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Peplastic compression fittings are very common in these days. The structure of the compression fittings is included the pair valves, pipe fittings, the compression fittings & beads & hoop. The pipe fittings have a simple structure & the powerful compressions power. These compression fittings have different types & different uses that I’m going to describe it during this article. So, stat with us until the end of this article.

What are the uses of pex piping?

Cross-linked polyethylene or PEX, XPE, or XLPE is a kind of polyethylene pipes that are going to be famous in these days. Suppliers & builders are using these kind of pipes in the building services pipework systems, domestic water piping & insulation for high tension electrical cables. The uses of these PEX pipes are a lot. here I’m going to tell you about the other uses of these pipes:

  1. Artificial joints: suppliers are using the PEX pipes in the artificial joints as the wear-resistant material. Suppliers are preferred to use hip replacement because they have high resistance to abrasive wear. Also, knee replacement requires PE made with different parameters because PEX pipes affect mechanical strength & there is greater stress-concentration in knee joints due to lower geometric congruency of the bearing surfaces.
  2. Dental applications: Some suppliers are using the dental application of PEX use as a composite filling material.
  3. Watercraft: suppliers can use the best pex fittings in many canoes & kayaks. Repairing the damage of the hull is very difficult because of the feature of the PEX pipes.

These are some uses of the PEX pipes that suppliers & builders can use in their works & pipes systems in the buildings.

What are the different types of PEX fittings?

As I said in the previous section, PEX pipes have a lot of benefits. In this section, I’m going to talk about the different types of PEX fittings. These are different types of PEX fittings:

  1. North America: you can realize these PEX pipes from its special designs. Also, there are some explains on the pipes that give you a complete details. The reason of giving details is that the installer has enough awareness if the products is meeting standards for the necessary local codes. The labels are going to give the installer a sense of trust that the tubing is up to all standards.
  2. Europe: in the European standards, we have three different types like: PEX-A, PEX-B & PEX-C. These types are not relating to any kind of systems.
  • PEX-A: PEX-A is made by the peroxide method. This method is performing hot PEX pipes. It means above the crystal melting points. But the process takes longer than the other methods. According to this sentence, polymer should be kept at high temperature & pressure for a long time. The PEX pipes are between the carbon atoms.

These are the most reliable pex fittings that every suppliers or other people can buy for their building works.

How do you install a compression fitting on PEX tubing?

PEX tubing is a good idea to use when the water running into the new features, remodeling or repiping. You don’t need to install the PEX. You just need to uses fittings that requires the cinch clamps or copper crimp rings that keep the pipe onto the fittings. Also, you can use the push-fit fittings. This kind of fittings don’t need any clamps or PEX tools. Also, they can get pricey very quickly. The other benefits of these PEX pipes is that there are too long that you can fix them very easily & quickly because there are a fewer fittings to connect. We have two necessary parts for installing the PEX tubing:

  1. Plan: understand the types of project, how much pipe & how many fitting you need. If you have a few fittings to install, you can use the push-fit fittings to quicker your job. On the other hand, if you have a lot of fittings to install, you can install them with a small remodel or similar bigger job. Manifold is one kind of installation that we can use. In this installation everything is run from the manifold to the fixture with no fittings in between (called home run).

Can you use a compression fitting on a plastic pipe?

The other way to install the PEX fittings is the collect all materials. It helps you to do your work quicker & where fittings will be necessary. You can make a list of your tools but don’t forget the shut-off valves at the sinks & toilets. You can sue the clamps or rings to make the connection when the angle stops & straight stops come with the PEX end. If there is any mistakes, you can use the extra clamps or crimp rings. But clamps & supports are necessary for the PEX tubing. You can the compression fitting on a plastic pipe but the straps should be plastic that is designed to work for plastic pipe. PEX doesn’t mean that is going to pull tight. So, you have to leave the slack for the pex expansion fittings. Under the sinks, you can use the shut-off valves like an angle stop then a flex line to the faucet or toilet. If there is a tub or shower, you can hook directly to the valve with PEX to iron pipe adapters into the valve. So, we understand that there are a lot of ways that you can install a PEX pipe & the PEX pipes are using for the plastic pipes, too.

How do you stop a compression fitting from leaking?

Compression fittings are very convenient, but sometimes there are going to be leaked if they are not installing in the correct way. To prevent & fix the leak, you can do these things. First, turn off the water supply to the fitting. Hold the compression fitting with the wrench. Try to turn the compression nut & with another wrench try to tighten the ferrule. Turn water back on & check for the leaks. If the fittings are leaking, you have to change the ferrule. Second, you have to turn the water off. Then, remove the pipe from the compression fitting & also remove the ferrule. Check to make sure there are no dents or bends in the pipe or the ring. Finally, you can take back all the pieces to its place & tighten them. If the compression fitting is still leaking, you have to tighten more. Also, there are some compound that is good for leaking the compression fittings. All we need is to add the pipe joint compound to the PEX pipes.  These are some ways that help you to prevent from leaking the PEX pipes. If you do these things, you are going to fix the fittings in the best way.

