pe female adapter | Top Manufacturers of pipe adapter in the world

What is the PE female adapter?The scope of application of flanges in piping is as one of the components of fittings, which are commonly used to change or change the diameter of the pipe. Flanges are usually produced by casting, machining or molding processes.  be with us to know about the PE flange adaptor, flange adaptor for hdpe pipe, flange adaptor for pvc pipe and restrained flange adaptor.

pe female adapter | Top Manufacturers of pipe adapter in the world

What are the uses of flange adapters?

What are the uses of flange adapters?Flanges are one of the connectors of pipes, valves and devices. The flanges between the two flanges are operated by a gasket inserted between them. According to the standard, the specifications of PE should include the following:

  • Brand manufacturer of polyethylene flange flanges
  •  Nominal Size – External Diameter of Polyethylene Pipe to be Welded
  • The amount of pressure tolerated by polyethylene flange – also called that class of flange
  • Flange Surface Shape – Polyethylene flange surface shape is the most important component of a flange
  • Holes – sometimes also referred to as wall thickness
  •  Polyethylene Flange Ingredients – According to ASTM, this number represents the specifications of the raw materials used for the manufacture of flanges.
  • Number or code related to heat treatment on polyethylene flange.

Best and durable types of flange adapter on the market

Best and durable types of flange adapter on the market In general, five types of polyethylene flanges are used in butt welding pipelines as follows:

  • Weld Neck Flanges Normal and long type
  • Slip-on Flanges
  • Reducing Flanges
  • Increase Flanges
  • Lap-Joint Flanges, Van Stone

Types of flanges


In this type of flanges (flat surface flanges) the surface of one flange is to be flat against the surface of the other flange. Usually, cast iron or steel flanges that are used at low pressures are of this type.

2.Raised face flange:

In this type of flanges (flange with a prominent surface) the flange surface which is opposite to the other flange and the polyethylene flange is coated on it is made more prominent than the overall surface of the flange. According to the standard, the bump values ​​in all sizes are 1.6 mm for the 150 and 300 grades and 6.4 mm for the higher grades.

The bumps may have a smooth finish or a serrated groove, and the grooves are centered or coiled, specified in the standard (mss-sp-6) (usually groove depths). 0.4 mm (0.8 mm apart)

3- Male & Female flange:

Plates of this type are flange (one with a height of 6.4 mm) and the other with a recess (5 mm deep).

4- Flange with Tongue & Groove facing plate:

This type of flange also exists in pairs and is similar to the male and female flanges except that the inner diameter of the tongue and groove does not extend to the flange hole (flow path) and therefore holds a gasket on its inner and outer diameters. This makes the gasket protected from corrosion and exhaustion. The tongue and groove structure requires a minimum flat surface layer, and therefore under the pressure of screws will have the lowest load and maximum joint efficiency possible for flat layers. In this type of connection the tab is 6.4 mm and the groove depth is 5 mm.

Iranian top producers of pipes and fittings

Iranian top producers of pipes and fittings who are Iranian top producers of pipes and fittings? Pipe usage determines which pipe is best for your work, but always choose the best pipe for the one you choose, if you choose the best pipe (depending on your application) and that pipe is of the best quality. Not good enough, your choice as the best type of pipe is questioned. The best quality pipe is the one made with the finest raw materials and the most modern machinery in the world and meets the latest domestic and foreign standards.

The best type of pipe for which applications

The best pipe for your applications may be different, below are some of these

Water pipe

The best pipe for main water pipelines (more than 800 pipes) is metal pipes and for main water pipelines below 800 mm polyethylene pipes are the best type of pipe (the above example is true under normal conditions and air temperature, pipe path, fluid temperature , The route of the pipe that may be from the sea and through the rivers, and any natural or environmental factors that may be effective in selecting the best pipe and you should consider it)

gas pipe

In gas transmission pipes we have relatively stable conditions and the choice of the best pipe varies with the gas pressure and pipe size, in the main gas transmission lines use carbon steel pipes and in the urban and rural dividing lines and polyethylene consumable divisions the best choice. Are for the best type of pipe

Sewer pipe

The best pipes in the sewer transmission network are polyethylene pipes, double-walled karogite pipes up to 800 for sewage and surface water supply. 2500 mm sizes are manufactured and supplied. For more information, see the Polyethylene Pipe Usage page for wastewater transport

Acidic and chemical fluid tubes

The best type of pipe for chemical fluid transfer should be selected according to the acidity and chemical formula of the fluid. First, determine the fluid temperature and then the formula, and adhere to the pipe manufacturing standards. In most cases, polymer tubes and especially polyethylene pipes are the best choice for pipes.

Construction pipes

The best pipe for construction pipes is polymer pipes. For wastewater and wastewater, PVC, PP and PE pipes can be used, and for cold and hot water pipes use multi layer PP pipes and PEX pipes.

best quality of flange adapter on the market

best quality of flange adapter on the market The following seven features are important in selecting the right and high performance flange:

  • Flange Type: The type of flange is divided into different types based on the use of flanges, some of which are discussed below.
  • Flange Size: The size of the flange includes factors that are determined by the standard used. These factors include outer diameter, inner diameter, number of screw holes, screw hole diameter and screw diameter.
  • Thickness: The thickness of the flanges is determined by the pressure that the flange must withstand. The higher the pressure, the greater the thickness required.
  • Flange hole: This parameter has a great impact on determining the tolerable pressure for the flange. In this case, three factors must be considered: the number of holes, the diameter of the disc and the size of the disc holes.
  • Material: The flange material should be selected in order to be resistant to pressure, temperature, humidity and corrosion. Common materials used in flanges are: stainless steel, carbon steel and nickel copper.
  • Pressure Class: The pressure class represents the nominal pressure at which the flange can perform well. Each standard is divided from low to high according to the pressure class. This pressure is determined by the pipe and valves of the system to which the flange is attached.
  • Standard: There are a number of standards that determine the specifications. Choosing the right standard depends on the standard of the other components attached to the flange.

