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Basics of building plumbing

The water required for the building is supplied through the plumbing system, so plumbing is one of the most important issues in building construction whose principled implementation extends the lifespan of the building and reduces costly costs. The system distributes water pipes throughout the building and supplies water for places such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens. In addition, the system is also useful for the disposal of sewage from buildings. Different types of pipes are used for water and wastewater piping, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In previous writings, the builder introduced the types of pipes in the building’s plumbing that adhere to the standards required to use them, with numerous benefits. Standard plumbing is economically cost-effective and results in reduced maintenance costs. In addition, it provides safety for the building and controls the speed of water and sewage in the pipes. When laying the pipes on the ground, keep in mind that the piping should not be too deep or too shallow. Placing the pipes too deep can damage them due to soil pressure and make them difficult to repair. Also, if they are superficially embedded in a regular pit, they require extreme care, and the pipes may collapse and become damaged as the heavy machine passes through the pit.

plasson distributors| Important Standards of Pipes

Newest methods for producing pipes with low costs

Newest methods for producing pipes with low costsplasson compression fittings

Water quality is provided through public water networks, which is made possible by observing the laws and standards required for drinking water supply. In order to use safe drinking water without changing the color and taste, the pipes must first be of the highest quality and quality. If poor pipes are installed, water leakage may occur and the quality of drinking water will be affected. Sewage pipes must be of sufficient capacity to transport them to municipal sewage without clogging and stacking. Lack of attention to the capacity of the pipes causes the solids to accumulate and precipitate, thereby blocking the pipes and requiring drainage. Install because freezing causes them to crack and leak water. In addition, the pipes should be located where they can be easily accessed and repaired if needed. Hot and cold water pipes are generally installed in places that are free from corrosion, abrasion, freezing, explosion or other factors. The plumbing and its fittings must be impermeable so that they can be removed and used easily. In addition, the plumbing must be leak-proof and easy to clean. To use clean water, multiple outlets must be installed in the building to allow access to water when necessary. A pump must be used in the building to access the amount of water required. Supply of water for office buildings or residential buildings should be at standard pressure.

Best pipes for watering systems

Best pipes for watering systemsspecified fittings

The plumbing of a building should be such that it does not lead to water loss or clean water entering the sewage. Drinking water must be provided by proper plumbing inside the building. Easy access to water is essential for personal hygiene. The design and implementation of the building’s plumbing system must be such that waste and sewage enters the sewer through pipes. Drainage of the building should be drained if there is municipal sewage near the building. But in the absence of municipal wastewater, special tanks should be used to dispose of human waste and wastes to prevent disturbance to residents. , Be installed. The air should pass easily through the pipes and direct the unpleasant odor out of the building. In addition, the system must prevent the sewer from returning to the building plumbing due to flooding or other issues. When installing heating appliances and equipment, be careful not to damage the water expansion and its temperature.

Which pipes are resistant to sunlight?

Which pipes are resistant to sunlight?hdpe flange adaptor

It is very important to use siphon in sewage pipes. The siphons prevent the smell of sewage in the building and prevent insects from coming out. Siphons should be installed in a standard manner. In winter, installed pipes should be protected from freezing and shrinkage. Do not damage the pipes, especially the sewer pipes, which is very important in building plumbing. To distribute water across a network, the source location must be higher than where the water is directed. This slope should be observed in both water pipes and sewage pipes to prevent clogging of pipes. Excess weight cannot be applied to water and sewage pipes as they may cause damage. Therefore, the weight of valves, collectors, primary and secondary valves, etc. should not be dropped on the pipes. In case of outdoor plumbing, an appropriate insulator should be used to protect the pipes against various factors.

Is It Ok to use PP pipes in front of the sunlight?

Is It Ok to use PP pipes in front of the sunlight?industrial pipe fittings

Types of pipes and fittings

Types of pipes used in sewage piping include galvanized pipes, cast iron pipes and PVC or plastic pipes. Galvanized pipes are divided into two types of galvanized steel pipes and galvanized steel pipes. Pipe joints have different types and each one is used in different conditions. Using fittings makes it easy to repair pipes when there is a problem. Examples of the most commonly used types of building plumbing fittings include bracket fittings, pipe caps, tie rods, tie joints, junction crossbars, bushing types, knee and flange joints and gaskets. Enjoyable. What must be observed when doing this is to connect the pipes in such a way as to prevent deposition. Other things to keep in mind are proper sealing and air conditioning. Failure to properly seal and ventilate can lead to bad smell inside the building. Choosing the right path for building plumbing to prevent pipe bursts is a very important point to consider. When installing pipes it should be noted that the pipes are positioned so as not to carry too much weight. Putting a suitable device underneath can greatly increase its resistance.

Which type of pipes and fittings are suitable for use in factories?

