Fittings for polyethylene pipe | Buyers and Importers of PE Pipes

One of the most important advantages of polyethylene pipes compared to other types of pipes is its easy connectivity. Fittings for polyethylene pipe are used in such cases as changing the angle of the pipeline route the diameter, connecting the pipe parts and so on. Polyethylene pipelines are connected by different polyethylene connections. According to their needs in different projects and applications. Therefore the buyers Choose the importers of PE pipes are very keen to know about the best pipe which is matched well with their needs. Here our experts are ready to give you advice about the best product just contact us.

Fittings for polyethylene pipe | Buyers and Importers of PE Pipes

What is polyethylene pipe made of?

What is polyethylene pipe made of?The fact of the matter is that the HDPE pipe is a type of flexible plastic pipe that used for fluid and gas transfer and is often used to replace aging concrete or steel mains pipelines. Besides, it is Made from the thermoplastic which can be good for  HDPE fusion fittings, and its high level of impermeability and strong molecular bond make it suitable for high-pressure pipelines

Variety is available in the production of polyethylene pipes, with the fact that factories are capable of producing polyethylene pipes in single or multi-wall models.

Best pipes for using in irrigation systems

Best pipes for using in irrigation systems First of all, you had better know that plants and crops need water to grow. Much of the water in the agricultural sector is used for irrigation.
To optimize water use in agriculture, different irrigation methods should be used to provide both the water needed for the plant and the amount of water loss in each sector.
Nowadays, with the advent of technology, traditional methods have gradually been abandoned and new methods of irrigation have been replaced.

One of the methods used today for optimum use of water in agriculture is the use of polyethylene irrigation pipes that are marketed in various sizes.

Plus, the HDPE pe 100 pipe specifications have an optimum balance of three key properties that can be the best one to use because of the:

  • Minimum Required Strength 
  • Stress crack resistance
  • Rapid crack propagation resistance.

Moreover, In a pressure irrigation system, water is delivered to the ground via pipes and high-pressure network connections. In this way, as the water is in a closed environment all the way, the water loss is very low. Also, In high-pressure irrigation different pipes are used like:

  • Polyethylene pipes
  • Asbestos Pipe
  • Palika tube
  • Aluminum pipe
  • Galvanized pipes

Among the types of pipes used in high-pressure irrigation, polyethylene pipes are the most used. Drip irrigation is a method in which low-pressure water is pumped to the plant through a device called a dripper. Drip irrigation is also called low volume irrigation.

The drip irrigation system consumes less water than other irrigation methods. It uses a lot of equipment. One of the main equipment used in the drip irrigation system that is used to save water is polyethylene pipes which are used in various dimensions.
Of course, many factors influence the type and size of polyethylene pipes used in drip irrigation. The type of soil, the area of ​​irrigation, the temperature and humidity of the environment are factors that influence the size of the PE pipe. Pipes used in drip irrigation can be made of PVC or asbestos. But these pipes are rarely used.

Are plastic pipes repairable?

Are plastic pipes repairable?In today’s civilized and industrialized world, collecting and treating wastewater is very important. Given the limited resources available, such work requires a lot of effort in managing costs.

The sanitation network should be designed and installed in such a way that it can perform the anticipated costs of its operation. The cost of maintaining the system is a major factor in the overall cost, which includes two parts: pre-planned maintenance and unforeseen emergency maintenance.

A few years ago, severe leaks led to the decision to use PVC pipes in the sewage system, according to a major sewer network supervisor in Illinois. In his view, the sewage PVC pipe greatly reduces leakage problems in the grid. As a result of this trust, for the past three years, he has only used PVC sewage in his managed sewage network.

The most important causes of PVC pipe leakage are:

  • Pressure brass conversion in plastic piping
  • Perforation of plastic pipes by burial in soil containing sharp pebbles.
  • Dynamic loads, such as passing cars on pipes that are not adequately covered with sand or buried deep in safety, cause leakage or twisting of the pipes.
  • Freeze Pipe: Plastic pipes are more resistant to freezing than metal pipes. Cracks and bursts are likely to occur if the sewage pipe or water source is at a very low temperature.
  • Heat Tube Fragility: Exposure of plastic pipes to high heat during plumbing causes chemical changes in the plastic. As a result, the pipe becomes brittle and the likelihood of cracking and leakage increases.
  • Not warming the plastic pipe sufficiently during joint connection will cause the pipe to be removed as a result of force or clamping.

Important information about buying PE pipes

Important information about buying PE pipes If you want to buy PE pipe, be very careful about your selection because if you make a mistake, the pipes may be of relatively poor quality, which can lead to serious problems over time or during installation and will have to spend more.
To change the purchased pipes If both the seller and the buyer think of each other’s interests and believe in a simple win-win formula, the quality and durable polyethylene pipe will be sold and the purchase of the PE will happen at the best price proportional to the quality of the pipe.

Buying polyethylene pipes, in turn, can be a very difficult task and you will be faced with meaningless information when it comes to your purchase. So here are a few basic points to consider when buying a PE pipe. Purchasing polyethylene pipe due to its significant use and applications in the industry has some tips and points that if you pay attention to them you can make a great purchase and save considerable money on the project.

  • The first thing to be aware of when buying a PE pipe is that the purchased pipe must have the standard designation.
  • The second point to note when shopping is that the PE pipe is a valid brand and product information is printed on it, such as the manufacturer’s name, production date, production line number, type of PE material. 

