irrigation pipe fittings| High Quality Irrigation Pipe For Sale

As the world’s population grows, the need for food also increases, and much of this food comes from agriculture. Food is the first human need for food. Water is the lifeblood, and wherever there is water, it also brings prosperity, and humans have difficulty obtaining water, and water plays a vital role in human life.Given the importance of water in agriculture and crop production in the near future, rather than determining crop yield per hectare, crop production will be evaluated per unit of water consumed.Irrigation water efficiency whit irrigation pipe fittings in the world agricultural irrigation pipe fittings sector is currently reported at between 5% and 15% and we need to increase this irrigation efficiency in a variety of ways, including by using different types of irrigation under pressure.

irrigation pipe fittings| High Quality Irrigation Pipe For Sale

what is the best affordable irrgation systems?

what is the best affordable irrgation systems?Usable pipes in water supply system:HDPE Polyethylene Tube:The main specifications and indicators of PE pipe are as follows:

  • The coefficient of hyssin William is 1 (the higher the coefficient of hyssin William is the lower the friction of the water inside the tube).
  • Calculate the pipe diameter based on the crater diameter of the outer crater diameter and is in millimeters.
  • Its operating pressure is 1 / 2–3–5–7 atmospheres.
  • Its fittings are threaded and welded.

Asbestos Pipe:Asbestos Tube Specifications:Hasen’s coefficient is William’s.Calculate the pipe diameter based on the inside diameter of the pipe opening and in mm.The length of the asbestos pipe is 2 meters or 2 meters.Operating pressure is 2-5-6 atmospheres.Its fittings include Mannch, Socket and Oering.

PVC irrigation pipe:

The Hazen William coefficient of this tube is Calculate the diameter based on the inside diameter of the pipe opening and in inches.The operating pressure is 4-5-6.It has male and female fittings, Oering and series fittings.Pipes for use in pressure irrigation equipment:Usable in drainage pipes Drip irrigation system and garden irrigation pipes and fittings or pulley system.Usable in rolling irrigation and classic sprinkler irrigation systems.irrigation systems and linear irrigation systems.

Most important uses of black polypipes

Most important uses of black polypipesPolyethylene pipes are widely used in agriculture and related industries, water resources control and water loss prevention and the unique advantages of PE pipes are more than ever used, high durability and durability, easy installation Low cost, long life, lightness, flexibility, sunlight resistance, corrosion resistance, hygiene and non-toxicity and high size and size are just some of the benefits that farmers and handlers Drives the wearer to use polyethylene pipe. Various fittings such as drip irrigation for gardens and fields have been produced and marketed which can control the amount of outlet water, save a great deal of water consumption and prevent evaporation and loss of water. Many modern methods of irrigation have been developed to save and conserve water efficiently in agriculture, and these methods are being developed every day with polyethylene pipes being an essential element in all of them, and water transfer and control by these pipes includes the following: : Pressure irrigation, drip irrigation, strip irrigation, sprinkler and local irrigation, etc. Traditional irrigation and surface irrigation methods also use polyethylene pipes to prevent water evaporation and water entrapment in the soil, and polyethylene pipes are the most prominent type of PE pipes in this regard.

Is it good to use Polyethylene pipes in farms?

Is it good to use Polyethylene pipes in farms?Polyethylene pipe has a large market share due to its ease of manufacture and the ability to control the constituents and to control chemical and physical resistance. Polyethylene pipes have many properties that can withstand rot, abrasion and impact, corrosion resistance, good flexibility, high shrinkage, lightness, earthquake and landslide resistance, very tight and leak-free connectivity, High resistance to UV and having suitable hydraulic properties are noted.

Polyethylene pipe does not react to water and causes no change in color, odor and taste of water, so it is ideal for conveying water both industrially and for drinking and household use.

Experiments can be performed according to international standards on the pipe to determine the resistance of the PE aluminium irrigation pipe fittings to chemicals. In these experiments, they dip the sample in a special type of chemical and record its effects. In some cases, polyethylene pipes and fittings are tested under different pressure and temperature conditions with chemicals and record changes and behaviors of the pipe against it. Any change in the appearance, thickness and quality of the pipe indicates the resistance of the PE to the chemical conditions.

The high resistance and incompatibility with other chemicals in the production of polyethylene pipes has made it widely used in industrial applications and in areas where chemical processes take place. Chemical reactions between fluids and pipes occur under certain conditions such as acidic, alkaline, high pressure reactions, etc. and can cause disruption to the pipelines. Polyethylene pipe is a cost-effective and convenient solution for plumbing under special conditions.

One of the simplest and perhaps most important features of the PE pipe is its resistance to weathering and rust, which makes it no longer need to be covered and protected. Polyethylene pipes are also very resistant to chemicals. In contrast to water, inorganic salts, weak acids, strong organic acids, strong alkaline solutions have high resistance and no reaction with these liquids occurs. They also have sufficient resistance to strong acids, hydrofluoric acid, fats and oils and can be used industrially in these cases.

