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it comes to the world of dishes, there are thousands of appearances and styles
and also brands will remind in our memory. We are using these materials in our
daily life because of their too much applications for every filed you thought.
In this article we suppose to share some useful information about all of the
dishes and their styles, especially, some of specific ones which are known as
enameled dishes. So, read the article to the end and take them useable in your
intended field.

pe plumbing reducer | Best types of plumbing reducers for sale

What are the different types of plumbing fittings?

What are the different types of plumbing fittings?


Exact similes of dishes

You hear the name of dishes for numbers
of times in a day. There are two meanings for dishes which are completely
different in means but the same and relatives; When you talk about the dishes
you mean two words; 1. Containers 2. Foods

As you know, two means of this word are
particularly relate to each other. So, inside the relatives and similarities
there are also some differences too. Containers are the objects which keep the
food safe in itself, and foods are kinds of popular and important dishes which
includes one of our vital parts of live, without food, we do not have enough
energy and if this continues, we will die.

made of different eatable materials and containers made of different industrial
and steady materials to be strong enough for storing the foods. 

What is reducer in piping?

What is reducer in piping?

History of containers

 Containers are all any receptacle storage which used for shipping, storing and packing the foods or any other product to hold. The things which are kept in the containers will protect by inside the structure, so, you can easily move and transform all of the products you want to ship. The used materials are usually partly rigid to be strong .enough in shipping processes  

Applications of containers are too much
in kitchen and today people use them widely in their houses, work space, travels
and … in other hands, containers play an important role in our lives. Serving
food into the containers is the main application of these products.

The history of containers belongs to B.C
and more than 1000 of years. The oldest pottery container has been found in an
area between Iran and Mesopotamia. Some of other ancient containers had been
found in China as they had numbers of paints that showed the local dances. This
container was for more than 5000 years ago.

In 19th century, the cast iron
and tin containers were found in the whole world and in 1850, the use of glazed
and enameled containers became pandemic in Germany and Austria. 

Using Aluminum containers became popular
in 1910 in the same countries. As you know, the development process of
containers accomplished during the time by inventors. Of course, some of extra
options had been added to the containers too, these options are included:


Heat insulation knobs

Teflon or ceramic insulation for the inside of
containers such as pots and pans

It is interesting to say that the
combination of steel and copper had been found and represented on the market.
The copper can spread the whole flames and heat to the around and cooks the
food better. This was invented in 1939 in America. Before it, the people were
use the gourds for making the containers because of this rigid peels, the gourds
are some of fruits which people used their peels to make the containers. It has
a brown color.

How do you repair a poly pipe?

How do you repair a poly pipe?

How many container types are there?

As it said, the world of the containers
belongs to a long time ago and people were using these products from thousands
of years ago until now. There are no houses or places which do not include the
containers and if you go anywhere, you will see them. Containers are different




Form and shape

This is why that the
containers have different usages due to their styles and sizes. But, the types
of these productions are different from each other, it means that there are
various kinds of them on the market. Each of these types uses in different

Kitchen container: these containers only can be
used in kitchen such as pot, pan and …

Serving containers: this classify mostly use
for serving the foods in restaurants, hotels and … which contain glass, plate,
bowl and …

Laboratory glassware: these wares are using in
laboratories to test the chemical materials.

Thus, all of the
types can be used in special places and conditions, for example, you can not
use laboratory containers for cooking foods at all.

Best bulk price for plumbing reducer

Best bulk price for plumbing reducer

What is
copper enamel dish?

By the way, all the
things just had been mentioned were about the containers and their types, but
the most important item in this article relates to the copper enamel dishes
which have differences with ordinary ones.

Copper is one of the
most durable and steady metals for producing different containers with
decorative aspects even. Since ancient times, the copper metal had been found
and more used for rich people and someone who are accustomed to the history of
various nations know it better.

First of all,
enameling is a process of making the metal gorgeous by high heat temperature
and glass powdered. This progression is one of the main phases in workhouses of
dish producing of different metals. Of course, besides the copper, there are
other metal types to enamel.

1.     Silver

2.     Gold

3.     Cast iron

4.     Tin

5.     Titanium

6.     Platinum

Enameling the metal
had been used in ancient times in different nations such as Asian and European
countries. If you do not ever hear the name of enameling, search the type of
metal and read about it, remember to search the enameling process of that
intended metal because they require different phases.

Copper metal has
different properties and features which make them better and more useful. These
properties also make the process easier.

Heat and electricity conductor




Good gravity

Suitable boiling and melting points

Bright metallic luster

Copper enamel dishes
include gorgeous properties such as shining with glazed surfaces to add its
usage and easy to handing. You can enamel different containers and any consumer
object that has decorative aspects.

Enameling is a kind
of artwork for interested people and who want to make a different way to design
the containers.


Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Different Types For Sale

Polyethylene Pipe Fittings Different Types For Sale


How can I
purchase a copper enamel dish?

Preparing any kind
of product has to be accomplished by its special store on the market, you can
not find clothes in restaurants, so, finding the related store is the first
step. After that, you have to choose a good resource of that product in terms
of prices and qualities. This phase is important for many customers,
particularly those who attend the quality.

decorative items, arty works, and any other the same things have to be found in
some of stores which known as antique shopping. In these stores, there are
hundreds of decorative objects and items according to their sizes and styles
for many interests.