Most common types of plastic fittings on the market


Using the PEX in plumbing has a lot of benefits. here I’m going to tell you about the benefits of using the PEX:

  • Flexibility: PEX can bend into wide radius turn if space permits, or accommodate turns by using elbow joints. Also, it can handle short-radius turns. But PVC, CPVC & copper need elbow joints.
  • Direct routing of pipes: this reduce the need for potentially weak & costly joints &reduces the drop in pressure due to turbulence. You can also supply line directly from the water source to an appliance using one connection at each end.
  • Lower materials cost: the price of the materials is 25% of alternatives. The price of the copper had quadrupled from 2002 to 2006.
  • Greater water pressure at fixtures: you can feel the great water pressure in the sinks, shower & toilets, when you are using the PEX pipes.
  • Easier installation: installing the PEX pipes is easier than the copper pipes. If you are using these kind of pipes, you don’t need to use glue to attach pipes to fittings.
  • No fire risk during the installation: with the oldest & common kind of joining copper piping had the risk of causing fire but PEX installation doesn’t need a flame.

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Non-corrodible, ability to merge new PEX with existing copper & PVC systems, longevity, suitable for hot & cold pipes, less likely to burst from freezing, environmental benefits & pipe insulation possible are the benefits of the best pex pipe. With these benefits, we can understand that PEX pipes are the good choice for our kitchen, bathroom or the other spaces. With these compression fittings, you can make sure that you can protect your devices in the best way. As I said before, you can prevent from leaking & damaging the other things in your home. You can find these pipes or fittings in the shops & sites. There are some sites that you can buy your specified pipes. On the other hand, some sites have a high quality of these compression fittings. You can prepare your products without wasting your time & money in these trustful sites. Because if you are going to order your specified products from these sites, you don’t have to waste your time in the long traffic & have a bad headache, too. The other reason is that when you are buying these fittings from the sites, they have a big discount on their things that you can save your money, too.

Discounted peplastic fittings in bulk


As I said before, we have three kinds of classification of these compression fittings. PEX-B is one of these methods. The silane method results in PEX-B. The other name is the moisture cure. In this method, the cross-linking is performed in a secondary post-extrusion process. This process is speeded up with the heat & moisture. PEX-C is made with the electron beam processing. It provides less uniform, lower-degree cross linking. When the process is not controlled, the outer layer of the tube become brittle. This classification is one of the cleanest & environmentally & friendly method. This classification is using the high-energy electrons to split the carbon-hydrogen bonds. This kind of compression fittings are very expensive because suppliers are using the best quality materials to produce this compression fittings. But you can find the cheapest price of these compression fittings. You can find the discounted fittings in the shops & sites. As I said, there are some sites & shops that have a big discount on their products. On the other hand, if you are going to buy them in bulk, there are going to give you a big discount on their products. These are the benefits of buying the compression fittings in bulk.

Basic Fitting Types for Connecting Compression Pipes

As you know, every materials or products not only have pros but also have cons. As I said in the previous section, we understand that the PEX pipes have a lot of benefits. but in this section, we are going to talk about the disadvantages of pex piping:

  • PEX increases the BPA & other toxic chemicals: as I said, we have three kinds of classification (A, B, C). But the PEX-B is the only one that don’t have any this way, it is a good idea to use the PEX type B.
  • PEX is extremely sensitively to UV light: as we know, UV doesn’t mean the sunlight, it also means the light of the bulbs in our house. Because of this reason, many suppliers suggest you to do this process in the darkness or places that don’t have any light.
  • PEX can be damaged by chemicals & pests: we know that PEX is made from the plastic & more sensitive than the copper & the other metal pipes. Mice can chew through these pipes.

These are some disadvantages of using the PEX fittings. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them at all. We are telling these things to aware you.

Is it safe to buy pipes and fittings online?

PEX can’t be installed in high heat areas. It means that you can’t connect them near the recessed lighting. Also, you can’t connect the PEX to a hot heater. PEX is semi-permeable, which means liquid can enter the pipe. PEX is not antibacterial. Because of that a lot of people don’t choose PEX pipes between the PEX & copper fittings. The plastic quality allow the water to come in & this causes the contamination. These are the other disadvantages of the PEX pipes. For this reasons, it is hard to buy them. But there are some sites that have a high quality & don’t have these advantages. Also, there are some sites that give more information about the products you want to buy. These information help you to buy the high quality of these compression fittings. Some sites are very trustful & can give you the best products. So, you don’t have to worry about them. The most important things is that you should find them. Also, these sites are going to buy the products with the cheap price. So, I hope this article help you to buy the best product for your kitchen. Try to choose the best compression fittings.