What are the best pipes and fittings for homes?

What are the best pipes and fittings for homes?The water is ready to enter the home after it enters the treatment plants and all the treatment is done. This purified water is pumped through your city’s high-standard urban plumbing systems to the door of your home and then it is the job of the building or homeowner to provide it with a suitable home water supply system, To come home.

Water pipe is undoubtedly one of the most important equipment used in household water supply systems. The high quality and durability of these pipes are of great importance. As mentioned, a five-layer pipe can be one of your best choices as a homeowner.

Now we are going to see what features a quality pipe like pipe can have that can be considered a good option for your home water supply system. Note that the drinking water that you and your loved ones are supposed to drink will reach you through these pipes. So there is no shortage of the best water pipe in this area.

  • Water supply pipes should be durable and durable and not easily damaged by frost, heat and physical factors. These pipes should also be capable of being used for burial.
  • A quality pipe, such as a five-layer nipped pipe, must have a good longitudinal expansion coefficient so as not to lose its initial state over time due to constant contact with hot and cold water.
  • The water inside the pipe should not corrode, rust or seal. These factors affect the quality and hardness of drinking water, and even large amounts of it can contaminate water and cause some diseases.
  • A suitable pipe should be used for various devices and should also be used for surface and landfill applications.
  • If the color of the drinking water is to remain constant, it should not be in contact with oxygen, except for the factors mentioned above. Low-quality pipes, in contact with hot water, dissolve some oxygen. You can also use a five-layer tube to prevent this problem.

Female and male adapter in bulk at low price

Female and male adapter in bulk at low priceThe daily price of flange is visible in different sizes and thicknesses. Throat flange is available in various Iranian and foreign brands. The flanges come in many different types, each with its own price, which we will discuss below:

  • Flange with the Simple Slide: In this type of flange, the surface of the two flanges that are interconnected is smooth and used when the water connections are made by casting and the system pressure is low.
  •  Male & Female Flange: This flange is definitely a pair that has a protruding surface and the other has a trough that is protruding and deforming depending on the position and how it is used with a certain proportion. These types of flanges are used in heat exchange’s.
  •  Welding Neck Flange: These flanges attach to the pipe by welding and transfer the stress to the pipe and also reduce the high stress concentration at the base of the flange.
  • Blind Flange: It is fully rounded plate at the end of piping and pressure paths. These types of flanges bear more pressure than other flanges.
  •  Screw Flange: These flanges have a thread head inside and are attached to the outer thread pipe. The advantage of this type of flange is the non-welded joint and is used for low diameters and high pressures.

Brass flange adapters on sale cheap

Brass flange adapters on sale cheap how much is the Brass flange adapters on sale cheap? The scope of application of flanges in piping is as one of the components of fittings, which are commonly used to change or change the diameter of the pipe. Flanges are usually produced by casting, machining or molding processes. These joints are manufactured according to the dimensions specified in the standard and the specifications do not indicate the weight of the PE joints and are the only criterion for controlling the dimensions of the joints. The weight of polyethylene fittings is not like the pipe specified in the standards and may vary slightly depending on the conditions of manufacture of the fittings of each component.

Uk’s biggest pipe fittings producers 2019

Uk's biggest pipe fittings producers 2019 The largest manufacturers of 2019 UK pipe fittings have established a footprint in response to the pressing need of the country to implement water, wastewater and sewerage projects with the aim of producing all kinds of polyethylene pipes and fittings. Polyethylene flange is manufactured according to German DIN standard. This connection is custom made by customer request and is part of welding joints. Miter fittings, or welding fittings, are cut from the same pipe as the precision parts of the parts and are welded together by angle welding machines and specialized fittings. This type of fittings is the best type of PE fittings and if the welding operation is performed according to standard and precision, the welding point and resistive joint will be more than the pipe itself and will be very reliable.

Pars Ethylene Fittings are all made of Rothenberger and Widows polyethylene welding machines, all of which are manufactured in Germany, as well as PE pipe fittings for Widows modern and precision machine parts. With laser markers, the cut-off location is determined and as a result, the produced PEs are of very high quality.

Best price of adapter for pe pipes in global market

Best price of adapter for pe pipes in global market  how much is the Best price of adapter for PE pipes in global market? Flanges are a type of fasteners of pipes, valves and devices to each other. The flanges are disc-shaped, which are often paired together using two bolts, open easily and are suitable for low and high pressures. Flanges are fittings that connect the transmission pipelines (with any type of fluid) to each other, and also connect the valves to the welded pipes. Flanges are often made of polyethylene, steel, iron or cast iron alloys. The flanges are subdivided into different classes depending on the type of pressure depending on the pressure they endure.

Couplings & Flange Adaptors For Sale

Couplings & Flange Adaptors For Sale Application of Couplings & Flange Adapters 

  •  Connecting non-type steel pipes by bolts
  •  Easy to assemble or disassemble
  •  Applicable to all water supply facilities including potable water and non-corrosive fluids up to 2 ° C.
  • GGG1 ductile iron
  •  Dimensions and drilling of flanges according to standard (DIN ۲۵۰۱, EN۱۰۹۲) Secure and complete sealing connection between two PE or PVC (interface) pipes, valves or other joints
  • Epoxy powder coating

How to assemble:

  • Make a 2 degree baffle on the PE or PVC pipe.
  • Wet the pipe and insert it fully into the adapter flange or connector.
  •  Connect the flange and the valve to the other connections and then tighten the retaining ring bolts.
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