Pipe union fitting price fluctuation

Types of pipes used in industry include steel, copper and polymer pipes. The connections of each of these pipes are different, which we will examine in the following. Galvanized pipe is actually a sealed (black) steel  pipe union fitting after construction, to protect against corrosive materials, its inner and outer walls are covered with zinc alloy. Galvanized pipes are marketed in 6-meter branches, their connection is usually ribbed, and welding should not be used to connect them. This pipe is used in hot and cold sanitary water system.

Pipe union fitting price fluctuation

What is the correct way to install a pipe union fitting?

What is the correct way to install a pipe union fitting?

We start the process by cutting the pipe union pvc , always cutting the polyethylene pipes should be completely smooth and without pleats and perpendicular to the axis of the pipe so that we can easily weld the two cut ends to each other without seams or so-called welding. To cut pipes in small diameters, you can use a hacksaw or saws with small teeth, but to cut pipes with a diameter of more than 100 mm, you must use a special tool that is a kind of pipe-cutting machine.

When cutting the pipe, it should be kept completely fixed and when cutting the single-walled polyethylene pipe, there should be no vibration. Due to the pleating press, the use of special glasses and industrial gloves is mandatory and all precautions should be taken by the project manager. And be observed.

Cleaning and tidying up the place of the pipe

After cutting, it is the turn of the cleaner to connect the two ends of the pipes and their connection point. Becomes.

Adjust the junction of polyethylene pipe

If the pipes are for intercity piping and below ground level, the piping site should be completely smooth and uniform, soft soil should be poured under the pipes so that after being buried under the soil under pressure, no damage will be done to the pipes.

In parts where polyethylene irrigation pipes are used for gardens and agricultural lands, the piping location should be perfectly smooth and clear so that the pipes are not accidentally trampled or broken, in this part the pipes should not be under or sideways To install walls on which heavy objects are likely to fall, the best way to install the type of polyethylene piping in gardens and agriculture is to move the pipes between trees or agricultural borders that have a well-defined path.

Price changes of pipe union fitting in 2020

Price changes of pipe union fitting in 2020 Connection in copper piping

In a soldering solder connection, the connection surfaces of the two parts must be thoroughly cleaned and the solder wire must be heated to the melting temperature so that the capillary distance between the two parts is filled at all connection types of pipe fittings.

In normal hair soldering, under normal conditions, the solder wire should be soft. Soft solder melting temperature should be less than 427. C. Solder wire should be made of tin-silver or tin-antimony alloy. The use of lead wire in plumbing is not permitted for drinking water distribution.

Introducing a variety of polymer pipes

Polymers are very large molecules that are made up of countless smaller molecules called monomers. Therefore, a polymer molecule has a large number of atoms attached to each other by covalent bonds. The molecular weight of polymers is very high. Until the 1970s, the use of polymer pipes in mechanical installation systems was completely unknown, and black, galvanized, or copper steel pipes were often used. However, metal corrosion from the inside and outside, in adverse conditions, and changes in water quality due to chemical reactions and clogging of metal pipes, led experts to pay more attention to polymers and to make pipes from polymers such as polyethylene. Use.

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