Poly Compression Fittings| Introduction of Best Fittings Suppliers

Industrial systems use a wide range of valves and Poly Compression Fittings. These components have been carefully selected to ensure consistency, performance and safety.Whether you work with a pneumatic system or a hydraulic system, you need to be equipped to differentiate between different valves and different connections.Hardness can vary between threaded connections and compression. If compression connections match your system, it can be even difficult.However, having a basic knowledge of compression fittings can save you the trouble. Here’s what you need to know to make the right decision.


Can you use compression fittings on poly pipe?

Hydraulic Poly Compression Fittings, Petroleum Pipes, Tubes, Hydraulic Components and Connectors Components are removable, must have easy separation, reliable seals, strong compression fittings, small size, flow capacity, pressure drop, technology Good and so on.The main structure of the welded joint to the hydraulic pipes consists of valve pairs, pipe joints, o-ring and nut pressure pipe joints and connecting steel pipes in the system. When the nut is tightened, the O-ring is compressed to the end of the joint, sealed by the effect. Tube connection has the advantages of simple structure and strong compression strength. The disadvantages of compact pipes are that they are more difficult to weld and are suitable for bonding to high pressure thick steel pipes.The main structure of angular hydraulic cross-connection consists of joints, guide sleeve and nut.

Under pressure guide sleeve, it is sealed by extension of end of pipe. The pipe connection is simple in structure, suitable for copper, compressed thin tube, nylon tube and plastic joint.The basic structure of the hydraulic parts of the pipe is made of joints, sleeves and beads, and the pipe is sealed with a long elastic sleeve. The structure is simple and easy to install. High Pressure, Compact Pipe Fittings, Anti-wear, Suitable for high and cold pressure seamless steel pipe fittings.This joint is mainly of joint jacket, pipe and nut compression joints which is suitable for hose connection Quickly replace rural poly pipe fittings, which include valve fittings, slip sleeves, compressed pipe fittings, valves, steel balls and more.

Slide the ball to the end of the ball to connect and the unilateral valve is connected to the oil circuit. Need to break, compression sleeve sliding fittings, out-of-body junction, open oil compression fittings, in the rear seat spring seat seat on the seat, so that the two tubes closed oil pipe, sliding sleeve under the spring reset operation. Pressure fittings These pipe fittings are suitable for hose fittings that must be removed regularly.The card connector must be connected to the card connector when connecting. The connection should be clean and smooth. The surface is not superficial and convex. And the joints and joints should not be bent. The compressed pipe will leak the bush and steel pipe joints.

It is recommended to use a uniform material pipe to prevent leakage.Once the steel pipe is inserted into the card fittings, the compressive strength of the compressed pipe is not too high, the end of the thread should be 2/3, while the sleeve can be fixed with a wrench.Pipe fittings for the first media: oil, water, air and other non-corrosive and corrosive materials, sealing pipe fittings, specifications for flexible and aluminum plastic and pipe fittings, with solid connection, sealing performance, Compression fittings, etc., so widely used in refining, chemical compression fittings, light industry, textile, national defense, metallurgy, compressed air fittings, transportation and other systems; pipe fittings are also widely used All kinds of mechanical engineering, machinery and other hydraulic transmission lines are suitable

What is a pack joint fitting?

Both threaded and compression joints use threads for improved joints. The difference is how each of them uses themes to get things done.The string connections have a single-piece end connection. The threads are complicated and used to seal the connection. Conversely, compression joints do not use threads for sealing.This is the second three-part connection that is responsible for creating the seal. The seal is caused by a ferrule and compression nut. Subjects are only responsible for keeping the body with the spine.Using compression plasson poly pipe fittings, seals are created using force.Assembling their three components is a compact nut, an inner ring or a ring and a joint.

If the nut is tightened correctly, the forel will push against the pipe.The force applied to this operation is sufficient to remove the extra space that may be present in the joint. This prevents fluid or gas from leaking.As mentioned above, it’s the frill that creates the seal, not the thread or the connection.

