Great Deals for Bulk Buyers of Irrigation Fittings in Iran

The wide variety of irrigation pipe fittings in Iran is done by wholesale centers and most of the customers are gardeners, farmers, engineers and so on. Irrigation pipe fittings in the country are bought at wholesale and retail buying at various prices. Many manufacturers market these products at reasonable prices. In addition to selling products inside Iran, the best manufacturers send all kinds of pipes and fittings for export to neighboring countries, which is highly profitable.

Great Deals for Bulk Buyers of Irrigation Fittings in Iran

Is it good to use plastic pipe fittings for irrigation?

Is it good to use plastic pipe fittings for irrigation? The general and engineering properties of plastic pipe fittings for irrigation are appropriate and manageable due to standards, and in many applications there may be several choices due to the overlap of properties between different plastics. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the position of the user and to master the different properties of the various types of plastic pipes.

In general, the following benefits to the general public of plastic pipes are:

1. Corrosion resistance:

Plastic pipes do not corrode most of the chemicals present in domestic wastewater and also have minimal resistance to the passage of other wastewater and other fluids due to the smooth surface. These pipes will never rust and will not corrode.

2. Lightness and ease of transportation:

In addition to ease of transportation and cost reduction, in the case of plastic pipes, cutting, joining and installation are much easier than other types of pipes such as metal pipes.

3. Flexibility and toughness:

Particularly in underground applications, the flexibility of plastic pipes reduces the number of connections and easily curves piping paths.

4. Various connection methods:

In general, plastic pipes have the ability to thread, flange, heat weld, glue, compressor, etc. and provide a wide variety of connections for different conditions.

5. Excellent Hydraulic Properties: Plastic pipes fall into the group of flat surface pipes, which results in the least energy required to transport various fluids.

6. Lower life and cost of installation and maintenance:

Plastic pipes have been used in most cases for more than 22 years and have not yet reached the end of their life. On the other hand, they cost less during the purchase period due to lower purchase, installation and maintenance costs. Useful. Limitations The first major limitation of plastic tubes is their strength and low rigidity. In the next step, these pipes are sensitive to high temperatures.

Various types fo irrigation pipe fittings on the market

Different types of irrigation pipe fittings are used in the market for various industries and are the most popular and used pipes in the PE market.

Polyethylene pipes are one of the most widely used polymer products manufactured in different sizes and sizes from 13 to 630 mm.

The measurement criteria is in millimeters according to international standard and INSO 14427 standard, but since some know the size of polyethylene tubes in inches.

Sizing different types of irrigation pipe fittings

3/8 inch inch irrigation pipe

It is the smallest size in the tube and has 13mm irrigation pipe fittings. The agricultural irrigation pipe fittings use a 3.8-inch polyethylene pipe and are used in drip irrigation systems, greenhouse crops and emitter fittings and are highly durable and resistant to environmental conditions.

 1 inch irrigation pipe fittings

This 32mm tube is manufactured and supplied with pressure ranging from 6 to 32 times in 100 to 150 meter sheets. The 1-inch pipe is widely used in agriculture and low-flow fluids in Dubai.

 2 inch irrigation pipe

The 63 mm or 2 inch polyethylene pipe is the main pipe in various industries and projects, which is manufactured at various pressures from 5 to 32 times. It is also available to consumers with a 6-meter-long, 100-to-150-meter coil.

Pipes and Fittings for Irrigation Systems at wholeslae price

Pipes and Fittings for Irrigation Systems at wholeslae price Irrigation system pipes and fittings are very affordable and cheap at wholesale prices and offer great discounts to major buyers.

It is best to buy the pipe and fittings at the cheapest price, first of all, take a look at the sales guide at the point of sale and then get the information you need.

When you look at the sales or purchase guide you can find in that list the price of each pipe, its degree, quality, size, application and benefits, and even sometimes how to easily install the pipe you are looking for. Buy from the seller.

If you are purchasing all kinds of polymer pipes and fittings and now need these supplies you can order and make these items using the following ways.

  • Purchase from polyethylene pipe sales center
  • Buy from dealers that offer this product
  • Order through online sales sites
  • Shopping from small stores near your location

Manufacturers of pipes and fittings in Iran widely produce various types of pipes for high quality applications. These companies, after producing a large amount of this product, distribute part of it through distribution and distribution centers in the domestic market and among different vendors and sell the other part through export to other countries. Accordingly, pipe and fittings manufacturers play a significant role in global markets

What type of pipe is used for irrigation?

There are many uses for irrigation of polyethylene pipes. Plants and crops need water to grow. Much of the water in the agricultural sector is used for irrigation.

To optimize water use in agriculture, different irrigation methods should be used to provide both the water needed to plant and reduce the amount of water loss in each sector.

Nowadays, with the advent of technology, traditional methods are gradually being abandoned and new methods of irrigation are replaced.

One of the methods used today for optimum use of water in agriculture is the use of polyethylene irrigation pipes that are available in different sizes and sizes.

 Introduction to polyethylene irrigation pipe types

  • 10 mm polyethylene pipe
  • 16 mm polyethylene pipe
  • 32 mm polyethylene pipe
  • 50 mm polyethylene pipe

Irrigation under pressure

In a pressure irrigation system, water is delivered to the surface via high pressure pipelines and network connections. In this way, the water loss is very low as the water is in a closed environment all the way.

In high pressure irrigation different pipes are used with different materials.

