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PE fittings must be made of the best raw materials in order to meet the buyer’s need for a durable and inexpensive product. Manufacturer of poly ducts and pe fittings femail elbow irrigation in Iran, in compliance with all the required standards, makes various types of the pipe and fittings for agriculture. The use of them in Iran goes back to many years. In fact, poly pipes are one of the first polymeric joints. Apparently, the cost-efficient fittings have an important role in exporting the product to other countries which is why the manufacturer wants consumers to notice the features while buying the pipe.


Plasson Compression Fittings for PE Pipe

You know, the Polyethylene pipes are a type of plastic pipes that have a large share of the world pipe market due to their low price and unique characteristics. A polyethylene molecule is a long chain of carbon atoms in which two carbon atoms are attached to each carbon atom.

Polyethylene pipes are widely used and are used for a variety of purposes including transport of drinking water, sewage, chemicals, and compressed gases. However, these pipes are usually not used for applications where the temperature is high, the pipe is subject to environmental damage, or some petroleum and chemical materials

How many pipe producers are there in China?

The PVC-U pipes known in Iran as Polyka pipes are the same gray pipes that are widely used in a wide range of water and sewage projects, covering cables and electricity. These pipes also are produced in China which are reliable, durable, economical and recyclable. These unique features of the Plica pipes make them popular.

The main materials of PVC pipes are polymer made from oil, gas, air, and saltwater and in the process of mixing with other materials produce PVC pipes. PVC pipes are classified in terms of their resistance to tensile, heat, chemical and acidic impacts.

As mentioned, there are many manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of PE compression fittings in China who strive to provide high-quality used in various types of pipes.
These companies use precision certifications in the production of poly pipe compression fittings. In some applications, these manufacturers produce pipes for critical performance which is based on the consumer’s demand.

Moreover, these producers try hard to make the different types that are perfect and made of the best materials. As they focus on their production, They like to make their goods easy to access in the world market.
To do this they make some resellers on the global market for the ones who are keen to use the pipe.

Is it more affordable to buy pe fittings from chinese suppliers?

To Know that if buying pe fittings from Chinese suppliers, First of all, you had better notice that how much does the pe fittings pipe cost? what is the difference between the Iranian ones and the Chinese ones?

On the other hand, One of the most common questions people have in planning to equip their water supply system is to determine which pipes are best for water supply and when to choose them.
In fact, the choice of pipes is crucial, depending on what the water supply is, how it can work, what loads it carries, etc.

According to China’s HDPE compression fittings imports rose by 24 percent, Iran, as the main supplier of China, lost a shop share of 7 percent in this time period, failing to help to this record.
The material of the water pipes by suppliers determines their properties. For example, the working temperature of the other pipe such as steel pipes is almost unlimited, but plastics or polypropylene are not very reliable in this respect.
These famous suppliers are producing the Polyethylene pipes both High Density which is called HDPE and Medium Density that is MDPE, can carry:

  • potable water
  • wastewater
  • slurries
  • chemicals
  • hazardous wastes
  • cables
  • compressed gases as well as oils.

The other point is that they concentrate on the Jain PE pipes are which are strong, extremely tough and long-lasting to use.

Asian famous pipe producers 2019


Today, Asia’s renowned pipeline manufacturers in the field of water fittings, have achieved remarkable success every day on this route. In this difficult path, full of ups and downs, these factories have been able to become a famous brand for decades.

During this time, they have also added products to their product range and have become recognized as quality brands among consumers.

So that customers can safely prepare and use their products. To this end, they are also highly regarded by consumers.

These manufacturers maintain and maintain leadership positions in the production of modern plastic products. As you can see, the Polyca pipe is produced by complex chemical processes and by special polymers made of plastics.
Moreover, Some of these producers are working in different countries which are famous for producing poly compression coupling such as:

  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Iran
  • Korea

Besides, Asia gives reasons for more than 65 percent of total global steel use and its populations and economies keep to rise in the near future, this the reason that Asian steel suppliers are currently the world’s leading companies in the industry.
Each of these countries is expanding into the international market with various export strategies to raise their shares.
China is diversifying export products and destinations for its bulk supply of steel products. Japan and Korea are moving forward with investment in high-quality steel production, and Korea is also gearing up to meet demand through overseas downstream investments. In addition, they are becoming more and more competitive thanks to their adapting to technological changes.

Polyethylene Pipe Fittings At Affordable Price


With the expansion of human societies and the development of cities and villages, the installation of modern pipes in facilities became an urgent need.
Thus, the polyethylene pipe at affordable price gets the consumers attention while they want to buy, which is why they look for the types of pipe that is not that much expensive to purchase.

Plus, Urban facilities that have the most important of water and wastewater transmission systems became the focus of the engineers. It should be noted that they replaced metal and cement pipes, outdated and polyethylene pipes gradually.

By installing new pipes, the problems of the old pipes were completely eliminated, such as:

  • Corrosion
  • Crack
  • Breakdown

 And gradually the use of polyethylene pipes has become more commonplace and the installation of polyethylene pipes on agricultural land can greatly reduce water consumption, cause the cultivation of high-quality products and, most importantly, the impact of agricultural pesticides and fertilizers increase.

