plasson fittings| Affordable prices of fittings

Nowadays, one of the products manufactured by pipe companies is polyethylene pipes. It is manufactured in sizes from 12 to 400 mm. They are manufactured and supplied in accordance with national and international standards with a temperature tolerance of -70 to +80 C and with various pressures with 10 years quality assurance. plasson fittings is a global leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of high quality technical products: Flow Solutions (fittings & valves), livestock equipment, products for the bathroom and kitchen, and in other activities. Today, the production and supply of polyethylene pipes is one of the most profitable industries in the world.

plasson fittings| Affordable prices of fittings

Is metal pipes better than plastic pipes?

Is metal pipes better than plastic pipes?The general properties and engineering of plastic pipes can be controlled by standards, and in many applications there can be several choices due to the overlap of properties between different plastics. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the position of the user and to master the different properties of the various types of plastic pipes. In general, the following advantages can be considered for all plastic pipes:

  • Corrosion resistance: Plastic pipes do not corrode most of the chemicals present in domestic wastewater and also have minimal resistance to the passage of other wastewater and other fluids due to the smooth surface. These pipes will never rust and will not corrode.
  • Lightness and ease of transportation: In addition to ease of transportation and cost reduction, in the case of plastic pipes cutting, joining and installation is much easier than other types of pipes such as metal pipes.
  • Flexibility and toughness: Particularly in underground applications, the flexibility of plastic pipes reduces the number of connections and easily curves the plumbing paths.
  • Various connection methods: In general, plastic pipes have the ability to thread, flange, heat weld, glue, compressor and so on and provide a wide variety of connections for different conditions.
  • Excellent hydraulic properties: Plastic pipes fall into the group of flat surface pipes, which results in the least energy needed to transport the various fluids.
  • higher life and lower cost of installation and maintenance: Plastic pipes have been used in most cases for more than 22 years and have not yet reached the end of their useful service life.

Plastic pipe restrictions:
The first major limitation of plastic pipes is their strength and low rigidity. In the next step, these tubes are susceptible to high temperatures.
Features of Metal Pipes:

  • Corrosion from inside and outside and not easy deform ability: Metal pipes are less resistant to corrosion if exposed to oxygen and minerals. This will reduce the resistance of the metal pipes and shorten their service life. Metal pipes are not easily formed due to their high strength and require a great deal of bending to bend them.
  • High thermal conductivity and high deposition: Metal pipes have a high thermal conductivity and in other words, they will waste energy. The wall of the metal pipes is also rough and has a high absorption of water solids, which reduces their service life and reduces pressure and reduces water flow.
  • High pressure drop and high weight and installation problems: Not being smooth inside these pipes as well as using multiple joints in this type of piping reduces the high pressure in the water flow, which causes the large diameter pipe to be selected to relieve pressure drop. Also, these pipes cause a lot of transportation problems due to their high weight and their high weight and their flexibility creates many problems for installation.
  • Low life span: The useful life of steel pipes is often between 10 and 12 years, and after this period the building installation system will have problems such as pipes decay, bursting, changes in color and taste of water, and in some cases shedding part of the building. These problems will also pose many risks and will lead to the replacement of the installation system which will cost a lot.

Different types fo polypipes and their costs

Different types fo polypipes and their costsNowadays, different types of polypipes are produced and marketed in the market. The term PN used after the size of the polypipes indicates the maximum pressure that the pipe can withstand. Like the DN63 PE100 PN16 pipe, which is a polyethylene pipe made of PE100 material that has a diameter of 63 mm and can withstand 16 times pressure. The different types of these pipes on the market are as follows:

  • PN 2.5 – Maximum pressure 2.5 bar – Pipe; Drip irrigation
  • PN 4 – Maximum Pressure 4 Bar – Branched PE Pipes
  • PN 6 – Maximum pressure 6 bar – Water pipes for irrigation
  • PN 10 – 10 bar maximum pressure – Drinking water supply pipes
  • PN 16 – Maximum pressure 16 bar – High pressure fire fighting pipes or PE pipes

Is it expensive to install plastic pipes in home?

Is it expensive to install plastic pipes in home?Nowadays, the use of plastic pipes instead of metal pipes has reduced the price of pipe installation in buildings. Plastic pipes have more advantages than metal pipes. today there are many standards for plumbing, each of which sets specific criteria for plumbing. However, these standards are different. For example, each country introduces a specific set of numbers and standards for piping based on the speed at which it considers water in the pipe.

Plumbing installations are the most important part of towns and villages. The safety and performance of all pipes installed in piping networks is of utmost importance. Naturally, pipes should be selected for their longevity and able to remain in the pipeline for many years. The types of pipes used in plumbing and installations must be resistant to changes in environmental conditions and maintain their properties. Metal pipes are among the pipes that have a longer history than polymer pipes such as polyethylene pipes. The process of producing metal pipes is a bit complicated in the industry; these pipes have a very solid wall and today stainless steel is used to make them.

Metal pipes used in ancient times to transport water and wastewater gradually became corroded over time and eventually destroyed. With the advent of polymer materials, plastic pipes such as polyethylene pipe, pipe fittings and UVC pipe and carogite pipe were introduced to the market and in a short time gained immense popularity, so engineers preferred the pipe. Use PEs for installation in water and wastewater transmission networks. Polyethylene pipe and UV PVC pipe are manufactured in different sizes and each of them is selected according to the pipeline and installation project. These pipes are of different diameter and thickness and are designed to operate at different operating pressures. Currently plastic pipes are one of the most common water and sewage conveyor pipes. Double wall polyethylene pipes, including carogite pipe and spiral pipe, are used for large water and wastewater projects. Sanitary sewer transmission by plastic pipes is possible.

