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Types of pipes used in construction

The pipes are manufactured based on their gender and construction technology, as well as the different mechanical properties they exhibit in different parts of the water and wastewater piping of buildings. In general, pipes can be divided into two types of metal and non-metallic. In more detail below, we discuss the types of pipes used in construction and their strengths and weaknesses.

Galvanized iron and steel pipes are reasonably priced and highly resistant to pressure. These pipes can be used in the sewage sector of the building. Weaknesses of galvanized iron and steel pipes include high corrosion and decay, inflexibility and high deposition. These disadvantages have resulted in limited use of these types of pipes. Nowadays, plastic pipes – five layers of steel and steel pipes are used in water and sewage piping of buildings.

Plastic (polymer) pipes replace traditional and traditional pipes because they have many advantages over old pipes. Cheap price, easy transportation, low corrosion, quick implementation and installation, low deposition of the benefits and high longevity expansion during hot water flow and oxygen leakage heating systems which lead to wear and tear of the building pipe, Disadvantages are plastic pipes.


Why demand of the plastic pipes is increasing around the world?


Super pipes are the best pipes on the market for water and wastewater pipes. The composition of these tubes is made of layers (usually 2 layers) of different materials. As such, Super Pipe tubes have the mechanical advantages of each sex, and each layer of the opposite sex covers the disadvantages of the other sex. High strength, low deposition and corrosion, flexibility and easy and quick installation are the strengths of the five-layer tubes that are less susceptible to pipe bursts.

Detection of building pipe burst

Water pipe bursts in toilets (toilets and bathrooms) are usually not visible to the eye. With a sudden rise in water bills, a sudden drop in water pressure, a leaky or abnormal sound when the space is quiet, the plaster of the wall or ceiling, or the like, are all likely to burst. Nowadays, the precise examination of pipe bursts in underground or inside walls is carried out using modern machines and technical technicians in the field.

Factors Influencing Water and Wastewater Burst

The main factor in pipe bursting is pipe rot. Usually these caries are deep in the bathroom and kitchen areas as well as the bathroom due to the penetration of moisture and water from the surface. If the source of moisture is identified, the decay and bursting of the building can be prevented. Pipe is the two non-homogeneous metal pipes that cause chemical reaction resulting in corrosion and bursting of pipes. Expansion and contraction of pipes that loosen joints, sudden increase in water pressure at night, which is low consumption, the use of poor connections and inadequate factors are some of the factors in building pipe burst.

Why using polyethylene pipes is forbidden?


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Ways to Prevent Building Pipe Burst

One of the most important things that should be seriously considered in the pipe bursting debate is the sewage and water piping in the building under construction. Because if the pipe is not properly installed in the future, it will cause many costly problems in the future due to the bursting of the building pipe. For example, polymer tubes become vulnerable if exposed to sunlight, which must be insulated to prevent them. Water plumbing removes the entire system and replaces brine, which eliminates the possibility of frost. If the sewer pipes get clogged to get rid of the frozen sewer pipes, be sure to seek the expertise and expertise of a professional pipe cleaner as they may cause the pipes to break unknowingly and cost you more. The plastic pipes used in the water and sewer systems need a support to prevent the pipe from bursting. The brackets prevent the horizontal expansion of the pipes. Therefore, you need to be careful about the type and method of mounting the supports. For hanging pipes from the ceiling, staples with a certain distance should be used. Likewise, for the sewer and sub-siphon divisions, consider a part for pipe expansion. Whenever possible, open and close the water tank valve once in the pipe to easily use the shutoff valve for water failure.

What are the disadvantages of PE pipes?


One of the most common problems that may occur in a bathroom is leaking water from the pipes. This problem is most likely due to connections that are not properly tightened. To solve it, for example, open the shower and wrap a rubber band around it to prevent water from leaking. Sometimes problems with shower heads, such as a shower, can be mistaken for plumbing problems. Be. After a while, the shower may get precipitated and clogged and may have difficulty transmitting water. If this is the case, just place the shower head in a hot water and vinegar solution for one hour and then, using a small brush, clean all the deposits and clogs. Or the sewage you encounter, you don’t need expensive chemicals. The use of chemicals, in addition to their high cost, is also very harmful to human health. You can use sweet and vinegar boiling to partially remove the clogs. First, pour some of the baking soda into the tubs and then mix in some of the baking soda with the vinegar and pour into the tubes. Then close the opening of the tube for 30 minutes and wait. In many cases, the wells and pipes can be manually removed. By placing your hand on the edge of the well and moving frequently. The air pressure causes the pipe to open and the clogging problem to be eliminated. There are so-called versatile adhesives on the market that are used to solve plumbing problems. These adhesives can eliminate problems such as pipe leakage. But you do not need these adhesives to solve many of your plumbing problems and can use sealing tape or Teflon tape in any home instead. By twisting three or four rounds, you can achieve your desired result.

Where are PE pipes used most now?


Over time and the life of the sewer pipes in the buildings will increase, these pipes and joints will be damaged. Therefore, the possibility of these pipes bursting or the joints being opened between them is increased, which is why experts in the field of pipe burst detection recommend that, in the event of any leakage, prompt action is taken to repair and repair damaged pipes. Do it.