  • Polyethylene pipes
  • Asbestos Pipe
  • Plika tube
  • Aluminum pipe
  • Galvanized pipes

Among the types of pipes used for pressure irrigation, polyethylene pipes are the most used.

Drip irrigation is a method in which low-pressure water is pumped to the plant through a device called a dripper. Drip irrigation is also called low volume irrigation.

The drip irrigation system consumes less water than other irrigation methods. It uses a lot of equipment. One of the main equipment used in the drip irrigation system that is used to save water is polyethylene pipes which are used in various dimensions.

The best polyethylene pipe used for drip irrigation is a 16 to 40 mm polyethylene pipe.

However, there are many factors that influence the type and size of polyethylene pipes in drip irrigation.

The type of soil, the area of ​​irrigation, the temperature and humidity of the environment are factors that influence the size of the PE pipe.

Pipes used in drip irrigation can be made of pvc or asbestos. But these pipes are rarely used.

What is the best fitting for PVC irrigation pipes?

What is the best fitting for PVC irrigation pipes?  Microbore irrigation pipes are widely used in drip irrigation.

In drip irrigation, water is pumped from a low pressure pipe network into a predetermined pattern. The device for draining water is called a “dropper”. Droplets through the narrow nozzle or long flow path reduce the pressure in the pipe network and reduce discharge discharge by up to about liters per hour.

 Drip irrigation system

Water flows through the soil profile after the emitter is released by capillary forces and gravity, so the surface soaked by each emitter is constrained by the factors limiting the horizontal flow of water.

In drip irrigation systems, irrigation is possible for one day and even less if needed.

For trees, and as long as the plants are longitudinally united, the check drops are made as separate units and by a plug in the conventional water supply line called the ‘Jekan Drip Tube’, the ‘hose’. The “sub pipe” or “sub pipe” are connected.

Some of the droplets are in the form of spigot tubes and have several outlets. This is an increase in the cost to increase the level soaked. For our less permanent row plants, tomatoes, cane and strawberries make the sub-tubes and drops of the cheekbones together as separate units that either have holes 9 to 36 inches apart, such as two-chambered tubes. They have porous walls with water that seeps out. In each drip system, the sub-pipes are connected to the conventional Manfold water line.

Fertilizers can be injected into irrigation water, which does not require labor to disperse them. For this purpose, highly soluble fertilizers are available on the market and their varieties have expanded fertilization through a drop system. Fertilizer efficiency has increased due to greater control over the location and timing of fertilizer application with the drip system.

The importance of drip irrigation in agriculture:

Methods such as drip irrigation and other forms of irrigation in agriculture are important because the agricultural sector is the world’s largest consumer of water, and in arid regions, irrigation uses about 50% to 85% of total water. Water use efficiency in the agricultural sector is 30% to 35% and a large portion of the water consumed on the way to the farm is lost. Most water losses occur during field application and transmission, respectively, and if such losses are reduced, efficiency increases.

 One of the methods of water management in the field is to increase the area under pressure irrigation, which is one of the best methods of drip irrigation with a yield of about 90%. Easy fertilizer use is another advantage of drip irrigation, which increases the efficiency of fertilizer application. Of course, the condition for success in drip irrigation and reaching the highest potential of this suitable solution for optimal water use is to select, design, implement and operate the drip irrigation system with due diligence.

Suppliers and dealers of Iranian irrigation pipe fittings

suppliers and dealers of irrigation pipe fittings in Iran are active and major sales of these products.

The major sales of pipes and fittings are made by irrigation suppliers and production plants.

To find the best quality supply centers, you can visit these sales sites. Manufacturers of pipe and fittings also export this product to neighboring countries.

In some parts of the country, such as Tehran, there is a sales representative of pipes and fittings that offers this product in different brands. The retailers of these dealers offer this product in bulk and in small packages to customers. The dealers also distribute the product at retailers and related stores throughout the country


Pvc pipe dealers sell and sell different types of this product at low prices by creating sales sites and stores on the virtual pages. Numerous domestic brands of pvc pipes, these dealers can be found, each of which is of high quality. Each of these brands has its own fans and customers. All types of pipes and fittings are products sold by this dealer.

Different types of pvc pipes in different manufacturing companies in the country have different prices to buy.

Manufacturers price this product due to various factors such as quality, brand name, type of packaging and … These prices are set in a specified list and are available to sellers and customers. This list can be obtained from pvc pipe manufacturers and suppliers.

Watering & Irrigation Supplies on Sale

Watering & Irrigation Supplies on Sale Irrigation pipe suppliers, supply a variety of watering and irrigation supplies for sale at high quality.

Irrigation pipes are used in various industries for their good benefits. Some of the features of this type of pipe can be described as: lightness, good sex, flexibility, stainless steel, high strength, no corrosion of poly pipes.

In addition to poly pipes, other types of pipes, such as plastic water pipes and polka dots, are also on the market. The price of polyethylene plastic water pipe as well as the price of polyka pipe is determined by weight, working pressure, size, area and type of purchase.

Tehran is one of the well-known and commercial cities of the country. For this reason, a number of PE pipes dealers operate in Tehran. In these dealers all kinds of polyethylene pipes, carogite pipes, pvc pipes and … are sold in different sizes.

 Buying dealers is usually more convenient and convenient for shoppers. In addition to offering these products to other cities in Tehran, polyethylene pipe dealers also offer sales and consulting services. Even some pipe applicants in their own country travel to Tehran to procure these connections and purchase much of their need from the city’s dealers.

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