Boxes, photo frames,
wall watches, vases, belts, statues, containers, chairs, candlesticks and … can
be found there.

Choose the valid and
famous centers to purchase your intended product because of the qualities. Actually,
there are three types of customers:

1.     The first group is the customers who only
attend the price of the products not qualities. They search for the cheapest
products in the whole markets.

2.     Second group of customers are the ones
who attend the price as much as quality. These people always choose middle
product in terms of price and quality.

3.     Third group of customer are the ones who
attend only the qualities and the prices are not important for them.

So, now you can
easily and completely recognize the types of customers from each other. Antique
stores, container stores, decorating store and designing shopping center are
all selling such products.


Where can I find best suppliers of pipe fittings?

Where can I find best suppliers of pipe fittings?

How to
enamel the copper?

Enameling the copper
requires some important phases which have to be carefully observed, despite
specific phases of enameling different metals, the copper enameling process is
easier than others. But doing all of these stages need expert and experience
too as well. Here is a brief description of copper enameling here:

1.     Firstly, fire the copper to remove all of
the oils or greases from the surface and make it cool.

2.     Both of metal sides have to be coated by
enamel to prevent warping when the glass and metal are heating

3.     Now, the coated enamel has to pulverize
to a consistency such as fine sand. Then, dust the back of the metal. (you can
turn over your surface on and dust the clear enamel onto the front)

4.     Fire your intended object at the
temperature of 1350 up to 1500 degrees F

5.     Reach the kiln to the right temperature
and place your object on the firing stand and keep it for minutes.

6.     The color of your object has to change in
a greenish tone color from reddish-orange.

7.     Make the object cool and dry it for
hours. Do not touch it any way.

8.     Now, you can paint it by patterns and
some pictures however you want. Some of the best collection of paints and
patterns are on the different websites.

This is one of the
methods of enameling the copper metal, of course, there are some of other
methods for experts according to the type of usage. These methods are
completely described on websites.

If you want to do
this process in your home, use the recommended safety items and observations to
protect yourself and your surroundings from unexpected happens. 

Biggest exports of pipe fittings in Iran

Biggest exports of pipe fittings in Iran


provisions are required when you want to enamel?

All of the processes
of being enameled or the processes you need during the special arty activities,
having different tools and equipment which make your artwork easier are
considerable. We suppose to mention some of the needed factors briefly:

Safe glasses

Leather or heavy duty gloves

Scrap copper

Clay paste

Glass frit

Gum solution

Metal shears

Kiln stands

Assorted metal punches


Rotary tools

And some of other
forced or optional items which are listed on different websites as well and you
can see them by searching related sites.

Why Iranian pipes and fittings are cheap?

Why Iranian pipes and fittings are cheap?


copper quality to export

Copper has been
existed in global market from ancient time until now and every year a bulk
volume of this material export to different areas from importer countries.
These countries trade more than billions of dollars in one year and estimate
prices for high quality coppers.

But, the whole
countries and the biggest traders of copper metal and also the best quality of
coppers in the whole world belong to below countries:







The above listed
items are respectively mentioned, it means the highest percentage of
exportation and purity of quality and the lowest one. This list shows that
Chile has the highest and the Brazil has the lowest percentage of exportation.

By searching about
the other quality of copper metal it will be easier to find the closet area
which exports a high graded metal product to the around.

Mexico city, United
states, and Spain are other parts of this list and like other ones they specify
a percentage of global market for themselves. 

best price of plumbing reducer for traders

best price of plumbing reducer for traders

Price of
copper for enameling

Comparing the prices
of coppers due to their quality and purity must be done by experts and special
centers of estimation. Each of these qualities has to test by their different
factors such as steady, durability, conduction, flexibility, hammering property
and …If the intended metal reach the medium level or score of the quality, it
will get ready to spread on the market, likewise, they do not spread and have
to be used for another applications.

This method of
estimating will completely help to specifying a suitable price for each product
and the customer can be sure about the quality and money they spend.

The coppers shapes
might be different, some stores trade them as blanks and some of the other
stores represent them as disks. After developing the use of copper metal its
cost starts to increase from 1971.

Different time
ranges became stable for a kind of price but if you want to know the exact
prices, it is recommended to check out the related websites and see the
recently prices.

In our new world,
the use of metallic products and generally the industrial materials to produce
more useful products are growing by the moment as the biggest trades of the
countries organize a wide percentage of it. So, if you are willing to start a
new business of such fields, it is recommended to get enough information
because your rivals are too many.

How to identify quality of pipe fittings?

How to identify quality of pipe fittings?

Is copper enameled dishes safe?

We were face to such questions that people were asked about the level of enameled containers safety, and are these containers can be a good alternative for other kinds of common dishes?

Well, if the safe of any product has not been tested, that product never spread on the market, especially, the ones which are related to our food and nutrient items. So, these containers have been tested and passed from different kinds of experiments to make sure testers and workers about its safety. 

And by this experiments, there is no doubt to know them as dangerous items. This is a kind of art and artists try to produce the best ones to attract more customers in this case. 

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