Loss of adhesion and need for pipe and sewer repairs

The biggest problem that requires us to repair sewer pipes and fittings is the loss of adhesion as well as the strength of the water pipe adhesives that over time appear and cause moisture in floors, ceilings and walls. If we use high quality plumbing materials and adhesives that are durable when installing water and valves, we will be less likely to have such problems. This fracture, however, causes moisture and moisture, and causes more damage to the building over time. Repairs to sewer pipes and fittings in each location have their own way. Pipe and fittings repairs are more difficult than pipes and fittings because of the constant work on both sides, as well as the flexibility and size of the pipes.

Oldest manufacturers of pipes and fittings in the world


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Tips for Sewer Pipe Repair:

Do not use tools that are not specific to pipe repair and sewage connections, especially in the horizontal paths of connections that are not pipe specific. Never use heat pipes and fittings. Be careful not to damage other parts and do not overheat the pipes and fittings. Be careful not to overheat the joints and pipes, as they will cause more damage to the pipes. After repairing sewer pipes and fittings to ensure leakage, they must remain empty for several days. Make sure the joints and pipes are fully fitted. Use a large amount of glue to connect two pipes, both inside and out. And not be dirty.


Plumbing has various connections, each of which is used for its purpose. Without fittings, the pipe cannot be routed to any desired direction. Also, the use of fittings makes it possible to replace only the same part in case of breakdown of any part of the pipe, thus making the maintenance process very easy. These connections include:

Nutcrackers: Nutcrackers are very common in plumbing. The beads have a three-piece or so-called three-piece structure, two pieces of which are mounted on two tubes (which we want to connect) with respect to their thread, and the middle part as a bridge, It connects the two parts. Masore beads have different diameters.

History of plastic pipes and their development


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Cerebral Pipe: Another element of piping is the cerebral tube. Cerebral pipes are tubes that are less than 5 cm long and have two ends. So it will be much easier to replace them.

Three ways: The three ways are the most common element in building plumbing. Plumbing trusses make it possible to water a section along the pipeline route. There are, of course, three different ways. Some of the three paths are designed for the corner of the wall, and in some each of the three paths have different sizes. One of the most important principles in building plumbing is that the person doing the plumbing has a strong mental image that can at a glance identify what components are needed and at least estimate them correctly. (For example, at a glance, say this section requires two knees and three tails.) Crossroads: The four-way pipeline is actually the same crossroads, with one road facing another. They have been added.

Caps: Used to close pipes that have pistil threads at their ends or bushy tubes, the caps have two types of rectangles and hexagons, the type of rectangle being used to close smaller diameter pipes and six types. The corner is used for relatively larger pipes.

Plumbing Tools

The plumbing tool is a very important element. In the case of tools, it should be noted that the tool should not be non-standard (because in this case, for example, the thread will be tilted and the overall performance of the pipe will be lost or cause further problems in operation). as follows :

2- Pipe Wrench: As the name implies, the wrench is intended to engage and rotate the pipe in the joints. The wrench is locked if it is correctly twisted and holds the tube tightly. To tighten the pipe, the wrench can be rotated counterclockwise.

Lash Wrench: This wrench has the same function as a pipe wrench.

Chain Wrench: This wrench has the same function as a pipe wrench or whip wrench and the only difference is that the wrench can be used to open and close larger diameter pipes.

Different types of aluminum fittings


Locking Pliers: These are the tools used to open and close stiff pipes. For example, if a pipe has been closed for more than ten years and has been deposited, it is very appropriate. Because the pliers have locking clamps that can hold the tube tightly and twist. However, due to the clamps, it will remain locked on the trolley or lock pliers.

Strap Wrench: Strap wrench is also used for opening and closing the tube like the high wrenches. The difference with this wrench is that, for example, the whip wrench cannot be used in copper pipes (due to pipe breakage) but the belt wrench has this capability.

French Wrench: As you might know, this wrench can open and close all hexagon bolts in different sizes.

Clamp: The plumbing clamp is a tool that encloses the pipe from a distance, preventing the pipe from rotating as a result of overheating and threading. Because this clamp encompasses the pipe, no cracking will occur in the pipe. However, if you use a regular clamp, because the clamp only grips the two sides of the pipe, you will see crushing on the pipe after the work is done.

Price list of industrial fittings and pipes


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Pipe-on: A tool for cutting the pipe in the desired location, which, after fixing the pipe with a clamp, rotates repeatedly across the pipe and removes the pipe. It should be noted that the tool is much more efficient than the saw, and the final cut is much cleaner with a finer cut than a simple cut. Crosses, sharp edges are created. The lightning conductor can shave these fractures and smooth the pipe. The plumbing uses two types of manual and electric cutters. Whenever a hole is made in different parts, the inner surface of these holes must first be threaded and then the pipe or screw must be inserted. Threads are used in the hole for this operation.

How to find wholesale stores of pipe fittings ?

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Building plumbing should be based on standard drawings so that you will not need repairs later. Using standard methods is very difficult for people who do not have the necessary expertise. Experienced and dedicated engineers will do the piping for you, according to the legal standards and principles of the building installation. Do not water. The route and slope of the plumbing, the material of the pipe and equipment, the depth of the pipes, the location of the valves, and the drawings are among the standards that must be met. They use inexpensive and inexpensive means of service to make more money and attract more customers by offering lower prices. Cheap pipes are usually of poor quality and have little life span.