Demand of PE pipes in global market 2019

Demand of PE pipes in global market 2019The demand for PE depends on a number of factors, including state and environmental laws and the demand for products made of PE.
Over the past few years, due to the growing world population, the global polyethylene market has experienced good growth. One of the important factors that have led to the growth of polyethylene is easy accessibility and can be restored to its original state as needed.
The global polyethylene market has seen strong growth, especially in developing countries in 2019 such as:

  • China
  • India
  • Brazil 
  • Russia

As polyethylene is used in various products, demand is projected to grow at a rapid rate. Packaging bottles, polyethylene pipes, and polyethylene sheets are important uses of PE and as demand for these products is expected to increase as the world economy grows and population increases.

Other major regions such as North America and Europe are expected to see steady demand and low growth over the next six years for PE.

Moreover, In various applications, poly pipe coupler includes screw joints, belts, gear joints, high-pressure polyethylene joints for butt welding, polyethylene sewage welding joints, electrofusion joints, and hand tools.

Plastic Pipe Standards For Export To America

Plastic Pipe Standards For Export To America In fact, Exports of polyethylene pipes to the countries of the region and beyond have been the goals of industrial companies and from the very beginning have been producing high-quality products of the highest standard.It has also introduced the most modern and manufactured machinery along with the production of PE pipe and fittings and has updated its machinery at any particular time.These companies, by producing exemplary and exemplary products in the region, serve as an exemplary and exemplary role model for other manufacturing units and as a successful exporter have been able to export their products to various countries and have exported poly pipe proudly which are made in Iran.Exports have been and are still very difficult, competitors in the world-class require products of world quality, the export of PE is much more difficult than other products, in one of the main centers of oil extraction and oil derivatives production, in the Middle East. The names are there, and exporting PE to the countries of these hard-working competitors is difficult with the leadership of managing and producing quality products. 

Welding of polyethylene pipes and fittings

Welding of polyethylene pipes and fittingsOne of the most important points that are noticeable in running a PE pipe network is how to weld the pipes and joints. Welding of pipes and fittings is done in both Electro Fusion and Butt Fusion. There are, of course, other methods that are less common and of little use including:

  • Butt welding method
  • Polyethylene pipe welding machine

On the other hand, the other type of fittings for these pipes related to the brass compression fittings for poly pipe also referred to as brass screw fittings, which are the most popular fittings used for multi-layer pipe.

Connections can be easily installed, no special tools are needed, only two open-end buttons can do it. Within the two EPDM O-rings, water tightness is completed.

Find leading suppliers of Pe fittings in Iran

Find leading suppliers of Pe fittings in Iran At times the leading suppliers of PE fittings in Iran make hard attempts to produce pipe in the various form which are matched well with consumers needs in the world.

Today, there are many manufacturers in many factories across the country in the field of producing polyethylene pipes

They work to deliver quality, affordable products to the city and the internet. Their products include ordinary pipe, polycarbonate pipe, polyethylene pipe, PVC pipe and so on.

The quality of the raw materials of the PE pipes is very important in the manufacturing process, which determines the quality of the PE pipes in the production process. The best polyethylene pipe as raw material is to use new and classy materials and in the field of standardization we can use the same pipes in production as low as 5% but to produce with superiority waste polyethylene pipe. It is not used and the proper raw materials must be supplied with modern equipment and production lines and its handling and handling must be careful not to cause irreparable damage to the pipe.

Pe fittings factory prices vs selling prices

Pe fittings factory prices vs selling prices Extra sales of agricultural polyethylene pipes can be obtained from building materials stores or manufacturer’s dealers, or from exhibitions in some cities, and another way of procuring these products through sites. Or websites that sell polyethylene pipes, which are nowadays attracted by many customers due to their many advantages.

For anyone who wants to buy all kinds of pipes, It is important to know more about the price list for all types of PE. Plus, You can use keywords to find the sales sites for these products and compare the types of pipes and prices to buy a suitable pipe online which are:

  • HDPE pipe prices
  • Price of PE connections
  • Price list of drip irrigation pipe
  • Price list of 16 mm, 20 mm, 63 mm

Production of polyethylene pipes in Iran, which is carried out by factories using advanced machines, has gradually increased. Polyethylene pipes are manufactured domestically, the bulk of which is sold domestically. The diameter and pressure of polyethylene pipes are different. Polyethylene pipes marketed at wholesale prices.

The polyethylene pipe production line is active in numerous factories in Tehran. At PE production plants, we produce all kinds of PE pipes for different and high applications. The following industries and locations are the most widely used polyethylene pipes in different sizes:

  • Sewer lines
  • watering systems
  • Agriculture
  • transferring water
  • Gas transmission
  • Power cable or telecommunication sheath

Why today factories have increased the production of PE pipes. With the increasing population in cities as well as increasing water consumption, traditional water storage and transport methods have now been abandoned. Water loss can be prevented by using polyethylene pipes. It is very advantageous to use PE pipes at this time of crisis

Discounted and affordable pipe fittings on the market

Discounted and affordable pipe fittings on the market As the dollar and steel price fluctuations, the price of fittings changes and they are directly related to each other, meaning that the price of fittings increases with the rise of the dollar and steel prices and with the fall in the price of fittings, the price of fittings decreases. There is also a reverse relationship between the price of fittings and the amount of inventory available in the market. Also, the higher the quality of the production of human joints, the higher the price of human joints, and vice versa.

The price of fittings like other types of pipes and fittings depends on many factors including

  • Dollar and steel rates,
  • Raw material,
  • Quality,
  • The amount of inventory in the market 
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