Pipe fittings exporting countries

The tube is a tube-like piece or hollow cylinder that usually (and not necessarily) has a round section and is used to move products from one place to another. They are portable products that can flow. This includes liquids,pipe fittings gases, slurries, powders and small amounts of solids.

Pipe fittings exporting countries

What are pipe fittings used for?

What are pipe fittings used for?

Polypropylene pipes and fittings

Polypropylene pipes and fittings are widely available in the industry. Their features include light weight, abrasion and welding resistance, good thermal and electrical insulation, as well as chemical resistance.

The presence of methyl group in the structure of polypropylene has changed its properties compared to polyethylene and is a better heat insulator. Polypropylene itself is divided into three types: isotactic, syndiotactic and atactic, which have different structures.

Polypropylene pipes are available in two colors, green and white. White PP_R  pipe fittings assignment are made of random polypropylene type 3 copolymer and look like plastic, they can withstand 10 times the pressure at 185 degrees Fahrenheit and 20 times the pressure at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead, green pipes are used in thermal installations, food industry, solar heating systems, shipbuilding industries, etc.

Its connection properties are the same as its homogeneous pipe. And is used in the applications mentioned for polyethylene fittings.

5-layer pipes and fittings

5-layer pipes or PEX AL PEX are actually a new generation of pipes made of metal and polymer, these pipes are actually composed of a layer of aluminum, two-layer polymer and two-layer adhesive, and because of the metal and The polymer used in its structure is stronger and more durable than other pipes.

Exporting high quality pipe fittings abroad

Exporting high quality pipe fittings abroad Pipes and fittings are used as a basic principle in various industrial and structural projects as they are related to construction and various industries. Therefore, the variety of these products is increasing day by day due to their special importance.

Export of high quality pipe fittings to abroad Polyethylene pipe and fittings


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a type of thermoplastic pipe (thermoplastic: polymers that can often be placed in the melting / freezing cycle). Polyethylene is obtained through the polymerization of ethylene gas.


Flexibility, high strength, low weight, corrosion resistance and high level of impermeability are the features of this type of pipes.

Polyethylene pipes are used worldwide for water and wastewater distribution, and gas, known as high pressure lines.

Another feature of this type of pipe compared to other pipe fittings pvc is that the ability to connect in them is much easier.

Polyethylene pipes are divided into several categories:

Water supply, gas supply, double wall, spiral pipe, multilayer

Polyethylene fittings in cases such as changing the direction of the pipeline, changing the diameter, connecting pipe parts and…. It has applications.

The characteristics of these connections are the same as their homogeneous pipes, in addition to having excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes, as well as high flexibility, execution speed and no need for heavy machinery during execution.

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