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Today,irrigation fittings are one of the most common and necessary equipment in the world. Best black large irrigation pipes are produced in different low prices and high quality. Professional exporting by export copper fittings is so profitable and useful for best producers.


Which irrigation systems have high performance?

There are many different irrigation systems in the world that customers using various types and designs of them. But all of the people want to use a systems have high performance. It means that this systems work better than others, they are so profitable and useful because these products work so good and longer time.There are a lot of irrigation fittings systems that we say some of them below and people can choose them.

Drip systems receive a spray, drip, or very slow flow of irrigation pipe fittings directly to the top of this.While some of pe irrigation pipe and types of systems do not technically “drip,” they all have water flowing from an emitter at a relatively slow rank.Drip systems receive water directly to the base of each single plant slowly as to permit water to move laterally in the root area before water begin coming out the below of the root area.

Water that is applied too fast will move straight through the substrate and out the drainage holes, where it is lost from the root area. Other ways to facilitate getting water to all parts of the root area contain the use of more emitters per plant or pot or to use emitters which receive a spray of water.Drip systems should always be using with filters to keep clogging and pressure regulators to assure proper pressure. Fluctuations in pressure can result in erratic delivery volumes and poor system uniformity.

Also, excessive pressure can blow out or destroy emitters.Since this type of irrigation places an emitter at each plant, considerably more supply pipe and/or distribution tubing is needed than with other besides the plants, this pipe is generally a soft plastic tubing to allow emitters to be attached directly to them or with drip tubes.Tube or “spaghetti” systems are those which use smaller diameter tubes that are connected to laterals to deliver water to each plant. Spaghetti systems can be used with or without emitters. In fact, some emitters actually function only as weights attached at the end of a tube.

The tube itself has a small interior diameter, slowing the flow of water. Each tube must be exactly the same length since the flow rank from the tube varies with its length. Another job of the weight is to diffuse the water get up from the tube. Some such emitters have also been developed that allow the tube to be shut off when not in use. Other emitters also have pressure regulation as a built-in feature to ensure that the dynamic pressure at each emitter is identical so that the flow rates delivered from them are also similar.In a spaghetti system, the rate of water delivered to each pot will rely on the destination of the end of each tube from the main valve with the take away from the valve, the lower the delivery rate at the emitter. Furthermore, this rank will vary with pressure fluctuation.

Cost effective irrigation pipes and fittings

Irrigation fittings are so different and are manufactured in different designs and types.people always want to buy cost effective irrigation pipes and fittings.The cost of irrigation pipe fittings depends on the quality and methods that these are manufactured. If customers visit online shops and stores, they can see list of prices, different prices that include high quality products. So, customers can select a product and then compare prices, they should choose select affordable pipes with low prices.

Agricultural irrigation pipe fittings have a great variety in shops, there are different brands. There are many fake brands that manufacture pipes and fittings without any quality but low prices and people should be aware of them and do not buy them. For trust to pipes and fittings, people should buy this products from famous and popular brands that guarantee their pipes.

Best producers of irrgation systems in the world

In China and India, irrigated land mentioned about 37% and 34% of the world Exporting. However, the penetration of drip irrigation in India is only 2% of arable land and only 0.6% in China. Drip irrigation in these countries is importantly focus on large commercial farms, rather than smaller, family-owned plot. While this isn’t great news, environmentally speaking, it does mean that there’s space for store vendors to spread and tap the hidden potential of micro irrigation systems in these developing good countries.

75 percent of the Pakistan’s population is connected with agriculture as their most important source of income. The country has the biggest channel based irrigation system of all over the world.

Price details of irrigation pipes and fittings in 2019

For homeowners looking to install a irrigation system on a quarter of an acre lot, the average cost is between $1,900–$3,800, reflecting an installation pay of approx. $0.40 cents per square foot of ground watered.

You’ll make your system from plastic pipe, either rigid or flexible PVC. Both are good selection and the similar ways of gathering.

Rigid PVC pipe is inexpensive — ¾-inch diameter pipe is about 30 cents per lineal foot.

Flex PVC costs more at about $1 per lineal foot of ¾-inch-diameter pipe, but it installs faster, there are fewer connections, and it’s more forgiving of trenches that aren’t greatly straight.

There are lots of other components, including sprinkler heads and bubblers, and each type has different ranges and arcs — the size and shape of their spray. That’s another reason to check out the manufacturer’s guides — they’ll give you a complete materials list.

Unless you’re an accomplished DIY electrician and plumber, you’ll probably require a little more professional requirement.

Best Iranian irrigation pipes


Iranian pipes always are popular irrigation fittings in the world and have many fans in the world. Iranians pipes made from high quality materials. Iranian mamu try to produce best irrigation fittings by using the experts experience and extend them to the Iran and also export them to the foreign countries.

