Plumbing pipe fittings Distribution Center

The price of ordinary pipes and cheap export pipes in bulk and the world price is the price that is considered for exchanging and buying and selling pipes. In addition to this region, other countries such as Iraq, Central Asian countries, Turkmenistan, plumbing pipe fittings, and Oman are among the other countries where pipe exports are carried out. Among the mentioned countries, the largest amount of exports to the neighboring country, Iraq, has been made.

Plumbing pipe fittings Distribution Center

Most sold types of plumbing pipe fittings

Most sold types of plumbing pipe fittings Tehran Plica Pipe Factory, Pipe and Fittings Distribution Center, offers its products with high variety in terms of material and size. Plica pipes are one of the best and best-selling building fittings in Tehran and other cities. One of the most important parts related to the construction of any residential or commercial unit is its plumbing. Undoubtedly, this specialized work is done according to the conditions and type of building. But in general, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a pipe. Pipes and fittings must be made in such a way that they do not react with acidic or gypsum materials. Building fittings should not be altered along with chemicals. To change it, the pipe must withstand weight and pressure and have a high plumbing fittings guide. In the domestic market, various companies are selling their products in this field, and Plica is the brand name in this field. The supply of this product is done in different ways in the market, some of the methods of which are:

  • Wholesale and retail supply   
  • Internet supply  
  • Supply through sales agents and authorized centers such as Setareh Star Pipe Company

One of the advantages and disadvantages of buying from different centers of connections and pipes is that these stores have experts to install, measure, and identify the type of pipe that is suitable. This will be very effective in the right purchase and will also prevent unnecessary purchases.

Distributing plumbing pipe fittings for markets

Distributing plumbing pipe fittings for markets The pipe and fittings distribution center in Tehran offers the following types of fittings: 

  • Plica, polyethylene, and polypropylene, which fall into the category of plastic pipes.   
  • Cast iron pipes that have good strength. 
  • Galvanized pipes consisting of two types of iron and steel.

The choice of each of these for the building should be made according to the condition of the building, the volume of work, and other things. Plica is a good and suitable material for plumbing in most buildings. Direct purchase from the distribution center reduces costs plumbing fittings and uses, on the other hand, guarantees the quality of the purchased product. Distribution centers are responsible for distributing and selling pipes and fittings of various factory products through the representative offices. These centers also mention the benefits of using each of these types of equipment for buyers and provide them with the necessary instructions for proper purchase. The price of each of these pipes is different, and this is also reminded to the customers by the sellers.

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