodic inspection as well as damaged or damaged couplings to be repaired or eliminated. They should normally be stored in cell clusters. The threads of the joints shall be fully covered with suitable protection

Which asian country have good qualities with affordable prices?

Which asian country have good qualities with affordable prices?pipe coupling clamp : By increasing the pipe size and, consequently, increasing the pressure of the joints, we need joints to be more resistant to beads and presses, so that clamping joints with a stronger alloy and conducting forging operations on the joints have a higher strength. Loop belts are replaced by loops and nuts and the utmost confidence of installation specialists is achieved after installing the clamp fittings. One of the many options for system users to do PE repairs is to use full-blown screw clamps. These types of repair clamps have proven to be a good way to repair temporary ones, especially in emergencies.

Five-layer tubes, which are the result of a combination of metal and polymer, are widely used today in most structures because of their unique properties. Three types of connectors are used to connect the five-layer pipes, and these include the following. Types of Five Layer Pipe Fittings:

  • Press fittings
  • Couple fittings
  • Clamp fittings
  • Clamping fittings:

For pipes with higher diameter and higher fluid pressure, we also need better sealing in five-layer pipes. For this reason, with the advancement of technology after press fittings, clamp fittings are provided and provided which are more reliable for high pressures and greater pipe diameter and better sealing.

Due to the weight and size of the proprietary specifications, a 50 ton tonnage forging process is required to make the clamp joints. Instead of rings and beads, the fasteners are used in five-layer tubes. So that the clamping fittings can fully ensure the impermeability of the five-layer tube.

How to identify female and male pipe couplings?

How to identify female and male pipe couplings?Coupling is one of the piping connections and is used to connect pipes smaller than 2 inches. COUPLINGS ARE NOT USED IN BUTT WELDING SYSTEMS AND ONLY USE ON THREAD WELDING AND SOCKET WELDING Gear Systems. Depending on the use of the couplings, they are divided into two halves of HALF COUPLING and all of the FULL COUPLING bushings.

  •  HALF COUPLING Half Bush:

These types of joints are used to attach 90 degree screws to the pipes for instrumentation or to tank nozzles. Welding heat can cause brittle and damage to the threads of this short joint and these joints need to be formed.


FULL COUPLINGs are better than HALF COUPLINGs in terms of functionality, but all bushings also need to be molded to be installed. All full bushings are also used in HALF COUPLING cases.

Most biggest sizes of pe pipes and fittings

Most biggest sizes of pe pipes and fittings Polyethylene pipes are measured in millimeters, but some people measure polyethylene pipes in inches. In International Standards Tables and INSO 14427 the sizes are all in millimeters and the specifications of PE pipes, The pipes are divided by size, weight and thickness, and the 110mm PE pipe is 10 times thicker than the 110mm PE pipe 16 times. The PE pipe sizes are from 16mm to 2500mm, Polyethylene up to 750 mm size is economically justified and pipe larger than 750 mm for use Special and different rails that other pipes do not have the proper efficiency and productivity are used.

The standard sizes of polyethylene pipes are different in size, as is the case with the 75mm single wall pipe, but the carbide double wall pipe is not manufactured to this size and the standard tables and dimensions are different. Production of different sizes of polyethylene pipe requires the production line of PE pipe and machinery suitable for the same sizes. Up to 730 in size. In the production line, for the production of different pipe sizes, the end-of-line fittings must also be fitted to the standard and quality pipe.

Polyethylene screw fittings are available in sizes from 16 to 125. Screw fittings have been greatly welcomed by farmers and operators of water piping systems because they save time and reduce installation costs and are easy to install. Polyethylene screw joints are made of HDPE polyethylene material and can be used for PE 100 and PE 80 polyethylene pipes. Polyethylene screw fittings include knee, three way, interface, belt and conversion.

Income of pipe and fitting business around the world

Income of pipe and fitting business around the world The company has been equipped with the latest technology in the world, including the latest and most advanced PE pipe line machinery as well as the use of the finest raw materials from the most reputable PE manufacturers, as well as a modern and equipped laboratory, quality standards, in-house evaluation , To meet the needs of most projects, and in the export sector, to expand its markets to various countries around the world, as well as to work well with international companies.

The main goal of the company is to produce the highest quality products possible, which has helped to expand the target markets. In order to provide the necessary background for this to continue and to gain more confidence, after successfully undergoing several stages of quality testing and successive visits to product lines and machines, it has been awarded various certificates and certificates.

Single union ball valve with female threaded end for sale

Single union ball valve with female threaded end for sale In some cases, due to the two ends of the pipes and joints, when opening and closing them, a connection is required so as not to interfere with the other connections. This connection is the same as UNION, which enables easy installation, removal of pipes, valves or tank joints in the screw piping system. UNIONs may be supplied in combination with another connection.  The most widely used product in sanitary water piping is sewage and closed circuits and is of course used in pipeline repairs.

Due to the increasing use of pipes and hoses, it is necessary to take adequate measures to design different types of industrial joints. The industry, which has a variety of connections depending on the different types of applications that make up the whole range, must be designed and manufactured to provide fully optimized and secure connections. Nowadays, due to the rapid development of the industries, it is inevitable that choosing the right type of fittings for the industry and paying attention to their functionality and safety are inevitable.

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