Today, Iranian pipes is one of the most valuable and expensive pipes in the world because there are many different companies in this country. High quality materials is so important for iranian people and iranian companies manufacture this products with perfect materials.

Shafts are added for three reasons: as air supply, to omit sand and dirt, and to keep the tunnels from becoming dangerously long. The shafts are not very far away, and as a result, a qanat seen from the air gives the influence of a long, straight line of holes in the ground – as if the land has been subjected to a bombing run, qanat is so wonderful and great irrigation system.Typically, the qanat change to a ditch near its destination; in other words, the water is brought to the surface by leading it out of the slope. In fact, one makes an artificial artesian well and an oasis.

Which raw materials are good too produce irrgation pipes?


Three layer pipe technology, the interior and out layers make up 30% of the pipe and are made using virgin raw materials. The rest 70% of overall material needed for the interior layer, can be manufacture using a more affordable recycled or off-season raw material.To that end DRTS offers the 3 layer.

Complete 3 layer pipe production option that can be integrated to most pipe production lines. This ensures keeping ongoing cost savings on raw materials for every meter of drip irrigation pipe produced, without compromising line speed or product quality.

Why copper fittings are so expensive?

Copper has always been relatively expensive.It’s very great and useful , because it can be change into useful fittings and wide variety of shapes and it conducts heat and electricity very well.

it’s scarce because there are only a few places where it can be mined and it’s difficult to refine If the price of copper nowadays is extraordinarily high- equal to things like iron- it could be because lots of previously-poor places are now getting electricity and piping ,which use many copper. But on the other side, if people are stealing copper than normal, I bet that’s because of unusual poverty instead of unusual copper prices.

Which producing countries have low prices?

There are many countries that produce pipes and irrigation fittings but people always looking for cheapest and lowest prices. Some countries manufacture this pipes with lower quality and buy them lower than other countries.but some of irrigation suppliers use high quality materials and manufacturing best pipes.

And people can visit this importing products and buy them. China, America and United kingdom produce this irrigation pipes with low prices. These products are so affordable and cheap for wide range of people and persons.

Price list of different fittings

Fittings have different types and qualities, so these fittings have different prices.these products are manufactured in different designs and various materials. Customers can search for buying them in Internet and find best quality products so easy.

Price list of different fittings including various types and also in online shops there is. Customers can find affordable and profitable products in different stores in the mall and buying them. People can visit online shops and find different list of fittings and buy them with affordable prices.

How to be a professional exporter

All of the people can be a professional exporter but they must know some points about it.

1. Make decision where to sell fittings

Searching is vital! Identify the stores with a little desk research. Find the consumption figures of products similar to your own and the economic growth rank of a potential new market. Look up the demographics, cultural and religious exercises and your potential competition.

2. Have a schedule for sale irrigation systems

Visit your potential new store. Showcase your products at trade fairs and make new contacts.Whichever option you selection , you must ensure clarity of responsibility for things like receiving and payment and often remember to keep your intellectual property.

3. Find the circumstances for fittings :

Trade fairs are one of the best ways to find opportunities both in the UK and abroad. Meet buyers and generate new business. Check with us about available grants to subsidise the cost of exhibiting, or see if you can share the cost of a stand with another business

4. Start marketing

Adverts can help you gain exposure but can be expensive. As with the UK, be mindful of the target audience and expense vs. return on investment. Another option is to create a website with content translated according to your target market. Although these do not cost anything to set up, they need time invested to keep updated. Whatever you use, make sure all your marketing materials have up-to-date contact details for your company along with the person responsible for export sales.

5. Understand the admin

There are certain admin obligations that need to be correct from the start. Ring lock irrigation fittings in the UK Embassy of the destination country will help you to clarify the requirements for customs registration, forms, and payments.

Documentation is at the very heart of exporting, without it there is no contract, no transport and no payment. The requirements vary from country to country

There are two main geographic areas that your exports will fall into:

1. European countries

Products can move freely across borders without customs checks and we can advise on any paperwork likely to be required. The buyer’s VAT registration number must be shown on the invoice. If this isn’t shown then you must charge USA at the UK rate.

2. Rest of the world

Internationally agreed rules setting out delivery terms for irrigation traded across borders. Buyer and seller agree details on the terms of sale to keep misunderstandings or disputes. Incoterms set out responsibility for the cost of transporting goods, insurance, taxes or duties, pick up points, destinations, and responsibility for the goods at each rank.

Pvc irrigation fittings catalogue must set out the details of your product including the size and packaging formats, as well as any potential additional cost for mentioning export labelling and packaging which you may be charging on to the customer. Setting out the price and delivery terms, the estimated date of shipment on arrival and payment terms and conditions is vital to avoid any disputes further down the line.

When you know how export your irrigation pipes, you can be a professional and famous exporter that export high quality irrigation systems to all over the world.