HDPE pipes and best compression fittings for them

This type of PE has a branched polymer chain. Solid white polyethylene is a solid, opaque white and crude film forming in the industry, made of titanium (Ziegler-Natta) catalysts, chromium-based catalysts (Philips) and metallocene. These polymers are very crystalline (4-5%) and have a melting temperature of about 2 ° C. Density is usually used as a measure of the percentage of crystals of alkyls such as alpha-olefins (olefins-α) including butene, hexene and octene as comonomers during polymerization. In this case, short branches are formed along the main polymer chains. These small branches reduce the crystallinity and stiffness of the polymer. And it has to be said that the most common and widely used, and perhaps the first type of plastic that comes out is heavy polyethylene (hdpe mechanical saddle).

The molecular chain in this type of polymer is compact, which increases its density. Therefore, flexibility is greatly reduced. Although less resistant to lightweight polyethylene, this type of polymer has good impact resistance to chemicals as well as resistance to brittle environmental stresses. Heavy polyethylene is initially homogeneous, pure and opaque, non-pigmented and pigmented if necessary. They are used in the colors of white, red, blue, yellow, green, black and sometimes even the color of their raw materials. They are insulated by electricity and will be destroyed by direct heat. Heavy Duty Polyethylene material can be used for water supply, sewage and industrial PE, toy manufacturing, sports equipment, heavy polyethylene film, mineral water containers and household beverages.

One of the most important advantages of HDPE pipes compared to other types of pipes is its easy connectivity. Fittings are used in such cases as changing the angle of the pipeline route, changing the diameter, connecting the pipe parts and so on. In various applications, polyethylene pipes include screw fittings, belts, gear fittings, high pressure polyethylene fittings for butt welding, polyethylene sewage welding fittings, electro fusion and handheld fittings.Read some of these features from some hdpe compression fittings manufacturers:

  • Very good resistance of polyethylene pipe fittings joints to fracture and cracking due to external pressures
  • High resistance to pressure and impact
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Corrosion and wear resistant
  • Excellent resistance to vibrations caused by earthquakes
  • Rust resistant
  • Smooth and smooth interior and exterior wall, non-fouling and low pressure drop due to internal surface friction
  • High flexibility, extremely low installation cost, fast running speed and no need for heavy machinery when running polyethylene pipelines

Different sizes of poly compression fittings

Pressurized single-wall polyethylene pipes are manufactured from petrochemical polyethylene raw materials with two types of commercial grade PE80 – PE100. Most of them are used for water transfer and irrigation in farms and agriculture, protection of electrical and telecommunication cables, etc. Polyethylene pipe from 16mm diameter to 140mm diameter can be produced in 100m coils and 160mm diameter both in coil and 6m branches and from 160 to 2000mm in diameter; And they are producing 2 meters. However, the thickness and pressure of these pipes vary depending on the diameter of the pipe and the atmospheric pressure, and the most important features and characteristics are the appearance and engineering properties of polyethylene pipes.

The most important technical specifications include the dimensions and size of the pipe and its inner and outer diameter. In addition, the nominal pressure, outlet discharge, hardness and strength of the pipes, as well as the thickness, are among the specifications of PE pipes. Technical specifications of PE pipes have a great impact on the price of PE pipes.

Best industrial pipes at big sizes

High pressure polyethylene pipe is a type of polyethylene pipe that is produced in pressure ranges from 1 to 2 atmospheres. The word “high pressure” may seem to refer to high-thickness pipes, but this is incorrect with the advances in science and innovation in polyethylene raw materials. For example, one can compare compressed polyethylene pipe with two different types of grids. High-pressure polyethylene pipe is produced in PE80 grade at 2 atmospheric pressure at 2 g weight and at PE 100 grade at 6 atmospheric pressure and at 2 g weight, two shaft and branch forms.

Both have the ability to withstand 3 times and are robust in terms of strength, but in the price and thickness of high pressure polyethylene pipe with PE100 materials are more economical and cost effective.

Most important uses of large black pipes and fittings

Black PE100 is one of the best options and materials for producing PE because it does not need any additives in the manufacturing process. The molecular texture of these tubes is excellent and under the worst environmental conditions they will last a very long time. They are naturally 100 years old.