What is plasson pipe fittings?

What is plasson pipe fittings?Plasson is the world leader in water distribution technology supplying a range of pipe, fittings and valves which are purposefully-designed and provide a fully matched range. This range is the largest and most comprehensive on offer and with Plasson consistently developing its products to meet the market needs by utilizing their technical capabilities to pioneer new technologies, the company proves why they are the best. Plasson came from humble beginnings, starting as a business in 1964 with a group of visionary farmers desiring better farming technology.

With the farming industry becoming more reliant on technology, they saw the need to modernize and enhance their own labor methods in order keep up with the increasing advances. With their knowledge and experience combined with new technology, they produced advanced agricultural equipment by injection molding. They called their new venture Plasson. Plasson has always listened to customer requirements and was the first to market many innovative pipework solutions. As a result of this vision, the company’s fittings are now ubiquitous products, used in many countries.

Where to find plasson pipes at lowest prices?

Where to find plasson pipes at lowest prices?Polyethylene
pipe networks are the cheapest and lightest pipes, the most economical
type of timing and cost effective for a variety of water supply, drip
irrigation and spool irrigation systems.
many Asian countries such as China, Japan and Iran are involved in the
production and supply of the types of pipes needed for home and irrigation
There are also many websites, such as the Alibaba site, that are active in the wholesale market for all types of pipes such plasson.
Two of the most famous pipe and fittings companies are plasson fittings and philmac fittings USA companies that you
can find plasson fittings instructions and prices in
internet sites. it is mentionable that if you search the phrase “plasson fittings near me” in the internet you can find nearest store to you that can purchase some products such plasson valve, plasson coupler, plasson china pipes, electrofusion fittings and so on with the lowest price.

Which facotries have highest qualiy fitting products?

Which facotries have highest qualiy fitting products?Today, many companies in many countries are active in producing and supplying quality pipes. Some of the top fitting producing countries are as follows:

  • Germany: Germany ranks first among countries that export the most substantial quantities of rubber pipes in the world. It exports rubber pipes worth US$ 1.3 billion annually. The rubber pipes exports in Germany make up 12.59% of all its exports. The rubber companies in Germany include Em-Technik GMBH, OGE Group, Novelis Deutschland, Vacuflex Advanced Hoses, Lapp Group, and S & W RohrSysteme GMBH among others.
  • United States: The United States is the 2nd largest exporter of rubber pipes in the world. It exports pipes valued at US$954 million every year. Consequently, the rubber pipes exports are 11.13% of the US exports. Some of the companies that produce rubber in the US include Atlantic Rubber Company, Abbott Rubber Company, GSH Industries, Aero Rubber Company, Alliance Hose & Extrusions, and Baxter Rubber Company among many others.
  • China: China is the 3rd largest exporter of rubber pipes in the world. Its exports have a value of US$765 million annually. The export value of the rubber pipes is 9.73% of China’s total exports. Some of China’s famous rubber companies are China Rubber Industry Association, Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company, ChemChina Rubber Guilin Company, Best Rubber Product Limited, and China National Tire and Rubber Company Limited.
  • Italy: Italy ranks 4th in the list of top rubber pipes exporters in the world, exporting rubber pipes worth US$525 million annually. Compared to the total exports in Italy, the rubber pipe exports are 6.93%. In Italy, the rubber companies include Rubber Italy, Amaplast, Machines Italia, and Hannecard & Mitex Italia.
  • Japan: Japan exports US$493 million worth of rubber pipes annually, making it the 5th largest exporter of rubber pipes. Rubber pipes make up 6.24% of Japan’s total exports. Rubber companies in Japan include Toyo Tire & Rubber Company, Yokohama Rubber Company, Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited, and Showa Rubber Chemical Company.

Wholesalers of industrial fittings

Wholesalers of industrial fittingsMany companies today manufacture different types of pipes and fittings and sell them as wholesaler. Tehran Pipe & Fittings Distribution Center seeks to meet your needs by providing a competitive price list along with sound advice on your needs for a variety of industrial, construction and so on fittings. Provide scientific and professional services whenever possible. You can send your request list to these sellers and you will be immediately emailed or faxed with the exact invoice along with the price and delivery method.

Which sizes of fittings have more sales?

Which sizes of fittings have more sales?Nowadays pipe fittings are available in different sizes and anyone can buy the fittings they need. Here are some of the sizes of fittings that have more sales.

  • Pipe fittings 3/4, pipe fittings 11/4, pipe fittings 11/2 , pipe fittings for 1 inch pipes.
  • 2 Inch Pipe Fittings, 3 Inch Pipe Fittings, 4 Inch Pipe Fittings, pipe fittings 21/2.
  • 5 inch pipe fittings, 6 inch pipe fittings.
  • 8 inch Pipe fittings, 10 inch pipe fittings.
  • Pressure pipe fittings with different pressure from 10 bar and 16 bar.

Buy industrial fittings in bulk at lowest prices

Buy industrial fittings in bulk at lowest pricesDue to the currency changes in the market, the selling prices of industrial fittings have changed a lot. For most customers, the price of fitting is very important. Fittings are one of the things to be very sensitive about when choosing a product, and never being expensive show the high quality of the product. the usage of industrial fittings are for transfer gas and water flow in the pipes. Most of these joints are manufactured in different types. Nowadays, many manufacturers around the world produce different types of pipe fittings that customers can buy from city stores or online stores. It is mentionable that if you buy in bulk you can get great discounts and your purchase price will decrease.

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