Irrigation pipe and fittings at best prices

Irrigation pipe and fittings at best pricesThe price of polyethylene material used in the production of polyethylene pipes in the stock market is constantly fluctuating and there is no relative price stability.Many other factors, such as exchange rates, freight costs, electricity costs and personnel costs, and many more, may have an impact on the price and price list. So manufacturers and sellers give their prices to customers on a daily basis, with a one-day validity period, and bidding is a very high risk.The price of polyethylene pipe varies depending on the type of raw material (imported and domestic) of the grade and the purity of the raw material. The purity of the material is the amount of raw material mixed with the waste material, and the lean bio does not use any waste material in its production, and is committed to the excellent quality and production of the unique polyethylene pipe and is proud of the lean bio products in all tests. It has been verified and proven to be of high quality pure life products. Many criteria influence the final price of PE. The price of 2-inch and 4-inch polyethylene pipes is less volatile in the market due to their high usage and competitiveness. Price determination also depends on the diameter and pressure of the pipe. They start from 20mm in diameter and eventually lead to 2,400mm in massive designs. The price and weight of the pipe is directly related to the working pressure of the pipe, the higher the pressure, the higher the weight and price of the pipe. Polyethylene pipe is marketed from 2.5 times to 20 times. The price of polyethylene pipe is calculated by meter length, it does not matter for the factory what pipe and diameter you bought, but the amount of raw materials used to make each meter length.

HDPE sprinkler irrigation pipes & fittings for sale

 HDPE sprinkler irrigation pipes & fittings for salePolyethylene 8 inch irrigation pipe for sale size 63 are made of hard polyethylene (HDPE) which has special characteristics to the PE pipe. And these special features have made it more likely to use polyethylene pipes to run piping systems than ever before. Raw materials are produced in various grades of HDPE pipe 63 in different grades, such as PE 80 and PE 100 grade. Of course, these grades are very different from each other, which will be discussed later.

63mm polyethylene pipe is made of polyethylene material with masterbatch and due to its flexibility and strength can withstand the fluid materials at different operating pressures, 63mm polyethylene pipe both clamp and The branch form is produced. This product can be used at working pressures of 4 to 10 times in the sewage collection of residential and residential complexes. 60mm polyethylene pipes are used at operating pressures of 10 and 12 millimeters when used for irrigation and water supply and the pump is used in the piping system. The 63 mm polyethylene pipe, which is manufactured at operating pressures of 16 and 20 mm or higher, is used in gas pipelines and high pressure pumps to damage the pipe due to high internal pressure.

Water scarcity will be one of the most important issues in the future of the country which, given the 30 years of drought in the country and the crisis of dehydration, requires urgent water use. Since in Iran farmers use traditional irrigation methods for irrigation of farms and according to official statistics 92% of water consumption in agricultural sector is more and more need to use new irrigation methods.

Polyethylene pipe and polyethylene screw fittings play an important role in modern irrigation. Due to advantages such as less breakage, leakage, easy transfer and installation, polyethylene hoses have been able to replace metal pipe in irrigation. Coincidentally synthesized by the German chemist Hans. In 1898 when he accidentally heated diazo methanes to a temporary wax compound we now call polyethylene and this product has undergone many changes over its short lifespan and has changed from packaging Foodstuffs are used for gas and oil pipelines and chemicals that are highly sensitive.

where is the best place for buying cheap polypipes?

where is the best place for buying cheap polypipes?The best place to buy pipes and fittings is from reputable companies and specialty markets.Nowadays, companies have placed all their products on their websites with all the specifications and features and complete descriptions and prices which is a good place for information and shopping for buyers.

The best factory of irrigation pipe and fitting in the world

The best factory of irrigation pipe and fitting in the worldDue to market fluctuations and changes in raw material prices, we are reluctant to put the price list on the PE pipe site, but you, the respected buyer, can find out all prices with one touch. Ask for price. Experts are ready to answer you dear buyers. They can send you a price list for all types of PE. Quality polyethylene pipe is one of the most important factors in saving and wasting resources, which is one of the highest quality of these pipes internationally produced in pure bio company.

how do I choose low price pipe and fitting for irrigation system?

how do I choose low price pipe and fitting for irrigation system?Tips to keep in mind when handling polyethylene pipes:

  • Check the working pressure of the PE pipe in terms of water or water.
  • The fluid inside the tube should have a temperature between 10 and 70 degrees.
  • Check and select the connections required to run the plumbing system before purchasing.
  • The raw materials are suitable for PE 80 and PE 100 PE pipe fittings.

Who Buys black poly pipes?

Who Buys black poly pipes?The best buyer of black pipes, oil companies and petroleum products.Black polyethylene materials are used as raw materials for the production of polyethylene pipes. Black polyethylene pipes are made of black, and the non-ferrous polyethylene material is white, and they use an additive (masterbatch) to black polyethylene pipes. It will not increase and also in the extruded phase, if one percent of the dispersion is not complete, the quality of the pipe will be reduced and the PE will fail in the experiments. And these polyethylene pipes cannot be used for sensitive and strategic uses and their life span is greatly reduced.

Black polyethylene materials were manufactured and developed to address the above issues, polyethylene pipes made with black self-tapping material have high strength and their test results are excellent, and the life span of pipes made of black polyethylene material It has been around for 100 years and these pipes are suitable for use in polyethylene pipelines using fire fighting systems, drinking water supply lines, high pressure pipelines, for operation and installation at sea and in bad weather conditions.

Black polyethylene material is produced in PE80 and PE100 grades, which in the world petrochemicals has been reduced to zero PE80 material, and the use of PE80 is obsolete and outdated.PE100 black polyethylene is used to produce polyethylene single-walled pipes, which had been fully imported for some time, and did not produce any petrochemicals inside black polyethylene, and the best black polyethylene material is Bruges and after It has a long distance of Korean and Saudi black materials.PE100 grade polyethylene black materials were recently manufactured and marketed by two well-known domestic petrochemicals.The difference between imported black polyethylene materials such as bruges and internal polyethylene materials is very simple. And when the material is delivered to the factory, test the material and the values ​​obtained must exactly match the table. In imported materials such as Bruges, the values ​​of this test have not changed over the years and are always the same and the values ​​do not change.

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