One of the most important applications of high pressure polyethylene pipe can be introduced in high pressure water supply and conveyance especially on rough and steep surfaces used in underground drainage, surface water supply and industrial fluid transport. Placed. It is also used for drip irrigation and rainwater irrigation and agricultural drainage.Polyethylene pipes are widely used because of their many advantages and we are seeing new applications for these types of pipes every day, these applications being often innovative and unique and in many places this pipe has been replaced by other types of pipes. . High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes are used in a wide range of urban, industrial, marine, drilling and agricultural pipelines.

The application of polyethylene pipe has been tested and proven in situations such as land surface, buried, floating and submarine surfaces. Polyethylene pipe is capable of transporting drinking water, sewage, chemicals, slurry, hazardous waste and compressed gases The use of polyethylene pipe in the oil, gas, petrochemical and other industrial complexes has a long history in Compared to other pipes, it has the least maintenance. Nowadays the process of using PE in the water supply networks is growing, managers and employers are using PE mostly in their projects. Because of the robustness, durability, easy installation method and polyethylene fittings, it has been very effective in the decision making of executives. Therefore, due to these features in most current projects, it is attempted to use this product to maximize project efficiency to obtain mutual satisfaction.

Can you use plastic pipe for radiators?

Carrogite tubes are a family of polymer tubes. These tubes have a circular appearance and the tubes are smooth and polished. Contrary to their appearance, carogite pipes do not have high flexibility, many people believe that their carburettor tubes should be highly flexible in appearance. But these tubes have a smooth, flat inner layer, which in the case of overpressure increases the possibility of cracking and crevasse in the cargo pipes.

Carogite pipes are known as polyethylene sewage pipes or polyethylene double wall pipes and are known as sewage pipes. Ingredients are PE80 grade sewage sludge carbide pipes which, with other additives such as soot and masterbatch, modify and improve the color and strength of the suction pipes. Wastewater carbide pipes are connected in two ways either by welding or by coupler and gasket sealed by a gasket and transfer fluid of a sewage nature. The physical appearance of black with a yellow wall is one of the features of these tubes.

PE pipe with PE material grade PE63. PE80. PE100 are known to be manufactured and marketed with their differences in density and density. Today, with the advent of technology and the rise of standards, only the PE100 grade remains and the remaining grades have been removed from production. However, PE80 is also used for the production of sewage polyethylene pipe and double walled pipe. Polyethylene pipes made with PE100 materials are known as the best and lightest single wall polyethylene pipes and they also have longer durability and durability.

Polyethylene raw materials for the production of polyethylene pipe should be specific to the pipe and so-called Pip Grid and for extrusion equipment that in Iran and domestic petrochemicals designate these materials under the abbreviation EX3 and whenever you see polyethylene materials with EX3 You were beginning to be sure that this material was for extrusion and piping lines.

What is the best pipe to use for plumbing?

Polyethylene curing tube is used to prevent water penetration and for safety and for cable sheathing and fiber optic cables due to its flexibility and long life and very good insulation. In the case of power cables, electricity and telecommunication cables reduce running costs and speed of installation of these lines. Due to the advantages of PE pipe, this choice is the best option for use in cable covering in large and small industrial projects. Corrosion and chemical resistance make the coating life much higher than similar concrete specimens and it has increased dramatically over the past few years. The flexibility (rollability) of strength and lightness are other features of electric PE, which are increasingly used in cable sheaths.

Also, because these pipes come in 3-and-2-meter coils, there is little need for connection, which in turn increases the speed of work and significantly reduces costs and costs. . Polyethylene cable can be manufactured in different sizes, thicknesses and thicknesses. These pipes are highly regarded and highly popular in terms of being insulated against electricity and conductor currents in today’s world, and are considered one of the most viable alternatives to power lines and optical fibers.

MDPE pipes and fittings and their usage

This polyethylene has a branched chain. Therefore, MDPE chains cannot bond well together and have poor intermolecular force and less tensile strength. This type of polyethylene is usually produced by radical polymerization. One of the characteristics of lightweight PE is its flexibility and ability to be degraded by micro-organisms. Polyethylene has a low density due to its low molecular weight compression, which increases its flexibility, which makes it more than fifty percent of its production in film and sheet production for use in transparent coatings, Wear wrapping pads, covers and luggage. This type of polymer is also used to make containers such as pressure bottles.