Which type of pipes and fittings are suitable for use in factories?pvc pipe catalogue

Installations are one of the most important sectors of the construction industry that play a very effective role in this industry. Facilities in general refer to the creation of suitable living conditions and are in fact a vital part of the building that is always taken into consideration. This part of the construction is carried out in accordance with the principal planning and engineering plans, leading to the optimization of energy consumption and extending the life of the structure. Building installations include systems such as heating and cooling systems, water and sewage systems, gas supply systems, health systems, electricity and lighting, air conditioning and more. The design and implementation of building installations is carried out by experts and engineers because it only extends the useful life of the building and ensures its safety and beauty only if it is complied with. If the facility is of the required quality and efficiency, the building will not require early renovation and the cost involved in commissioning and running will be long-term. Nowadays, with the advances in science and technology, the installation systems have become more intelligent and their efficiency has increased, so they have a higher efficiency than older equipment and significantly reduce energy consumption. In addition, new technologies have made it easier to maintain these equipment and systems.

Latest prices of the Industrial pipe fittings

Latest prices of the Industrial pipe fittings

Installations are of great value and importance in a structure as they may damage the structure and shorten its life if damaged. This part of the building, if properly set up in the building in the right way and using the right equipment and renewable energy, will significantly reduce energy consumption, thus lowering bills or repairing utilities. It will be less. There are many factors that design engineers and executives must take into consideration when designing and implementing installation systems. These include the climatic conditions of the area, the type of building architecture, the financial conditions of the project employer, the heating status inside the building, and so on. Before designing the facility, all building facilities must be considered and a suitable space must be considered for the implementation of this section. In addition, the necessary calculations have been made and the appropriate equipment and equipment selected. The calculations performed before the installation are carried out include the calculation of the cooling and heating systems, the greenhouse equipment, the ducting and plumbing, the hot water required, the water supply and the fire extinguishing system.

Find plasson distributors manufacturers & suppliers

 Find plasson distributors manufacturers & suppliershdpe sewer pipe

Types of construction pipes

Each building has a different plumbing according to its type of use. Proper implementation of plumbing is one of the most important issues in construction where failure to comply may cause leakage of water and irreparable damage to the building. Plumbing uses a variety of pipes, each of which have different gender and performance. In general, pipes for water transfer into the building are divided into types of galvanized, cast iron, polypropylene, PVC, five-layer and polyethylene pipes.

Polypropylene pipe

Polypropylene pipes are known as green or white pipes and look like compact plastic. These pipes are light in weight and easy to transport and install. A prominent feature of the green pipe is its resistance to frost, impact, sediment, corrosion and decay, which has made use of it in construction. These pipes are very strong and do not damage the acidic and minerals. In addition, the compressive strength of these pipes makes them resistant to impact and makes them an ideal pipe in the construction industry. It should be noted that polypropylene tubes, also known as monolayer and PP tubes, are well known in the market.

Well-known Asian pipe brands in last 2 years

Well-known Asian pipe brands in last 2 yearshdpe poly pipe

PVC pipe

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes are one of the most widely used polymer pipes in the construction industry. The flexibility of these tubes is very high and does not cause cracking or breakage. The weight of the PVC pipe is very light and can be easily and quickly installed. It comes in gray, white and yellow colors and is cheaper than other tubes. Plica pipe sold on the market today is a PVC pipe that has high mechanical properties and eliminates the need for plumbing. These pipes are resistant to acid and base activity and chemicals do not adversely affect them. Polyka pipe does not change the color and smell of water and due to its polished surface the amount of sedimentation and clogging is very low.

Five-layer tube

The outer and inner layer of the tube is a five-layer polyethylene, a type of polymer. These two polymer layers are bonded to the aluminum layer by the two adhesive layers, which is the middle layer. The aluminum layer of these pipes increases the compressive strength of the pipe, so it will not be damaged by impact. The five-layer tube does not have corrosion and corrosion resistance and is high in acid and base materials. This type of pipe is used in various locations to transport hot or cold water, including floor heating and air conditioning systems. These tubes have a good appearance and can be used either as a built-in or as a surface. These tubes do not grow fungi or bacteria, so they can be used safely in the building.

Where to find HDPE flanges in bulk at low prices?

Where to find HDPE flanges in bulk at low prices?plasson catalogue

PE pipe

This pipe, known as PE, is made of a type of thermoplastic called polyethylene. The flexibility is one of the unique capabilities of these pipes that enables them to be used in different locations. Polyethylene pipes are made according to the application of different densities. They are a good replacement for other pipes and are also cost-effective. The hydraulic properties of these pipes and their low maintenance costs have made polyethylene pipes a popular choice among manufacturers. PE pipe resistance to impact is high and does not suffer damage. The shape of the tube is either ring or branch in black. Polyethylene pipe is also known as plastic pipe. These plastic tubes, despite their high flexibility, are highly bondable and do not leak water. They are primarily used for kitchen sinks or basement sinks.The home sewage system is one of the most important pillars in the building and falls under the category of home installations that must be standardized and properly designed prior to implementation. The design of the building’s sewage pipeline also includes the sewage system. The main part of the sewage system is the design of the sewage after its design. Fluidized materials, therefore, sewage pipes must have a steep slope so that they can be transported correctly and without stagnation.Building plumbing is one of the most important things in a building that must be thoroughly professional, in building plumbing it is essential to adhere to the principles of proper plumbing. We have observed that the plumbing of the building was not properly fitted, resulting in a catastrophe as the re-plumbing first deprives the occupants of comfort and concentration….

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