Why Iranian Plastic Pipes Are Cheaper?

In general, Iranian plastic pipes are cheaper irrigation PVC fittings to use in the industry. You know in Iran as the polyethylene pipe’s price and its weight are directly depends on the working pressure of the pipe, the higher the pressure, the higher the weight and the cost of the pipe will be.
This list and the price table for the polyethylene pipe is complex because of the high variety of sizes and work pressures.
In addition, It is better to put the effective factors in the price of the pipe calculation formula. So this the main reason that you can find the plastic pipes cheaper.
The other point is that the price of them is a multiplication of one meter in size at the price of each kilogram of raw material, but it should also include overhead costs and a small profit for the manufacturer.

Moreover, the most popular materials used to make the pipes that are popular among people are:

  • Metal
  • Plastic

Both the first and the second have their own characteristics, the nuances of their pros and cons.

The price of these pipes depends on the diameter and pressure of the pipe as well as its raw materials. Polyethylene pipes have different dimensions, usually starting at 20 mm and ultimately reaching 2400 mm in large designs.

Different sizes of plastic pipes and fittings

At times, Polyethylene pipe sizes are specified in millimeters, but some people have believed that polyethylene pipe sizes are in inches. Also. they are divided by:

  • size
  • weight
  • thickness

So that you can say, the 110 mm PE pipe is 10 times less thick than the 110 mm PE pipe 16 times. PE pipe sizes are from 16mm to 2500mm, the PE pipe to size 750mm is economically acceptable and the pipe larger than 750mm is used for specific applications where the pipes are no longer efficient.On the other hand, the standard sizes of polyethylene pipes differ from each other, as the 75 mm single pore sample is produced and supplied but double-walled tubes have not manufactured this size and their standard tables and dimensions are different.

Production of different sizes of polyethylene pipe requires the production line of PE pipe and machinery suitable for the same sizes. Up to 730 in size. In the production line, for the production of different pipe sizes, the end-of-line fittings must also be fitted to the standard and quality pipe.

Aluminum pipe fittings advantages and price range

Aluminum pipe is a series of metal pipes made of various alloys including 6061, 6063, 6101.

Aluminum tubes are lightweight and have high corrosion resistance. Aluminum pipes can be used in many different ways, such as:

  • Refueling on the aircraft engine because of its light,
  • chemical industry,
  • To bring dry air to the tools,
  • Agricultural Land Piping

Additionally, Aluminum is sometimes used because of its low cost, which is resistant to corrosion, solvents, and ductility, and also because of its conductive properties for flammable solvents
You can also say that it is a spark when working with it. Does not create. The pipes can be welded by flame or pressure connections or welded by the TIG.
Aluminum seamless pipes 6061 are a good choice when cracking under chloride pressure and prevent corrosion and sealing due to properties such as non-toxicity, low weight, and recyclability. Thus, it is not difficult to imagine that aluminum pipes will replace steel and plastic pipes quickly.
Aluminum pipes were introduced in the late 1980s as a replacement for steel and plastics in the industry, although this product has not been widely used to date and its value is not well understood.

  • Benefits of Aluminum Pipes:
  • Aluminum transports fluids well.
  • High resistance in harsh conditions.
  • Aluminum does not expand or expand.
  • Easy to install

One of the important advantages of aluminum is its high flexibility, which makes it easy to install these pipes in any location and does not require many clamps to install. Another benefit of using aluminum is to prevent further growth of bacteria, which is a common problem in plastic tubes and because of this aluminum use will provide greater health.

One of the problems with non-aluminum pipes in the central ventilation system is corrosion. Therefore, aluminum pipes are now more widely used and have been simplified and applied by the latest bending techniques

Hiqh Quality HDPE Pipe Fitting Female Elbow for Irrigation

Do you know anything about the superiority of HDPE pipe fitting female elbow for irrigation? In fact, the compression fittings are working by the mechanical connection method.
To guarantee a complete hydraulic seal in the manufacture of pressure distribution, compression pressure joints need to create a seal or produce balance to physical force.

Conventional thermal fittings for H-PE pipes, PP compression fittings, offer a new installation method that is fast and simple. PP pressure compressors are widely used in water supply and irrigation.

At first glance, the meaning that comes from the word connectors is a piece that connects several tools to one another, used when connecting a pipeline, changing the diameter, connecting pipe parts, and so on. Plumbing is widely used in various industries and the use of connections of different genders is essential. In this article, it is attempted to investigate and explain the PE connections.

Polyethylene pipes are interconnected by different connections depending on their application, polyethylene pipes can be divided into the following groups:

  • Injection fittings
  • welded joints
  • Polymeric joints
  • Electrofusion joints
  • Irrigation line coupler

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The next point is that the pipes can be considered the main part of a project, requiring a working pressure system. The pipes used in the production of centrifugal smelting and wire milling are called seamless tubes or mansions.

The main part of the seamless tubes in the Iranian market is Chinese made tubes.

These pipes are made in Category 40, which can be found in the thickness of the pipe at a reasonable price.

Due to the large volume of pipe importers from China, much attention should be paid to pipe weight, which is a tubular weight with a tolerance of 6%, otherwise, the pipe is out of date.